£4.95 Nintendo New 3DS - Can I Fix It?

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9 Apr 2019



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Elliot Coll
Elliot Coll Vor year
He protec He attac But most importantly He buy New 3DS in parts and put bak
Liznia Vor 3 Monate
Yes! YES!
Zac Howard
Zac Howard Vor 3 Monate
when you think of an amazing meme, but it only applies to your video
DearLittleSable Vor 5 Monate
He just need his money bacc!
Cool Blue Playz
Cool Blue Playz Vor 5 Monate
Bad english
cable turned off cade
Toby Hilton-Ash
Toby Hilton-Ash Vor 4 Tage
Water damaged.
Am I the only one that thinks the multi color famicom buttons everyone likes are f******* ugly.?
Oliver sama
Oliver sama Vor 24 Tage
There might have been some redownloadable games on it
Izuku Midoria
Izuku Midoria Vor Monat
Surgery on a grape no thanks but surgery on a ds yes please
Lali_ Crossing
Lali_ Crossing Vor Monat
In Germany I never saw anyone even selling a broken DS under 15€😧
UnorthdoxCleric Vor Monat
Ebays full of Bargains some that I have got and others that I wished I had remembered to either buy or Bid on time. Mostly I let bargains slip when I forgot to bid.
CynicalSicko Vor Monat
You are very good at this. I enjoy watching your videos wish I had this knowledge!
Blu Flame
Blu Flame Vor Monat
I bought a lot of new Nintendo 3ds xls one Galaxy edition and the other is greyish silver and there all taken apart but there's alot of useful parts there I could use like the shell screens wifi band and a few others
Jairo G
Jairo G Vor Monat
If it's fixed I want it
Cohen Animations
Litsmite Vor Monat
Hi, I was spraying a little bit of wd-40 on my 3ds and when I turned it on the bottom screen was damaged by it, Is there any fix I tried the rice thing and it did not work? Anybody could help?
MrRandomHere Vor 2 Monate
“We’re about to do something crazy” Idk what your talking about, I do this every Tuesday
Wireless Mouse
Wireless Mouse Vor 2 Monate
Play coin count... NICE
Rowblx Vor 2 Monate
4:37 nice play coins
Asznee Trees
Asznee Trees Vor 2 Monate
Inselaffen Währung
Fishy Vor 2 Monate
Salted Neos
Salted Neos Vor 2 Monate
How dare you use the official name, thats such clickbait.
Ezra Yanez
Ezra Yanez Vor 2 Monate
I own this model so this video is an experience
Cameron Alcala
Cameron Alcala Vor 2 Monate
I wonder if this guy can fix my 3DS
Kellz 9
Kellz 9 Vor 3 Monate
How do I fix the power button? I spilled water on it it stayed on tho. After few hours it still stayed on but didn’t want to turn off. I had no choice to remove the battery , after that the on button did not work . It still charges . So I believe is the on /off button that’s ruined?
Christopher Whitener
Where do i buy your stuff?
Gecko Mobile studios
You should fix it then send it back
KJ Doodles
KJ Doodles Vor 3 Monate
i have that same 3ds and the black version
Normal değil bu comics
Okay you need work in gamestop because they make refurbished console terrible
Jesse Humphrey
Jesse Humphrey Vor 3 Monate
What kind of cleaner do u recommend to clean the screens?
Monwar Vor 3 Monate
That’s a lot of bubble wrap to protect something broken
Blue Nimbus Studio
Blue Nimbus Studio Vor 3 Monate
Absolutely enjoy your videos! It's good to see someone else just as passionate about electronics as I am! Rock on, brother!
Water Lily
Water Lily Vor 3 Monate
Dang a fully functional and good looking new 3ds for only 2 pounds?!
Goodie Vor 3 Monate
What kind of bs luck is that man you didnt even do anything apart from put it back together man im mad jealous
Chuck Rhodes
Chuck Rhodes Vor 3 Monate
I am a tinkerer myself, where the heck are you finding these deals! Once in a while I get lucky but especially now people aren't letting anything go that cheap
Stoned Savage!
Stoned Savage! Vor Monat
I picked up the latest psvita for only £75 due to dodgy analog sticks and replaced them myself.
Bleach Vor 3 Monate
Lol can you fix my Nintendo switch
jaky dogy
jaky dogy Vor 3 Monate
Bro give away pannalame
Erick Rios
Erick Rios Vor 3 Monate
Im just watching this in 2020 cause i want to get a 3ds bad
Erick Rios
Erick Rios Vor Monat
@Stoned Savage! yeah your right thanks for telling me
Stoned Savage!
Stoned Savage! Vor Monat
I have the New 3DS XL and I no longer play it as I have a switch. Get a switch man it's way better!
pupper Vor 3 Monate
Im genuinely impressed it still has a stylus
7:09 That's My Dad's Phone Code. You Stole It
Sean Oh
Sean Oh Vor 3 Monate
You sure this is not a build your own New 3DS? I mean it came in parts you know.
kekko99ization Vor 3 Monate
How you bought for so low
Stoned Savage!
Stoned Savage! Vor Monat
Because it's in pieces you sant play it like that.
IceKing Vor 3 Monate
I have this exact same3ds lol
metro gamer
metro gamer Vor 3 Monate
Hey bro what you think about the tapwave zodiac have you ever got a chance to hands on?
Sleepy Llama
Sleepy Llama Vor 3 Monate
I have a galaxy 3ds and I’m so happy
Albatros Vor 3 Monate
1. Disassemble your 3DS 2. Act as if you bought it cheaply on e-bay 3. Assemble it 4. Profit
Kee 6
Kee 6 Vor 3 Monate
Why do people not clean the screen before they put a screen protector on? God that irritates me 😂
Leon Hill
Leon Hill Vor 4 Monate
Your thumbnail hurts my mind.
Brady Phillips
Brady Phillips Vor 4 Monate
Where do you get so many cheap faulty consoles?
Stop. Vor 3 Monate
Just look up new 3ds XL (broken) on eBay
Haynes _Blue
Haynes _Blue Vor 4 Monate
Could he refurbish my game boy sp?
DaCrIaX Vor 4 Monate
Maybe the 3ds going crazy is related to the c-stick, it's probably drifting?
Δημήτρης Νίκανδρος
Μaster congratulations
Daniel SJ
Daniel SJ Vor 4 Monate
I have the exact same charger haha it has the psp, and every ds charger on the ends
Ingeniera Claudia Lizbeth Sevilla
HI, I LIKE YOUR VIDEOS, I have a question for you, do you know if there is a fluorescent or glow in the dark casing for the new 3ds xl?
iAriasDX Vor 4 Monate
Donde se puede comprar ese pack?
Reily Kreinest
Reily Kreinest Vor 4 Monate
i had to do the parental control thing when i 8 and it worked i am 11 i still use that dsi
Jet TheAsianDish
Jet TheAsianDish Vor 4 Monate
do you sell any of the products you have fixed?
Kevin Stampe
Kevin Stampe Vor 4 Monate
Ripped ribbon cable @ 3:27 Why does this even work? :D
Stoned Savage!
Stoned Savage! Vor Monat
That was for the control stick he just replaced it
Alec Nardone
Alec Nardone Vor 4 Monate
Omg that drift was what was wrong with my new 3ds
bred boi
bred boi Vor 4 Monate
I love that he just told everyone with parental controls how to get rid of them easily
Detheven Vor 4 Monate
It looks like one that someone took all apart thinking they were going to fix it, and realized they didn't want to deal with it and threw it in a bag. :D
Lion Skriller
Lion Skriller Vor 4 Monate
This looks like a ds
Stoned Savage!
Stoned Savage! Vor Monat
It's a new 3ds it plays games in 3D.
gamers in a container
You are a genius.
Katarina Reset
Katarina Reset Vor 4 Monate
moral of the story. Always buy your 3DS on Ebay for 95% off
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