10 Celebs Who Insulted Jimmy Kimmel ON Jimmy Kimmel

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10 Famous people who dissed Jimmy Kimmel on his own tv show!
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We all know Jimmy Kimmel has a very distinctive brand of comedy, and he isn’t shy about ruffling some feathers. But sometimes he goes too far, and winds up being insulted by his own guests on his own show! We’ll show you some celebrities who took Kimmel to task during their appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live! There’s his famously hilarious feud with actor Matt Damon, and his contentious relationship with ex-girlfriend Sarah Silverman. Although we love a good roast, few people can sip wine and sling insults like Lena Headey. We’ve heard celebrities reading mean tweets about themselves, but Larry David couldn’t stop laughing when it was time to read them about Kimmel. What do you think about Kimmel’s talents as a talk show host? Let us know in the comment section and then click subscribe to get access to more videos from TheTalko.
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9 Jun 2018

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aaronm752 Vor 5 Tage
Stop talking
turkeymanmcgee 82
Kimmel sucks balls. Jerry springer is a better talk show host.
Jay Noneofyourbiz
Kimmel is a pathetic liberal worm
Gary Brierley
Gary Brierley Vor 8 Tage
Kimmel is a sorry excuse for a host on television. Barf!
Kimmel sucks
Dan Mudman
Dan Mudman Vor 11 Tage
Jaye Kaye
Jaye Kaye Vor 13 Tage
Video sucks.Lets hear the insults from the horses mouth not a voice over
Dan Lacey
Dan Lacey Vor 14 Tage
Back to the man show
Wide Awake
Wide Awake Vor 15 Tage
Kimmel just cries all the time, he’s a weak pathetic little man. I’m not saying people shouldn’t cry, but this bloke cries more than he doesn’t. Remember him crying over “Obama care” using his sick kid as propaganda? Sad little man indeed!
George Angulo
George Angulo Vor 16 Tage
Gillermo is funnier than Jimmy
Brandon Kyle
Brandon Kyle Vor 17 Tage
Larry David went to far!?! Nevverrr lol
Brandon Kyle
Brandon Kyle Vor 17 Tage
Bruce Jenner thinks HE can insult someone LMAO
Vanessa Pucca
Vanessa Pucca Vor 20 Tage
Katlyn Janner was in rought times??Why?
Wolfie Blackheart
*caitlin jenner, and its because people thought her transition was a publicity stunt after his daughter kim Kardashian got more famous than him for her porno
Jazzmanpac Vor 28 Tage
This political correctness is up my throat. Apologize to Caitlyn Jenner for what? It is a weirdo who transformed into something that looks like a woman... his so called rough time was asked for by himself. Caitlyn Jenner - did you ever thought or spoke about what your kids had to go through in their lives while the world was watching your dick getting chopped off? Of course you didnt because you have no balls.
allen baughman
allen baughman Vor Monat
You guys forgot what Jim Carrey said about the talk show hosts already
zackroo1 Vor Monat
Conan is the only talent in late shows
The Comment Thief
Don’t know why you’re calling kaitlyn Jenner a she
Aaron Reynoso
Aaron Reynoso Vor Monat
*he *he *he *he biologically kaityln is a HE!!!!
Dreaded_Pegasus Vor Monat
Jenner is still a man
Spookesaurus Rex
Conan is better
Robert Mcintire
Robert Mcintire Vor Monat
Kimmel is trash
Anthony Cuomo
Anthony Cuomo Vor Monat
Anthony Cuomo
Anthony Cuomo Vor Monat
I hate kemmel
Mike Makboul
Mike Makboul Vor Monat
No body is worse than fallon
Incognito ONE
Incognito ONE Vor Monat
Kimmel is a jerk!
it's a he not a she
Mark Somerville
Mark Somerville Vor Monat
Don’t commentate just play the actual tape dammit
meltman818 ruiz
meltman818 ruiz Vor Monat
Who fucked Bruce Jenner he's gay right
B R Vor Monat
Propaganda At its finest.
Kison Nisan
Kison Nisan Vor Monat
yess his show is by far the worst
Mungas Yuge
Mungas Yuge Vor Monat
Kimmel hasn't been entertaining since the Man Show. Leftist turd since.
triggerrick Vor Monat
I'd do worse than just insult Kimmel if I was a guest
Eimantas Kukučionis
Sorry, but it's a very stupid video...Don't even wanna waste time explaining why...
You guys want to enjoy a real entertaining host? Then tune into Graham Norton! He's the best of the best right now!
Johnny Skinwalker
It would have been better if it was not all part of the show. I wanted real insults. disappointing
Andrea Pasqua
Andrea Pasqua Vor Monat
The best insult I guess would be that the rather droll dolt is the butt of his own joke; that joke being his lousy life. The fact that words now have become so cheap and meaningless through their misuse, or by charlatans, profligates, con-artist and political puppets is the very reason he has the rather hollow and dubious claim of being classified as a comedian. No matter what he does, has, will achieve and everything he hasn't including the points in between, this miscreant will be forced by the universe's hidden hand that his shit still stinks like everyone else's and that his pathetic body will one day be a retched corpse putrefying in the ground being devoured by maggots. Then after so many generations have passed like the rest of us, he will be forgotten without a damn after thought.
Yellowmc// Master of ceremony
Edward Bonella
Edward Bonella Vor Monat
Jimmy Kimmel sucks and I mean sucks
Hellraiser988 Vor Monat
She you mean he accepted it
Jason Strom
Jason Strom Vor Monat
Kimmel's turned into a double standard having douchebag elitist. He goes from being on the Man Show a little over a decade ago, to basically handing his balls over to the Democratic Party and selling out to them on a nightly basis... Late Night TV in general has turned into a joke for much the same reason.... Just a bunch of virtue signaling retards who use the lowest of the low hanging fruit out there when it comes to the so-called comedy they push in their monologues and whatever else they actually consider a program. As if making fun of Trump every night makes them Intellectually superior to Republicans somehow.... "Derp! Derp!! Orange Man Bad!... Now give me my Emmy", says every Late Night Show host of 2017🤣...... These idiots don't even realize that instead of being actual Comedians they themselves have become the national the punchline.
Arthur RemedyG
Arthur RemedyG Vor Monat
Cersei actress; threat ≠ insult/joke :/
Andrew k Adams
Andrew k Adams Vor Monat
Sorry, but Bruce Jenner's transition is creepy. I'm not a homophobe because some men make good looking women, but damn... some of em need to help Katelyn out. She still looks like a "man" trying to figure out makeup.
Arvind R
Arvind R Vor Monat
Only talk show host currently good is conan
Motley Byron
Motley Byron Vor Monat
I LOVE hearing an arrogant PRICK talk shit about my president being a womanizer...after he had women "reach down his pants" and watch "women on trampolines" at the end of his former "show." okay Jimmy...I'm waiting to be judged by you...
l e
l e Vor Monat
Kimmel is fake
Bret Armstrong
Bret Armstrong Vor Monat
Remember Kimmel on The Man Show? Girls on trampolines, stuff like that? Last thing he did that was funny was giving Leno crap about taking his show from Conan.
Grimmy 777
Grimmy 777 Vor Monat
Conan the Barbarian forever
Lupe Moreno
Lupe Moreno Vor Monat
Trash Show Don,t Watch That Show,🤮🤮🤮🤮
Patrick Koller
Patrick Koller Vor Monat
A man will never be a woman!
Tyler Winningham
Joan Rivers was a dipshit
jackson johnson
jackson johnson Vor Monat
Bruce Jenner will always be a man
Derek Whitneck
Derek Whitneck Vor Monat
No, Kimmel .
Agnomen Doppelganger
Watching this video is like reading a book without pictures...
Robert O'Sullivan
This is all bullshit. Just entertainment. He really does deserve disrespect though because of all the leftist political bias on his show.
Douglas Lorenzi
Douglas Lorenzi Vor Monat
He is very smug And condensdending
Frank F
Frank F Vor Monat
Watch out for Kaitlin in a car buckaroos.
Frank F
Frank F Vor Monat
Conan is better.
Operator 9013
Operator 9013 Vor Monat
The funniest kimmel skit was when he brought out his sick kid. To advocate for Obamacare! 😂😂😂😂 totally hilarious jimmy!
Michael Actor
Michael Actor Vor Monat
Jimmy who ?
Derek Whitneck
Derek Whitneck Vor Monat
KImmel= King of the leftist scumbags.
The Sphinx
The Sphinx Vor Monat
Derek Whitneck your thoughts on Laura Ingram and Hannity?
Derek Whitneck
Derek Whitneck Vor Monat
+The Sphinx they ALL are pushing there own agenda, fox,cnn ...nbc.. you.
The Sphinx
The Sphinx Vor Monat
Even bbc
The Sphinx
The Sphinx Vor Monat
Derek Whitneck sure buddy ever channel is fake news except fox news🤣🤣
Derek Whitneck
Derek Whitneck Vor Monat
+The Sphinx seriuously? Not sure what you mean. Fox is not leftist or scummy like Kimmel.
Kaeble Vor Monat
Kimmels just a hypocrital pos
x1 11
x1 11 Vor Monat
still a man just not named bruce
petefishes Vor Monat
Kümmel is a hack . Nuff said
Bat Eats Moth
Bat Eats Moth Vor Monat
I'd rather pack a fanny than wear a fanny pack.
L33DyA JKauR
L33DyA JKauR Vor Monat
gosh !! MD haha
Rick Walters
Rick Walters Vor Monat
U call jenner a she?? Won't be listening to your stupidity.
High Alien Productions
Jimmy Kimmel is a racist and a sexist look it up
Bob Fox
Bob Fox Vor Monat
Jimmy. Johnny. Not even close. Nuff said.
Michael Gray
Michael Gray Vor Monat
49carol Vor Monat
Kimmel sucks.
john roy
john roy Vor Monat
I've stopped watching any of those late-night shows they're all just political mouthpieces Jimmy Kimmel is definitely not funny neither is that Fallon guy and Stephen Colbert I mean did somebody telling me was funny and he took it seriously really come on
Deryck McLeod
Deryck McLeod Vor Monat
Kimmel sucks. Should not even be on the air.
cemtexbez Vor Monat
waste of time, no clips just stills and voice over
Fred Gardner
Fred Gardner Vor Monat
Ads... ads... commercials...ads...
joe v
joe v Vor Monat
How is it Kimmel looked 30 years older 20 years ago?
Kyle Sellers
Kyle Sellers Vor Monat
Kimmel is a self righteous hypocritical pervert from way back... I dont forget the man show. I in fact loved it. And you. Its that he seems to forgotten where he came from that disgust me.
SNaKED Vor Monat
Estrogen hour with Jimmy Kimmel!
Lee nuggets42
Lee nuggets42 Vor Monat
CRTV is disgusting saying the Clinton's were responsible for Anthony Bourdain death. This is the kinda media you get when the hosts know his opinions are bullshit an not for the people
Cycle Rider
Cycle Rider Vor Monat
He deserved every one of them.
Corey Seet
Corey Seet Vor Monat
What do you do when fat women cry and wail? Make a public apology about how wrong your JOKE was
Gaara Hyuga
Gaara Hyuga Vor Monat
Jimmy Kimmel is a NPC
Jeff Tay
Jeff Tay Vor Monat
Please stop talking and play the clip
Armand Robotson
Armand Robotson Vor Monat
The Rock represents everything that's wrong with America Toxic Masculinity.... Fake Manhood... Vulgarity.... Unnatural Body image ... Exaggeration... Bad acting....
Dylan Mendes
Dylan Mendes Vor Monat
Jimmy deserves this
Ares Marco
Ares Marco Vor Monat
I admit I find Jimmy entertaining and a douche at the same time I was a huge fan of the man show . The only worthless piece of shit he's had on his show is Kanye West
Jeb Reed
Jeb Reed Vor Monat
Kimmel is only on because of his heritage not talent.
Isaac Martinez
Isaac Martinez Vor Monat
Jimmy is just a dancing monkey ready to ooh oohh ahh ahh
Isaac Martinez
Isaac Martinez Vor Monat
Jimmy is just a dancing monkey ready to ooh oohh ahh ahh
Joann at Heavens Gate
Does anyone really care
Kenny Craig
Kenny Craig Vor Monat
Fuc* Kimmel!
Stu Morris
Stu Morris Vor Monat
Thought you was going to play the segments, totally loses any humour it might have had
Sticks and Stones with Mike.
Kris Jenner has been through a rough time? What about the person he killed in his car crash a few years ago?
Incerthose A. IntoBee
I think Kimmel is funny. But ONLY when he cries like a baby.
Pepe The frog
Pepe The frog Vor Monat
Jimmy is a cuck
tim lund
tim lund Vor Monat
I rather have Jay Leno back
shawndiehl1959 Vor Monat
Late night tv needs Craig Ferguson back.
rawley tardiff
rawley tardiff Vor Monat
Justin Swartz
Justin Swartz Vor Monat
I would love to insult him , he is a loser and sucks at everything but sucking at everything.
Jano Dursunian
Jano Dursunian Vor Monat
All joking aside , the real funny thing is that these so called "talented" comedian talk hosts think that they really doing something that no one else could .! I dont know who you people have to blow to get these jobs but I got news for you guuuuuys..!! Anybody who has a little bit of sense of humor and a 20 % self confidence is able to do what you do , !!!! And that's no joke you fools....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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