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Tray Vixk
Tray Vixk Vor 13 Minuten
the peep sunglass thing is really growing on me
Karolina Bernatkova
Karolina Bernatkova Vor 15 Minuten
Bring back Skipper pleaseee!!! The combination of you three is an absolute comedy dream!
Keith Christopher
Keith Christopher Vor 16 Minuten
Ijenna Osuji
Ijenna Osuji Vor 18 Minuten
“Temperature guager, think it’s called a thermometer”? 😂😂😂
Gaem Vor 19 Minuten
I made this one and it was amazing!! Very simple and very delicious :)
Seanemone Vor 23 Minuten
Here listening to him saying he’s not going noodling only a few days after he and Marty’s noodling video came out
Blue Finch
Blue Finch Vor 24 Minuten
One thing i have learned: Olive oil: "DON'T USE IT" lol
Less Generic YouTube Name
10:36 this was when the pain began
Artful Cooking with Dawn
hard boiled egg=NOT vegan, <3<3<3 lol, i'm not vegan just clarifying!
Harvy666 Vor 27 Minuten
I use Tefal Actifry with 1 spoon of oil,its pretty good compared to regural french fries.
Puppet lover
Puppet lover Vor 29 Minuten
Skipper made this video! 🤣🤣🤣 the shots of hot sauce really brought it home 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Dr. Dear Sal
Dr. Dear Sal Vor 29 Minuten
cooking with olive oil in high heat is so harming and unhealthy to the heart
WildBoer Vor 29 Minuten
It's nice to see Chris channeling line cook culture by drinking water out of a quart container.
Jonathan Vor 30 Minuten
Her style does not all my brain to settle. I’m always evaluating. “Does that make sense?” “Is that good? I think it is. I don’t know.”
noangelthis Vor 33 Minuten
Beautiful, fragrant Black Rice (known as Chak hao in Manipur, Kalobhaat in Bengal) varieties are indigenous to North Eastern states of India as well and are absolutely delicious apart from being nutritious. Another incredibly fragrant, short grain rice is Gobindobhog Rice native to Bengal is used particularly for festive dishes. Tulaipanji Rice also grown in West Bengal is coveted for not only taste, aroma but its proven disease and pest résistant properties. India alone has over 80,000 varieties of rice and each région, each state cultivates several hundred of these varieties. Would love to see a more in- depth vidéo of this ancient grain that has nourished so many generations of human civilisation.
Meg Weiss
Meg Weiss Vor 36 Minuten
You should do Detroit coneys 🌭
Steve R
Steve R Vor 37 Minuten
Brad with the mafackin big IRON!!!!
Adam Vor 37 Minuten
The Barenaked Ladies reference at 5:40 is all world.
Janani Siva
Janani Siva Vor 40 Minuten
ATTENTION ANYONE WHO IS ABLE TO SPEAK TO THE VIDEO EDITOR(probably someone who works at ba) Make sure he/she sees the commments and sees the appreciation he/she gets
samuraimaster99 Vor 40 Minuten
y'all gotta go ice fishing in the ARCTIC
Paige Slaunwhite
Paige Slaunwhite Vor 42 Minuten
Please come to Nova Scotia!!!!!!!!!! Please god
Jason Reid
Jason Reid Vor 43 Minuten
Moose hunting in Newfoundland
Giuliana Ruffolo
Giuliana Ruffolo Vor 44 Minuten
I'd love to see you guys fish in Alaska for halibut and salmon.
Puppet lover
Puppet lover Vor 28 Minuten
i can smell this video
Gage Riley
Gage Riley Vor 45 Minuten
Dont drink straight oil. Its not good for your lungs at all.
David Y
David Y Vor 47 Minuten
For real Skip could have his own youtube channel/show I'd watch him, he's a riot.
Felipe Garcia
Felipe Garcia Vor 47 Minuten
I know he clapped after this
Alex Leonor
Alex Leonor Vor 47 Minuten
this video should be titled: "Jack Black's Cousins Catch Lunch"
Tuxedo Cat
Tuxedo Cat Vor 48 Minuten
I think a rock tumbler is a better idea.
metalguyn Vor 50 Minuten
I took my wife, her parents and our 2 kids. The total was $416 for lunch. Never again lol
Mario Lopez
Mario Lopez Vor 50 Minuten
Vinny was not in this episode?
M4str Qwief69
M4str Qwief69 Vor 54 Minuten
WhiteSpatula Vor 54 Minuten
Brad called it. Food is love. Food competitions are like jumping into bed and saying, “Hey, babe, let’s make love super fast tonight. There’s a prize if we break the record. I’m just gonna stick this buzzer to your forehead, so..” yeah, it’s just.. it’s just wrong. Write a song about a broken bong. It’s just wrong. All day long. King Kong in a thong. A Texas Chainsaw sing-a-long. Prongless tongs. Flattened gongs. A doorbell that dings but never dongs. It’s all wrong! (Okay, I’d better go now.) -Phill, Las Vegas
Alyssa Jolt
Alyssa Jolt Vor 55 Minuten
claire having trouble with righty tighty lefty loosey literally same.
edoriv69 Vor 55 Minuten
you like your eggs exactly the same as I do! awesome
SCARLET★STAR Vor 57 Minuten
That was a capacitor, not a transistor.
Max Que
Max Que Vor 58 Minuten
This was pure gold. Lmao that spider, and Skip throwing the catfish at Matty’s face 😂
Mo n
Mo n Vor 59 Minuten
They should get mountain chicken in Greneda 🤣🦎
Geret Vor 59 Minuten
lol love the whush and wourder
Muzaffer Ozen
Muzaffer Ozen Vor 59 Minuten
Petition for them two to have their own show.
Lizzie J
Lizzie J Vor Stunde
I literally gasped when I saw this video my partner thought I was dying.
Nino Gaggi
Nino Gaggi Vor Stunde
All board on the ol' chum guzzler
Nino Gaggi
Nino Gaggi Vor Stunde
All board on the ol' chum guzzler
Onigorom Vor Stunde
don t ever press fish like that, that's barbaric
Logan Coloma
Logan Coloma Vor Stunde
Anyone notice the all blacks shorts?? Just in time for the RWC
WildBoer Vor Stunde
I now feel much better about the fact that I too have no idea what uncured Sunday bacon even means.
John Doent
John Doent Vor Stunde
wow you and Post Malone make such a combo
That's how you get a floor full of broken pyrex.
Lyri Metacurl
Lyri Metacurl Vor Stunde
Didn't do Eggs Benedict or 15 minute hard boiled egg.
adamr63 Vor Stunde
Fun video. But in actuality there is not a professional kitchen on the world where speed is not important, as long as you are efficients and get the necessary results for that kitchen. A kitchen that gives you the luxury to work at a relaxed pace is simply overstaffed. It doesn't mean you can't calm, but if you're not hustling you're not going to last inane kitchen I know of.
Hats off to Skipper for having unlimited patience and a great sense of humor. Brad you looked real manly until the spider showed up. Now let's get these two blue tuna fishing.
Practice and Repeat
This should be a movie 🤣😂
Vince didn´t went to Oaklahoma :c
Al alba vincero vincero
No recipe.
Surgical02 Vor Stunde
Had to stop watching... 13 Minutes in and he hasn't "cooked" an egg yet...
Richard Pajarillo
Love this!
Simura Gemi
Simura Gemi Vor Stunde
I'm one of the 10% of people whose genes cause them to taste cilantro as soapy, but I still love it. It's not the only flavor, we can still taste the cilantro goodness, and the more cilantro the more the soapiness overpowers the cilantro flavor.
Mo n
Mo n Vor Stunde
This is like a gallon of moonshine and 12 hrs away from being a deliverance reboot
yaka Vor Stunde
They should stop putting hot on that mild sauce smh
Eggy.Mcfresh Vor Stunde
This video has such high chaotic energy and its so funny and cute i love brad
Seth Jaimez
Seth Jaimez Vor Stunde
That hatchet flashback😂😂
Eric Jordan
Eric Jordan Vor Stunde
Cameraman wearing an NWO shirt.
Kristina Marie
Kristina Marie Vor Stunde
I had to go out and buy peanut m&m after watching this, so good.
Adam Drake
Adam Drake Vor Stunde
Never laughed harder at a youtube video, great content
Tim T.
Tim T. Vor Stunde
I was so ready to see tamagoyaki
Ella Timmerding
Ella Timmerding Vor Stunde
Where’s vinnie
Eric Zolan
Eric Zolan Vor Stunde
more cooking, less talking please!
Mr Anchovious
Mr Anchovious Vor Stunde
Salmon fishing in Haida Gwaii
Krilton Vor Stunde
yessss mother in laws is my favvvv I love the vegan kimchi
claire c.
claire c. Vor Stunde
Did he buy gochugaru when there was already some in the background for the whole vid
SydFilms Productions
Matty is amazing I love him so much
Jer K
Jer K Vor Stunde
The end where he's walking that catfish is hilarios
Mo n
Mo n Vor Stunde
What in the true detective hell 🤣🤣🤣
Logan Butler
Logan Butler Vor Stunde
This is great content, guys love it.
Isabelle Green
Isabelle Green Vor Stunde
Im having smarties dejavu from that rolling pin
xLttPx Vor Stunde
Dude your boy is rocking an nWo shirt. awesome
Megan Gass
Megan Gass Vor Stunde
Go any where they want! I am here for it.
Richard Pajarillo
I would love to see Adam paired with Adam.
Bruno Borgatti
Bruno Borgatti Vor Stunde
you missed the MLG PRO GAMER way... Just put one on a gtx580, ready i 5 minutes.
artistic Aperture
14:02 ??????
ChrisPhoto1991 Vor Stunde
You need to get the SortedFood guys back and do something in the kitchen.
Molly is so much nicer in this video than their more recent one lol
Kaitlyn B
Kaitlyn B Vor Stunde
Where’s Vinny??
Evan Evan
Evan Evan Vor Stunde
fruit dragon
fruit dragon Vor Stunde
You didn't show the best way. You take bread make a hole with a glass fraye bread crack the egg in the hole. Bird in the nest egg
Connor Koryto
Connor Koryto Vor Stunde
the pure chaotic dad energy is off the charts in this video
Artful Cooking with Dawn
And I'd still kiss him after chomping on that garlic lol XXXXX
Adam Butt
Adam Butt Vor Stunde
All I want is a Matty and Brad adventure series. Please.
Katie Johnson
Katie Johnson Vor 2 Stunden
Well that was the most fun I’ve ever had...and I wasn’t even there.
David Cooper
David Cooper Vor 2 Stunden
Find a better editor pleeeeease! You guys, this was amazing but watching it was sooooo painful. Never ending.
Allison Lily
Allison Lily Vor 2 Stunden
Cod jigging in Newfoundland. I dare ya.
David Cooper
David Cooper Vor 2 Stunden
The editor should be fired. So much boring content time that could have been trimmed.
Claude Rodrigue
Claude Rodrigue Vor 2 Stunden
Maybe is was just another white guy with a beard and a leather apron. Called out the entire industry right there
Stephanie Mason
Stephanie Mason Vor 2 Stunden
Only 12 people in Oklahoma call a creek a crick. Source: lives in Oklahoma
Bianca Witaszek
Bianca Witaszek Vor 2 Stunden
You should do an episode where Claire attempts to make Gourmet Fun dip.
E Burckhardt
E Burckhardt Vor 2 Stunden
You guys are the best! I would sign up for looking at any episode, even if you guys would go tiny golfing 😂🤣
Travis Alex
Travis Alex Vor 2 Stunden
This is what YT was created for.
Crownthepilot Vor 2 Stunden
I never Laughed so bad during a video so badly OHMYGOD
c k
c k Vor 2 Stunden
Coraline Glover
Coraline Glover Vor 2 Stunden
you know how people say you can hit someone's hip to hear their sex noise ? I'm pretty sure noodling is has a similar effect
Industry Killers
Industry Killers Vor 2 Stunden
She has a higher position than our boy, and she said Kong’s Hawaiian bread would be good with this too. -________-
Industry Killers
Industry Killers Vor 2 Stunden