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Bon Appétit is a highly opinionated food brand that wants everyone to love cooking and eating as much as we do. We believe in seasonal produce, properly salted pasta water, and developing recipes that anyone can make at home.
Meanie Vor 10 Stunden
Product Placement
2 joints
2 joints Vor 10 Stunden
the jars in the opening on andys desk look auspiciously green brother...
kclovis Vor 10 Stunden
Views when I started watching: 57,131. Views when video ended 33 minutes later: 250,997 (+339%). Nuff said.
Marc Mowry
Marc Mowry Vor 10 Stunden
14:37 every vsco girl
Hjönk Hjönk
Hjönk Hjönk Vor 10 Stunden
On my chicken sandwich I put pickles instead of the crispy water.
Elijah UsedSplash
Elijah UsedSplash Vor 10 Stunden
oh my god i love molly so much
Michael Kilsdonk
Michael Kilsdonk Vor 10 Stunden
21:33 Correct me if I'm wrong but that's a capacitor isn't it?
FirstPlayerStudios Vor 10 Stunden
He has pretty feet too
Gary Honas
Gary Honas Vor 10 Stunden
Dude u guys so should do it I live ur adventure's lmao hey hey hey yeah yeah yeah
Jose Zamu
Jose Zamu Vor 10 Stunden
The look he gave to the red leicester at 7:09 I understood that reference 😂
floralendurance Vor 10 Stunden
Yossel Garcia
Yossel Garcia Vor 10 Stunden
A golden retriever and claire fromthebonappetitetestkitchen ❤
Wazzup Vor 10 Stunden
“It tastes like a burnt T-Shirt!” How do you know what that tastes like
CrimsonStigmata Vor 10 Stunden
Molly is talking about a Dachshund right?
Amy Garrecht
Amy Garrecht Vor 10 Stunden
Has anyone else seen tie dye pasta before i feel like lve seen this before.
MJ Z Vor 10 Stunden
I LOVE Ferrero Rocher. I HATE Nutella. Go figure.
wildhearses Vor 10 Stunden
no one is good enough to deserve molly
scifimom42 Vor 10 Stunden
I love the plexus-glass guards that were definitely not part of the original design
King Hulk
King Hulk Vor 11 Stunden
Now seltzer alcohol is HUGE
5555 Vor 11 Stunden
The mention of Laos is cool but can we please get a full episode about Lao cuisine?
leah elle
leah elle Vor 11 Stunden
.... salt... only .... k
Roena Ong
Roena Ong Vor 11 Stunden
Andy, please try making Filipino food Look up Boodle Fight.
mei redmond
mei redmond Vor 11 Stunden
Also, nobody actually makes these right...?
GCKOgcko Vor 11 Stunden
Great representation of Isarn cuisine taste profile!! As a Thai, I find that If you can find those 'Namjai' paste it works better than the 'Mae Si' shown here. for me, it's the next best thing to the homemade version which is truthfully way too much hassle. It's the actual stuff the street stall in Isarn uses if you're going for that intense authentic taste.
Photchara Wongsaratanasil
I had so much fun watching you guys with a glass of red wine. But I just wish I could have those meat in front of me!!!
TXMXIcanDUde Vor 11 Stunden
Thank molly for clarifying how many legs one chicken has
LightningCruzGaming Vor 11 Stunden
Okay but you can’t count raw egg as cooking an egg
LightningCruzGaming Vor 11 Stunden
Do magma
Christine Gee
Christine Gee Vor 11 Stunden
2:23 Gabby got hurt donating clothes me: *how do i kill a donation box*
Caitlyn Babb
Caitlyn Babb Vor 11 Stunden
this is just blues clues
Shahrzad Massiha
Shahrzad Massiha Vor 11 Stunden
No offense but can you stick to non VR please?
A. D. Gardenhire
A. D. Gardenhire Vor 11 Stunden
Where's the ice!
Fe Car
Fe Car Vor 10 Stunden
Andy must have added ice off camera because he later says most of it melted and made the batter watery.
Chris Weatherly
Chris Weatherly Vor 11 Stunden
She is so fine dude omg
Cookie C
Cookie C Vor 11 Stunden
Please make Rolos
Rob Vallozzi
Rob Vallozzi Vor 11 Stunden
I wish I knew people this fun and interesting
FTY 10-36AD
FTY 10-36AD Vor 11 Stunden
Where's Brad?????
Ranabel Anmyz
Ranabel Anmyz Vor 11 Stunden
I have a simple question. Isn't cilantro and coriander the same? or anyone can tell me what's the different please. I really need to know. Thank you
Insurrectus Vor 11 Stunden
anyone else notice the michelin star on somtum der?
Big H
Big H Vor 11 Stunden
We don't need new pasta shapes...
Caroline Bray
Caroline Bray Vor 11 Stunden
How was your arteries after this ?? 🥗😂
Laisa hh
Laisa hh Vor 11 Stunden
Pickled garlic is sweet ???
konmong lo
konmong lo Vor 11 Stunden
In the next month we will see the pasta on the shelf
Pauline Tran
Pauline Tran Vor 11 Stunden
Do Vietnamese food next!
Laisa hh
Laisa hh Vor 11 Stunden
I love Thai food... But it's like 2 hours away...
Clary Hustles
Clary Hustles Vor 11 Stunden
Am I the only person who hates raw meat? Lol
Kevin Keck
Kevin Keck Vor 11 Stunden
I think I’m in love with her. 😂 she looks gorgeous, especially with some grey coming through
Tim S.
Tim S. Vor 11 Stunden
This man can cook
Hiba Kamran
Hiba Kamran Vor 11 Stunden
Please get Tom Holland on the show.....
Bernando Turner
Bernando Turner Vor 11 Stunden
Stouffer’s Lasagna with 2x the Meat👻👻👻These People Are God’s to make this Delicious Dish.🙏🏾😜😜😜
MOTF Zach Vor 11 Stunden
Gordon Ramsey should for real voice nature documentaries. He has a great voice
Amanda Peters
Amanda Peters Vor 11 Stunden
Pausing the video to order a pizza oven on Amazon 🍕
Bone Slicer
Bone Slicer Vor 11 Stunden
I want to be Brad
Bea Gruy
Bea Gruy Vor 11 Stunden
Brad’s “you gettin cute” is hilarioussssss
Remy Rocks
Remy Rocks Vor 11 Stunden
The real winner is Andy's nose.
jenna7397 Vor 11 Stunden
These restaurants must get such a big business boost after being featured on BA. I am 100% going to this place now
Tulio Ramirez
Tulio Ramirez Vor 11 Stunden
Not the best Video in the catalog.v
Lone Libra
Lone Libra Vor 11 Stunden
6:04 I have no idea what kind of joke to say for this. But Andrew is right to say that he hates this
Quinn Tauber
Quinn Tauber Vor 11 Stunden
I love bagels but a rainbow bagel sounds like crap.
Ben Rujo
Ben Rujo Vor 11 Stunden
Pronunciation Tip: Thai words are often Romanized into English as though spoken by someone with a British or other non-rotic accent (wonder why =_=). So instead of Som Tam Der, you'd say Som Tam Duh.
Emily A
Emily A Vor 11 Stunden
paper_gravity Vor 11 Stunden
YES super excited for Thai food! love the representation ^u^
VonkMyLife Vor 11 Stunden
Forgot Fondant Potato!
queenfrostine97 Vor 11 Stunden
I would kill a man to be a guest on this show
Claire Mc
Claire Mc Vor 11 Stunden
Love Andy and Thai food! Even in Bangkok Somtum Der is the place to go to for Isan food.
Gabriel Hay
Gabriel Hay Vor 11 Stunden
How old is she? Can’t tell if she’s a young grandma or poorly aged mid-30s
january showers
january showers Vor 11 Stunden
I want Delany to do what he did at 8:54 to me 😂
LizTheQueer Vor 11 Stunden
I think I’m in love with Angie, she’s so cute 😭💛
Roskoe P
Roskoe P Vor 11 Stunden
I like how Emil and Andy are much funnier together than individually. Like 26:52 et 30:45 and so on... Unexpected and very funny. I reckon they have matching energy levels which brings out the best in both of them. These guys should team up more often in my opinion. Great stuff
Julian Gatt
Julian Gatt Vor 11 Stunden
I low key imagine Andy living in a small-ish apartment with every surface, kook and cranny filled with pestle and mortars
Imam Achmad Dhamarullah
Oh my god Andy and Amiel is the combo I didnt know I needed
Cristhian Perez
Cristhian Perez Vor 11 Stunden
Those definitely look like winnie dogs. Molly killed it!!!
Matt Pratt
Matt Pratt Vor 11 Stunden
I'm so disappointed Andy didn't put ice in the batter.
Fe Car
Fe Car Vor 10 Stunden
Andy later mentions that the ice has melted and made the batter watery, so he must have added ice off camera.
Jisoo Vor 11 Stunden
andy is daddy material... verse bear vibes for sure
Odin Vik
Odin Vik Vor 11 Stunden
my dad always filets fish outside
Lilas Duveteux
Lilas Duveteux Vor 11 Stunden
In Russian, we call those "aladi" while "blini" are wide and flat, as a crepe.
Alex Vor 11 Stunden
then u have me at 3 am eating cheap instant noodles
Bryce Walburn
Bryce Walburn Vor 11 Stunden
I don't know why, but 16:14 made me laugh so hard
Huyền Lê
Huyền Lê Vor 11 Stunden
I feel like there's something between Andy and Chef Jim.... Is it just me?
Bert James
Bert James Vor 11 Stunden
Not sure with the proper term but hand fishing/scuba diving fishing for king crabs
Ernesto Rodriguez
Ernesto Rodriguez Vor 11 Stunden
Mr Jameson
Mr Jameson Vor 11 Stunden
i would hang out with that weirdo amiel
Ryan Espiritu
Ryan Espiritu Vor 11 Stunden
another great episode!! really wish you do filo food!
delano chavez
delano chavez Vor 11 Stunden
love your vids I like to cook
Angel T
Angel T Vor 11 Stunden
I seriously always thought I was the only one who ate these by splitting them open!
Rikard Svensson
Rikard Svensson Vor 11 Stunden
Brad's face when Chris goes "Feels like a Cornish Pastry"
Emily Goodenough
Emily Goodenough Vor 11 Stunden
Please retitle this video "How to mansplain."
julia Vor 11 Stunden
idk him but why do i love this man lol
PJ Fusco On The News
PJ Fusco On The News Vor 11 Stunden
She's not only hot, she can cook. What a combination.
collegebandi Vor 11 Stunden
i do appreciate that you guys aren't wasting a bunch of food (at least that is what you said in the video)
Its a Rome Thing Everyday
I'd love to see you do a shift at a Bennigans cooking
David P.
David P. Vor 11 Stunden
Please learn Filipino food next time!
Noah Lippard
Noah Lippard Vor 11 Stunden
Does this channel share their recipes?
Hood Kush505
Hood Kush505 Vor 11 Stunden
Any video with Molly 💜💜
Jonathan Santeramo
Jonathan Santeramo Vor 11 Stunden
Pillow shaped with a flat bottom? man how did she know what I looked like
Kolin Dorsey
Kolin Dorsey Vor 11 Stunden
Andy I freakin love you!!!!
Jameson Lewis
Jameson Lewis Vor 11 Stunden
I love these people. I wish they were my friends.
Brexit Refugee
Brexit Refugee Vor 11 Stunden
Does Andy have any other band recommendations other than Bongripper?
Sophia Hamade
Sophia Hamade Vor 11 Stunden
Yay more Thai food videos please
Aliyah Rodriguez
Aliyah Rodriguez Vor 11 Stunden
Thirty Mars
Thirty Mars Vor 11 Stunden
You mean you spent the weekend buying Corn Flakes at Duane Reade.