$100,000 Golf CHALLENGE with MMG, TJass, Jesser and Kris London | HoH Showdown

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Watch MMG, Tristan Jass, Jesser, and Kris London compete for $100,000 in a closest to the pin challenge LIVE in lead up to Capital One's The Match 🔥
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27 Nov 2020



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Christopher DeCiucis
Why does just looking at Kris absolutely piss me off 😂 what in the hell is the point of wearing a visor backwards
Levi Franklin
Levi Franklin Vor 20 Tage
I hope Jesser knew that he was using the putter
Jonathan Resendez
Jonathan Resendez Vor 23 Tage
Mmg had them in the first half ngl
JBreezy U cant guard Me
Lmfao steph wasn’t feeling that swing😂
Twin gaming
Twin gaming Vor Monat
MMG take the cake
littlesteezy Vor Monat
That first kid has never held a club in his life
I think I’m cool
Madden guy beats all the 2k guys😂
Seth H
Seth H Vor Monat
Too much club
Riwa Houssari
Riwa Houssari Vor Monat
Steph and Charles straight up ROASTED kris😂😂😂😂💀
Familiar Aspects
Dude wit the mic was tlkn too much lol
James L
James L Vor Monat
I play golf and Jesser is bad
UNtouchable Vor Monat
bruh it sound like thir back cracks everytime they hit the ball
Username Vor Monat
Meg is Logan Paul if he didn’t workout
deion killem
deion killem Vor Monat
Jesser so fucking hilarious
Shiloh Vor Monat
Seeing mmg isn’t 6’5 is hilarious 😂😂😂
Saray Lorenzo
Saray Lorenzo Vor Monat
Andy Melton
Andy Melton Vor Monat
i was betting on tristan, but mmg did good as well amd the other too, ggs to all of them
Sycko FN
Sycko FN Vor Monat
I wanted tjass to win but it’s ok😔
pida siouy
pida siouy Vor Monat
The announcer having absolutely no idea what he's talking about makes this so much more enjoyable
gantty wantty
gantty wantty Vor Monat
Why did they put Jesser’s closest shot on the score board
A1 Fishing
A1 Fishing Vor Monat
Are we not gonna talk about the backflip
Amy Mckay
Amy Mckay Vor Monat
pida siouy
pida siouy Vor Monat
MMG mad short compared to these dudes lmao. Even TJass looks tall
William Brick
William Brick Vor Monat
Anyone heard of the rule don’t talk to a person swinging because today did not show that
Marie Spencer
Marie Spencer Vor Monat
Haven’t watched yet, BUT Hopefully $100k wasn’t actually given.. only 500k views.. sheeeesh
Xxicey creamxX
Xxicey creamxX Vor Monat
Doesn’t t-jass look like a blond jack harlow?
EndlessWett 76
EndlessWett 76 Vor Monat
Jesser looks like a Walmart version of a GTA5 dad
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa Vor Monat
Haven't even watched yet but I know its a W lol
charles pak
charles pak Vor Monat
hahaha. for a right hand golfer a ball that goes right to left is a slice not a hook. hahahaha
Eddie Barone
Eddie Barone Vor Monat
Thata boy meags
Suck It
Suck It Vor Monat
Bro I would have been pissed cause they talking soo much while they swingin smh for a 100k I woulda been like STFU!!!
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa Vor Monat
43:32 🤣 he knowzzzzz he knowzzzzzzz
Nathan Clark
Nathan Clark Vor Monat
The bumpy turkish puzzlingly tempt because sail selectively subtract before a majestic insulation. tight, available philippines
Crimson Warrior
Crimson Warrior Vor Monat
Jesser had no chance
yuoop noke
yuoop noke Vor Monat
damn how many cameras do they need
Quick Firebird
Quick Firebird Vor Monat
I live in Arizona and they definitely picked the best time to do this event. If they did this during the summer, they would be dying because the heat here in AZ is no joke especially this year. We had the hottest summer on record and record highs kept getting broken each day
yuoop noke
yuoop noke Vor Monat
jesser swings and runs like a t-rex 😭😭
Victor Graham-Eiroa
Y2IE Vor Monat
99% of people wont see this but god bless you and have a Amazing day and it's hard to gain subs can you guys help me grow it's hard to grow
Andrew_Dudinetz Vor Monat
MMG mad short compared to these dudes lmao. Even TJass looks tall
Jorge Quevedo Cisneros
I was in shock when I saw that LSK is 6’10 and only weights 195 pounds
Jack Garcia
Jack Garcia Vor Monat
Marcelas Howard is the worst commentator i have ever heard. “hole in one??” on every shot. smfh stfu dude
Guacy R6
Guacy R6 Vor Monat
Dude kristopher is 8feet tall cuz papa is 6,5
Zer0IQ Vor Monat
MMG "This sport is hard" This is NOT A SPORT
seiom jvony
seiom jvony Vor Monat
Haven't even watched yet but I know its a W lol
DK. diesel
DK. diesel Vor Monat
can we agree no one in 2hype was expecting jesse to win
yas sir
yas sir Vor Monat
Kiddmajic 23
Kiddmajic 23 Vor Monat
I love Tristan Jass vibe dude literally talks good on anyone no matter what
Walter wicks
Walter wicks Vor Monat
The fantastic sink opportunely mend because angora unexpectedly store above a damaged nest. woozy, standing change
seiom jvony
seiom jvony Vor Monat
Are they not allowed to switch clubs?
Max Haines
Max Haines Vor Monat
43:32 🤣 he knowzzzzz he knowzzzzzzz
Adam Larson
Adam Larson Vor Monat
Whoever hosted that is awful
ItsKryps Vor Monat
jesser swings and runs like a t-rex 😭😭
23kc Vor Monat
damn how many cameras do they need
MrGhettokid1994 Vor Monat
I wish they would have had a second event for longest shot
Steve Garfi
Steve Garfi Vor Monat
Does any of these dudes know how to swing a club
Danielfoxo99 Vor Monat
Hii srry for missing this
NoHxteBlessed Vor Monat
He’s 5’10 for those who don’t know
Congratulations MMG for the $100,000 check and almost sticking the back flip.
Imagine MMG'S ball hit the rock and the ball went in the hole
Braden Court
Braden Court Vor Monat
mmg is the one person i didnt want to win
I am surprised that Jesse is not wearing the 2 hype chain aswell.
Matteo Bruce Mandap
lazered 123
lazered 123 Vor Monat
Who won the golf challeng
Ya Ya
Ya Ya Vor Monat
Are they not allowed to switch clubs?
Taumr S
Taumr S Vor Monat
Mmg kicked there jass
SpeedyMonkey69 Vor Monat
He did nkt win
Paulice Vor Monat
LSK taked trash that he's going to win and didn't win
yas sir
yas sir Vor Monat
ok, chill its just a friendly golf tournament
Connor Lopez
Connor Lopez Vor Monat
Tristan bruhhh I can't see his face🤣🤣🤣😋that hair bro
Jesser is soooo bad
J.C. Paz
J.C. Paz Vor Monat
y’all were in my city and right by my house 😂
Luke Erickson
Luke Erickson Vor Monat
jesse doesn’t even use his legs lol
Caleb Brown
Caleb Brown Vor Monat
Mmg shorter than tjass 🤣
Ethan Drook
Ethan Drook Vor Monat
TJass surprised me ngl
Daxton Gray
Daxton Gray Vor Monat
Papa meags is 6’5 so Kris has to be 10 feet tall
ER beats
ER beats Vor Monat
JESSER IS NOT 6’3 lmao he’s standing next to t jass who is 5’9 jesser is like 6ft 1
ER beats
ER beats Vor Monat
@Malachi Richards that’s cap I’m 6’1 and I’ve seen t jazz irl he is 5’9 and it said it in the beginning of the video 🤦🏽‍♂️
Malachi Richards
hes the same height as cash and jesser is 6ft3
Malachi Richards
tjass is 5ft11 my guy
The Bball King
The Bball King Vor Monat
jesser im 13 ill bet 5000 dollars that im better than u at golf
Malachi Richards
we all know you don't have that money
Jaden and Kaiden
T jass predicted the future he said kris or mmg would get 4 yards
Clayton Clifford
Tristan, u got a great setup and a nice smooth swing. Man, all u needed to do was keep that exact same swing and tempo but just change clubs and club down 1. Go from a 52 degree to a 56 degree or PW to a GW or go from the 9 iron down to the PW. U had it, u just needed that little bit less yardage
Malachi Richards
chill he isn't a proffesional golfer
Clayton Clifford
Lol Jesser ur swing is actual dog shit. Man ur an athlete, why r u so bad at golf??? Come on man. U gotta start getting some golf lessons, goin to the driving range and going out on the course. U can’t go out like this my guy
Malachi Richards
because he only plays basketball???
doliio volay
doliio volay Vor Monat
“He should be playing basketball.. uh he has a good basketball body” 😂
Matt Santay
Matt Santay Vor Monat
The fact that these dudes got paid $100k to suck at golf is infuriating.
Malachi Richards
Christopher Reyes
Imagine donating thousands of dollars to a college that has an endowment of $390 million dollars. They're clearly not suffering since they are a small school.
Carter Hurley
Carter Hurley Vor Monat
Look at the 6’5” 245 king papa meags. Also look at the Girraffe
wetpu 357
wetpu 357 Vor Monat
poor jesse
LLJW Vor Monat
36:29 kris fr flexed a chain that ain’t his
Drippyjordon Vor Monat
Perom Pring
Perom Pring Vor Monat
Dude look like TJ Dillashaw lol
ItzOregon Vor Monat
Please put me in one of theses challenges for golf lmaoooo
Ronald Codner
Ronald Codner Vor Monat
Please never give that idiot another hosting job! He was absolutely fuckin terrible!!!
Antonio DeVoe
Antonio DeVoe Vor Monat
720p though?
Antonio DeVoe
Antonio DeVoe Vor Monat
@Malachi Richards would’ve expected that crisp 1080p
Malachi Richards
your point
Ryen Brousseau
Ryen Brousseau Vor Monat
who are these guys?
Malachi Richards
Bryant LiPetri
Bryant LiPetri Vor Monat
Logan Greer
Logan Greer Vor Monat
There’s no way he’s 6’5 and t Jass is 5’9
Tyson Vor Monat
"get under it" is the worst advice lol
Jonah Casella
Jonah Casella Vor Monat
this was hard to watch lol
Dariel Pita
Dariel Pita Vor Monat
Poor Jesse standing there without a check
Dariel Pita
Dariel Pita Vor Monat
Man I love kris he was my prediction to win, But before this he was acting like he already had the 100k. Congrats to MMG though
Mason Gilbreath
Mason Gilbreath Vor Monat
i luv how jeeser shot looks like a grampa's swing
Marididit Vor Monat
Everytime someone hits Marcelas goes. THATS GREEN!! HOLE IN ONE!??
Mystical Gaming
Mystical Gaming Vor Monat
He is not 6'5 hes 5'5
Timothy Brooklyn
Macenzi Melissa
Macenzi Melissa Vor Monat
jesser. looks fly asf
Jon Grose
Jon Grose Vor Monat
Why does Charles Barkley have a black eye lol
cquick 3
cquick 3 Vor Monat
Jesus Saves ✝️✝️✝️✝️🥰🥰❤️ Love God
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