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Nas Daily
Nas Daily
My name is Nuseir Yassin.
Nas means people in Arabic.

My mission? To show you the most incredible humans on planet Earth.
My company? It's called Nas.io - it's a website that Brings People Together.

I wear the same T-shirt design because it reminds me to treasure life.
And I always scream when I make videos. Hope that's cool.

That’s 1 minute, see you tomorrow! ;)
Robert James Pangilinan
How are you gonna end up in china?
PIONG LING Moe Vor 2 Minuten
Nasdaily i am a malaysian people but i am madrin u should go try a restaurant called taste
Evan Setiawan
Evan Setiawan Vor 2 Minuten
It look so cool
Sameer staples
Sameer staples Vor 3 Minuten
God blessed you 😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Dumbreon_Plays Vor 5 Minuten
“You are safe!!” Volcanoes: *ahem*
Hashir khan
Hashir khan Vor 6 Minuten
Can you go to Pakistan please I’m saying that because I’m from Pakistan ❤❤❤❤
Alif akhiel Azhar
Alif akhiel Azhar Vor 6 Minuten
I would buy it for science and see all the virus and bacteria but I'll be disgusted
tracker200 Vor 7 Minuten
Pretty good
Miguel Tabuyan Jr.
Miguel Tabuyan Jr. Vor 7 Minuten
I am 9 years old and i don't know how to swim
arnav kumar
arnav kumar Vor 9 Minuten
O My God
ANISSA JEEVA Moe Vor 11 Minuten
And have a good day!
Anas Irsyad Zaharuddin
Anas Irsyad Zaharuddin Vor 11 Minuten
its great i love it im in malaysia
Zypyxel Vor 11 Minuten
Oddly similar to what Samsung already use🤔
ANISSA JEEVA Moe Vor 12 Minuten
But can you come see Malaysia but in nilai?
Dearose Chine Nuñez
Dearose Chine Nuñez Vor 12 Minuten
I wanna live there is so cutee
Valerie Vor 15 Minuten
ANISSA JEEVA Moe Vor 16 Minuten
Great job and the red house mean that you are also in melaka
flint Vor 20 Minuten
Jacinda Ardern: resigns Floods: ITS MY TIME TO SHINE
Brown Emmanuel
Brown Emmanuel Vor 20 Minuten
As a Nigerian, I feel so pleased when I see people like Mustapha striving change. It's something you don't see here everyday.
Abisola Adeyemi
Abisola Adeyemi Vor 24 Minuten
i wanted them to say ooo i have i back cracked
jocelyn🌾 Vor 25 Minuten
When your livin in Utah and still sweating 😢
Dirk Ian Pasahol
Dirk Ian Pasahol Vor 28 Minuten
We need something like her a non-corrupt leader atleast here in the philippines
Pm Pm
Pm Pm Vor 29 Minuten
guess the flag we have three colors but others say we have four ok lets start our colors are blue,red and white the three atars represent luzon,visayas and mindanao the eight rise of the sun are the eight province the blue means peace and red means war and blood ok thats all i know😐
The Moore twins
The Moore twins Vor 31 Minute
Australia is fine I live there
Ratty Sims
Ratty Sims Vor 32 Minuten
HEY BUDDY, did you know about the people trying to fix American food problems with bugs! They have been grinding up bugs and putting them in flower and such. I watched a documentary on this called: “edible insects”
Nomad Vor 33 Minuten
Vive Il Re! Vive Il Re! Nella, Luce, Nella Luce, Di Roma! Si Rinnova Si Rinnova L'Antico Destin!
Darlene Megan twins
Darlene Megan twins Vor 33 Minuten
You make this video at my birthday❤
Krizel Orden
Krizel Orden Vor 34 Minuten
So a soldier's story told is correct. He lives in this place for years long time ago.. M
Strawberry marshmallow
Strawberry marshmallow Vor 34 Minuten
Me who talks French, English and Arabic, MAH FAV LANGUAGEE
The New drhorror1
The New drhorror1 Vor 36 Minuten
i dont like it