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ClassicKrak83 Vor Stunde
Somebody need to cancel this guy.
Michael Mclendon
Michael Mclendon Vor Stunde
You know it's a MatPat video when the intro is 7 minutes long
Johnson Baron Caveler
I love you all. I wish this could last longer. I'm scared for the next month.
Pyrosong Vor Stunde
I think driffloon is the best example of this as it canonically steals away children and looks like a balloon for that purpose. Also fun fact one of the examples, the orchid mantis, has a pokemon based on it now as of the last generation!
animefanrk2k Vor Stunde
Austin - "POKEMON ARE DEADLY! WHY ARE YOU NOT FREAKING OUT ABOUT THIS?!" Me - "Been that way since first gen, friend~"
Conaday Sweet
Conaday Sweet Vor Stunde
Or thy are doing it to Atrackt our area Chen to be our friends
That Guy
That Guy Vor Stunde
Arnie Vor Stunde
Best Intro ever!!! 😂😂😂
GalaxyOreo Wolfie
Good night Austen You worked hard you deserve to sleep..!
SquidKid 98
SquidKid 98 Vor Stunde
Nah. U over looked.
Revolution AC
Revolution AC Vor Stunde
MatPat: The only sane person who will uncover or even make lores for games that has none.
TotallyNot AnAlien
On a game theory binge. Man, the days where mangle being unable to talk made him such a pivotal point in his theories... Until Ultimate Custom Night
Decimator Cookie
Decimator Cookie Vor Stunde
You can notice he almost cried
Exploding Dragon
Exploding Dragon Vor Stunde
Okay we might see him never agen
Too Hopeful
Too Hopeful Vor Stunde
In the Pokemon universe, ice cream was made to resemble Vanillite. That's canon in both the games and the anime. So that Pokemon specifically isn't a good example for your argument. Otherwise this makes a lot of sense.
H2SO4pyro Vor Stunde
Actually Voltorb is a spectrum haunting a pokeball, which is why his body only flips upside down uppon evolving (it is an independant object). This doesnt change your point about the other ones tho
meg Vor Stunde
I hate this guy
eren Gaming
eren Gaming Vor Stunde
Sans bleeds because he drinks ketchup so it’s ketchup
Jakub Dąbkowski
Jakub Dąbkowski Vor Stunde
Meeeeeeehhh... i don't think so
Red Sans
Red Sans Vor Stunde
Comic sans
Just a Nerd
Just a Nerd Vor Stunde
For a science exam I had to explain why its dangerous to be under a tree during a lightning storm, I said it was because the distance between the clouds and tree is smaller. I got it wrong. This made me feel better, I'm actually right!
Gattle Hotrod
Gattle Hotrod Vor Stunde
If William’s spirit is in the game and the golden Freddy Easter egg is real maybe golden Freddy spirit was angered and wants afton gone again
Jay Haley
Jay Haley Vor Stunde
We’re fnaf boomers now
NightOne Error
NightOne Error Vor Stunde
Lectern Vor Stunde
"Alcremie is the most dangerous pokemon" Rule 34: You're not just wrong, you're stupid.
Fawn Games
Fawn Games Vor Stunde
The commercial I just saw was the most confusing thing I’ve ever seen
Cool plushs bendy plush
What about that time mairo dated her 🤢😖😷😮😕🙀🤒🤕🤐🦁🦍
marc Bigum
marc Bigum Vor Stunde
I know mangles gender.... Dog
Bloodtanker Vor Stunde
Who tf is this cringefest? He is worse than Mat, and that is saying something.
Bett Shah
Bett Shah Vor Stunde
*The cake is a lie* HMM.. Is this pokemon or portal
Dr. Gearswell
Dr. Gearswell Vor Stunde
austin those bags under your eyes are making me even more tired man.
Kiro fox
Kiro fox Vor Stunde
Hello, guy who did the payday breaks pokemon's economy video, don't stoop to Mattpatt's level
gameprolaw Vor Stunde
Alcremie lookin' like a whole snack 🍪😏
Night Rogue
Night Rogue Vor Stunde
No, no, no. Pokémon hunt Pokémon Humans hunt Humans.
_R_O_S_E _
_R_O_S_E _ Vor Stunde
7:15 song?
TheOneWhichWasLost _
Here we finally see the infamous Austin taking a nap.
Ben Dellacrosse
Ben Dellacrosse Vor Stunde
New game is ar fnaf your home is now fnaf4 house
pinnks100 Vor Stunde
It 10 i think
Ellie Hathaway
Ellie Hathaway Vor Stunde
Omg nutcracker music
Lemur Larry
Lemur Larry Vor Stunde
The Duck Hunt Duck
red chan
red chan Vor Stunde
Me watching every game theory video: 🎶OHHHHHH MY GOD~🎶
Stunfisk also has only his mouth sticking out and it looks like a poke ball so it can bite you
Alexandre Moonwell
The mansion style is art nouveau, not victorian... heck, it doesn't even look just a little bit victorian ! the mansion has full electricity installed and has very curvy nature-inspired designs with natural materials, that's definetly art nouveau
Luna's Royal guard
Thares a 4th ending if u never collect eny of the tapes
Kai The Executioner
Zorua the apex predator lol it becomes people which is even worse than ice cream
Caelin Bevan
Caelin Bevan Vor Stunde
i thought you were going to say your kid has cancer
Navoii Gamer
Navoii Gamer Vor Stunde
Lori Rodriguez
Lori Rodriguez Vor Stunde
This is not minecraft but, what if a theory about Mario being stronger then everything and everyone in the Mario universe
Muaaz Akbar
Muaaz Akbar Vor Stunde
Sean Easton
Sean Easton Vor Stunde
They aren’t after us, just our food. Hear me out. If they were after humans, than they would turn into something that we would not notice- doors, bathtubs, garbage, chandeliers. However, because they look like food, and expensive food at that, it seems like they look like this to get closer to our assortment of food at a banquet or at the dinner table to eat for themselves. You give them too much credit. They are more magpies than Venus fly traps
Zeraora The One
Zeraora The One Vor Stunde
Why is the cake a lie I love the new pokemon
KannaDrawsBadly Vor Stunde
His mom left Dog Dad cuz she found out he was a furry .____.
cupcakelover Vor Stunde
0:01 asmr much?
Mat: *speaks in sci-fi* Me: * not understanding what he’s saying 😮😧😑😧😲😐😓
ZektusViriex Vor Stunde
Okay uhhh... Yeah, cancer is really bad, and I completely understand that and I support your cause, but my compassion turned into absolute fear with the transition on 4:53. Why.
cupcakelover Vor Stunde
Don't do it... Don't do it... Don't do- VALHARE crap
Karma Grey
Karma Grey Vor Stunde
Klefki is the most efficient killer of humans, only trainers need pokeballs but EVERYONE needs keys, even children are given you keys at the age of 3, blatant fact
Mehdi Perrel
Mehdi Perrel Vor Stunde
Took you less than thirty seconds to start yelling full power for around 2 whole seconds. As always. Peace ><
Dakota Hudson
Dakota Hudson Vor Stunde
PUPPET is my favorite
Sir Raulo
Sir Raulo Vor Stunde
2:20 Ok Boomer!
Poerdje Vor 2 Stunden
Why does he say alcremie in stead of alcreamie I know it's spelled like alcremie but I'm pretty sure it's pronounced as alcreamy
waffle the waffle
waffle the waffle Vor 2 Stunden
The door opened
Olivia Hawkins
Olivia Hawkins Vor 2 Stunden
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Chase Gillingham 15 (STUDENT)
Here are the official Pokedex entries: Sword: When it trusts a Trainer, it will treat them to berries it’s decorated with cream. Shield: When Alcremie is content, the cream it secretes from its hands becomes sweeter and richer. So uh... rip this theory.
Hey youu
Hey youu Vor 2 Stunden
This video is SHOCKINGLY terrible, and an educational disaster, here's why: - 10 mili amps is very painful. - Continuous current is much more damaging than a door knob shock. - Once air is ionized, its resistance gets lower.
Dete Vor 2 Stunden
There has been research indicating that some organisms have shown evolution towards traits that benefit being supported by humans. So with this in mind your theory makes much less sense. An alcremie could have just evolved to cater to being something humans want around because it's looking literally sweet. And thus it's most likely being supported in reproduction by humans more than pokemon that are less desired, which is an evolutionary success.
maddii elisabeth
maddii elisabeth Vor 2 Stunden
😱 O.M.G Austin is back
Lil Ice-cream
Lil Ice-cream Vor 2 Stunden
Oh? That’s the room from Everlasting summer in the beginning, isn’t it? A theory on that game would be amazing
Weeb Boi
Weeb Boi Vor 2 Stunden
Pokémon’s new game: Sword Shield and Gun
Irene G.
Irene G. Vor 2 Stunden
I wish I had at least half the dedication that he has with Fnaf
game king1222
game king1222 Vor 2 Stunden
I am playing shield, and this Pokemon caused me SO MANY PROBLEMS in the fairy gym
Joseph Conover
Joseph Conover Vor 2 Stunden
This theory does hold up well and seems to be supported by the other game that is most definitely a part of the universe of TBOI, The Legend of Bumbo which could take place before TBOI in terms of story.
The Squad
The Squad Vor 2 Stunden
What about traded Pokémon
randee quinn
randee quinn Vor 2 Stunden
Got gud
Drswag 007
Drswag 007 Vor 2 Stunden
we can't hide from FTC we can fight back
Olivia Hawkins
Olivia Hawkins Vor 2 Stunden
This may be the first time I ever actually mark my calendar for a future video upload, because HOLY SH** I AM SOOOO THERE!!!😃👍
Frans A
Frans A Vor 2 Stunden
But vanillish predaes ice cream in the pokemon world.
Aisya Valentine
Aisya Valentine Vor 2 Stunden
Bunny mask, cult, Is FNAF Donnie Darko?
NecroXus Vor 2 Stunden
Anyone know game theory's real ig...or his ig..anyone?
Caspex Vor 2 Stunden
i dont like the dandruff in his hair.
Ashish Jacob Sam
Ashish Jacob Sam Vor 2 Stunden
I really want a Pokémon Game having this kind of Pokémon Vs human War
Nikolaj Hansen
Nikolaj Hansen Vor 2 Stunden
Have you thout how meny time the granpa clock ding dongs it ding 8 times
I wanna die
I wanna die Vor 2 Stunden
alcremie kinda thicc ngl
someakatsukifromcanada 9
Sword and Shield will probably be terrible... BUT I WILL NEVER GET TIRED OF THESE CRAZY VIDEOS OF YOURS XD
Froggy Tubes
Froggy Tubes Vor 2 Stunden
My dad got cancer twice and he’s still living and I’m very happy that Matpat is fundraising. Thank you!
Klaus Mateschitz
Klaus Mateschitz Vor 2 Stunden
What a cringefest... omg
Katherine Wood
Katherine Wood Vor 2 Stunden
What if it was designed to attract humans to become pets because that would equally make sure they'd survive for a long time and guarentee food. Kinda like cats evolving with us to be our pets.
Joaquin Villanueva
Joaquin Villanueva Vor 2 Stunden
Why Would You Make A theory Of A Unreleased Game
LegalSanity Vor 2 Stunden
I was honestly expecting some Pokémon to pop up at the end and eat Austin.
Refined X5
Refined X5 Vor 2 Stunden
Hirundo Arvensis
Hirundo Arvensis Vor 2 Stunden
that.... that's not a rook
Wholesum dude
Wholesum dude Vor 2 Stunden
Remember "catch em all" Yes I feel like it means something else
Destroyw09 Player
Destroyw09 Player Vor 2 Stunden
wow right after my birthday
Liam Hunter
Liam Hunter Vor 2 Stunden
2020... anyone
H I Vor 2 Stunden
Where did toy chica beak go?
AnimeShinigami13 Vor 2 Stunden
i could see why its dangerous from the thumbnail picture.
Lord Zaphkiel
Lord Zaphkiel Vor 2 Stunden
Well that's life
Leevi Stakenborg
Leevi Stakenborg Vor 2 Stunden
When comes a bendy theory