15 Awesome Drawing Hacks And Ideas

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Supplies and tools:
• Paper pins;
• Glue;
• Capillary pen;
• Brushes;
• Paints;
• Piece of charcoal;
• Teaspoon;
• Mascara;
• Eyeliner;
• Notebook;
• Felt-tip pens;
• Palette;
• Set square;
• Drinking straw;
• Wax crayons;
• Hydrogel balls;
• Cups;
• Cardboard;
• Box cutter.
Tobu & Etori - Obstacles
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13 Sep 2019



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alondra isabel alvarado hdz
The channel most beautiful and creative of all the times Pd: save our planet
Catsareawesome 808
Ya know this is the Like ONLY thumb nail that isn’t photo shop.
Mellow Ion
Mellow Ion Vor 15 Tage
0:15 look at the spoon
Catsareawesome 808
Harold Gelilio
Harold Gelilio Vor 22 Tage
I know i like art and that is cool i don't know how to draw nice like this and i'm a kid but i can do it with my mommy👍🏻🤔😫
SilverWolfHacker 101
Where am I gonna get a pacifier? Troom Troom.... ~Sigh~
Becky Decker
Becky Decker Vor 28 Tage
Can you do cooler crafts
soma Karmakar
soma Karmakar Vor 29 Tage
Your ideas r too good.....
litayasia Lyles
litayasia Lyles Vor 29 Tage
She said a real artist doesn't have to stick to canvases so the famous painters who use canvase arent real artist cause they only used canvases
Print Line
Print Line Vor 29 Tage
Evan Davis
Evan Davis Vor 29 Tage
dinosaur theorist
dinosaur theorist Vor 29 Tage
I think it's funny the add I got in the middle of the video said as the first words, "I wanna be an idiot so bad!!"
езе Vor 29 Tage
0:03 OOF
LuciLaife 123
LuciLaife 123 Vor Monat
Nobody: Not even a single soul: Not a single soul in this while universe: Narrator: *oOf*
Kevin's Freund
Kevin's Freund Vor Monat
I think there is going to be a paint explosion! *ROBLOX UF*
Danny Simonsen
Danny Simonsen Vor Monat
Do a music video!!
Poonam Sharma
Poonam Sharma Vor Monat
Can you make a music video
anisha deoghoria
Last one is more interesting ♥️♥️♥️♥️😍😍😍😍😍👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼🤗
More drawing hacks I 😘😘😅💖💖💖💝just love them
Sarika Gharat
Sarika Gharat Vor Monat
I saw the in the spoon
Sara The Unicorn
Can you make more Zombie Acomplayse please
Owh wow i know i love it
郑是奇 Vor Monat
8:00 It looks like the house from the movie UP
Madeline M
Madeline M Vor Monat
Taleh Esgerzade
Taleh Esgerzade Vor Monat
bən sizi çok seviyorum😘😘🤩🤩
Alina Manu
Alina Manu Vor Monat
10:01-10:03 was good I try it
Alina Manu
Alina Manu Vor Monat
You made the brush 6:16
Alina Manu
Alina Manu Vor Monat
5:13 what a picture
Natnat? love
Natnat? love Vor Monat
Only some of these include drawings unlike the title says. Might wanna change it to 15 artistic ideas and hacks
Gopinathan Nair.A
Super hacks! Next make a prankwar video. Waiting for it...😊
Dee Jay
Dee Jay Vor Monat
Yay! Another video handled entirely by only Arts and Crafts Girl and Narrator Girl. My favorite things A&C girl did were the pencil-looking finger and the Earth girl at the end of the video. I caught a teeny glimpse of her on the reflection of the spoon when she was doing the painting.
Sammyhavingfun Vor Monat
My fave is the pencils, now let's see if I can make it look real :/
Litia Aloese
Litia Aloese Vor Monat
wow that's amazing,I'm a big fan
trysta levy
trysta levy Vor Monat
How you do that
tony Micheal
tony Micheal Vor Monat
HK Artist
HK Artist Vor Monat
Sean Beakey
Sean Beakey Vor Monat
Gamo zombie videos
Sean Beakey
Sean Beakey Vor Monat
It's my birthday
Learn With You
Learn With You Vor Monat
What a great channel, I learned a lot. I recently learned to draw on the iPad with Apple pencil. This channel also gave me a lot of help, I really love the cute drawing. Thank you! Also I'm the new youtuber, if anyone doesn’t mind, please help me to hit 1K Subscribe, thank you so mu much.
linda the assistant
to be honest, I only watch troom troom to get out my anger by yelling at the computer.
Matthew Kirlew
Matthew Kirlew Vor Monat
Under 40 Comments!
TinyToy Lover
TinyToy Lover Vor Monat
4:30 it is called a square
DODI S. Vor Monat
It is called set square
Happy Time :D
Happy Time :D Vor Monat
0:14 do you see her face?
reyna White
reyna White Vor Monat
I have been planting since I was 6
Pigly Dave
Pigly Dave Vor 29 Tage
Jinti Hazarika again so?
Jinti Hazarika
Jinti Hazarika Vor 29 Tage
I have been painting since I was 5 years
Pigly Dave
Pigly Dave Vor Monat
reyna White so????
sjuziish Vor Monat
and look at the spoon carefully you will see a reflection of somebody :P
sjuziish Vor Monat
hey guys pause the video on this time 0:14
TinyToy Lover
TinyToy Lover Vor Monat
Omg I saw her face
Thomas Boon
Thomas Boon Vor Monat
0:03 use this as a oof button
Jasmina Khatun
Jasmina Khatun Vor Monat
Funny and helpful at the same time
i like ddlc batim Aphmau creepypasta Ik Ima weeb
“I think there’s gonna be a paint explosion øÕf”
Sashi Mehta
Sashi Mehta Vor Monat
So nice drawing and very easy to draw love it 😍😍
*That really awesome drawing hacks. Love the video* *I make Photoshop tutorials. Hope everyone will like my tutorials*
Jonie Vermeire
Jonie Vermeire Vor 29 Tage
🤯🤯wye wye
Silky-Kids Vor Monat
Awesome drawing hacks Love it 💗❤💗❤💗❤
Sean Beakey
Sean Beakey Vor Monat
I hate u
Madia Kamran
Madia Kamran Vor Monat
What is that black thing
Jasmina Khatun
Jasmina Khatun Vor Monat
Yeah what black thing????
i like ddlc batim Aphmau creepypasta Ik Ima weeb
Madia Kamran What black thing
مركز ولاد عسال
love you
Fozia Bano
Fozia Bano Vor Monat
I have a suggestion can you do cat lover DIYs
المهرج المحبوب
قناة للاطفال يمكنكم متابعتها و الاشتراك بها
Lipsessed fan!
Lipsessed fan! Vor Monat
Fozia Bano
Fozia Bano Vor Monat
Ashanti Mergilla
Ahhh I did it wrongggg
Princess Abbie
Princess Abbie Vor Monat
Its good they make the videos at the evening so the next day they see a lot of views
Shaymaa Aziz
Shaymaa Aziz Vor Monat
My dream to get 10 subscribe 😖😖
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