“LaMelo Ball... OVERRATED.” Undefeated Team Is READY To Take Down Spire. Melo Pulls From HALF COURT!

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BEATING MELO ►► ovrt.me/2GOfnIL
LaMelo Talks ZION ►► ovrt.me/2S4tjB7
LaMelo CHALLENGE ►► ovrt.me/2PF4IlF
Spire faced its TOUGHEST TEST when it played undefeated Brush HS from Ohio. Brush features several D1 players and was ready to match up with LaMelo's school.
We linked with Brush to hear about their game plan and vibe with them before the big event. Brush was dope and the players were definitely prepared. Coach Chet Mason is a pro and really had his guys ready.
The game was dope and both teams showed off their talent before Spire eventually pulled away. This game featured LaMelo's crazy half court shot and some big plays from Rocket Watts.
Spire hasn't lost in any of our BEATING MELO episodes yet... will they ever!?

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16 Feb 2019



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Malcom X
Malcom X Vor Tag
He jus taken shots after the game jus so it can make up him losing or make him look good💀
#ABZ10LFC Vor 20 Tage
melo shoulda been like lil nigga you can't fuck wit me if you wanted to cardi b style after je ,ade the half court
Noah Galindo
Noah Galindo Vor 21 Tag
4:50 send me this beat so i can spit some flames on it
Jonathan Portillo
Jonathan Portillo Vor 22 Tage
nice vedio
Evan G
Evan G Vor 23 Tage
“Them Cali boys soft” have you heard of Shareef O’Neal ?!
Mustang Sally
Mustang Sally Vor 25 Tage
Disrespectful final score
Sandro Tsutskhashvili
What’s the second song?
Mees Stoetzer
Mees Stoetzer Vor 26 Tage
My man said we came up short after losing with 20 points
Chris Oviedo
Chris Oviedo Vor 26 Tage
Thats how we do it in cali. Son come get some !!! Chino!!
Damion Magee
Damion Magee Vor 26 Tage
Here! L
Hudson Furlong
Hudson Furlong Vor 27 Tage
i’m high key a 12 yr old lamelo fanboy
will WILLL
will WILLL Vor 27 Tage
Ads are bullshit if you getting paid for me watching the ad then Ill sue you for not giving me my pay for watching the ad
Joshua Dohring
Joshua Dohring Vor 27 Tage
Shooting 34% from 3. It's all good tho cuz he hit a half court
Cap God
Cap God Vor 27 Tage
You made this video look raw asl
jimmyjackz Vor 28 Tage
If anything mello has really grown with this spire team. And so far out of most the highschool teams I've saw he's the assist king.
Jonathan Olivares
Jonathan Olivares Vor 28 Tage
Man overtime did brush dirty. But i cant say I didnt know that spire was going to whoop even without a star player oh my
Dubba Tee
Dubba Tee Vor 28 Tage
Mark my words DJ Dial finna be in the NBA
ahmed k
ahmed k Vor 28 Tage
2:58 look to the left bobby shmurda wyd out here 💀
Dave Cole
Dave Cole Vor 28 Tage
Y’all out of state mfs better put some respect on Cali when it comes to basketball(football too but that’s another discussion). Idc how soft yall say it is over here , Cali hoopers giving anyone buckets anywhere .. don’t matter where we cookin everybody period. Cmon Kawhi, Russell, PG, Harden, Klay, KLove, Derozen man foh.
Akhmal Firdaus
Akhmal Firdaus Vor 28 Tage
6:25 that spin kinda scary, elastic !
yourdad101 Vor 28 Tage
Dememe Knighten
Dememe Knighten Vor 28 Tage
Justin Beltran
Justin Beltran Vor 29 Tage
Talkin out yo neck and took and L
Tyrell Grable
Tyrell Grable Vor 29 Tage
And they still got smacked that game
Tyren Sutton
Tyren Sutton Vor 29 Tage
Before the game: Melo overrated. After the game: It was a good learning experience for us. 🤷🏿‍♂️
Chris Cash
Chris Cash Vor 29 Tage
Everyone says Melo is overrated but after game prolly be wanting pictures with him😂
Hazed Highlights
Hazed Highlights Vor 29 Tage
How you gonna make 5 minutes of bullshit and only 2 minutes of the game...smh
Peter Lam
Peter Lam Vor 29 Tage
Anyone also think that guys voice annoying?
Spongebob 5639
Spongebob 5639 Vor 29 Tage
He’s not over rated
Tavaris Farrior
Tavaris Farrior Vor 29 Tage
dayday anderson
dayday anderson Vor 29 Tage
"We just came up short "the score was 61 to 82 yall came up more than short
Savageboyra Vor 29 Tage
Bumbass niggas was calling him “overrated” just to get cooked by 20 they probably embarrassed
Riqo 1K
Riqo 1K Vor 29 Tage
Riqo 1K
Riqo 1K Vor 29 Tage
Y’all still lost 😂 take that badahh L they jelly cux melo gets the most attention
gago puto
gago puto Vor 29 Tage
Yeah soft ugly negro
Darth Trapz
Darth Trapz Vor 29 Tage
Bruh, these guys were acc watching lamelo and studying his play LMFAOO
Stuart Jennings
Stuart Jennings Vor 29 Tage
"You know.. we just came up short..." by 21 points
Hooman Ajdari
Hooman Ajdari Vor 29 Tage
This series is kinda annoying because everyone is trying to test melo just cuz he was out in Europe but everyone tryna get at him just is showing how much of a beast melo is, straight fax
Mike mike
Mike mike Vor 29 Tage
Trus the process? Nice English program they have there.
Mike mike
Mike mike Vor 29 Tage
I know the paper is folded by the way I was just being a smart ass.
Martinelli Minimo
Martinelli Minimo Vor 29 Tage
If Zo and Melo are together...
Attoiiboi Vor 29 Tage
Gimme some answers; how tall is lamelo ball?
T Wagon
T Wagon Vor 29 Tage
Spire clapped your fuck teef ass
Ronnie Branch
Ronnie Branch Vor 29 Tage
The energy changed after they got spanked. Bwahahaha
KingSavage .2Savgə
Props to that team because they wasn't like other pussy ass teams that didnt wanna compete with spire because Lamelo is a "pro"
KingSavage .2Savgə
They took a Big L because they couldn't spell Trust instead they put " trus the process " lookin ass
Best Beats
Best Beats Vor Monat
Is Melo gonna play in college?
Just Zemidd
Just Zemidd Vor Monat
That kid looks like kd
Sofa King Awesome
Watched the whole video then they lose dam
2jz Gabe
2jz Gabe Vor Monat
The fact that y’all are getting ready for melo and not spire academy is already taking an L.
Trance Tallentine
This is a good Vid - I watched this game while back.
silver scape
silver scape Vor Monat
Melo got so much clout they got a whole episode about "beating melo" lol wow. We expected them to play zone the whole time...cmon now...no excuses. Y'all just got beat. Plain and simple. They were better than y'all that day. That's it.
EaZyClapZ Niq
EaZyClapZ Niq Vor Monat
Bdub Tut
Bdub Tut Vor Monat
6:20 half court shot
Unworthy Servant of Jesus Christ
so sad to see what our country has become
Mo Chicke3n
Mo Chicke3n Vor Monat
So they just not about to show the fight...
Luis Alberto
Luis Alberto Vor Monat
Are the Ball brothers a quater Black? There dad appears to be half Black, but I'm not sure.
Edilson Mendez
Edilson Mendez Vor Monat
So what he’s saying is that his team has both talent and toughness 🤨
nick mata
nick mata Vor Monat
“ LaMELo bALl iS OvErAted” Final score 82-61¿
H.G.B Basketball
Lamelo really kills the hype huh. These schools be coming into game ready to bust ass they all hype and shit the crowd sold out, and you got Melo out here chucking up deep range bombs like it's nothing. The man is the truth shhiiittt im tryna get like that
PK Vor Monat
No offense Mello? None taken, y’all got served
chil in
chil in Vor Monat
What does being soft have to do with basketball? Just look at James Harden 😂🤡
Xx Dragonfire xX
Damn everyone either wanna suck Lamelo’s dick it or best tf outta him, he’s ranked 13 that’s where he belong no less, no more, deal with it 😂
Falcon 2850
Falcon 2850 Vor Monat
Trus the process😂
dom kennedy
dom kennedy Vor Monat
The other teams coach looks like james "flight" white
Thomas Phan
Thomas Phan Vor Monat
I’m just glad these guys aren’t pussys against Melos team
Future weapon
Future weapon Vor Monat
Gills Vor Monat
how are they undefeated if they got blown out by prolific prep?
Neftali Malave
Neftali Malave Vor Monat
Are these guys really making a video about plotting against lamelo ball? Lamelo must be doing something right. ..lol
Youtube User
Youtube User Vor Monat
it was prolly they plan to fight so isaiah gets thrown out. still got they ass beat by 20
Youtube User
Youtube User Vor Monat
them soft caliboys came in yo house and kicked yo ass
Youtube User
Youtube User Vor Monat
Thats tuff. you just got yo ass whooped by 20 by "soft" cali bois
Might Gouta
Might Gouta Vor Monat
We NoT ScAred oF MelO... Yea nigga, u scared of the whole team 😂😂😂
Les Perdants
Les Perdants Vor Monat
When you talk all that trash and then lose... 😂
OscarEm1 Vor Monat
They humbled themselves real quick after the loss haha
LilFreshPrince Vor Monat
4:40 LiAngelo looks like „I'ma kill you“ 😂😂
MrShadowXMan Vor Monat
They was in that bitch playing tag what did you expect lmfao
Grind Time Entertainment
If you’re going to HYPE yourself, do it DURING the game. Only AFTER, you’ve figured out a Strategic plan for EACH individual player. That way feel you’re CONFIDENT and can somewhat-live up to the hype, as you CONTAIN the entire team. Y’all blacked out because y’all were an undefeated team, goin up against a ranked pg. However it was the TEAM y’all went up against. Not just Melo
Kicksonmyfeet Vor Monat
Easy dub
FlexMaster Kobe
FlexMaster Kobe Vor Monat
lamelo walk on the court flexin’ . airpods and all 🤣
V Vor Monat
Everyone calls melo lazy but its literally cause hs is too easy for him now lol
James Evans
James Evans Vor Monat
5:47 anyone hear the voice crack??
KFr3lz Vor Monat
Hiw overtime not have 1 mil subs yet :(
GoatJaii YT
GoatJaii YT Vor Monat
Got they ass waxed
Talon Slaton
Talon Slaton Vor Monat
Brush: we undefeated Lamelo : hold my beer
Michah VanAlstine
"beating Melo".... this series gonna last this and next season lol good luck beating him, he aint even the best guy on that team
darkness78171 Vor Monat
This is wat u call a family having fun n playing together
alec s
alec s Vor Monat
Overrated my ass. Yall niggas got that ass beat lmfaoooo
Moonroof Vor Monat
Lamelo doesnt want the attention
Matticoy Vor Monat
"These Cali boys soft" Gets blown out by 20 points...
Josh Harrison
Josh Harrison Vor Monat
that point guard for brush trash lmao all he do is point point and point
Dubba Tee
Dubba Tee Vor 27 Tage
Josh Harrison wdym he’s literally averaging like 20 a game lol
Aaron. Vor Monat
Everybody’s overrated until they splashing threes in your face from half court lol
Thomas Rasmusson
You should get bronny on the overtime challenge
wizkid skales
wizkid skales Vor Monat
4:42 Gelo wasn't having it
1dayullsee Vor Monat
People think being tough and hard mentality is all that win games lol mannnnn the dudes from spire are simply BALLERS. They can not try and still spank teams
Mrs. Lovely Keshia Williams
They play the same team every time
1 frankyboy360
1 frankyboy360 Vor Monat
sauced him up and pulled a three half court. lAmElo oVeRRAtEd" hes just a beast. he is just good. too good. Lamelo gon to NBA no doubt
When u r too good they call u overrated.
Just Unii
Just Unii Vor Monat
LMAOO LaMelo gets so many dubs they gone have to change his name to WaMelo
Supreme J2x
Supreme J2x Vor 28 Tage
Just Unii 🤝🚫🧢
Sleege c-ops
Sleege c-ops Vor Monat
Mf got a baald haair
mraims2plez Vor Monat
That's a good attitude to have after a loss but it was different b4 the game saying that Melo was overrated and they had talent but no toughness. Whatever Spire had, it was good enough to beat them by 20 without their starting center.
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