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B/R Football
We see ⚽️ everywhere
Alberto González
Alberto González Vor 3 Stunden
When will be the first episode of The champions season 6?
Cebulak Vor 4 Stunden
Lionel Messi is the GOAT !
himsas2397 Vor 6 Stunden
You'll never sing that
Mridul Sharma
Mridul Sharma Vor 7 Stunden
Waiting for Season 6 👍 Please make it soon.
Alex Martell
Alex Martell Vor 9 Stunden
man gareth looks so weird
Harry Brownshill
Harry Brownshill Vor 9 Stunden
It's so true
Avenger Milla
Avenger Milla Vor 12 Stunden
What's worst united losing to young boys or psg equalizing with club brugge
Huz7 Edits
Huz7 Edits Vor 13 Stunden
1:12 Man utd: we signed- Time traveler: *Ronaldo* thats all im going to sa
Or Az
Or Az Vor 14 Stunden
On 0:10 you can all see a bunch of la masia players playing with the ball - two of them are Ansu Fati and Ilaix Moriba...
aman Vor 14 Stunden
It was later said by afghan police itself that Taliban were never intrested in this boy he was more at threat from kidnappers asking ransom since he is famous than taliban because taliban were never intrested in him even in this video you can see the Afghan official saying that Taliban has bigger things to do.A lot of people in afghanistan masquerade themselves as taliban and loot people because taliban has no special dress code almost any afghan can be taliban. Now that Taliban has captured entire afghnistan this boy is not yet threatened or harmed at all. Instead taliban have allowed football to carry and football is one of the very few games that Taliban encourage they are even holding a tournament currently m
BachirTBD1999 Vor 14 Stunden
FC Barcelona and Europa League, Never thought I'd live the day to see those two things mentioned in the same sentence
Elite Jay
Elite Jay Vor 15 Stunden
Where's The Champions ? We need it back
Royit P Rajan
Royit P Rajan Vor 15 Stunden
He should also buy haaland from Dortmund
SHAWREEL Vor 15 Stunden
Why this has so less views
Adam Martin
Adam Martin Vor 16 Stunden
The only good video B/R has ever done
Speet Vor 16 Stunden
I like how pogba does so well in this but irl he's sheet rn
Arifidzi Vor 17 Stunden
When did neymar won a copa?
Bai Jaaan
Bai Jaaan Vor 17 Stunden
Re -al
William Thiama
William Thiama Vor 18 Stunden
Barca fans : go to hell
AirKangLocker Vor 18 Stunden
champions season 6 is gonna be crazy
Rudransh Kulshreshth
Rudransh Kulshreshth Vor 18 Stunden
When is the animated series cominggg!!?!?
Poonam Bhutia
Poonam Bhutia Vor 19 Stunden
Chelsea party
cryell az
cryell az Vor 19 Stunden
Landiswa Ntanzi
Landiswa Ntanzi Vor 19 Stunden
What happened to champions season 6
QuamiFlows Vor 20 Stunden
Man U: Says siuuu every second PSG: Fun fact- Young Boys have only won two UCL games, both against Ronaldo Man U: losing 100000 brain cells a second trying to understand how it happened
Gihuto Yeptho
Gihuto Yeptho Vor 20 Stunden
The most rotten striker .. 3rd class
The Football Narrator
The Football Narrator Vor 21 Stunde
My man bullied Barca 😂
Magdalena Ginther
Magdalena Ginther Vor 22 Stunden
Any chance for another 6th season? Or 5 was the last?
Daniel F
Daniel F Vor 22 Stunden
We need the Europa League Motel
Victor Arias
Victor Arias Vor Tag
Messi por siempre wachin
MD. Mehrab Hossain Khandoker
On contrary, Sancho left BVB to be one of Expensive AF FC...
AeonQuasar Vor Tag
Tbf, the Europa League motel might be hard to reach next year even if this continue.
Adwaid Lsg
Adwaid Lsg Vor Tag
Isaiah Pareyio
"I think I am in the wrong room" Bruno😄😄
ArcangeloSports NOS
“You can’t have hatred in your soul when you go from box to box. I know this very well being a man who has two wives.” 😂😂😂
Mahrielle Dizon
this is so cute HAHAHA
guy in your bushes
Can’t wat chi t his without crying
koray kaymaz
koray kaymaz Vor Tag
Where is season 6 guys come on
nablo Vor Tag
AC Milan? FFS..
Mister Godwin Paul
Alex Vor Tag
Wheres season 6?!?
Muhammad Syah_17
You should get Sheriff jersey..
Sergio García
why u never talk about atletico? :(
thank you messi for everything you have done for Barcelona you will always be from Barcelona you are the best player in the world MESSI FOREVER
Mustafa Latif
Can he buy a young boys shirt now
Misael Batres Bailon
It was good
King Ntuli
King Ntuli Vor Tag
Season six Im tired of waiting
Jane D
Jane D Vor Tag
House is very boring.
Afia Owusuaa Gyasi
💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙🔥🔥💕Chelsea forever
Afia Owusuaa Gyasi
💙💙💙💙💙💙💙blues forever Chelsea 🔥🔥🔥🔥
anees ahmed
anees ahmed Vor Tag
skip dessert for nothing...lol burn
Khánh Lê
Khánh Lê Vor Tag
nobody's talking about the fact that lebron james's there?
Joseph Daniel Moges
I see this video in yours telegram channel
Qhamokuhle Shibane
I’m not cursed too just left Juventus for Man U
Sudin Dinesh
Sudin Dinesh Vor Tag
I like how the guy barca was talking to was holding a glass of 'orange' juice. Indicating their time with the dutch boss and all those dutch players. 😂
Bai Jaaan
Bai Jaaan Vor Tag
But aaaaaaaaaa siuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Bai Jaaan
Bai Jaaan Vor Tag
Daniel sturggie
Bai Jaaan
Bai Jaaan Vor Tag
Mario yep
Mihir Gupta
Mihir Gupta Vor Tag
Not even a Barca fan, but this hurts
Bai Jaaan
Bai Jaaan Vor Tag
And 442oons
Bai Jaaan
Bai Jaaan Vor Tag
Bai Jaaan
Bai Jaaan Vor Tag
Prem ligue 1 la liga
Bai Jaaan
Bai Jaaan Vor Tag
I be champion fun music
Jack Flowt
Jack Flowt Vor Tag
Ah Tax laws, what a fearsome monsters!
Sara Zea
Sara Zea Vor Tag
me en canta
Rohit M.B
Rohit M.B Vor Tag
Him in man city jersey reminded me of sterling.
Aomine Vor Tag
Sonaldo 🤗❤️
This video deserves more million of like, views......
Ghost Gamer
Ghost Gamer Vor Tag
Parth Mhatre
Parth Mhatre Vor Tag
This Neymar joke never gets old 😂😂
Football king
Nice channel of football.
FaKe SmiLe AmiR LoN3iKoN🔥❄
Lol Barcelona,Man Utd and the world class pass or assiat, the oscar given to The best player of the world Lingarddhino.
Maruko AMV
Maruko AMV Vor Tag
I was wondering where’s Barca shirt, but then lol
Johann Prince
You can tell that all the voices are recorded at home.