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Celebs + puppies, kittens, thirst tweets, and more = so much yes.
anna marie
anna marie Vor 7 Sekunden
have him read THIRST TWEETS
Adelinnee Vor 12 Sekunden
Robert Patrick Atmojo
Radha Osan
Radha Osan Vor Minute
"im brendon urie and im from panic! at the disco" dude you ARE panic! at the disco
Steady Zoned
Steady Zoned Vor Minute
Melon Vor 3 Minuten
Tee Sherese
Tee Sherese Vor 3 Minuten
Does Penn Badgley voice any audiobooks? If not, this is my official campaign! This is the only voice required in literature.
Brandon Longbottom
Brandon Longbottom Vor 4 Minuten
I love her!
Vandana Hegde
Vandana Hegde Vor 5 Minuten
Zoila Lulu
Zoila Lulu Vor 5 Minuten
His voice made me ovulate again.
Maryam Barksdale
Maryam Barksdale Vor 6 Minuten
She’s the most adorable human being on the planet.
LilasChannel Vor 6 Minuten
No one Kitty walk up to the camera while a question is on the screen*. Too much cuteness
Lulu Love
Lulu Love Vor 7 Minuten
I love her hair. Does anyone know what style it is?
Mandy Ray
Mandy Ray Vor 7 Minuten
I absolutely ADORE this man. He’s so damn good at playing the psychopath! Can’t wait for season 3 😁
Alice In Amberland
Alice In Amberland Vor 8 Minuten
Fiona Montgomery was the most iconic evil step mother
nbw0313 Vor 8 Minuten
stifler's mom! :D
Beastgirl Vor 8 Minuten
I‘m sorry but i can‘t look in his eyes without seeing the creepy Joe. But he‘s hot tho I gotta say.
zvdjlsf sfhdds
zvdjlsf sfhdds Vor 9 Minuten
keep talking, I'm almost finished
Argus Flotilla
Argus Flotilla Vor 9 Minuten
Derrick Williams
Derrick Williams Vor 10 Minuten
I want him to narrate my life!
z Vor 11 Minuten
he can punch me and I'd thank him
President Kim Namjoon
President Kim Namjoon Vor 11 Minuten
He is ridiculously so hot and so fine like eye-
z Vor 12 Minuten
please make him read thirst tweets wtf
z Vor 12 Minuten
can he step on my neck
EeZEe Vee
EeZEe Vee Vor 12 Minuten
we honestly need shindong in our household
Alyssa Benscoter
Alyssa Benscoter Vor 13 Minuten
The beard... I'm dead. How can someone be this attractive?
Surabhi Kanth
Surabhi Kanth Vor 13 Minuten
Why hasn't anyone mentioned his eyes? Those freaking big eyes! Come on people!
Taehyung makes me feel special
I have one word for this video: *ADORABLE*
Natalia Masutti
Natalia Masutti Vor 13 Minuten
I'm here just waiting for Brendon Urie to read some thirst tweets someday.
S Vor 14 Minuten
2:32 you mean to tell me the voiceover ISNT penn’s voice?
miniyoongi Vor 16 Minuten
release the thirst tweets video pls
C C Vor 17 Minuten
xoxo Gossip Girl
Ashleigh Thiel
Ashleigh Thiel Vor 19 Minuten
I think the reason Joe is disgusted by Love’s killer instinct is because Joe is delusional and believes he isn’t a good guy. He believes he just is put in bad situations where there is no other options. And now he looked at Love as a cold blooded killer. Which again, he is crazy so that’s why it tracks.
Alan Xie
Alan Xie Vor 19 Minuten
Her being there is enough for me. Iconic.
mjstiz Vor 20 Minuten
"Oof.. so hot🔥"
Noble X
Noble X Vor 20 Minuten
Make him read thirst tweets you cowards
Lina Isabel Romero
Lina Isabel Romero Vor 22 Minuten
0:28 that kid laugh
M Akram
M Akram Vor 22 Minuten
don't know why but i was expecting to see a comment from ariana here😂
Anne Silva
Anne Silva Vor 22 Minuten
The cutest vid in the PLANET!!!
Sam Sam
Sam Sam Vor 23 Minuten
He’s even creepier with the beard
SJ Squad
SJ Squad Vor 23 Minuten
He ugly not typically trying to be mean but it is facts 🤢🤢🤢🤢
alissandra333 Vor 23 Minuten
Honestly, the hottest thing about him is his voice. Sexiest narration on netflix.
Crys R
Crys R Vor 23 Minuten
Love that his stand in is named DANny
Magma Vor 24 Minuten
This video helped me learn their names lol
Dylan Boccardo
Dylan Boccardo Vor 24 Minuten
She should play Elle Driver's sister in Kill Bill 3. She reminds me of her. That would be so badass. 🤟🏼
Esther Mcluckie
Esther Mcluckie Vor 24 Minuten
This was funnier just because I kept thinking of Miranda saying these things about Garry 😂
KENYA MOORE Vor 25 Minuten
His voice makes my pearl swirl...
Chloe Amistom
Chloe Amistom Vor 25 Minuten
Who else finds it weird that they see Dan Humphrey being a good soul but joe being this addicted stalker (where my gossip girl fans at )?
Anushka Sarkar
Anushka Sarkar Vor 25 Minuten
WZRD_Natalia Vor 26 Minuten
These were really great questions 👌🏼
Bryanna Jade
Bryanna Jade Vor 26 Minuten
Bryanna Jade
Bryanna Jade Vor 28 Minuten
Isabell V
Isabell V Vor 28 Minuten
His personality is more attractive than his looks and that by far.. IS THE BEST.
Melissa Vor 28 Minuten
I was waiting for this ever since I saw that Tik tok
Maria Miuțescu
Maria Miuțescu Vor 29 Minuten
Like if you’re a Hufflepuff too! ⬇️
Chloe Roulo
Chloe Roulo Vor 31 Minute
My forever crush🤩🤩🤩🤩
Misheru Momo
Misheru Momo Vor 32 Minuten
Where are the THIRST TWEETS ??? (๑⃙⃘°̧̧̧ㅿ°̧̧̧๑⃙⃘)
REHZZIE Vor 32 Minuten
See you de-vid.com/video/video-pMsFS0kQ6as.html
apalaces21 Vor 33 Minuten
His acting is criminally underrated in S2
Carlos Arias
Carlos Arias Vor 34 Minuten
Captain America and Morgan Stark
Doug Dimmadome
Doug Dimmadome Vor 35 Minuten
Lonely boy
i’m jisoo i’m ok
i’m jisoo i’m ok Vor 35 Minuten
His voice is so hot and calming
Pals P
Pals P Vor 35 Minuten
His voice is hauntingly sexy.
Phish Fuud
Phish Fuud Vor 35 Minuten
If he saw ANY of our thirst tweets he would- I don’t even know
mariana escobar
mariana escobar Vor 35 Minuten
penn is so cute and wholesome
not here to be ur friend
everything about this man is appealing in every way
J M Vor 36 Minuten
I like him, and I like the show..but I can't with that pinky ring..
Kat Jackson
Kat Jackson Vor 37 Minuten
I’m so envious of his hair.
Zeze P
Zeze P Vor 38 Minuten
Thirst tweets next. Speaking it into existence
Sarmad. Vor 38 Minuten
"OOO, SO HOT" -Penn Badgley, 2020
Robert Fierce
Robert Fierce Vor 38 Minuten
The Devil's greatest act was to fool us into believing he is NOT Tom Ellis!
Nellie S
Nellie S Vor 40 Minuten
i think the neighbor at the end will turn out to be joe's mother. this sounds weird but i looked closely at her hand and it looked like she was an older lady because her veins were bigger. might just be me overanalyzing tho. it might just be another victim.
Akur0 Vor 41 Minute
Please make "Thirst Tweets" with Penn Badgley!!
Nikita Dlima
Nikita Dlima Vor 41 Minute
Good, now make him do thirst tweets :))
Fernanda Quezada
Fernanda Quezada Vor 42 Minuten
Sheesh I thought I was ready for spoilers but hella no. 😂😂 Penn honey, you'll have to wait for now as much as I want to see you talking lmao
Pokhraj Roy
Pokhraj Roy Vor 42 Minuten
Olivia Anna Carolina
Olivia Anna Carolina Vor 43 Minuten
He seems very intelligent to me
Chisme With Israel
Chisme With Israel Vor 44 Minuten
I would let Jennifer Coolidge sow her used pad to my tongue 😍
Mimi M
Mimi M Vor 44 Minuten
She’s so adorable I will support this queen forevaaaa
simran kadam
simran kadam Vor 45 Minuten
Are there only 6 members in super junior??
flundergardn Vor 48 Minuten
lol I’ve been waiting for this video since I saw that video on tik tok
kWoN oUjO
kWoN oUjO Vor 50 Minuten
how the hell one can rock long-hair, tailored suit, and beard??!!!
Drastic Measures
Drastic Measures Vor 50 Minuten
Muqadas A
Muqadas A Vor 50 Minuten
God I love her! Plz do more movies ... I miss you 💙
Ishan Ali
Ishan Ali Vor 51 Minute
I like him with a beard.
Sevyn Tennyson
Sevyn Tennyson Vor 52 Minuten
She lives in St Louis in a haunted house 😳
Tigris 797
Tigris 797 Vor 53 Minuten
i’m a white mans whore
Joee003 Vor 54 Minuten
Can we do another one of these just for Geralt thirst tweets? I mean Geralt of Rivia could break my heart and I'd say thanks
MohShiZiro Vor 55 Minuten
YOU is the best thing that happennd to netflix seriously the best show out there!!!
Elina Lina
Elina Lina Vor 56 Minuten
it's weird to hear Sophie without tye Polish accent
Nct’s bubblegum.
Nct’s bubblegum. Vor 59 Minuten
Okey he will spoil it so i will watch this later
Cassidy Vor 59 Minuten
I love you Penn!
Cindy s
Cindy s Vor 59 Minuten
He's soo Hot 😍
TheBestOofaEver! yeet
spiders have too many eyes. i wouldnt look at them one bit~~~
Elizabeth VanDiepen
This is my new favourite video on the internet
Sophie Kowal
Sophie Kowal Vor Stunde
The 2 dislikes are from Candace and Beck
Nicole Everett
Nicole Everett Vor Stunde
Alex is hilarious during interviews, I loved him in Vikings
wig Vor Stunde
i get called white man’s wh*re
Taylen Lundequam
Taylen Lundequam Vor Stunde
I love Florence so much! She is gorgeous and her voice is beautiful!
jennifer melendez
I love her even more now!<3