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Coffee Stain Studios
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Update 6 is available now on Early Access!
⬇ Patch Notes ⬇
Music by Ghostwood Empire
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Website + FAQ ‣ satisfactorygame.com
Satisfactory Merch ‣ www.lizarddoggo.com
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Twitter ‣ SatisfactoryAF
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Reddit ‣ reddit.com/r/satisfactorygame
Twitch ‣ twitch.tv/coffeestainstudiosdevs
⬇ Community Managers ⬇
Jace ‣ jembawls
Snutt ‣ BustaSnutt
#Satisfactory is an FPS open-world factory building sim by #CoffeeStain Studios. You play as an engineer on an alien planet as part of the ‘Save The Day’ program - a program whose goal is to construct a massive machine for a mysterious purpose. Conquer nature, build multi-story factories, and automate to satisfaction! yay #Update6




19 Sep 2022



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NerdLFG Vor year
That is absolutely amazing. Give whoever made this video a raise.
LittlDog Vor year
Afaik it was Snutt ^^
Shiirya Vor year
@LittlDog well then dont ! GET BACK TO WORK golf is still not implemented
Snutt Vor year
saving this for salary negotiation purposes
jake broesky
jake broesky Vor year
lol hardly . The worst video i have seen for promoting this game adn it totaly lacks showing what is new in an instructive way at all
Peter Pike
Peter Pike Vor year
@jake broesky -- I've never seen anyone with their finger so far off the pulse of this community than you.
Marc Vor year
No bullshit dlc, perfect community management, perfect update. You should give courses to the biggest video game companies. Thank you Coffee Stain ❤️
Koipiok Vor year
Yes I don’t know any other company as good as coffee stain
Steven Knauer
Steven Knauer Vor year
By far my favorite game company when it comes to community management. It feels like we're all pals
Petit Colibris
Yeah please call Studio Wildcard and teach them.
MmMerrifield Vor year
The game is still in early access, there shouldn't be dlc until it's completed.
Paul Hawxby
Paul Hawxby Vor year
Was it perfect community management when they pulled from steam to go Epic exclusive. They may no longer be exclusive but it shows they can't be trusted.
TigerXtrm Vor year
The game as it was shown on E3, compared to what it is now... mind blowing. Absolutely mind blowing.
The Unnamed Engineer
Well, someone had to break the pattern of showing off really cool trailers at E3 and then not delivering.
Torleif Gundersen
Yeah, the original trailer blew my mind. I've loved the game since before conveyor lifts. Definitely got my money's worth on this early access game.
Titan Uranus
Titan Uranus Vor year
My mind is blown!
100black towers
Yeah and the consistency of improvement is something special about boy and girls at Coffee Stains
Titan Uranus
Titan Uranus Vor year
@100black towers And the rest of them
ZachDrago Vor year
Watching all of those flying headaches explode in unison as the beat drops at 0:59 was EXTREMELY satisfying.
Ferdinand Fichte
Do you mean it was satisfactory?
Fred Erik
Fred Erik Vor year
flying headaches?
Brandon Period 2
Brandon Period 2 Vor 11 Monate
Most Satisfactory part of it all
Flimsie Scotch
Flimsie Scotch Vor 11 Monate
@Ferdinand Fichte Indeed
Bryce Ring
Bryce Ring Vor 10 Monate
@Ferdinand Fichte Somone had to ficsit.
Xypod Vor year
Just when I think you guys can't make a better trailer.. You're the best CS!
Menacing Banjo
The pipes trailer is still the king, but this is the crown prince.
Conta Minated
Conta Minated Vor year
@Menacing Banjo BTW did I mention there are pipes. Holy shiit! Also the line about producing alumiNUM oil and even aluMINium was priceless.
Xypod Vor year
@Menacing Banjo update 3 trailer was so much hype haha!
LeFlop James
LeFlop James Vor year
Menacing Banjo
@LeFlop James explain yourself.
Reborn Vor 11 Monate
I love the music in the trailer! Can we maybe get a full version??
I am the doctor
I am the doctor Vor 6 Monate
As I go by Ghostwood Empire (they realised full version TODAY!!)
Ark's Vor year
Man that trailer just made me want to repurchase satisfactory I already own a copy but I just want to go buy another one just because of the trailer
Max K.
Max K. Vor year
Then buy it on EG,
Sam Gladden
Sam Gladden Vor year
Or buy it for a steam friend who you see wants it?
PyreFox Vor year
I bought it for a friend just for that reason! lol
Ark's Vor year
@PyreFox I would too but I don't have friends
Ark's Vor year
@Sam Gladden I don't have friends
Hexagon Vor year
Wow this is legit one of the best trailers I've seen. You must have a very dedicated and talented dev and pr team down there!
Emperor of Justice
It's very nice! but update 3 is still the best by far
RoadTrain Vor year
@Emperor of Justice P I P E S
Emperor of Justice
@RoadTrain S M A S H
Michal 'Corry' Pohludka
Finally game developers who promise something, then work on it for a decent time and deliver what was promised. It should be common, but nowadays it's more likely you're going to see a Unicorn in the wild than someone to actually deliver. Hats down to you guys, I really appreciate your work
DunkyDoggo Vor 11 Monate
I absolutely loved that scooby doo inspired hallway scene with everyone running between the doors
Olenhol Vor year
its Benny Hill scene...
Erik Lindgren
Erik Lindgren Vor 11 Monate
@Olenhol but most people know it from Scooby-Doo
Jan Šaršoun
Jan Šaršoun Vor 11 Monate
For me it was like the elevator scene from Cabin in the Woods :D
LiAM Moonstar
LiAM Moonstar Vor year
It just gets better and better with every update good job!!
deadstump Vor year
(that's the idea)
Unknown Lifeform
@LeFlop James shut
Petit Colibris
@Unknown Lifeform just report his messages. Most of them are already gone.
Joma Vor year
I have watched this trailer at least 10 times now, it's just so good.
Mio8792 Vor year
The guns loading in sync with the music is epic. CHANGE MY MIND!
Krydax Vor year
guns shooting/loading in beat with music is SO HOT right now
Humberto Meirelles
@Krydax Hellsinger reference?
XAN Xeto
XAN Xeto Vor year
The Unnamed Engineer
@Humberto Meirelles oh no, this predates the new hellsinger release by a ton. just look at how long the surge of "gun sync" videos has been around
Det_onate Vor year
for real! and that bass drop in the could of bugs is just perfectly timed down to the second!!
Martin Rak
Martin Rak Vor year
"Trespassers will be dismantled" and "Absolute FICSIT" cassette got me
Fleurs et Vélo
@LeFlop James from my understanding you lack the /s
parker cole
parker cole Vor year
@LeFlop James who hurt you?
LeFlop James
LeFlop James Vor year
@parker cole are you projecting the abuse you suffered as a child onto me? No wonder you shill for greedy devs
parker cole
parker cole Vor year
@LeFlop James greedy devs? On a free update? Wack
puzzi Vor year
personally love the cart launch scene, great work!
The fact that this is _exactly_ what the gameplay is like when you boot it up is just amazing.
Marcus Vor year
It genuinely surprises me how you guys consistently make killer trailers
vViciouzz Vor year
This might be one of the best trailers Iv'e ever seen. This pretty much beat most whole movies I watched in the most recent time lmao. It has everything: comedy - action - explosions - fireworks - and the song just fits absurdly well.
Dillon Kimbro
Dillon Kimbro Vor year
@LeFlop James why are you replying to every comment with the same message bru
LeFlop James
LeFlop James Vor year
@Dillon Kimbro why are you trying to shut down every comment that mentions bugs and glitches in the update?
Akrob55555 Vor year
@LeFlop James Glad to see your toxic spam getting removed.
Dillon Kimbro
Dillon Kimbro Vor 11 Monate
@LeFlop James its going to have bugs and glitches, its in early access tf?
u guys really go over the top with these trailers and content and i love it
Shadow Flame
Shadow Flame Vor 6 Monate
After just finding this, this looks like a genuine trailer even if for just an update. Short and sweet, just enough intrigue with a great song I need more of.
extended blundering
This has been one of the coolest projects I've ever been a part of Early Access. Started out amazing and just....well as you see above....keeps getting more amazing ((er)). You all deserve a huge win with this title
ags0004 Vor year
That moment when the game looks like the trailer. Truly a masterpiece by Coffee Stain studios!
The1Pharaoh Vor year
I used to play this game with my best friend all the time before my PC broke and this trailer gives me more determination to get a new PC to play again. Thank you coffee stain for the moral boost and good job for making one of the best games ever. Edit: I just noticed both rain on 0:47 and the cat at the end when the spitters are running at you which is fucking beautiful.
Erik Lunden
Erik Lunden Vor year
I LOVE this company. I was smiling and laughing through that whole video... AND IT'S JUST FOR AN UPDATE.
🏳️‍🌈oji vlogs🏳️‍🌈
It's crazy how this "early access" game on the "experimental branch" is More stable then other officially released games... Coffee steins are awesome
KlariBiker23 Vor year
GTA V Moment
Will Frei
Will Frei Vor Monat
Coffeestain is becoming the next early blizzardesque company. Trailers like this breathe so much life into a game because people can tell it was made with love. Id never heard of satisfactory i watched the trailer on steam once . Song was stuck in my head, name was catchy and when i thought what was that game the next day i smiled at the pun. Finished tier 2 upgrades last night and all i know is that things can be more efficient and it is absolutely my job to make them so. Ngl im pretty impressed with valheim and deep rock galactic already. This studio is definitely one to keep an eye on. The level of care put into their games is unrivaled in todays current market. Everytime i pick up a coffeestain game it feels fun and fresh. Keep up the amazing work!
Stone Owl
Stone Owl Vor year
It's a shame i can't give multiple thumps up to this awesome trailer. Great work! Thanks to the whole team working on satisfactory, who made this possible!
Ali Saffari
Ali Saffari Vor 11 Monate
I wish all the studios I worked in could have such amazing game environment and results like this studio.
Eric Englebretson
This game is amazing. I can't say thank you enough for all the work and love that clearly keeps getting poured into this game!
Craig Rosplock
My favorite game company, no competition. Reminds me of how valve made me feel in the mid to late 2000s.
ThunderBolt44 Vor 2 Monate
I can't stop watching this video. The visuals, the music, the syncing to the bass sounds of the game..... All in the name of 'Save the Day'!
Boris Bosnjak
Boris Bosnjak Vor year
Man, what a great ride Satisfactory has been ever since it first appeared for download!
mkaleborn Vor year
Both Coffee Stain, and the Satisfactory community, have restored my faith in gaming. Not an exaggeration.
Ad Revenue
Ad Revenue Vor year
0:58 hands down best moment. Every time i watch it, it just hits so hard!
id01 Vor year
Boom box in game when?
Bookies24k Vor year
@id01 out now! As the title states
id01 Vor year
@Bookies24k wait they added a boom box in Update 6?
Ad Revenue
Ad Revenue Vor year
@id01 brother can you read?
id01 Vor year
@Ad Revenue I can read, thank you very much. But I've played on Experimental before and I have NEVER seen a boom box like that. It looks like a trailer prop. Not so much of a smartass now, huh?
Thermington Vor year
Looks like Rammstein's stage setup at 1:16! I just saw them a few weeks ago, amazing show.
L0stLauch Vor 6 Monate
I saw them to in Germany
Captain Scorpio 1998
Seems like they gave in to the chaotic energy letsgameitout was radiating @ 1:00 - 1:10 🤣❤️
Redonkulous Vor year
Hope you prosper into something magnificent. There hasn't been any good luck of quality games for a reasonable price but developers like you all bring happiness to us gamers :] thank you and hope you all continue to enjoy doing what you love the most.
snakester15 Vor year
What do you mean? THEY ARE ALREADY MAGNIFICENT!!! although sanctum 3 would be nice
Maren Vor year
Literally amazing. Best trailer ever, I swear I feel like you guys are the only video game company that actually plays their own game. Much love.
Sumbody 69
Sumbody 69 Vor 10 Monate
I love this game, Coffee Stain can do no wrong. I love you guys.
Genesis the Kitty
Genesis the Kitty Vor 10 Monate
coffee stain doing it right!!! just take your time and know we appreciate the passion and talent you put into this game
Miranda Lynch
Miranda Lynch Vor 3 Monate
Everything is good about this. The music is a banger, the beat drop is awesome, it showcases the major part of the update wonderfully. All that is left is to put As I Go on the Absolute Ficsit tape
Dodoloum Vor year
You guys show so much love to your game and community, and THIS is where the magic happens ! Love ya
xXDarkXx92 Vor year
Wow, this Trailer is just amazing! keep up the good work, can't wait to put another couple of hundred hours into this awesome game =D
Biz Vor year
You guys absolutely never miss with these videos. They are unreal.
Paradox Vor year
These trailers are great. Always entertaining, and really good at making you *really* want to check out the new content
Twentieth_R Vor year
By far and above the best trailer to date! I love when coffee stain does fun stuff!
ScarryHarry Vor year
Your update vids never miss...they're always so fun to watch
Every update trailer blows my mind with how beautiful this game is with the addition of anything. Bruh, even the boombox made me play it again.
Guy Blackstone
I'm upset by how much I love this. Also, I cannot find this song ANYWHERE! Love the team and the creativity over at Coffee Stain Studios and at Ghostwood Empire.
UltraXan Vor year
Coffee Stain, you guys are gems, and I think this trailer is a testament to that. When I played Sanctum way back when, before Goat Simulator was even a thing, I knew there was something about you I loved. Satisfactory has been a steady stream of validation of that feeling. Also, I can't wait to try out that *boom* box ;)
Slypask Vor 11 Monate
1:07 So cool from Coffee Stain to give us an exclusive preview of Josh next video 😊
This Is Internet
This Is Internet Vor 10 Monate
I hope Ghostwood Empire will release the trailer song on their SoundCloud page soon. I just love listening to it.
KeitaroChan Vor year
Aww great work team! Always love seeing your Trailer videos, they're all great!
Jacoby Jarrell
Ive been following and playing this game for a long time and this is the best video yet and there are a lot of good ones. Thanks for the dedication and may it never stop. Well done Coffee Stain
Dude, this has me way more excited than I was expecting!
funybuny Vor year
Coffee Stain, thanks for putting hope back into game development for me.
Baptiste Dupuis
Ce trailer est une fois de plus génial, et la musique particulièrement entêtante (d'ailleurs je veux bien le titre ^^ ). Bravo à vous!
Johnny Synaptic
Loving the vibe of this game and the dev crew all seem great! :D I've been playing since 2019 and just love it!
Frahd Chikun
Frahd Chikun Vor year
Yes! It's been months since I've last played this game, can't wait to try out the new ammo types!
LeFlop James
LeFlop James Vor year
You're shilling for a corporation blatantly stealing our money for a BROKEN game. I bet you pre-ordered Anthem like a good little shill 😆 🤣 😂
24yrukdesigner Vor 11 Monate
Was already a Great game! These updates are making Coffee Stain Studios the most reputable studio out there! Gamers never forget being treated with by Devs who care about the game!
RJayz Vor year
An absolutely amazing game and I can’t wait to see what it becomes at 1.0!
Haruka Vor 11 Monate
I'm new to Satisfactory! I just all the trailers up to this one, and wow there's been so much the team has worked on since initial launch! And yet, the game is still in "Early Access". Can't wait what we'll see more in the future!
Jackfish The 6th
Killer music! Awesome work Ghostwood Empire! Also I would love to hear that song on a music tape in game.
Dav Vor year
Song name ?
Travis248 Vor 9 Monate
i dont think its in the game sadly i really wanted that
TresTrefusis Vor 2 Monate
@Dav As I Go - Ghostwood Empire
Robinkami Vor year
Thanks for all the work you put into this game!
PyreFox Vor year
So excited! These trailers are so flavorful!! That boombox reveal lol that ROCKED!
rynto14 Vor year
really love this trailer. you guys should make a playlist out of this trailer videos
Almaek Company
Literally jaw dropping. I love you guys so much. Thanks for being amazing.
Smarty Vor 8 Monate
I cant wait for the full release of this game. I already know they are gona make another awesome trailer for it.
IcePickle Vor year
I can't believe how creative these videos are. So good.
Digitalized Vor year
This is just wonderful, A wonderful game and a wonderful damn development team. Been waiting for this. As tedious as this game is for someone like me who doesn't really have the capacity to do things consistently, And is constantly impatient; I still love it. That's got to mean something!
Vimex Vor year
Trailers are getting better and better. I adore you
Excellent video! And looks like an amazing update, keep up the good work!
Nikolai B
Nikolai B Vor year
I want your team to know that you are one of the best developers! I love you for your sense of humor, for a good game, for your honesty and openness with your fan! because you, like us, love and appreciate games! I wish you all many years of happy life, and I dream to see more games from you! Good luck with the update and thank you!
Gaookami Vor year
This trailer is so awesome. The timing of sound effects with the music binds it so well together. But there is one thing I can't help: Imagine if in the beginning it would have been Deadpool with "Careless whisper" on the boombox but then continue normally from there 😆
Fake glourks (Glourky)
love it ! the game has became more and more gorgeous and enjoyable thank you CS !!
Det_onate Vor year
i cannot get enough of this trailer it is honestly perfect !!!
13th Night
13th Night Vor year
This was such an amazing video!, looking forward play the update.
Abyssal Dragon
I HAVE to know what the name of this song is, it fits so perfectly with everything that happens in the trailer and now I want to listen to it for like an hour straight xD EDIT: Saying this because the credit listed just brings me to an artist, who does not apparently have that particular song posted on their page.
Rewind FPV
Rewind FPV Vor year
awesome job again with the trailer and ofc what you are doing with the game! 🤙 as soon as you get to 1.0 you should definitely create a trailer compilation or something like that from all the previous trailers! 😂 have a nice one and stay as you are guys!
Delroy Clarke
Delroy Clarke Vor year
this is absolutely amazing, cant wait to try out the new features, keep up with the good work cs
Pedro Moura
Pedro Moura Vor 8 Monate
just this video alone makes me wanna buy the game. 12/10 give this dude a raise.
Marp_ Vor year
I love the soundtrack to both the trailers and the game itself, hope you release it soon.
Gui Albuquerque
I thought it was not possible to love a game so much, thank you for proving me wrong 🖤
The Bucket
The Bucket Vor year
Can't wait for this!! These devs never disappoint and keep making this game better and better!! :D
The Unnamed Engineer
Well, good thing you don't have to wait.
Nitrobucket Vor year
Bravo, guys. Can't wait for 1.0 and the story campaign you guys come up with
Doc Legendary
Doc Legendary Vor year
Fantastic Trailer for a fix-it up game! Keep on being awesome Coffee Stain
100% British Spuds
i am absolutly taken away by your trailers every time, theyre done so fucking well. no other game has ever had trailers THIS good.
Albert Elias
Albert Elias Vor year
Okay real talk this is like the best update trailer Ive ever seen. Absolute perfection
Captain Caw
Captain Caw Vor year
And this is the reason I've been holding off playing this until further updates. When I finally play, it's gonna be glorious. 😎
General Gremlin
this got me even more hyped up for this update than i already was, but I need to know what this song is, it's perfect to build factories to
Jagtress Vor year
Coffee Stain, you're all the best. I can never dislike your awesome videos 😄
AirDrifter Vor year
Damn I had no idea about this update till now, looks absolutely amazing, reason to come back and play more.
Nardo Vor year
And I thought after Update 5 the game couldn´t get any better... But again: Great job, Coffee Stain! 😀
Ateis Fowl
Ateis Fowl Vor year
This is the best trailer (except the one with Becky just climbing a ladder next to liquid pipes) you've made, so glad to finally play the update on the main branch after summer vacation !
MrDionysos01 Vor year
very well done. always a pleasure to see a new trailer or news from Satisfactory
Jared Bradley
Jared Bradley Vor year
Thanks Jace. Helps a lot
Reidef Vor year
It's just amazing, I love this game I love your updates. Keep up the good work, you're doing great😄
Harrison Draves
Harrison Draves Vor 10 Monate
THIS Trailer though. Wow. Absolutely amazing. Props to the developer.
Fran West
Fran West Vor year
Amazing trailer !!! ❤ One thing I hate about this trailer though..... it isn't LONG ENOUGH! 😭
Jack Gross
Jack Gross Vor year
This trailer just screams love for the game and it beams joy straight into my heart
Smoresy fluffy
Been playing since update 2. Thank you so much Coffee Stain Studios for making this awesome game..
Satisfactory Has Beaten Me.
He Lied to You
Aufrufe 3,2 Mio.
Absolute Madlads!
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