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Shambhavi Bhardwaj
Shambhavi Bhardwaj Vor 3 Stunden
Hey girl!! I thought you would love to have this-->> shop.sugarbox.in/en/Lifestyle/Drinkware/Sugarbox/Nano-crystal-drinking-bottle-p6107c62c91.html?search=nano&tracking=5d5cd3a2b90be It's a link to an online shopping site selling holographic glass bottles!! I know your undying unconditional love for holo!🌈🌈💎🤗
Rachael Lyn
Rachael Lyn Vor 4 Stunden
One minute nail art challenge video that lasts 20 minutes! Am I in a time warp?? 🤣
Rachael Lyn
Rachael Lyn Vor 3 Stunden
Wait, you're doing actual nail art on this channel?? Am I in a time warp??
Kayla Corban
Kayla Corban Vor 4 Stunden
Nail painting markers? They keep popping up in Instagram.
Zara Pamboukhtchian
Zara Pamboukhtchian Vor 5 Stunden
17:00, when Cristine broke her own heart.
Lyndsey Zollinger
Lyndsey Zollinger Vor 6 Stunden
1 min nail art - 19 min video
Caithlyn Reyes
Caithlyn Reyes Vor 8 Stunden
Nerdecrafter turned you into a tea rex so she said to comment here
m m
m m Vor 9 Stunden
nerdEcrafter turned yu into a tea-rex
Emanique Williams
Emanique Williams Vor 10 Stunden
Why do I feel like this is some sort of expectations vs reality video lol
akshaya pandian
akshaya pandian Vor 11 Stunden
You guyssss Ben looks a little like Chris Evans right??
babyV Vor 12 Stunden
The pokadot and glitter one are my favorites 🤩❤️❤️
Tyann Weis
Tyann Weis Vor 13 Stunden
My god, your cuticles look amazing.
Some body
Some body Vor 15 Stunden
Am I the only one Who realized that she has the same intro song with liza koshy?
The Vegan Fairy
The Vegan Fairy Vor 15 Stunden
You could do videos of trying different brands of nail polish and figuring out how long they take to dry so we know. I’ve made the mistake of doing my nails shortly before a party and then ruining them getting ready
The Vegan Fairy
The Vegan Fairy Vor 15 Stunden
I love you and all your content but in 2020 can you bring back a bit more nail art 😭 even if it’s the same as old videos but new colors. I miss the inspiration and I love your voice overs for painting your nails But also keep doing what your doing I love that too!
Kacy Kim
Kacy Kim Vor 16 Stunden
there are such things as holo snakes. LOOK IT UP
Kate_ Gacha
Kate_ Gacha Vor 18 Stunden
What the heck is nerdercraft.
Pamela Diaz
Pamela Diaz Vor 19 Stunden
OMG the way Ben looks at Cristine 🥰🥰
Pavlos Ouzounis
Pavlos Ouzounis Vor 20 Stunden
I'd love to see you going to the worst reviewed nail salon in your area and make a video about it
Madason Marie Tuggle
Madason Marie Tuggle Vor 21 Stunde
30 seconds, 30 minutes, 30 hours challenge
Nelli Nelli
Nelli Nelli Vor 22 Stunden
When did the cat clock turn green?
gini Vor Tag
Oh gosh I laughed so hard with the 1min vinyl design 😄 but the looks are pretty great for 5min!
Belle L
Belle L Vor Tag
Concerned Citizen
Hahaaaahahaaaaaa “ that’s all it’ll take !!!!”
Emily MacKay
Emily MacKay Vor Tag
Girl you need to restock ASAP
Unicorn Sparkles
Christine please do “ Ben gets Christine tea in 1 min. “
jigglypuff52 Vor Tag
Did you receive the custom doll from popein atlier yet? Please do an unboxing if so. ♥️
Cassondre Creus
À chaque "driying time" je lis "diying time"
Daphne D
Daphne D Vor Tag
Can you please test out the GoGlam Nail Stamper? I think it would be fun to test. Thanks a lot
Emma Lewkovitz
I an beading rn with mini glass beads it is taking forever and i chose you for my company we are both annoying let's be real but thats what makes us uniqqqque afffff and we ow it
Emma Lewkovitz
Ava Keller
Ava Keller Vor Tag
18:41 lmao
Maren.grace Vor Tag
Hold up. I used to think that you had a daughter because at the school I used to go to there was a girl that looked exactly like you but then I was like, I live in Alberta. Soooo....
Hello! I’m allergic to latex, what should I use for da protection..? Thanks!
Sarah Sarah
Sarah Sarah Vor 14 Stunden
Captain_Rainbows painters tape washi tape clear tape school glue
Christine Rubio
Oh this isnt a challenge i actully spend just 1 minute on my nails
lxhnan Vor Tag
fun fact , im sippin tea while watching this ;)
lil chim chim
I aspire to have a boyfriend who will wear matching rainbow Roots hoodies and give me back rubs.
Katie McGovern
That high squeaked Ben gets me every time its so funny
Kylee Jo Batman
Why dont you post your base coat and top coat products?
Keisha Charles
Is it just me or does anyone want to see her without makeup
lil sheffield
The tea idea you had
Gustavo Neuhaus
have you ever thought in getting a higher table so you don't have to bend down so much and mess with your back? I think that might be good for you, you should try it.
Giraffe Life
Giraffe Life Vor Tag
Who else does these on one hand and where's them to school not caring what people say? No just me? Ok!😂
Hollywood Vor Tag
I can't decide if I find funny or kinda depressing the fact that I would do what she did in 1 minute, but expending the same time she did in the elaborate one
Linda Jasmin
Linda Jasmin Vor Tag
The Holoest HOLO : culturehustle.com/collections/powders/products/technicolour Simply must see this!
i love the holo hex nail the best but they are all amazing.
Jasmine Ring
Jasmine Ring Vor Tag
you should do a going to the worst reviewed nail artist
Sarah Rogers
Sarah Rogers Vor Tag
Ben in daddy voice: I have an idea 😂😂😍😍😍😍
Brianne Vor Tag
lol please don't steep tea for over an hour, tea is toxic when steeped too long, especially on an empty stomach (you'll be praying to the porcelain gods)
Sofia Benitez
I think those colour nail polish are also part of a New collection of holo tacoooo
someone you might know
"I'll watch this if it's just one minu-"
kokichi ouma
kokichi ouma Vor Tag
cristine, i had an account on instagram called "cristinecatclock" where i posted that u should paint your clock black holo witch, but ppl stole my idea soudishdishsushhd
Nicole Ferguson
Nicole Ferguson Vor 2 Tage
Josh Giles
Josh Giles Vor 2 Tage
The brush you used to clean the edges looked a lot like Suzi’s new brush!!! 👀
Ellie O'D
Ellie O'D Vor 2 Tage
Guys at the end they’re talking about sex xxxdddddddd
Anuvya Shrivastava
98.2%=Nerdecrafter 1.8%= About the actual video 😂😁😅
Siew Lian
Siew Lian Vor 2 Tage
How about marble nail art
J rocs
J rocs Vor 2 Tage
I'm so filled with anxiety I needed something positive to watch. I wish I knew what life was like to not have constant drama. I Come to watch this video because she has a positive tone & perspective.
Emerald Butterfriends
Nerdy crafter sent us! She made you into a creature
lil_star.xox Vor 2 Tage
The long dotticure looks like sushi 🍣 😂
Kayla Q
Kayla Q Vor 2 Tage
Nataly Cano
Nataly Cano Vor 2 Tage
Nice halo taco promo’s
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