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The International Harvester Farmall H sold 390,000. Farmall is much better. This is coming from a small farmer, too.
Miles Anderson
Miles Anderson Vor Stunde
I wish I had the city
conchudo2010 Vor Stunde
We need a caterpillar episode i think
Bartek to ziomal
Bartek to ziomal Vor Stunde
hi donut
mujjuman Vor Stunde
if this was engineering explained, i would have fell asleep by like 3 mins lol but i like this guy jeremy
A27M Cromwell1
A27M Cromwell1 Vor Stunde
Konegsegg agera rs
Taylor Buenting
Taylor Buenting Vor Stunde
This is why Case IH is better
Batemen Vor Stunde
This won't be an issue if they lower the prices.
Justin Franks
Justin Franks Vor Stunde
My grandpa is a cattle and hay farmer. He’s old school. Gets up with the sun, doesn’t talk about his emotions, doesnt cook his own food, poors gasoline on open wounds and loves all things John Deere. To be fair he only has equipment from like 70’s - mid 90’s so he can still fix all his own stuff. I loved getting to drive the gator around as a kid too!
Thomas Schaefer
Thomas Schaefer Vor Stunde
Used to live in Northern Virginia aka NOVA. Virginia maintain their roads very well but have constant constructions along 495, 95, 66, 395 and more. So traffic is a constant. Second, tons of speed traps. There are gaps in the median where cops like to hide in. Newport, Hopewell Va are the worst place for driving. Another issue is the speed limit. The speed limits changes like every 10 or 20 miles along 81 route. Cops love em because it is easy to pull drivers over. Another annoying thing about VA roads is the truckers. I’m glad they are helping our economy but how many times do I have to watch to truckers race each to see who goes the slowest on a freakin 6% climb!?!? By the way, Virginia drivers aren’t that great. Only reason they are “good” is because VA have better transportation system than anywhere.
Master James
Master James Vor Stunde
MrHillfolk Vor Stunde
John Deere can go suck ass with their right to repair and anything common rail. Once they went common rail they went to crap. Of course an older dude is gonna comment that they took a crap 10 years before that. I'm a fan of the older 4045, the 6068 and the 6081 engines. But nowadays they really screwed farmer Joe over on his combine something wicked, and for that they can go suck eggs.
César López
César López Vor Stunde
Did he just said that Fiat and Alfa were part of Dodge? More like Dodge, Jeep & Alfa are part of Fiat Group, isn't it?
Wyatt Bass
Wyatt Bass Vor Stunde
Thank you yes!!! This is been a big thing in the construction Industry too!!! You should also do CAT, Case, All of them it would be sooo cool
L Pullin
L Pullin Vor Stunde
So he mentioned Mr Bean in the fastest cars of all time video where wrecked 2 of them... but he doesn't mention the most iconic British car IN THE WORLD... Mr Beams mini. Why? He didn't mention the Italian job either?
Martin Vrabec
Martin Vrabec Vor Stunde
Can we perhaps get an up to speed on Tatra and other early European cars, that influenced Porsche?
Temitope Adedokun
Hello Deere.......... Iron man
Lifelesspuddle Vor Stunde
Dammit my ring tone is pop up headlights.... you got me Pumphrey. Thought is was getting a phone call
mxg131 Vor Stunde
It's just ridicules, that was a one off! how many general lee are out there, cool car that every one like (except now), because people are over reacting... Every one with a mustang should put a Eleanor sticker on their car...
Jacob Lloyd
Jacob Lloyd Vor Stunde
Can you guys please do a Holden commodore episode please?
Ah Boi4
Ah Boi4 Vor Stunde
Speaking of Caterpillar Donut should do a video on Challenger before they where bought Agco
insomnia_exe Vor Stunde
yea i doubt they'd wanna see all the places i've entered my info...
J Benoit
J Benoit Vor Stunde
Mario Aguirre
Mario Aguirre Vor Stunde
I'm from Chicago and that skit was down right hilarious 😂 jeez how much I love donut 🍩
Alberto Perez
Alberto Perez Vor Stunde
I have a John Deere riding mower. Traded 2 24pck of Modelos for it. Best bartering I've ever done. And it has a cup holder for the future Modelos!!!🍻🍻🍻
Tyler Emerson
Tyler Emerson Vor Stunde
Doing three character voices in an accent on the spot is pretty impressive
Wibo 32
Wibo 32 Vor Stunde
Now massey ferguson!
Ahmed Shinko
Ahmed Shinko Vor Stunde
This dude is nuts!
Michael Mabey
Michael Mabey Vor Stunde
I use my John Deere to take care of my buff and mini horses.
Tyler Poepping
Tyler Poepping Vor Stunde
Case ih is best
Zion Green
Zion Green Vor Stunde
Do one on Polaris
Juan Echeverria
Juan Echeverria Vor Stunde
Learn to hack then.
Logical Volcel
Logical Volcel Vor Stunde
John deere make shit tractors, even kubotas are better than them, only thing they get right is the cab insulation
Sheenyl Hassan
Sheenyl Hassan Vor Stunde
Nolan on a motorcycle is the most Chad thing I've ever seen
Luis Fernandez
Luis Fernandez Vor Stunde
You gotta do catalytic converters
Austin Norflet
Austin Norflet Vor Stunde
lohan used too be soooo fucking sexy i cant belive how far down hill shes gone
r spence346
r spence346 Vor Stunde
Toro > John Deere
2up2down540 Vor Stunde
Wow. Even did an episode on John Deere before the gen 1 (or any gen for that matter) Lexus IS300??..
Tchili55 Vor Stunde
You guys should do up to speed with case ih
SanraS Uzumaki
SanraS Uzumaki Vor Stunde
John Deere should make a version without computers, therefore without software that needs update and Voila! or someone else should start making farming tractors without computers and that should be the end of that, cheaper and easier to repair.
jackson whalen
jackson whalen Vor Stunde
you guys are runing out vid ideas just do the pontiac firebird
ADO1 Vor Stunde
Nothing runs like a deer being chased by a case
ADO1 Vor Stunde
until it breaks down
ADO1 Vor Stunde
bobo caterpillar until it breaks down
bobo caterpillar
bobo caterpillar Vor Stunde
so the deere stays in front of the case ? sounds like the deere is winning !
Mitch May
Mitch May Vor Stunde
come down to kansas I'll let u run mine James s670 and 4055
Chris Sanchez
Chris Sanchez Vor Stunde
10:25 wait that’s it only 7.7 seconds? That’s slow af for a single cab Damn my crew cab quicker
TroyZeph Vor Stunde
Nothin beats the sound of a good ole two cylinder lugging during a tractor pull.
AF_staylooss Vor Stunde
bobo caterpillar
bobo caterpillar Vor Stunde
john deere is PURPOSELY confusing the emissions control issue with basic repair abilities so they can throw the '' you cant tamper with the federal emissions' blanket over the ENTIRE issue! ! BULLSHIT! all newer machines have an electronic dash like all the new cars .. its a computer screen .... the diagnostic capabilities are ENDLESS ...... IF ...... its built into the machine. which deere would never do ... crooks!!! i like deere tractors ... but ill NEVER own anything with a computer on it!!!!!
Noe F
Noe F Vor Stunde
I don't know about you, but mine have no veins.
NFL Reports
NFL Reports Vor Stunde
To my dad, red means STOP
Creeperboy099 Vor Stunde
My first car was a John Deere A first gen 4x2 Gator Specifically the 12v Powerwheels model
g v
g v Vor Stunde
Louis Rossman intensifies
Trails with Tanner
Suzuki should totally make a turbo Jimby with a removable roof
Cam Macs
Cam Macs Vor Stunde
Obviously something AWD. I’m thinking an STI hatch, definitely not stock though. It’s quick, agile, practical, and can also compete off-road.
calholli Vor Stunde
Lousi Rossmann is always pushing for Right to Repair also--- against APPLE ... check out his channel.
Gilgamesh Union
Gilgamesh Union Vor Stunde
Long story short don't name your shyt especially if your doing it online where everyone can see.
L NASCAR Vor Stunde
This guy's Always changing mics
Sayne aka Tony ツ
so why this video is not taken down? lol
thatblondeguy 95
thatblondeguy 95 Vor Stunde
I grew up within blocks of John Deere's grave. They had to alter his gravestone because at night it looked like the angel of death was coming at ya and it caused many accidents. Just a fun fact for ya.
Sam Gonnerman
Sam Gonnerman Vor Stunde
Love you Donut, but it's pronounced "My-bach" not "May-back". In German, you don't pronounce the first vowel when there are two vowels together.
Clint McCoy
Clint McCoy Vor Stunde
Chris Collins.SR.
My 1st cars was 96 geo prizm
Kaspars Vor Stunde
John Deer are bunch of scam bags, buy Claas, Fendt, Case etc. We run Claas tractors our selves and dont need to face this kind of shit service.
mike fischer
mike fischer Vor Stunde
The media has made John Deere out as a bad company but there is tons more to the story. Like number 1 all dealerships have service trucks and will send a technician out to a farm to complete the task unless it’s a huge thing. Also the software that’s used on these tractors is pretty in depth and you can change a ton of stuff on the machine, to the point where you can make the tractor think it’s a combine. So it’s very possible for a farmer to completely brick a controller, ecu, tcu and plenty of other stuff and then you’re looking at tens of thousands of dollars. It happens to trained professionals so it would happen far more often to someone not versed in it. There is so much more on this subject I could dive into, I’ve been on both sides of this, the farmer and as a dealer so I can definitely provide a ton of insight into it. You think a Tesla is pretty cool and techy? It doesn’t have near the technological capabilities of these new tractors. @donutmedia if you guys want some education on the matter I would be more than happy to help and share.
MaX Martin Weiland
In Germany you take your Deere to the John Deere dealer to get rid of the emission standarts, safe fuel and make more powa.
Kyle Long
Kyle Long Vor Stunde
That question is why I run Case IH.
Hunter Brown
Hunter Brown Vor Stunde
You gotta do an up to speed on caterpillar now
toms Lazdins
toms Lazdins Vor Stunde
Can you make “up to speed” for other farming companies like case, fendt, class?
Banana joe
Banana joe Vor Stunde
My friends dad helped design the 9620, he was actually the head engineer on the team that designed the tracks
Pete Grantham
Pete Grantham Vor Stunde
As a John Deere salesman I am extremely excited to watch this donut media video
L NASCAR Vor Stunde
❤️ The pink microphone
Hedge Vor Stunde
I hope this foreshadows an episode on Polaris lol
Rog er
Rog er Vor Stunde
I kinda like how Donut is branching out.. Definitely wouldn't mind seeing more motorcycle content 😉
Travis Bradfield
Travis Bradfield Vor Stunde
All I took from this video was "Tom Delong look alike with the proportions of Woody" 😂
Jake Kramp
Jake Kramp Vor Stunde
lets get a big bud up to speed next hm?
Trails with Tanner
The voice for naming each car sounds like the Vikings show intro
Skyler Vor Stunde
Can you do an up to speed on Kubota?
lucus graham
lucus graham Vor Stunde
I think they forgot the John Deere made forestry equipment
james Vor Stunde
simple call it Elenora.
Vincent Nacon
Vincent Nacon Vor Stunde
Thank you for skipping over most of the wars history crap. :D
Micro USB
Micro USB Vor Stunde
Lol imagine if your state was more concerned over engine noise than they were the homeless, trash everywhere, and insane rent prices. What a horrible, horrible place.