10 Amazing People from 10 Countries

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7 Aug 2022



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Kurt Leyre
Kurt Leyre Vor year
0:00 intro 0:14 US 1:17 Brazil 2:19 Myanmar 3:23 Rwand 4:28 New Zealand 5:32 Philippines 6:31 Syria 7:34 Palestine 8:35 Israel 9:38 Morocco 10:38 End Nas daily fan here🥰👇
Nuha Chowdhury
Nuha Chowdhury Vor 7 Tage
Brenda Cao
Brenda Cao Vor 26 Tage
I am at 🇺🇸
Shiela Empeno
Shiela Empeno Vor 27 Tage
@TEAM RAGE ei ei
Ashwin Pawar
Ashwin Pawar Vor 29 Tage
Should have seen this in comment earlier before watching the video...would not have waited for my country😑
Eram Shehzadi
Eram Shehzadi Vor 9 Monate
Nas your calling all these people amazing without realizing you should be one of them you are changing people’s lives
ITSytyt Vor 4 Monate
Petty Queen
Petty Queen Vor 8 Monate
Why tf is this comment so underrated 🤬😭😭😭
Spiderman_178 Vor 9 Monate
Respect to him for travelling to these countries💯
ItsMe-Dija Vor Monat
Hi Nes, Just subscribed, after I've seen your interview on Ermal Mamaqi's show. I laughed out loud with your girlfriend's reaction on question made to you. She should spend more time in Albania or amongst Albanians, she would get very used to uncomfortable questions & brutal jokes😂 In our world a question like that would never brake a relationship! Brutally honest, but very generous, patriotic loyal & kind nation. Love the work you are doing.
Ashraf Sarhan
Ashraf Sarhan Vor 7 Monate
2:23 I'm proud of her she can speak 8 laguages and she carry her family her parents muts be happy to have a clever daughter like her she is amazing (I'm from Egypt)
Awesome Amani
Awesome Amani Vor year
Nas! You missed one: you! You are out there changing lives! You are just as amazing as all these people put together! You changed my life and many others too!
Xzaney Gamer
Xzaney Gamer Vor year
Dharr Mann: we are not just telling stories we are changing lives My first thought when I saw "changing lives"
Tellawi Vor year
It’s not even close to true
C4sual1 Vor year
Yes thats so true! ♡♡♡
Sachin Boken
Sachin Boken Vor 3 Monate
Im 12 and i also can speak 7 languages fluently Ofc, it is very easy for me to learn different languages cause of the tutors and internet, but i wonder how she learned different languages! Maybe she learned it from the tourists, but tbh it's very difficult to learn a different language without a proper teaching Anyways, she is amazing!! I mean, she's handling her family at such a young age! God bless her 💖✨
Cheyanne😝 Vor 8 Monate
For the one in Palestine, I LOVE to run and sprint, but because of it, my friends and classmates are scared to race me because they know that I’d win. Edit: My record is 14 seconds around the whole track, which is your average Elementary track.
🌱that1plant🌱 Vor 8 Monate
3:06 i'm so proud of her! shes like so smart- the only language i speak is arabic, english, and a little bit of spanish-
FlamePlays Vor 2 Monate
“I can forgive anyone but I won’t” this is my sentence for life
Aaryan Sharma
Aaryan Sharma Vor year
Man, that woman who forgave the soldier is way too amazing!
Yang Nolan Mom
Yang Nolan Mom Vor 4 Tage
CallMehJoyce Vor year
I wish I could forgive someone who just causes way to much drama
whovibe Vor year
Aafiya rusmaira
Aafiya rusmaira Vor Monat
Moral of the story : Everyone in every country is amazing
Deepa Chauhan
Deepa Chauhan Vor 8 Monate
These were only 10, but I'm sure their are 195 amazing people from all 195 different countries around the world. The one I liked the most were Jordan and Richard Juan, but all of them were really good.
Thoma Boshi - Levine
the 11 years old girl actually speak hebrew very good, she said the "מה שלומך" right (I'm from israel)
Aiko Vor 8 Monate
All these people are amazing in there on way and all these videos that you make actually teach people some stuff!
Wow, I'm Burmese and I never expected Myanmar. Our country is really underrated, people just see Myanmar as a poor, dirty, useless country but is actually a country where we can find a lot of charms. Thank you, Ma Ei Ei, for being an admiring person for we Burmese people, I really admire you. Let's go, MYANMAR!! 🇲🇲
Ly0n Vor 2 Monate
~ MIKURI CHAN ~ Vor 3 Monate
Pancakes&eggs Vor 4 Monate
I lived in myanmar for my whole childhood now i have to live in another country, myanmar is the best country ive ever been to execpt my home country i hope myanmar is okay, best wishes❤
@Kumar Kandregula Thank you!! I luv India, too!! 😍😍
itz Lexi!!
itz Lexi!! Vor 8 Monate
0:00 intro 0:14 us a boy who got in NASA when deaf 1:17 Brazil A famous footballer how lived with a poor family 2:19 Myanmar a 11 year old how took care of her whole family 3:23 Rwand a woman who forgave her killer
gclik Vor 2 Monate
if you guys feel sad because you feel not special because of these videos remember that everyone has a special talent in any sorts of way and with that talent even if its close to nothing can move mountains if you try long enough
lysol🫶🏼 Vor 8 Monate
Umm Ahmad seems like a very genuine, funny soul 😂🤍
When i see neymers eyes i thought i see this eyes in somewhere but when he show up i amazed because i didn't except him in here💛 A double fan of nas ❤️from india🇮🇳
Jungkook Fav Banana Milk 🍌🥛
2:23 i'm so proud of her she can speak 7 different languages and she carry her family her parents must be so happy to have a clever daughter like her she is amazing (i'm from Myanmar too🇲🇲)
kleo Vor Monat
@Omar Sh. its hard
snow Vor 2 Monate
@Jungkook Fav Banana Milk 🍌🥛 I cant fly to Myanmar??
Jungkook Fav Banana Milk 🍌🥛
@snow bro she a tour guy she meet many ppl Korean, American Chinese,etc ofc she can speak more than 1 word you may not know but there are more like her if u don't believe then fly to Myanmar and see it yourself
snow Vor 2 Monate
Well if she only speaks those words that’s not knowing a language, she just knows a couple words, knowing a language is like knowing 6000 words of that language or be pro at it
Dakshha Chaudhary
Dakshha Chaudhary Vor 8 Monate
3:26 I am really proud of her for forgiving the person who did that. But forgiveness just doesn't satisfy your brain for some people, and as one of the people who find it hard to forgive, I would NEVER forgive someone who did that. You DON'T have to forgive. You most likely have EVERY right to be angry. Forgiveness is a choice and not forgiving someone is perfectly fine.
Vampiree_uwu Vor 5 Monate
7:56 : I am happy that he actually won the medal (he did, look it up)
Kurt Villanueva
Kurt Villanueva Vor Monat
Richard Juan will forever be enshrined as the best videobomber in the history of Miss Universe, he's a legend
INSHUTI Divine Vor 2 Monate
Glad to see Rwanda on the list!!! We have Many people like her in my country..
Zahra Ameer
Zahra Ameer Vor year
Other countries: Talent, running and incredible things. The Philippines: *Teehee watch me dab*
Evelyn Galarpe
@Masami Yoshida aww thanks😊
Bask BoxTV
Bask BoxTV Vor year
Wtf dubb hahahhaha
Random Person 🏳️‍🌈 RIP TechnoBlade
For those of you that dont know Football is the same as soccer just a different name in some European countries
PlanesandrobloxYT Vor 4 Monate
I just love Filipinos because they are very funny and I was born there lol
Donna Beltran
Donna Beltran Vor 2 Monate
I couldn’t stop laughing at the Philippines one 😂😂😂😂
Skip Ad Gaming
Skip Ad Gaming Vor 4 Monate
The Palestine one was by far my favorite, second favorite is the syria one, amd the rest were amazing
Charlotte Lowe
Charlotte Lowe Vor 9 Monate
I feel like New Zealand is not really noticed (being a kiwi) so I think this is nice that he added nz
I thought no one famous was from Myanmar, i wanna be one! 🇲🇲
norzalisham mansor
norzalisham mansor Vor 9 Monate
When Nas Daily shows her cooking I feel like I wanna eat ! It looks so good !>😍
Door to Oasis
Door to Oasis Vor 7 Monate
In Arabic, they say “Salam a Lay kum”. I don’t know if I spell it right. I’ve worked in Qatar, so that’s how they greet. I hope she will learn that. She’s awesome Ei Ei of Myanmar.
Prince Kyle Dela Paz
A man from the Philippines: *dabs* Me:im proud on my country
Grainier28 Vor 2 Monate
Im proud of the dabbing (my country)
AlvaroRB Playz
Phillipines is overrated and indonesia is underrated
An 3My
An 3My Vor year
김 지아
김 지아 Vor year
AvielIsLost Vor year
Dr B S Shivashankar
Dr B S Shivashankar Vor 6 Monate
When I saw Bouidman I felt his similarity with Osaama 😂 glad I am not wrong.. that’s one minute see u tomorrow ❤️
xxx Vor 3 Monate
Can you guys just thank nas he went to all these different places just to film this DE-vid video
Zunairah Vor 3 Monate
Alhamdulillah My grandma (moms side) sometimes cooked for a 100 people!
Rubi Chaurasia
Rubi Chaurasia Vor Monat
The lady is like my mom! And this is the habit of every mom that they can make a simple food into a delicious food.
M0ZE_BL3 Vor year
Richard: *dabs* Nas: _this guy is amazing_
M0ZE_BL3 Vor 2 Monate
@Monaliza Torricer yep
Monaliza Torricer
Monaliza Torricer Vor 2 Monate
Isn't Richard Juan is on pbb
Ngl why do some people do the 11037 thingy anyways
M0ZE_BL3 Vor 8 Monate
@[ Pëåch_Pläyz ] that was my old pfp, hehe
[ Pëåch_Pläyz ]
[ Pëåch_Pläyz ] Vor 8 Monate
@Kevin 19 s e a r c h I t I m s o r r y
Rosie Vor 8 Monate
I didn't expect my country ( myanmar ) to be in this country. Thanks nas
Hoa Ngo
Hoa Ngo Vor 8 Monate
The most funny "thats 1 min see you tomorow" is the old lady that can cook for 20 people
台灣人 Vor 4 Monate
He does his family really really well.
twizzly シ︎
twizzly シ︎ Vor 6 Monate
I love the way that neymar Jr. just play soccer and its an idol for alot of us brazillians
Mr. khiladi
Mr. khiladi Vor 11 Monate
0:13 United States 1:18 Brazil 2:19 Myanmar 3:23 Rwanda 4:28 New Zealand 5:32 Philippines 6:31 Syria 7:35 Palestine 8:35 Israel 9:38 Morocco
Kira Angelica
Kira Angelica Vor 3 Monate
@ok B O O M E R lmao
ok B O O M E R
ok B O O M E R Vor 4 Monate
Darth Bane
Darth Bane Vor 6 Monate
@~luvbanvii~ NO ITS MOROCCO, HE SPELT IT CORRECTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Itsslavi Vor 8 Monate
That video is really inspiring!
Akshay AndurkarGod
Akshay AndurkarGod Vor 5 Monate
Fantastic. Fabulous. Nas! That was amazing. Keep it up. 👍👏
Gisele G.
Gisele G. Vor 2 Monate
I was so happy when I saw my country Rwanda
Goldenmask_guy 🏆
2:02 kuwaits flag is the biggest there I think love Brazil from Kuwait 🇰🇼 ❤️ 🇧🇷
Dascha Lydia Sahabo
Glad to see my country represented here✊🏿Oye Rwanda 🇷🇼
Wuit Hmone
Wuit Hmone Vor 7 Monate
I Am So Proud Of Ei Ei I Am A Myanmar Too But A Lot Of Us Is Really Good At English Too And Some May Even Better Than Ei Ei But It Is Not Because They Work As A Tour Guide But Because We Study
Soldyee Vor 8 Monate
Your videos are just perfect and this never annoy me
ام احمد
ام احمد Vor 7 Monate
when i saw morroco i was super happy since no one adds morroco in there videos btw im marocain/a girl born in morroco
silentmonk75 Vor 8 Monate
Some random guy: *plays football* Everyone every that ever existed: this guy Is the top 1 best people
Tanner Gill
Tanner Gill Vor year
I just found your series tonight, but I wanna thank you so much for the hope you’ve given me for the world. Keep doing what you’re doing, you’re amazing
LukeDaAutomatic Vor 3 Monate
The pro dad is correct, I was born in NZ and raised there, shoe throwing is a competition.
scoutslevelYT Vor 6 Monate
Patrick looks like he would be one of my dad's friends👌
Jellylaita cubing boy
7:58 hope he can get the first olympics metal in france 2024
NARUTO Uzumaki
NARUTO Uzumaki Vor 10 Monate
my father knows how to speak Arabic
Play and Talk with Sean
Fun fact: Richard Juan is now in a Philippine in a tv channel. In A2Z. It wasn't actually the real name. It was ABS-CBN. but i think something happened so they changed it to A2Z. Now, if the tv shows in the channel has some commercials, he sometimes pop up for the PBB (pinoy big brother) updates.
Puffer Vor 2 Monate
Question is, how the hell does nas get billionaries and sport legends in his videos???
Hecker Vor 5 Monate
“I’m not disabled, I’m differently abled’ *BEING DEAF IS A DISABILITY FOR GOD SAKES*
gummy swirlc
gummy swirlc Vor Monat
I now that place they are always making story is so cool I'm talking about Bouidnan ❤️ and I'm from kurdistan and my name is vanya I'm 9 years old and my house is in gelato 🇮🇶 and I'm Muslim 🕌🕋🤲
Noney The DogYT
Noney The DogYT Vor 6 Monate
Wait a Minute there’s 11 and he live’s In Israel 🇮🇱 his name in nuseir and he is the creator. Of the nas daily channel 🕌 Nas deserves more subs then he has…
Mrbandz Vor year
"I'm not disabled" "I'm differently abled" Hits hard...hope for the best for Austin
@NotDrew true
AlextheFAN Vor 4 Monate
Iker Badon
Iker Badon Vor 8 Monate
dhar man boi
Faulty_Devils Vor 8 Monate
@NotDrew who copied"
TøtałłyNøtPèrcÿ ._.
@Jai Editz who the hell cares
Gravity Vor 9 Monate
Arabic: *mumbles* Me who’s an arab: dang she can speak everything but arabic
•itssifaa• Vor 7 Monate
I think yogi means yoga(Its an exercise in vented in india for so many years ago)
The_epokgaminchair Vor 7 Monate
For the tour guide she said all languages correctly i just know english and Hebrew and her Hebrew wasn’t fake
16288-Daleen Majed N Lugtum
I understand everything umm Ahmad says bc I am Arab from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. I am not joking.
S4panax Vor 8 Monate
That fever that turned him deaf made my great grandpa so sick the last 3 days of his life he was actually able to talk November 15 2021 he died
David Moheb
David Moheb Vor 2 Monate
"Neymar is just a guy who loves two things: family and football. And he does both good." WTF NAS HE DID HIS OWN FAMILY?
Queen Iranzi
Queen Iranzi Vor 7 Monate
My mom was also in the genocide in Rwanda when it happened and she speaks mmuhamurege
Bronchitis gaming
Bronchitis gaming Vor 7 Monate
Thank you for including my country :) 🇺🇸
Nyle Callao
Nyle Callao Vor year
I love how the filipino one is about dabbing hehe
I Vor 2 Monate
ProDragon Vor 4 Monate
Bruh that’s so dum
mr_noob Vor 4 Monate
@コミヤックすき焼き! what you say
mr_noob Vor 4 Monate
Anum💜ARMY Girl💜
Amplexian Vor 4 Monate
We love you nas:')
NonAvailable Vor 2 Monate
He does his family really well... WHAT!!!
Nards Cañaveral
Nards Cañaveral Vor 7 Monate
BTW I LOVE THE SCENE WHEN U SAID '' *lol* a Was that even 1 minute?! ''
Johann Kendrick Animates aka Charger Marker ☆
From the Phillipines I'm impressed by that dabbing guy!
dr4gn0z Vor year
Nas : Neymar is a great guy Neymar : *fake dives like crazy* Me : Damn how did neymar get there Edit : I still respect neymar :)
Kurt Villanueva
Kurt Villanueva Vor Monat
Oh yeah
Insanity Vr
Insanity Vr Vor year
@gg so we gonna call soccer football and football 🏈 football
Insanity Vr
Insanity Vr Vor year
@gg bro calm down we live in USA it’s soccer in USA
Nicolas Yaldo
Nicolas Yaldo Vor year
I know neymar
Chicken Akmal
Chicken Akmal Vor 9 Monate
7:35 my favorite part
ghina idriss
ghina idriss Vor 8 Monate
I understand that lady that her son’s name is Ahmed they way she laughed at the end is really funny
CCYP Marvel
CCYP Marvel Vor 7 Tage
I also live in Myanmar and I live in Yangon and I only speak in Burmese and I have never been in English but My English is super good.
Tikitoyyz Vor 9 Monate
Im so glad u showed neymar brazil
Amjed Osman
Amjed Osman Vor year
“I’m not disabled, I’m differently able” well said man🤧 🥺
bibi the beast “bob”
You’re a youtube legend
Sophia Wahdan
Sophia Wahdan Vor 3 Monate
7:51 omg wait I just realized that I went by this street multiple times 😭
Phi [gd]
Phi [gd] Vor 5 Monate
I went to nasa and I learned a lot I think it was at Texas and I saw a mirror so I can see what I looked like on other planets
yes pls
yes pls Vor 4 Monate
i love how you put Israel straight after palestine. literally what is isreal
AmityBoi Vor year
Even though dabs are dead, I still respect Richard
Huzaifa Shah
Huzaifa Shah Vor 7 Monate
prince Vor 7 Monate
AmityBoi Vor 8 Monate
@Baconboys respect
Baconboys Vor 8 Monate
666th like
W Memer
W Memer Vor 2 Monate
Yesss, Syria! My countryy forever!
Suheera Binte Hasib
Suheera Binte Hasib Vor 4 Monate
8:27 for those who don't know what that means it means thank you
Dad and lad fishing
Dad and lad fishing Vor 3 Monate
I’m surprised he got to meet neymar jr he is one of my idols
Anamika Maji
Anamika Maji Vor 9 Monate
I actually watched about 11 amazing people😇
Swiss Coffee
Swiss Coffee Vor year
Jhonder Yudelino
Jhonder Yudelino Vor 4 Monate
5:39 proud to be filipino!!!
°•Kcloud•° Vor 7 Monate
6:33 wow I'm shocked she lives in Greece
Kadenyt125 Vor 8 Monate
I was suprised when the tour person said my contry (thai)
NoRabax Vor 2 Monate
‏ما شاء الله 👏👏👏
meow_editz Vor year
I love how they included Philippines *makes me feel special*
שי-לי Vor 4 Monate
For me is Israel
Cactus Person
Cactus Person Vor year
@lego worthiness well myanmar is kinda underrated
Lavenia Jesslynn
Chona Albios
Chona Albios Vor year
I-Dxmon-l Vor year
@AlejandraJalandoniCueno Jalandoni who asked lololol
Ralsei'sInThisBih Vor 10 Monate
Crazy thing about Neymar Jr is that he also won an Olympic Gold Medal against Germany
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