ER Tech turned MuFKR

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Gaming Frame
Gaming Frame Vor 8 Sekunden
imagine some patient shitting in that cup
Da Vinci
Da Vinci Vor 36 Sekunden
Thought the patient was a guy
Carol Schacht
Carol Schacht Vor Minute
OMG You Are Way To Funny 😂. I Would Love To Have You As My Nurse 🥰
Gail Adie
Gail Adie Vor 4 Minuten
I had a heart attack at 29. It was from a thyroid crises brought on by the medication. I ended up finding out I had medullary thyroid cancer. Also I had a rare genetic mutation called multiple endocrine neoplasia type 2A (MEN2A). I also had bilateral pheochromocytomas. After 10 years the cancer came back and since it is slow growing they just monitor it. Both adrenal glands are out.... on tons of medications.
Bry Bry don’t lie Eek
Seniors ! The possible side effects to the COVID vaccine are: a long happy life, free of COVID, prolonged life, and less hospital visits ! VACCINES VACCINES VACCINES
ChaosMinecraft Vor 7 Minuten
Whew, that is hard...
Professional Cock Rater
TheRoofTop Squad
TheRoofTop Squad Vor 8 Minuten
From personal experience, recently I had a really bad build up in my ears to the point I couldn't hear anything at all. If this ever happens I recommend getting eardrops specifically for that. It may take a few time more after the recommended time but it does work. If it doesn't work after a few day it may be more serious. Also Earbuds aren't good for your ears, I recommend headphones, they dont push the earwax into your ear
Rubix Vor 9 Minuten
My dad is, and has been for a while, a high functioning alcoholic. He can drink a whole pint of coffee brandy and still carry on his day as if he didn't drink it. He tells people he quits, but he never does. He is the reason why I hate being a junior😑
Rio Kirk
Rio Kirk Vor 9 Minuten
If you wanted to cause panic, would you call it “code KABOOM”...
Flaming Fox
Flaming Fox Vor 11 Minuten
My mom almost died in a Black Friday to get me the last IPhone before Christmas so I know what he means at the last part
Jack shadow Lord god
Jack shadow Lord god Vor 11 Minuten
Anin"t no mercy
Cassie Vor 11 Minuten
Stay hydrated
Celeste K.
Celeste K. Vor 13 Minuten
Never. I have to clean them every other day or it gets pretty nasty. But my ear hole is big, so I don’t have to squeeze it in there i ...Jesus...keep scrolling. My thumb is on crack..
Hamster Games
Hamster Games Vor 13 Minuten
My burns:📉📉📉📉📉 My respect:📈📈📈📈📈
tweety. Vor 16 Minuten
So I can bring a rubber duck into the ER and the there will be a code silver? Lucky for me I don’t have a rubber duck
Moli Mohr
Moli Mohr Vor 16 Minuten
i’m not gonna stop. he said not to so ima not listen 🙃🙃
♡・aweimilk・ ♡
♡・aweimilk・ ♡ Vor 16 Minuten
Me smiling: my grandma: who you texting me: No “shows her my phone that Has nothing Her: okay.. me:smiling and laughing
Bruh_Moment _
Bruh_Moment _ Vor 17 Minuten
Some people are just asking for it
Dayton Bo
Dayton Bo Vor 17 Minuten
The Random Reviewers
The Random Reviewers Vor 17 Minuten
How many carrots do you have to deal with everyday
PandiZeGeek Vor 18 Minuten
My boyfriend did the same but had a Takis addiction XD
Harley Bigg
Harley Bigg Vor 19 Minuten
Oh no I walk In to the ER screaming in pain because a car ran over my arm when I fainted...4 hour wait
Gamma Igneol
Gamma Igneol Vor 21 Minute
Pokemon fans will like this video
Rbn gaming
Rbn gaming Vor 22 Minuten
I think this is one of the only videos where he doesn’t say mufkr😂
The Random Reviewers
The Random Reviewers Vor 22 Minuten
Why not melt the fu**king**King butter
The Random Reviewers
The Random Reviewers Vor 21 Minute
Stuiped miss spelling thing
Brotherhood Rejects
Brotherhood Rejects Vor 23 Minuten
My grandfather drank so much that he could do anything drunk, but acted drunk when he was sober
Ryley Mclean
Ryley Mclean Vor 25 Minuten
In kinder garden. Someone in the same class as me told the while class that Africa looks like a giant battle axe. Idk but I remember so clearly and so distinctly compared to remembering the most basic shit in exams
Nickolas Crousillat
Nickolas Crousillat Vor 25 Minuten
Actually the skin of egg shells aids in healing cut skin however I fail to see how it could be used to heal burns. Usually aloe gel gets the job done.
Fr0sted_ Heartx
Fr0sted_ Heartx Vor 27 Minuten
How the hell do you get a pencil stuck in your ear-
Geri Kinnaman
Geri Kinnaman Vor 27 Minuten
piggie 078
piggie 078 Vor 29 Minuten
Ummm what's THC?
Cpt SumTingWhong
Cpt SumTingWhong Vor 30 Minuten
I died yesterday at 2 am from covid, it was painful but I feel fine now.
Flowers Sunny
Flowers Sunny Vor 32 Minuten
“No one is ugly, we are just born in a judgmental society”
tweety. Vor 33 Minuten
I’m assuming it’s okay if he answers some of the questions like that but going too far- hah no
The Night Dragon Pubg
The Night Dragon Pubg Vor 37 Minuten
"You smell like shrek"
ShadowRush Vor 38 Minuten
An excuse to eat cheetos 🤣🤣
Jenninator Vor 39 Minuten
Just had my ears flushed out. Earbuds were the problem 🤣 But dang it felt so much better
impansexaul, philiphamiltonismydad
My dad is one lol i hate it but i got too
Jake Anthony Franco
Jake Anthony Franco Vor 42 Minuten
He’s right
Nour N.
Nour N. Vor 44 Minuten
theIceking 08
theIceking 08 Vor 45 Minuten
And I'm 13
Gaymer Vor 45 Minuten
Peroxide is good for cleaning out earwax! Be very very careful not to get any in your eyes though! Put a towel around the side of you face around the ear and poor some in and let it bubble, feels hella weird but a good clean, wipe with a tissue after :)
that one weird artist
that one weird artist Vor 46 Minuten
First degree burns arent too bad, but second and third degree burns are a different story. I actually accidentally gave myself a second degree burn at school, whacky it may sound but just a tip: dont put hot boiling water into hyroflask/any water bottle that isnt suitable for hot water. (I know I am stupid lol)
Alex bird
Alex bird Vor 47 Minuten
I use q tips but when there’s build up I use hydrogen peroxide
TheAssasin0 9
TheAssasin0 9 Vor 48 Minuten
The most aggressive doctor
Carmen McManus
Carmen McManus Vor 49 Minuten
I got bit by a dog when I was around 7, my parents just put one of those big band aids on my hand and I couldn’t move my hand without for a while without it hurting, that hand was also my right hand so I had a hard time writing too
Peggy Schuyler
Peggy Schuyler Vor 51 Minute
I waited in urgent care for 4 hours once lol
Celeste K.
Celeste K. Vor 51 Minute
I just lie and say they’re my brother or sister...is that wrong?
Quang Le
Quang Le Vor 53 Minuten
So there's pregnant And SUPER PREGNANT now?
Cayden Graham
Cayden Graham Vor 54 Minuten
One of the first likes. LETS GOO
Husky .A.G.P
Husky .A.G.P Vor 56 Minuten
Me entering the hospital with a rubber duck-
dasty Vor 57 Minuten
kidney stones are one of my worst fears. my grandma had three kids, and she said every kidney stone she’s ever had hurt a million times worse. at least kidney stones are something that can unite men and women over hurting like a bitch lmfao
Alykat Black
Alykat Black Vor 59 Minuten
Ive broken so many bones its to the point where when I do break one I kinda just go "yep thats broke" and go on about my day
No Body
No Body Vor Stunde
Ok ok I will make the call to get the stupid heart monitor
Terminizer Vor Stunde
1000th comment
Amy Pearse
Amy Pearse Vor Stunde
Quick reminder that if you do have double As you are just as gorgeous as someone with double Ds <3
Sloppy joe 3607
Sloppy joe 3607 Vor Stunde
Lol why heroin tho
LightslicerGP Vor Stunde
"If you've ever died from the covid vaccine, comment below! Let's hear about it" What
Megamatiman 4
Megamatiman 4 Vor Stunde
4:24 I actually died from the vaccine met satan, pretty chill dude, but I got better though highly recommend
Deckard Cain
Deckard Cain Vor Stunde
The cringiest thing ever is every time he say "mothafucker"
electric ultimate7
Lol I split my lip open on a coffee table when I was like almost a year old
TomtheMagician21 Vor Stunde
My heart goes fast a lot but idk, I sometimes worry about it but then just stop
ChloeGamez Vor Stunde
A few months ago I touched the pan with the uncovered hand. It took a second to process it but then it just stung. The pan wasn’t super hot though so I just had to run it under water for a sec. The pain was gone within 10 mins and no marks.
The Green Maniac
The Green Maniac Vor Stunde
Whats next code orange the sun is to hot so prepare to die?
Husky .A.G.P
Husky .A.G.P Vor Stunde
If i myself had a kidney stone, it’s mine now. I literally collect rocks, stones, and gems This would mean IT IS STAYING WITH M E
Luna lovegood
Luna lovegood Vor Stunde
I want to the hospital cause I was troughing up so much an when I feel asleep they woke me up just to put a IV in me an then two seconds later I was sick again I didn't leave until 3am
jptrnash Vor Stunde
Bruh I get people don't want to go to jail but I have epilepsy which means I have seizures and they're not fun at all. One time I was eating breakfast and somehow dropped my phone in my smoothie while having a seizure, thankfully insurance had me covered.
_ __ _ _ Ch.
_ __ _ _ Ch. Vor Stunde
Too late XD.
• rebellicious•
by 3rd degree the skin goes of and the wound will keep burning for a long time *first time baking a cake ofcourse i wore oven gloves tho only one. the edge of the iron around the cake burned my skin it was small tho after cooling it down with house temperature water because my dad thaught me it became very red half an hour later and the skin came off :( took a week to heal that small cake so in the summer i have this white stripe chilling and telling me “you suck at cooking” haha*
clovdy. daxyz
clovdy. daxyz Vor Stunde
“but don’t worry i’ll be careful not to cut u ;) “ me : 0-0 oh hell nahh
PuppetOnStrings Vor Stunde
So then what do we use?
Dr.Funtimes Vor Stunde
i hope his social media blows up so that he doesn’t have to work in the ER anymore, sounds too rough
Lil Devy
Lil Devy Vor Stunde
Dude read my mind immediately and I'm mad about it.
Robert Cosgrove
Robert Cosgrove Vor Stunde
HAHAHA!!!!! LMAO!!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ballistic Rolly
Ballistic Rolly Vor Stunde
tips from the ER
billy bob Joe
billy bob Joe Vor Stunde
Wow. Just wow.