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18 Sep 2019



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Juji & Tom
Juji & Tom Vor 23 Tage
Congrats on 1 million guys, you been working damn hard at everything and it shows. Let's do some stuff!
Ezekiel Vor 20 Tage
Make it happen again!
Zackary Todd
Zackary Todd Vor 21 Tag
Yes, definitely juji and Tom and Brian. I loved when you all went to planet fitness
Bruce Dallas
Bruce Dallas Vor 22 Tage
Eddie and brian vs juji and tom please
freethinker1 Vor 22 Tage
Spewing I didn't get to meet you boys in Melbourne.
Hugoj Sim racing
Hugoj Sim racing Vor 22 Tage
Daniel C
Daniel C Vor 9 Stunden
YESS!!! I like where Juji & Tom landed on that countdown list
malawiglenn Vor Tag
Congrat champ! 1 000 000 calories video coming up?
Weston Shafto
Weston Shafto Vor 5 Tage
Been here since 450k
Jt Metzinger
Jt Metzinger Vor 10 Tage
what about the denny stones?
Evan Koch
Evan Koch Vor 11 Tage
why were they kicked out of planet fitness? was it not on the film?
Evan Koch
Evan Koch Vor 11 Tage
why the hell were they holding hands while doing leg extension? I know they are not gay they are both married.
Don Fharis
Don Fharis Vor 8 Tage
It was a joke idiot
Stinky Pinky
Stinky Pinky Vor 12 Tage
Best video: Pressing heavy with Oberst and Eddie Brian is pressing heavy Eddie: One more Brian! Brian Racks the bar Eddie: THOR Would have done one more! Brian Evil Look at Eddie Eddie and Oberst laughing uncontrollably.
Michael Mcferrin
Michael Mcferrin Vor 13 Tage
Getting your chest waxed
אסף סימן טוב
Best is the presses with big ass weights
אסף סימן טוב
I love it
אסף סימן טוב
Sweet inormous teddy bear
Fabrizio Campos
Fabrizio Campos Vor 14 Tage
The strongest person in the world is also the nicest person in the world too
Michal Phaeton
Michal Phaeton Vor 15 Tage
thank you for the entertainment ;)
Donnie Rhoads
Donnie Rhoads Vor 16 Tage
Would LOVE to see you guest on Good Mythical Morning
MrTDS Vor 16 Tage
My favorite was nr. 9 the other people at the gym must have had a blast watching that. first Eddie sitting on top of the machine while Brian did the leg press and after that the Eddie and Brian, presumably the biggest guys at the gym were holding hands while lifting in sync
Kurashi D. Kona
Kurashi D. Kona Vor 17 Tage
I missed the shirt ;-;
UglyHans 2020
UglyHans 2020 Vor 18 Tage
A massive burrito for a massive man.
Mr. T-Rex
Mr. T-Rex Vor 19 Tage
So you have to be a certain age to join the giveaway?
hahaha! 5:36 two size monsters doing extensions while happily holding hands. Just woke up and you already made my day
Daryl Fields
Daryl Fields Vor 19 Tage
The size of those forearms
Eric E
Eric E Vor 19 Tage
The upload I thought of was you and Eddie putting on safety vests. The Arnold in Australia, I think.
Diego De Luna
Diego De Luna Vor 19 Tage
When you got hit with the 20lbs medicine ball
Tanner Perkins
Tanner Perkins Vor 19 Tage
Dude I love your fucking videos there so motivating they help me hit the gym hard and reach my strength goals
Jeremy Harris
Jeremy Harris Vor 19 Tage
One of the moments that made me laugh the hardest was when you, eddie and Robert were ramming into each other and then you said " we are like a bunch of gorillas" and I spit out my drink and laughed at that
B Lt
B Lt Vor 19 Tage
patriot 75
patriot 75 Vor 19 Tage
You are definitely an icon and ambassador to the sport. You have inspired me to start lifting again. I would love to be able to lift with you someday
Yunusemre Altıparmak
Hey Brian! I watch your cheat-meal videos with Eddie Hall all the time but wonder something which actually affects myself too. Does our body gain weight for each single calorie we take above our daily-required calories or is there any other mechanism that you can share with me? In order to explain what I mean I want to give a simple example; I am an 1.86m 86kg person and my daily calorie intake should be about 3000-3500. Let's assume, I want to have an extreme day full of eating and I eat about 20.000 calories that day. As I saw in various internet sites, 5000 to 6000 calories mean one kilogram. Does that mean that the unnecessary 17.000 calories which mean something like 3,2 kg will be stored in my body as fat? Can I gain 3.2 kg of fat in a single day? Or is there any limit where our body says '' Fuck this dude, I am not going into this shit. Just let him eat, I will take what I need and the rest has nothing to do here. ''
David Norris
David Norris Vor 20 Tage
Awwwww, missed out on the contest and shirt. BOOOOOO
J baer
J baer Vor 20 Tage
Brian should do a few videos on him recreating Ronny Coleman greatest lifts
GØLdéN BLaZé Vor 20 Tage
crzys Vor 20 Tage
Do a video on your awards and trophies??
Collin McClintic
Collin McClintic Vor 20 Tage
When you watch the video on the 23rd....🙃
Gurjeet Singh
Gurjeet Singh Vor 20 Tage
Congratulations for 1 million subs Mr. Shaw.
taufiq ~ sixty7
taufiq ~ sixty7 Vor 21 Tag
Congratulations Sir.
Jo Howard
Jo Howard Vor 21 Tag
i'm not here for the great workout i'm here for the great people
William Black
William Black Vor 21 Tag
When you got hit in the face with a 20 pound weight ball
Elite Rapid
Elite Rapid Vor 21 Tag
Brian getting hit with the medicine ball, I almost fell over laughing.
Turtle The Fam
Turtle The Fam Vor 21 Tag
Darn I missed giveaway entry. What are Jordan's like I've never been able to buy shoes over $50 and wear a 15 eeee
Martin Jarquin
Martin Jarquin Vor 21 Tag
"Awesome dude!" 😂😂👍🏼
iron ranger
iron ranger Vor 21 Tag
After watching your videos I've noticed you like to say, "That's Awesome". You can put that on a shirt and sell it.
mike hunt
mike hunt Vor 21 Tag
That taxi had no engine or transmission
mike hunt
mike hunt Vor 21 Tag
25% of the video is ads
PUNKem733 Vor 21 Tag
Did you move? New garage, and new kitchen.
Josh B
Josh B Vor 21 Tag
Dangit, one day too late :(
Zentik Vor 21 Tag
I’m surprised the 20lbs medicine ball to the face wasn’t in this list lol Keep up the good work Brian!
Bike Guy
Bike Guy Vor 21 Tag
Such a humble guy and a total machine! Great job bro!
hepotitus Vor 21 Tag
WTF! I just saw this video and it's 1:25am on the 23rd -_- Best of luck to those that actually saw this on time. haha
Hecatrice Vor 21 Tag
Nehs sL
Nehs sL Vor 21 Tag
if my youtube was literally filled with just juji,tom and shawn i wouldn't even be mad xd
Anthony Cordova
Anthony Cordova Vor 21 Tag
Fav moments for me that were missed: "I wouldn't say there isn't a banana peel in your hood." 'You're ruining my fucking cheesecake experience!" -- That one should be a shirt!
MrGamingDJ Vor 21 Tag
Congrats on 1 million Brian Also just curious, have you seen Thors 50k calories video
The Muscle Cousins
Zach perkins Zachperkins001@yahoo.com
The Muscle Cousins
Casey Weiter Trainingwithcasey@gmail.com
Logan .-.
Logan .-. Vor 21 Tag
Nobody Eddie: S Q U A T R A C K
Jacob Clark
Jacob Clark Vor 21 Tag
what is that stuff i see you guys sniffing at times before lifts?
Kraaf K
Kraaf K Vor 21 Tag
Squat Friend
Hollow Ghost
Hollow Ghost Vor 21 Tag
Can you do a video for kids so they can get stronger
Angie C
Angie C Vor 21 Tag
"Squat friend" makes me so so happy
Kershy Videos
Kershy Videos Vor 21 Tag
No definitely rice pls
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