Primitive Technology
Primitive Technology
Primitive Technology
Primitive technology is a hobby where you build things in the wild completely from scratch using no modern tools or materials. These are the strict rules: If you want a fire, use a fire stick - An axe, pick up a stone and shape it - A hut, build one from trees, mud, rocks etc. The challenge is seeing how far you can go without utilizing modern technology. I do not live in the wild, but enjoy building shelter, tools, and more, only utilizing natural materials. To find specific videos, visit my playlist tab for building videos focused on pyrotechnology, shelter, weapons, food & agriculture, tools & machines, and weaving & fiber.
Q.Where is this?
A.This is in Far North Queensland Australia.
Q.Do you live in the wild?
A.I don't live in the wild but just go into the bush to make these projects. Also I camp out here occasionally.
Q.How did you learn all this?
A.Researching books and internet plus trial and error. I'm not indigenous and have no army training.
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Noily Vor 39 Minuten
naca naca
naca naca Vor 2 Stunden
The palastinian people use this to hit the Isreal soldier
ظلم الرعد
ظلم الرعد Vor 2 Stunden
Brown B
Brown B Vor 2 Stunden
철 뽑느라 영상이 늦어지는거여?
Костя Баришполець
You god of survival.
Костя Баришполець
this is art.
Костя Баришполець
це мистецтво.
Костя Баришполець
я радий що дожив до сьогодні.
Костя Баришполець
6 років я нічого не бачів лутшого мистецтва, ти поміняв моє життя, спасиба.
Костя Баришполець
Бог виживания.
かめ Vor 4 Stunden
Rita Hakobyan
Rita Hakobyan Vor 5 Stunden
Joey Pellegrin
Joey Pellegrin Vor 6 Stunden
Have you been eating the mud, John?
Masaki Tanaka
Masaki Tanaka Vor 6 Stunden
Natural "ASMR"
Nate Sand
Nate Sand Vor 9 Stunden
Ovens Rocky Mountain Bushcraft and a few others have quality content like this one. This guy has some serious skills far past just using paracord and a knife to stay overnight in a tarp tent. Most other channels rely on reviewing the overpriced and useless junk that wouldn't last a week in a real survival situation, this guy freaking makes his own axe, knives, bowls,etc... out of stuff laying around and completely from nature. You deserve more recognition for your real skills and thank you for not pushing crappy Amazon survival garbage down our throats because your sponsor is selling it this week.
Snake Weber
Snake Weber Vor 10 Stunden
2:34 squidwards fort in the snowball fight episode
七志野ごん兵衛 Vor 10 Stunden
kang Tacik
kang Tacik Vor 10 Stunden
Abhi Raj
Abhi Raj Vor 12 Stunden
That looks like a doodo in tha hole.
Vanessa Novais Silva
Vanessa Novais Silva Vor 13 Stunden
Luziane Antero de morais
monica g.s
monica g.s Vor 15 Stunden
where are you in the world doing this?
Faisal Arkand
Faisal Arkand Vor 16 Stunden
Technology traditional made in indonesian
Fran Pe
Fran Pe Vor 16 Stunden
There is a TV show in Spain named Supervivientes (survivers). Basically is a bunch of good looking boys and girls hanging out on a beach in a Caribbean island, sometimes arguing, sometimes banging each other just for the show sake. I dont know why, I've just pictured those morons actually doing things like this (using clay and cord to make a lighter, mixing mud to build a hut) and I laughed a little.
Pro Gamer
Pro Gamer Vor 16 Stunden
What can I do with these ?
YourConscience Vor 17 Stunden
You'd think this channel would thrive in a time like this. I hope he's okay.
Fran Pe
Fran Pe Vor 20 Stunden
There must be other way to obtain a bigger amount of iron from bacteria than those bricks... The amount of time making charcoal just for a few bits surely must be annoy.
Mørkets Fyrste
Mørkets Fyrste Vor 21 Stunde
please upload new vid forest boi
Ra Nk
Ra Nk Vor 22 Stunden
when will you cook different dishes? )
Zachary Avila
Zachary Avila Vor 22 Stunden
This guy makes Tom Hanks look like a bitch in Cast Away.
GOD6 Vor 22 Stunden
Put a plank on the ropes of that propellor thingy you use in your bellow, then you can operate it with one hand, then you can make two of them!
Sea Pickle
Sea Pickle Vor Tag
Mmm lye pot
Endercrac sin K
Excelente video
Endercrac sin K
Que fue con esa gente que echa hate 😕
李萬源 Vor Tag
Peter James
Peter James Vor Tag
you could make a mortar and pestle out of wood with a much deeper bowl then you wouldn't have to worry about losing your material. Amazing work obviously i'm not criticizing you i believe you are totally awesome. love all your videos. often imitated never duplicated.
Guadalupe Santos Martinez
Wooooooooow 🤯
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Cek my Videos Primitive Technology From Indonesia
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Cek Videos Primitive Technology IDN from Indonesia
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Cek videos Primitive Technology IDN from Indonesia
쿠슝 Vor Tag
살아있나요..? 제가 영어를 몰라서... 근황이 궁금해요 건강하게 살아계셨음 좋겠네요
Minh Phan
Minh Phan Vor Tag
This will be the most useful book next year
Hyron Harrison
When the world needed him most he vanished
もふまめ Vor Tag
Chair Vor Tag
Just wood ash? Really?
Fran Pe
Fran Pe Vor Tag
I wonder if he has a regular job office. -Hey Steve, so, I still waiting that report + Sorry Boss, I was busy this weekend - I know, I watched you making rock soup on YT. Do that report already, caveman + I live on a hut and already know the iron... So tecnically I m not a caveman. XD
angelofdeath sa
Can I perhaps get a Detailed guide? Video is also great 👍
dino with a stick gaming
Make a brick house
Filip Smutny
Filip Smutny Vor Tag
Top 10 people who survive apocalypse Number 1 : This guy
Minecraft gamer 69
Rip tree
배이섭 Vor Tag
황토흙 볏짚 썰어 물 부어서 흙 반죽해서 사용하면 튼튼하고
배이섭 Vor Tag
👹☀️👹정수리 앉은 태양 ☀️👁☀️미간에 육 안 열어 👁👃👁길고 긴 역사 잡아 🛎👅🛎궁금증 유발하네 ㅡ 하생부지 천생자 올림 ㅡ
배이섭 Vor Tag
구은 진흙:흙벽돌
You're a piece of garbage
Kazukiyo Meyer
This man is so silent, I found this video on my DE-vid ASMR recommendations.
If only I could do this
Instructions unclear... Now I have a polar bear
Kendrick Madriaga
Making iron just like senku did
John Marquez
John Marquez Vor Tag
This is the OG of primitive youtube channels.. pray for this guy please!
Elimations Vor Tag
Few seconds later Achievement unlocked “The End..”
Landon Davis
Landon Davis Vor Tag
I thought he would use a mortar and pestal but I was wrong
Tristissimvs Hominvm
Dude, I fell like I can say from all of us, your subscribers, we hope that you are doing well. We need to know something. At least an announcement.
Crasco Vor Tag
Where are you filming videos?
Eli Chamorro
Eli Chamorro Vor Tag
Alguien que hable español ESPANIY
miss you
Home Is Here
Home Is Here Vor Tag
Where you at man?
Max Kenney
Max Kenney Vor Tag
I wonder how he made the camera
Alejandro Sánchez
Hola soy mexicano
Maria Beatriz
O man kkkkkkkk aonde esse cara arrumou cimento vey eu heim
Simon Boisjoli
Me making love.
Doom Guy
Doom Guy Vor Tag
This is good for people to learn how to go outside and survive or something I like. Edit: I just realized my message sound kinda like what a boomer would say...
Elite Ninja55
Civilization 100
Миха Михалыч
У него даже внешность, как у пещерного человека
phat retard
phat retard Vor Tag
In twenty years from now he is gonna be telling us how to build a computer
Elite Ninja55
So I have a small shelter in my grandmas backyard so I’m going to try to waterproof it
Choo Jun Wyng
Guys don't worry he's building dirt gaming PC, I even heard he's making his own network tower from sticks and a potato battery
Jay Romelus
Jay Romelus Vor 2 Tage
Bro I miss you please come back
John Simmins
John Simmins Vor 2 Tage
What? No sprinkler system?
Dr. Lex Winter
Dr. Lex Winter Vor 2 Tage
RIP. :(
Duy TV
Duy TV Vor 2 Tage
Helo mainem duy
Kathy Johnson
Kathy Johnson Vor 2 Tage
What would you use as fuel to continue to burn in a Bamboo Torch as a candle?
GOD6 Vor 2 Tage
Make water powered propellors to blow the air into the furnace! You could make as many as you want and make the furnace as hot as possible so you can properly melt the iron
Карим Дьячков
This is SPARTAAAA!!!
John Santi Channel
de-vid.com/video/video-ZGjIcrjmPgU.html watch this video, about charcoal. Thanks
Consept art TV
Consept art TV Vor 2 Tage
molto bene ~
em em
em em Vor 2 Tage
나도 해보고싶다 개꿀잼
jerome gabiana
jerome gabiana Vor 2 Tage
Next generation dr. Stone
jerome gabiana
jerome gabiana Vor 2 Tage
When you're parents say get out you're not my son Kid:mmmkay but try not to find me
jerome gabiana
jerome gabiana Vor 2 Tage
Looks like dr stone the 2nd
MrSwatov Vor 2 Tage
Этот канал нравится больше, чем остальные подобные
Fxphh Vor 2 Tage
we need you.
Elieza Rescobillo
TheAllosauruz Vor 2 Tage
Primitive Bear Grylls has joined the server.
yutao xue
yutao xue Vor 2 Tage
I tried it and it can move but the string doesnt go back up for me.
Charlie KINGSTON Vor 5 Stunden
You need to tighten it harder make sure the string is strong enough
Ashley Perth
Ashley Perth Vor 2 Tage
good booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kristoffer Elias Nybakke
This tech is BEST tech
HammerHead_1-UP Vor 2 Tage
10 million subscribers and only 51 videos....