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Which nail art has the best return on investment? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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7 Sep 2019



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Blaq Betty
Blaq Betty Vor 2 Stunden
poor nails they loooked so beautiful
Brooke Whiteman-Clarke
When I watch your videos I always get really tired, but please don't take it the wrong way. I now watch you all the time before I go to bed so I'm actually tired when I try to sleep, so you're actually helping get rid of my sleep deprivation.
minty Vor Tag
H💿L💿 to you too
Tiger 44
Tiger 44 Vor Tag
Why is the Cat clock green?😿
Laurence Barringer
The side by side was literally- you vs the guy she told you not to worry about
Yasmine Quyyum
Yasmine Quyyum Vor 2 Tage
17:01 ~> you can see the pain in her eyes and it's sad and scary and just like- *pat pat Cristine*
AM - 08SA - Castle Oaks PS (1496)
So I am actually doing my nails rn... and I am doing my base colour as black.... ->-... I DO SHIT WRONG! ISHOULDV’E WATCHED UR TUTORIAL
I’m Just here
I’m Just here Vor 2 Tage
_ssssssshhhhhh she’s in her happy place_
Luke Singh
Luke Singh Vor 2 Tage
7:39 she says in the one minute video
Tracy Mckechnie
Tracy Mckechnie Vor 4 Tage
My favorite design is the rainbow 🌈 one
Rebecca Ellis
Rebecca Ellis Vor 6 Tage
The rainbow gradient is my favourite
Charmie Ella
Charmie Ella Vor 6 Tage
My favorite was the gradient nail art
braelynne stuard
braelynne stuard Vor 6 Tage
Can u do my nails🤣
ChelseaLife T
ChelseaLife T Vor 7 Tage
12:47 is that a a phone In zylers bed?
HER Wonderland
HER Wonderland Vor 7 Tage
I NEED a Ben! 😭
Besyatka Vor 8 Tage
14:26 Literally heartbroken
Abigail Purple
Abigail Purple Vor 8 Tage
This should be called expectation vs reality! 😂🤣
Katherine Guthrie
Got one minute? ItS nOt A pRoBlEm AnYmOrE Cristine 2019
Violet's Wolves
Violet's Wolves Vor 9 Tage
i forgot your orange cat's name, but i love 'em at 13:50
pink seashell ヅ
You should make a secret channel with nail art.
Ohona Chowdhury
Ohona Chowdhury Vor 10 Tage
I have a question why every video you have Starbucks
CHIM CHIM Vor 10 Tage
My impatient ass could never
Serene be calm
Serene be calm Vor 10 Tage
You are the best girl
Remany Vor 11 Tage
Simply doing nail art whaaaaaat
Audrey Adams
Audrey Adams Vor 11 Tage
Ok...hold on. Does she paint her cat clock or does it change color? Srsly does someone have an answer?!?!?
Audrey Adams
Audrey Adams Vor 11 Tage
Ok...hold on. Does she paint her cat clock or does it change color? Srsly does someone have an answer?!?!?
isabel rayla
isabel rayla Vor 12 Tage
i will always love the way cristine looks up at ben when he walks in
Scarlett Bornhorst
Scarlett Bornhorst Vor 12 Tage
If it wasn’t for Ben she would probably be swimming in nail polish
Rensche Comia
Rensche Comia Vor 13 Tage
That Holo Samsung phone better be on the backgroound
Salma Saad
Salma Saad Vor 13 Tage
I'know you for a few days and I'm already in love with you From safiya channel
Xylitius Vor 14 Tage
Loving the holo sparkle nails... makes me want them but I have no talent for this and I doubt any nail salons in my area would even try it.
I like bts and I am a noob
Your 1 min is my 7 hours
Royal -Chan
Royal -Chan Vor 15 Tage
Still wondering... What kind of tea that NEEDS to be chug under a minute??? 😂😂😂
Kristine Robins
Kristine Robins Vor 15 Tage
Yup really should make a purple halo
Julie Nakadai
Julie Nakadai Vor 15 Tage
How you say Ben LOL
Misk the owlky
Misk the owlky Vor 16 Tage
I made some art but don’t know where to send it, any email maybe? I can’t have any social meadias other than amino.
dragon snowqueen
dragon snowqueen Vor 16 Tage
BEN shut the fuck up (^-^)
Isabella Gomez
Isabella Gomez Vor 16 Tage
Holo taco bitch
Hannah Smith
Hannah Smith Vor 16 Tage
I feel like the less time I have the more I rely on other things to create something pretty like glitter or nail foils so it's cute without me having any real executive decisions because that's honestly what takes the longest. I am a carbonated bottle of indecision and choices are like adding mentos.
Felluka B
Felluka B Vor 16 Tage
Vanisri Mayya
Vanisri Mayya Vor 16 Tage
heres le reason why le nail vinyls took more time: there was a simply massage which took 20 minutes (apparently :P) and she included that in the time taken :>
Hailey Vlogs
Hailey Vlogs Vor 16 Tage
idk why the holo queen needs a phone if she doesn’t have friends 😢😂 (no hate)
Butter Pikachu
Butter Pikachu Vor 16 Tage
Doing your left hand vs doing your right hand:
Kim M
Kim M Vor 17 Tage
Are you doingNail art again
Abigail Sandifer
Abigail Sandifer Vor 17 Tage
1 minute nail art challenge video is 19 minutes long
Jasmin Salazar
Jasmin Salazar Vor 17 Tage
i love her videos soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!
Mandy Cole
Mandy Cole Vor 18 Tage
Simply: Don’t rush the nail art. Also Simply: *does 1 minute nail art challenge.*
Emma Peritore
Emma Peritore Vor 18 Tage
Title: one minute nail challenge Video: *19 minutes long*
C Cat
C Cat Vor 18 Tage
"Things of beauty take time" That must be why my makeup takes only like 5 minutes 😄😂😅😥😓😭😭😭😭😭
Isabella Opal
Isabella Opal Vor 15 Tage
C Cat 🐈
Saha is Stupid
Saha is Stupid Vor 19 Tage
I came across your Channel when I was like 8 and I searched nail art the one that I came across was the highlighter nails
Ainsley Jurik
Ainsley Jurik Vor 19 Tage
Ainsley Jurik
Ainsley Jurik Vor 19 Tage
whoa cris is actually doing nail art. what do ya know
Dakota Estulin
Dakota Estulin Vor 19 Tage
how do you know its mechie hair?
Anna Leahy
Anna Leahy Vor 19 Tage
what is your favourite tea?/ what tea does ben get you ? i want to try new teas since i've had red label type teas for about 5 years straight
Cheyenne Kruise
Cheyenne Kruise Vor 19 Tage
It is even the first of January
•ItzNev-Chan• Vor 19 Tage
When you put latex on you could say your protecting you skin from sin😂
Courtney's World
Courtney's World Vor 19 Tage
If ur tired I don't recommend watching this at 3 in the morning but great video
Cringey Artist
Cringey Artist Vor 19 Tage
For the 1-minute nail vinyl one, she should've just painted the nail vinyl and stick it on the white base.
Cute Pixles
Cute Pixles Vor 19 Tage
2020 anyone ? | V Also I'm literally commenting this 12:00 wed 1 Jan 2020 ! Happy new year!🙌🎆🎉
Shannon Jacqueline
Shannon Jacqueline Vor 20 Tage
topsiy and tim
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