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invaderlean Vor Sekunde
ppl who believe in astrology are just people who want to believe that humans are special so bad that they do believe it and find anything that proves that to them, but the truth is we really are almosy nothing in this infinite universe, we arent even comparable to a spec of dust in a football stafium
Señor Serena
Señor Serena Vor 2 Minuten
Chat cooming the entire video OMEGALUL
Outlasted Vor 2 Minuten
Now we know what Xqc likes in his meme videos. More dryers spinning out of control Coggers
Barbok Vor 3 Minuten
Perfect title for once good job Mr. Editor :)
Takeshi Kovacs
Takeshi Kovacs Vor 3 Minuten
Dude this chat when they introduce the women for the astronomers
whatcha lookinat
whatcha lookinat Vor 3 Minuten
XQC is one of those people I would rather be arguing against than arguing with.
Aka _Zeyrox
Aka _Zeyrox Vor 4 Minuten
Dud the black guy wouldn’t stop talking about "Energy"
kwek Vor 4 Minuten
Changed the difficulty mid run what the fuck is this shit
Jesus christ
Jesus christ Vor 7 Minuten
🪨 how much head
Cat Black
Cat Black Vor 7 Minuten
You can't argue or debate with stupid
C WeeJee
C WeeJee Vor 8 Minuten
anecdotes = proof
C WeeJee
C WeeJee Vor 5 Minuten
energy = replace missing blanks in arguement
Twitch babyyy
Twitch babyyy Vor 9 Minuten
it's funny, Apple doesn't even make their own camer *cough* *cough*
Jim Bob
Jim Bob Vor 9 Minuten
When do we get to the point where we make bullshit unacceptable?? Seriously.. Sooner or later some shit is gonna go down
Stephen Vor 10 Minuten
12:59 Anyone else shocked he described himself as happy considering he's always yelling and screaming at people?
Zayd Hussain
Zayd Hussain Vor 11 Minuten
Oh look its the Professional Stargazer from the Vegan vs Hunter video
Cylie Vor 11 Minuten
I fucking hate this "WHO IS HE TALKING TO? LULW" meta like stfu
sgc Vor 13 Minuten
CJ Statham
CJ Statham Vor 14 Minuten
Scam artists vs scientists
ccann Vor 14 Minuten
What is the playlist that all main np streamers play in the background called
MM G Vor 14 Minuten
You could believe everything you want idc but don't tell me it's science if you didn't prove it, also logic and philosophy are science and they’re used to prove the existence of a god
Noyy Vor 17 Minuten
How to slap someone through the monitor
Marcus Vor 17 Minuten
faaaake kkonaW
Kellel Jhonson
Kellel Jhonson Vor 19 Minuten
Great video
LackOfABetterWord Vor 20 Minuten
I think we can all agree the CoD franchise is absolute dogshit.
Frank Bank
Frank Bank Vor 21 Minute
The first astrology guy came in with confusion tactics. Degrees?!?! Dfuq
dannicii i
dannicii i Vor 22 Minuten
Astrology is a pseudoscience
Echo Vor 24 Minuten
"issnot bad" -X about literally anything
Ross Val Jr.
Ross Val Jr. Vor 27 Minuten
XQC talking the realest shit about road rage while the baboons in chat are making fun of him wtf chat
Jebaited{{ Vor 28 Minuten
Alright guys, if you ever feel like you're being too confident, remember that these people exist and you will feel fine. xqcL
Was Huh Confused Soulja boy
TAROT READING Good Deal GOOD DEAL if I speak PepeLaugh
Im an idiot
Im an idiot Vor 31 Minute
But he lost to tutorial tho
Andrew vincent
Andrew vincent Vor 33 Minuten
is this a stream highlight? has the numbers in the thumbnail but not the title
SirPunpirate Vor 34 Minuten
9:06 that joke was god damn disgusting.
sunny Vor 34 Minuten
that damn moles absorbing her brain cells
YTHoboGaming6 Vor 34 Minuten
I'm so happy I didn't have any of these problems on the console great game
ً Vor 34 Minuten
Just cause some people say that psychology isn't science doesn't mean it isn't, it's the study of the how the brain works, and it has discovered alot about the brain, that's how we have meds that work for specifical types of mental illness, like schizophrenia, and whatever shit kanye has, and going to therapy helps most of the time because they know how the brain ACTUALLY works and studied it, that's what a science is, something practical that you can prove
Bullbear seven
Bullbear seven Vor 34 Minuten
The face Xqc made reacting to the dryer bricks made him look like ludwig
マイコ Vor 34 Minuten
Astronomy = Actual science Astrology = as real as the Bible :weirdchamp:
azertu2u2 Vor 35 Minuten
Astronomy :real Astrology :superstition Funny thing is, since astrology was born, the stars have changed place in the sky.... Your star sign according to them, has changed
Spradebass Vor 36 Minuten
I’m kind of glad astrology exists because it tells me which kind of women i should stay away from
RaFo Vor 39 Minuten
The most pepega driver in F1 😂 goblin Williams racing
reaper Vor 42 Minuten
asten marteen, alpha romeeoh
Znek Vor 43 Minuten
Take a shot everytime he pauses
petrikor Vor 44 Minuten
1:00 based
audi Vor 48 Minuten
these comments d_d
Daaki Vor 50 Minuten
guy in chat who said "ASTROLOGY IS HARAM abdulPls" had me rolling lmao
Χρήστος Vor 52 Minuten
They should make this twitch themed and call it "Love or Host" or something. I think it'd be great.
Amr Morsy
Amr Morsy Vor 56 Minuten
Well Guess what, Religions is also a Scam. They’re literally Mythical books
Fumeh Vor 56 Minuten
9:20 pretending pepepains
Shivam Kumar
Shivam Kumar Vor 57 Minuten
0:44 I feel sad when I see people typing "Who is he talking to?" he is talking to us B**** he streams for us
dong_ding Vor 57 Minuten
chat is quite rude to xqc no? "who is he talking to omegaLUL" ofc its just a joke but he's explaining something
darien Vor 59 Minuten
bro he got scared by a door lmao
Xamukai Vor Stunde
lost braincells
Lol mir
Lol mir Vor Stunde
Can y'all give me the -500 iq play? Cant find it
Charlie Albrighton
Astrology only exists because of the Barnum effect and confirmation bias.
Munchies SSBM
Munchies SSBM Vor Stunde
They really slap the word meme on everything now huh...
Z4pToR Vor Stunde
Mr.H H
Mr.H H Vor Stunde
Actually astrology andys used to deal with djinn to smuggle small info from the heavens in which they could reach and eardrop on, but not anymore. Now any dijnn who tries to eardrop on future matters and fate get smited via a comet.
Pingoping Vor Stunde
Tbh some of chat just instantly spamming question marks whenever one of the astrologists talk, no matter what they say. Like yeah they said a lot of bullshit but they also had a few fair points
Paradox Vor Stunde
So.... Ashley's @?🗿
Sora Kun
Sora Kun Vor Stunde
3:30 monkaLaugh
James Fischer
James Fischer Vor Stunde
26:04 I have a way to describe astrologers when I meet them, fanciful degenerates
Wassim Wassim
Wassim Wassim Vor Stunde
are these ppl for real tho ?
Laurids Vor Stunde
26:49 Actually good take from xqc. Astrology isn't falsifiable, they can always come up with a reason why things went differently than preditcted. They're "right" regardless of what happens.
kamalindsey Vor Stunde
Whitechapel today is a gentrified snoozefest, back then though "murder was common to hear" etc, weird to think bout man.
AshManzarek Vor Stunde
that guy scared to say a "negative word" lmaooooooooo
Tsuma Vor Stunde
I’m so happy to see that Felix made such good choices this season such as trying to save Sarah and staying loyal to Kenny throughout everything, especially after his psycho-episode 1 choices
Wassim Wassim
Wassim Wassim Vor Stunde
i swear i m discovering how dulb xqc is more and more every week
KaydoKin Vor Stunde
Get a Sim steering wheel Felix! I recently got a cheap one for WRC and F1. Even a cheap wheel is a great experience
Biel Roig
Biel Roig Vor Stunde
Astronomy is the science that studies celestial bodies. Astrology is the science to cope with having a bad personality.
Nalasleafhearts Vor 19 Minuten
astronomy deals with celestial bodies, astrology is basically a religion-- or at least the original astrology is actually connected to religion
Nocturnal Pyro
Nocturnal Pyro Vor Stunde
12:50 you don’t prove anything in science, your goal is really to disprove things, a scientific theory is not a fact, it’s only true until it isn’t anymore.
MM G Vor 11 Minuten
Jit 。
Jit 。 Vor Stunde
Him: Don't rage road because you drag others with your danger Also him: 10:28
azizella Vor Stunde
Natra Exa
Natra Exa Vor Stunde
3:40 nostalgic song
Mikey B
Mikey B Vor Stunde
Chatting: “who is he talking to”
Danielle Vor Stunde
6:10 I bet no one is surprised that this is the same person from the hunters vs vegans episode
Alex Tillom
Alex Tillom Vor Stunde
Delusional thinkers are indicative of schizophrenia
ayan ahmed
ayan ahmed Vor Stunde
Astrology: You think of a clock, the hands pointing to the numbers is not time. They just represent time. Me: I shall not let peer pressure convince me that stupidity is intelligence.
Squeaker Vor Stunde
I swear this guy and energys