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!!! All fragments of the video are original !!!
In video WoodWorking Skills Tools Ideas and Tricks to All, namely:
- amazing woodworking tips and tricks
- best woodworking ideas and tools
- woodworking tools homemade and for for beginners
- woodworking tools reviews for sale
- woodworking hand tools diy / to make
- woodworking power and basic tools
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16 Jan 2019

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Critical Look
Critical Look Vor 25 Tage
*CLICKBAIT!!!* Where is the woodworking technique using the razor blade shown in the thumbnail??!! :
Critical Look
Critical Look Vor 25 Tage
Let's see you spin that sheet of glass in the air the way you did that ball !!! :
Cornelis Ina
Cornelis Ina Vor 3 Monate
parbat patidar Klaszieke muziek
Musical Medicine
Musical Medicine Vor 4 Monate
@Ohm51 whoever made this video definitly is not going to help!! Frauds!!
viktor marbun
viktor marbun Vor 10 Tage
MrVINT66 Vor 20 Tage
А где ссылки на полные видео????
Mister X
Mister X Vor 25 Tage
There's no teaching in this at all. This is a series of different ads and a video of short clips of other videos. Cash grab much?
Assar Sild
Assar Sild Vor 27 Tage
yard limit
yard limit Vor Monat
some neat stuff, but WHAT'S THE POINT,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,it's basically a waste of time......it's like walking around in a store not going to buy anything ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,JUST WASTING TIME...............DON'T BOTHER ME WITH THIS KIND OF VIDEO ANYMORE..............I'D RATHER WATCH A HOW TO THAT YOU CAN LEARN FROM
Vinay Patle
Vinay Patle Vor Monat
Wonderful skills 👍👍
Carl Zorro
Carl Zorro Vor Monat
wow! lots of good ideas for wood workers niceeeeeeeee.
Jugin Str
Jugin Str Vor Monat
Great job!.Thanks a lot.
Benedito Alves da Silva
Oi qual é o da bolinha de madeira, mostra pra nós. abraço
Alle Barbi
Alle Barbi Vor Monat
mpkunz6336 Vor Monat
Hey, your vise at 2:39, please post information on that. I want one. No, I want two. Thanx.
Danny Godbout
Danny Godbout Vor Monat
7:57 anyone knows where to get plans for the adjustable shelves?
Ринат Нургалиев
Greg Benwell
Greg Benwell Vor 2 Monate
Great Video but I wish you had shown what some of these projects were when completed!! Like the guy routing out the huge circle, or the other guy routing what looked like rocking chair rockers!!
Gregory Nickoloff
Gregory Nickoloff Vor 2 Monate
Виктория Фролова
You can learn more about it on woodprix website I think.
Swirling Orlando
Swirling Orlando Vor 7 Tage
So nice!
ty rex
ty rex Vor 2 Monate
Felipe Honorato
Felipe Honorato Vor 2 Monate
What's the name of the tool on the 14:50 ? Tks
urban outsider
urban outsider Vor 2 Monate
Thankyou, i especially liked the vice at 2:18. I have set aside a couple of hours tomorrow afternoon to make one.
duolg toy
duolg toy Vor 2 Monate
a few useful things the rest over engineered crap and just worthless shit
Heidi Crist
Heidi Crist Vor 2 Monate
That guy with the vice... omg we get it already. Its a vice and u can move it. Moving on...
Clash Kings
Clash Kings Vor 2 Monate
Agreed I'm sure I seen the same angle a few times there
Huyen Pham Quang
Huyen Pham Quang Vor 2 Monate
Rất hay và giỏi
cafe80s Vor 3 Monate
Thanks for not using the word "hacks" in the title!
ahmed hamada
ahmed hamada Vor 3 Monate
thank you friend
John Orr
John Orr Vor 3 Monate
A tire, chain and a truck pulls stumps and posts better than that jack
Ronny B
Ronny B Vor 3 Monate
wauw,out of this world
cardboardorigami Vor 3 Monate
After watching the video I was able to make wooden clothing and an umbrella just like in the video. Thanks for the video! Easy DIY
thank I wish you good luck and creative success.
738polarbear Vor 4 Monate
The vise everyone is asking about is a PATTERNMAKERS vise . Wood River make it and it sells for about $250
Jon Woodworker
Jon Woodworker Vor 4 Monate
That one isnt a Wood River. It's a Hopewell, and if I could get the Hopewell for $250 I would buy 100 of them. The cheapest I saw it for was $325 plus shipping.
Musical Medicine
Musical Medicine Vor 4 Monate
This video is full of great ideas but the person who created this video is a twat! Stop thinking DE-vid is future and actually find something productive you are good at!!
mike3point2 Vor 4 Monate
omg i so want that vice!
Игорь Фасновский
Let's do it
Денис Дементьев
Oh, yes , he is the best
Dota 2 live
Dota 2 live Vor 4 Monate
Thank you , man!
Александр Самаркин
i want to try!
Владимир Кузнецов
Let's do it
Da Rina
Da Rina Vor 4 Monate
Oh, yes , he is the best
юрий иванов
i want to try!
Andreas Wellhausen
Andreas Wellhausen Vor 4 Monate
Marcelo Quintanilla
Marcelo Quintanilla Vor 4 Monate
Un sueño de herramientas 😯
Sumit Garg
Sumit Garg Vor 4 Monate
Can i get link of diy which start at 4:45
mark lewis
mark lewis Vor 4 Monate
..id marry that vise!
wm17959 Vor 5 Monate
What is the guitar music? It sounds a bit like Mark Knopfler. Please advise, thanks.
kakarrot62 Vor 5 Monate
alot of great ideas. but no details or plans
Mick Burke
Mick Burke Vor 5 Monate
LePilkin62TV Vor 5 Monate
The idea is interesting.
Earn Cash Store
Earn Cash Store Vor 5 Monate
Another Great Video. Thank You!
Woodworking Vor 5 Monate
amazing woodworking Techniques
Aunt B
Aunt B Vor 5 Monate
Could you tell me where I could find plans for the table shown from 1:09-1:20, please? You may use FB if you like. /MissRebekahJ
Earn Cash Store
Earn Cash Store Vor 5 Monate
Another Great Video. Thank You!
jason huskie
jason huskie Vor 5 Monate
Can you direct me to more info on that vice at 2:40?
Earn Cash Store
Earn Cash Store Vor 5 Monate
Thank you very much for your video. Good content will be very helpful.
Stanley Vor 5 Monate
я от тебя в восторге
Earn Cash Store
Earn Cash Store Vor 5 Monate
Great Video. Thank you for good work!
Sanjay Jogdand
Sanjay Jogdand Vor 5 Monate
Hey man ,ya wonderful!!
HelleRita Vor 5 Monate
Where can you buy the vise at 2:40 - very cool, perhaps name of model brand etc., please :-)
HelleRita Vor 5 Monate
@Dave Gardner : thanks for the fast reply. Evvv, it looks great. Been looking at the internet for one, but can't find any....
Dave Gardner
Dave Gardner Vor 5 Monate
Pattern makers vise. Incredibly expensive.
Сергей Юрчик
Very nifty ideas!Fine!
Earn Cash Store
Earn Cash Store Vor 5 Monate
Thank you very much for your video. Good content will be very helpful.
Park's타일 Vor 5 Monate
Trần Thế anh
Trần Thế anh Vor 6 Monate
Marcos Américo
Marcos Américo Vor 6 Monate
Spetsnaz 101
Spetsnaz 101 Vor 6 Monate
I missed the one in the thumbnail, where is it?
Moheb Fanous
Moheb Fanous Vor 6 Monate
i never seen work that amaizy sutsh this you are more than good, MOHEB ,AUSTRALIA.
MusicalBox Vor 6 Monate
Nice compilation. But I wish you'd give credit to all the people who actually made these videos.
MusicalBox Vor 4 Monate
@Rafael Harutyunyan ES... meaning ?
Rafael Harutyunyan
Rafael Harutyunyan Vor 4 Monate
Mark L.
Mark L. Vor 6 Monate
I even liked the music. Who was it?
Karim Khorrami
Karim Khorrami Vor 6 Monate
من وقتی دیدم که ماشین به این خوبی میتونه کار بکونه میدونی اصلآ از کار دست بدم امد ...........؟ چرا این طوری نگم اصلآ اونهائی که میرن و کلی پول بالای کار دست میدن شاید اشتباه میکنند نظر شما چیه متشکرم
Earn Cash Store
Earn Cash Store Vor 6 Monate
Great Video. Thank you for good work!
Earthsgard81 Vor 6 Monate
3mins in and inbthe voice of Forrest Gump I'm pretty bored right now....
William Howard
William Howard Vor 6 Monate
looks like a moldervise
Lee Barnhart
Lee Barnhart Vor 6 Monate
Didn't take long to hit subscribe button watching this witchcraft woodworking. Some of the stuff here about blew me away. There is some amazing stuff going on in wood shops across this great land. If you don't hit like button on this one then I just don't understand you.
Stuart Hossack
Stuart Hossack Vor 6 Monate
10:38 ............ that's how I hold the wife.
Angela W
Angela W Vor 6 Monate
It was fascinating to watch but I didn't understand half of it. I just want to know what they each were, what technique or purpose they have and what they were making with it. Many of us are not woodworkers. It would be so much better if there were some subtitles or voice overs that provide some education with the video. It all is interesting.
Kismet Vor 6 Monate
Monique Delafontaine
Ingénieux, parfait, les idées ne manquent pas.
Ján Balga
Ján Balga Vor 6 Monate
It's wonderful !
Felix Vor 6 Monate
Thomas McGoay
Thomas McGoay Vor 6 Monate
Where can I find plans to copy the table at 1:20?
MrShoeguy Vor 6 Monate
Just make it to your own measurements.
Сергей Касихин
david styp
david styp Vor 6 Monate
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