$1,593 Bento Box • Japan

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"Literally a marshmallow of meat."
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Nikko Masuzushi Honpo



17 Mär 2019

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Bogdad SIangg
Bogdad SIangg Vor 4 Stunden
You can't eat in japanese train
Always wait for Adam to try the food 😂
Mrs. PoTaeTo
Mrs. PoTaeTo Vor Tag
Who else expected caviar?
The Newbie Sniper
(WHEEZE)... wait wrong series,
Prajnya Prabhu
Prajnya Prabhu Vor 2 Tage
Anyone else love Andrew's smile 😍😍😍 I love those dimples ❤❤
I Au
I Au Vor 3 Tage
0:20-0:25 HE IS ADORABLE
Danielle M Hall
Danielle M Hall Vor 4 Tage
I'm so wrapping every present like that from now on.
Zach Routledge
Zach Routledge Vor 4 Tage
Vote for Adam to get first bite!!!
Random Person
Random Person Vor 4 Tage
I feel so sorry for thos crabs
ICY BERG Vor 5 Tage
I still don’t understand why this sushi is more than 1500 dollars
Mr.Sandman Vor 6 Tage
Isn't Beluga caviar highly illegal ?
lily h newton
lily h newton Vor 6 Tage
this is irrelevant to this video but im a deaf person who doesn't use hearing aids but used to and usually it's easy to assign a voice to a person in my head even if it's not an accurate voice but i literally cant assign a fake voice to andrew at all idk why
Hamza Malik
Hamza Malik Vor 6 Tage
I bought one of these when I went to Japan. My parents bought the $1600 one and it's crazy.
Sploshta Vor 6 Tage
Great now I really crave Japanese food
RadeTcg Vor 6 Tage
Honestly sounded insanely priced but now I’m kind of tempted to try it T.T
place to place
place to place Vor 7 Tage
Guys, we just wanted to thank you for inspiring me, my wife, and little son for creating our own channel and version of food and traveling. We won't be as cool as you, but we love the same thing as you do!
J erje
J erje Vor 8 Tage
this bento box worth more than my car
Yang Cheng
Yang Cheng Vor 9 Tage
Im pretty sure the box its self reflects on most of the price as its handmade by very few people so they wanted to put in high end ingredients in it.
Monster Garou
Monster Garou Vor 10 Tage
M e l o n s
Peris Mugo
Peris Mugo Vor 10 Tage
Adam really is the cutest bean i-
flashflair Vor 11 Tage
you know it must be really good when you get some kind of an emotion out of Adam
FluoryGrain Gaming
FluoryGrain Gaming Vor 11 Tage
So the entire worth it series is the date of Steven,Andrew and Adam?
Grim Gamer
Grim Gamer Vor 12 Tage
Intro music spooks me
Tubby Custard
Tubby Custard Vor 13 Tage
Steven your sushi was probably/actually kimbab: a Korean sushi
Ann Blanchard
Ann Blanchard Vor 14 Tage
All I can say is WOW...WOW...WOW!
it doesnt matter
it doesnt matter Vor 15 Tage
i wonder if they ever lie about whether or not the food tastes good
Me: *buys poppin cookin*
Alan Mijo
Alan Mijo Vor 15 Tage
Come back with worth it series
DestineMCPE Vor 16 Tage
The bento is made for people to get broke not happy
Seth Sun
Seth Sun Vor 18 Tage
I hate the opening music.
ZYPHER Vor 19 Tage
Man i wish to travel in the countryside of japan in a train, and having food from my bento.
Galaco Production
Can I have there jobs like damn they go to different countries and eat different foods
Wea Gel
Wea Gel Vor 22 Tage
Its art and a very high quality food. That meat is a5. Like daaaaaaamn dude. But people doesnt realize that because they only see it as a box. If ya aint a foodie and have little comprehension of art then... thats yo reaction 🤷‍♀️ a regular japanese food is really good with so much umami happening. I cant imagine how this would taste like 😱
koharu senpai
koharu senpai Vor 22 Tage
Anime bento box is god Damn amazing
ivan tan
ivan tan Vor 22 Tage
The way he makes salt rain is just 10/10 better than salt bae
jinglin wu
jinglin wu Vor 22 Tage
1593 dollars? how do they manage to sell them fresh? Or they make it on order?
Liter A
Liter A Vor 23 Tage
8:14 Adam's cute smile
Liter A
Liter A Vor 23 Tage
13:40 Well, here's another one
Mae Cruz
Mae Cruz Vor 23 Tage
Andrew's description of the food was hilarious 😂 "Marshmallow of meat" "Compressed towel that expands in water" "Wet linen taken out of the laundry thats still glistening " "Bathbomb of flavor"
JK Vlogs
JK Vlogs Vor 25 Tage
Team work makes the dream work, YESss VERY WELL SAID 😍
Aundrea Williams
Aundrea Williams Vor 25 Tage
Can I bring my empty box back and just get a refill?
Coby Games
Coby Games Vor 25 Tage
Sub to me please😭🎮
Kawaii Land
Kawaii Land Vor 25 Tage
I ain't paying for any pricy bento *enless if Alice or Soma made it-*
Lucky Tran
Lucky Tran Vor 26 Tage
the music at the begining was kinda trippy
Madelein Fletcher
Madelein Fletcher Vor 27 Tage
I want to make a bento that holds a dream. 3:20 . I love this.
Monica Quiboloy
Monica Quiboloy Vor 27 Tage
nico nico nii hehehe hi momo
Monica Quiboloy
Monica Quiboloy Vor 27 Tage
nico nico nii hehehe hi momo
Johannes Cornielje
Johannes Cornielje Vor 28 Tage
Could watch this episode everyday
MisterMan Vor 28 Tage
Is the background music techno chicken dance?
Natsu Dragneel
Natsu Dragneel Vor 28 Tage
When youre so rich you start to eat gold
Misty Ice
Misty Ice Vor 29 Tage
That is not how you eat it smfh
Danielle Norton
Danielle Norton Vor Monat
Jay Mckinney
Jay Mckinney Vor Monat
the train station bento box was more filling/better looking than american school lunches (: prove me wrong (for public schools, and not elite schools)
Jasmin Vor Monat
The beginning KILLED MY EARS
mansi achar
mansi achar Vor Monat
Everything goes hush hush when Adam comes in😄😄
mansi achar
mansi achar Vor Monat
Everything goes hush hush when Adam comes in😄😄
commentsareuss Vor Monat
Why did this say season 1 episode 3?
Lillith Cheetham
I hope to one day be as thicc and plump as that crab
Christine Candy
Christine Candy Vor Monat
It looks soooo soooo goooddd
Andrin Mabonga
Andrin Mabonga Vor Monat
im guessing mow theyre cold
PJ Lansang
PJ Lansang Vor Monat
Listening to the chef makes me feel like I’m watching anime 😅
John Burke
John Burke Vor Monat
Why do yall always have the cameraman eating silently with no input after he eats? Is it supposed to be cute or something?
KnightShade Vor Monat
I Love Sushi but I never tried to salmon roll but when I tried it I did not like it. I'm sorry about this comment.
Bye bye 1600 bucks
LveMlike Vor Monat
That bento box need an insurance!!!!
alifia !
alifia ! Vor Monat
a lunchbox worth like almost a year of rent for my room..............
Eli Black
Eli Black Vor Monat
I might just have to go to Japan for that bento box
When does this episode release for English dub
confused3257 Vor Monat
Here in my country we call it Pinto
Jasmine Wan
Jasmine Wan Vor Monat
The Japanese guy's voice is so calming
haleyslife16 Vor Monat
omg that crab wow
Thuy Nguyen
Thuy Nguyen Vor Monat
Wow I want those boxes 🍱🍱🍱
Jenna Leonard
Jenna Leonard Vor Monat
WHY on earth did they not tell us what the sunflower "cake" tasted like, or what it was made of?! -___-
Hao Qu
Hao Qu Vor Monat
that $1400 box doesn't look that appealing
Lucian Boicu
Lucian Boicu Vor Monat
Just a month of rent. They even give you a beautiful bento box to live out of, after you get evicted. Worth it....lets all pitch in $100 and share all the things 16 ways.
Jas Vor Monat
i love watching these two eat for some reason
Vulkerz Vor Monat
the intro music destroyed my ears...
Anthony Minier
Anthony Minier Vor Monat
They had me at marshmallow of meat.
Dödelmann Karotte
it bothers me that they almost have no eating manners and get to eat expensive food like this they take way too big bites and stuff their mouth so full its kind of unpleasent to watch
irina's daily
irina's daily Vor Monat
The price is half of my wedding dress
martin seibl
martin seibl Vor Monat
Guys, top saying before every bite itadakimasu, say it just once before the meal
Isol Choi
Isol Choi Vor Monat
Box= $1500 Food= $93
tony barlow
tony barlow Vor 8 Tage
But handmade art is more expensive than what's inside
neri cohen
neri cohen Vor 19 Tage
The food itself is extremely expensive. The ingredients they use an cost insane amounts of money
Amphioxus 14
Amphioxus 14 Vor Monat
What i love about them is their relationship. They bite on the same spot where other bit on it . Or they eat their left over. That means they are sharing saliva and thats how comfortable they are w each other. Reminds me of my friends back home.
Neena Singh
Neena Singh Vor Monat
Did that guy say he was The *President* of that restaurant? Loll
jamesrei Vor Monat
Anything wrong?
AntiFinn Vor Monat
why does the old asian guy sound like a guy from Hunter x Hunter?
Craig Vor Monat
Bird nest soup is it worth $100?
Kevin Chan
Kevin Chan Vor Monat
Adam and Steven look like a couple whenever they're eating.
duy man
duy man Vor Monat
These look great. But are the food cold when they opened it?
Weed Wilson
Weed Wilson Vor Monat
Is it just me, that the camera is shaking too much.
Jeff Gogo
Jeff Gogo Vor Monat
That's a food-gasm if I ever saw it!
Abdullah Ibrahim
9:55 that's what she said.
winceda3rd Vor Monat
How could anybody hate these people??
Porrrnessian Parrapio
i fell like ppl who eat bentos are rlly cool bc they are able to often eat cold food that’s normal eaten hot and i don’t have enough mentality to do so😔
Tiona Karke
Tiona Karke Vor Monat
keith acosta
keith acosta Vor 2 Monate
I knew it , wanna make a food cost a thousand box, put gold on it
Paul Vor 2 Monate
The way he seasoned the crawfish tho
Milky browny
Milky browny Vor 2 Monate
kurama pawns wait is he talking about naruto
Diane Michelle
Diane Michelle Vor 2 Monate
2015: She made her 2015s debut in Susan Crone (1954-2015), followed by Bobbi Kristina Brown (1993-2015), and she went to Paris (1716).
Eric Chen
Eric Chen Vor 2 Monate
Like The Office reference!
Mr Domo
Mr Domo Vor 2 Monate
A $1.593 bento? No thx I like Big Mac more
M Kim
M Kim Vor 2 Monate
This is probably the most rip-off expensive food I've seen in Worth it do far. Food itself seems to be worth about 200, 300 USD at max. The bento box looks really fancy and worth lot more than the food though.
Jack Xiao
Jack Xiao Vor 2 Monate
Caviar pizza is way worse.
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