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Let's brighten your living space with these awesome clay, hot glue gun, nail polish and old CDs hacks!
These mini clay plant pots are the perfect accessory for your tiny succulents. Kids can get their hand stuck into making and decorating the pots. Bear in mind that the clay takes time to dry out, so the making and decorating of the pots will need to be done in two separate craft sessions.
When I started to learn 3D printing Classes, I had no 3D printer with me, I immediately thought of making imitate 3D printing with something else. I love making things from scratch (like probably everyone does).
In this Instructable, I am creating a key chain with hot glue gun similar to 3D printing.
Hot glue guns are basically a 3D printing pen .And it is low temperature enough that you can manually reshape it afterwards.
A Hot glue gun is like a handheld 3D printer. It is basically just a heating element surrounding a tube through which the glue stick is pushed through nozzle. But instead of being controlled with computer software and motors, you guide the printer head by hand.
What is hot glue?
Hot melt adhesive is a thermoplastic adhesive that can be melted in an electric hot glue gun. The gun uses a continuous heating element to melt the plastic glue that is they extruded through a tip or nozzle when user applies pressure to gun's trigger.

2:02 Brand new phone case
5:33 Cement and clay ideas
9:05 These boots aren't made for walking
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13 Sep 2018

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5-Minute Crafts Vor 5 Tage
Did you know that you can make a new backpack from an old shirt? Look at this at 23:00 😉 Will you try to do the same? Or are you more inspired by some other idea?
Yka Yka
Yka Yka Vor 4 Stunden
Good lack
Yka Yka
Yka Yka Vor 4 Stunden
+ola fun gfgkdstjd
Lucy Maurice
Lucy Maurice Vor 7 Stunden
Ijust tried it after watching this video! Thanks so much, it is very helpful!
Raju Verma
Raju Verma Vor 7 Stunden
waad qokdk
waad qokdk Vor 3 Stunden
في احد هنا عربي
game zone
game zone Vor 3 Stunden
At 12:32 you can add some lights so it can be more attractive at night
game zone
game zone Vor 3 Stunden
from where you get the colourful glue gun sticks
game zone
game zone Vor 3 Stunden
plants cannot grow in cements
smita mallick
smita mallick Vor 3 Stunden
You are mad how can you cut barbie
Mrs. Moran
Mrs. Moran Vor 4 Stunden
Ебать. Из котиной шерсти носки
MariaClara Soares
MariaClara Soares Vor 4 Stunden
Raym Villar
Raym Villar Vor 4 Stunden
Did you notice the girl in the first clip she have 2 colors of eyes
Arpit Jain
Arpit Jain Vor 4 Stunden
Jyada maja nahi aya
Nanna Reinholdt
Nanna Reinholdt Vor 5 Stunden
9:40 that's just creepy...
Sandip Jambhulkar
Sandip Jambhulkar Vor 5 Stunden
Most of them are shown in lots of episodes
Govind Bisen
Govind Bisen Vor 5 Stunden
I recommend you to make only 5 minute video only 1 item per videos in this way we just look and never do ..
Nanna Reinholdt
Nanna Reinholdt Vor 5 Stunden
Random Random
Random Random Vor 5 Stunden
2.43 Who holds their phone like that? Hmm.. I wonder..
Govind Bisen
Govind Bisen Vor 5 Stunden
This girl awesome
The Woff Pack
The Woff Pack Vor 5 Stunden
22:23 yeah because she just so happened to have scissors and a needle and thread on the steps
Kamlesh Yadav
Kamlesh Yadav Vor 5 Stunden
Sap yeh UN Dino ki BAAT hai ke Naina and Samir ka drawing Bana Sakti hai
Frank Kent Cadillac Frank Kent Cadillac
Yall are experts at using glue guns
YouTubes Corner
YouTubes Corner Vor 6 Stunden
Some are freeke
Slime Maker101
Slime Maker101 Vor 6 Stunden
You give people cat hair knitted socks ewww🤭
Captain Musica
Captain Musica Vor 6 Stunden
de-vid.com/video/video-pxFF-ui3jZM.html Official Music Video God! Save Our President Single: 'Never Yours'
بهاء رقاوية
بهاء رقاوية Vor 6 Stunden
çok güzel
aftab khan
aftab khan Vor 6 Stunden
Gadhe kahinke tum pagal ho billi ke bal se apne bachche ke liye socks bana leye harami
Harlyn Karl Notarte
Harlyn Karl Notarte Vor 7 Stunden
I watch this video but I never tried😂😂🙊😘
лера 01
лера 01 Vor 7 Stunden
Кто русский? напиши
lps ananas Tv
lps ananas Tv Vor 8 Stunden
;) (|) |
Phoebe Bagnall
Phoebe Bagnall Vor 8 Stunden
The ciment ideas are so satisfying
Elena Bernotaitė
Elena Bernotaitė Vor 8 Stunden
I love your chanels is so good👍👍👍👌👌
Beebug 17
Beebug 17 Vor 8 Stunden
I totally want to sleep on my face 😂
Qualquer Canal
Qualquer Canal Vor 9 Stunden
Sou brasileiro
daya Vor 9 Stunden
12:52 iug
LaKaya Stone
LaKaya Stone Vor 9 Stunden
this is amazing
ririn dwi
ririn dwi Vor 9 Stunden
Keren beruntung bisa melihat ini
Lydia A
Lydia A Vor 9 Stunden
What even was the purpose of the first one?
isman alfredo zamora villgran
jonathan smith
jonathan smith Vor 9 Stunden
who like these hacks
Los Kageyu
Los Kageyu Vor 9 Stunden
Likw si nosanes hablar ingles y si no pues si tablas español
Los Kageyu
Los Kageyu Vor 9 Stunden
Si 1like
Ashleen Hayer
Ashleen Hayer Vor 9 Stunden
Can I get a like if I trick u Read more
Tri Tri Queen
Tri Tri Queen Vor 10 Stunden
The scissor thing doesn't even work you can't use the tip of it to cut
Alison Arrieta
Alison Arrieta Vor 10 Stunden
En español😩
علي امام
علي امام Vor 10 Stunden
احنه العرب اشرف الخلق
eloisa lopez
eloisa lopez Vor 10 Stunden
Lo de las tijeras es falso porque con la punta no corta pero en el medio si
Angel Maldonado
Angel Maldonado Vor 10 Stunden
Ramsha Ibraheem
Ramsha Ibraheem Vor 11 Stunden
Uhh....These are not really "hacks"
Suga Kookiez
Suga Kookiez Vor 11 Stunden
Definitely brighter than my future..
Beatriz Olmo
Beatriz Olmo Vor 11 Stunden
That cat hack was not the best but I really like your videos
Pedro Sanchez
Pedro Sanchez Vor 11 Stunden
Ok first of all the cat hair yarn is really weird. And the fact that the person made the hair yarn in to socks is gross. Also the socks looked like the were for kids and if I was the kid to receive those socks I wouldn’t want to have them. No hate ,love 5-minuet crafts just that craft/diy was a little weird like if you agree. Promise no hate
Keity Viviane
Keity Viviane Vor 11 Stunden
Isso é um pouco mais tarde e noite e a gente não tem nada a perder a oportunidade e o meu pai e ele não
Cookies And Cream
Cookies And Cream Vor 11 Stunden
23:22 didnt literaly mean 'burn the cd'
Cookies And Cream
Cookies And Cream Vor 11 Stunden
Sammie Games
Sammie Games Vor 12 Stunden
Am I the only one who thought the first in is kinda creepy
Miriam Moreno
Miriam Moreno Vor 12 Stunden
en donde hacen la bolsa con que papel le hacen
Enrique Vazquez
Enrique Vazquez Vor 12 Stunden
increibles ideas
Nancy Avendaño
Nancy Avendaño Vor 12 Stunden
Taylor Verdier
Taylor Verdier Vor 12 Stunden
I meant why would you use cat hair to make mittens. You could have got a strainer and run water over it. That was really gross though
Hiral Choudhary
Hiral Choudhary Vor 12 Stunden
blossom does better videos.
Taylor Verdier
Taylor Verdier Vor 12 Stunden
Why would youj
Shannon Wickstrom
Shannon Wickstrom Vor 12 Stunden
7:03 What a waste of a glass.
vaani Sharma
vaani Sharma Vor 12 Stunden
u r mostly repeating same craft in every video
Emoo Spider
Emoo Spider Vor 12 Stunden
حلو جدا النتي عملتي دا
Sol Dominguez
Sol Dominguez Vor 12 Stunden
pobresita la bota😂
JS Fire & Ice
JS Fire & Ice Vor 13 Stunden
Funtown123 Momtown321
Funtown123 Momtown321 Vor 13 Stunden
Omg um did anyone else notice at 0:57 one eye was blue and one was green?
Nathalia Jolie
Nathalia Jolie Vor 13 Stunden
Natalia Holmes-Benson
Natalia Holmes-Benson Vor 13 Stunden
I love love love love your eyes they are soo pretty i'm so jeoluoes
Vaishnavi Surujdeo - Northwood PS (1533)
Love you his video
Tota Tota
Tota Tota Vor 13 Stunden
This is so good 👍👍
KK & Morgie Kids Show
KK & Morgie Kids Show Vor 13 Stunden
I hope whoever is seeing this remembers to always keep following their dreams. Anything is possible if you set your mind to it!! 💪 DREAM BIG! 💫 My dream is to hit 25k for my kids channel!! I’ll appreciate any support! 😊
Da Real Deal
Da Real Deal Vor 13 Stunden
Oooooh that magnet said love I thought it said Louie and I was like who tf is Louie
R&H Productions
R&H Productions Vor 13 Stunden
Yep wied boom👻😂😂😂😂
KIPIN55 Vor 13 Stunden
Whats that song at 7:48
Vanessa Guerra
Vanessa Guerra Vor 13 Stunden
If your goal for the first hack was to look like a balloon. Congratulations you succeed ! Thanks for showing us your granny panties -_- I am NOT using my pets fur for sewing EWWWWW Seriously I've seen more than one video on multiple "Hacks"
Satisfying Panda ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Best channel 💕💕💕
Satisfying Panda ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
랴빠닭 Vor 14 Stunden
16:30 good!!
Nillo Jose
Nillo Jose Vor 14 Stunden
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget Vor 14 Stunden
14:16 you could legit just go to the dollar tree and get a flower hair band ._.
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget Vor 14 Stunden
13:11.... WHO HAS A BLUE CAT!!? ya see the stipe is blue... :D
Glover Fernandes Vasques
🎩 ☺ 👚 👖 👟👟
Anastacio Guzman
Anastacio Guzman Vor 15 Stunden
Que pasen ideas para hombres👨
Natalie Gonzaga
Natalie Gonzaga Vor 15 Stunden
I don’t think anybody has cement
†Snoopy Tiger†
†Snoopy Tiger† Vor 15 Stunden
12:56 - 13:11 Uhm.. *EW*
Aryav Bhatnagar
Aryav Bhatnagar Vor 15 Stunden
The pillow is creepy
Ffg Tdf
Ffg Tdf Vor 15 Stunden
حلوه كتيره
talita Silva
talita Silva Vor 15 Stunden
Sou a única BRASILEIRA❤❤❤💖💖💖💗💗💗💕💞💞
Notes. Vor 15 Stunden
The first one ew
Timothy Kojoma
Timothy Kojoma Vor 15 Stunden
9:33 your telling me I just wasted $17.50 bucks for notin?!?
Guillermina Cardetti
Guillermina Cardetti Vor 15 Stunden
9XM Music Mishra
9XM Music Mishra Vor 16 Stunden
Amazing really mam you are awesome
Delacy Coit
Delacy Coit Vor 16 Stunden
1:01 Creepy pilow Like if you also think so
Alyssa's Desserts & more
I just noticed the first craft ..she has different colored eyes
Fluffy & Ocean
Fluffy & Ocean Vor 16 Stunden
I love sleep too I willl steal your cookies and milk if ya dont make more
[쪼꼬]꼬미 Vor 16 Stunden
고양이 귀엽다 인정하시는분손! (한국인없나요?)
josmary luna
josmary luna Vor 16 Stunden
no entiendo los comentarios
Daniel Saracho
Daniel Saracho Vor 16 Stunden
Los ojos uno es verde y el otro es celeste 😐
unicorn time
unicorn time Vor 16 Stunden
There is never different hacks in a vid
D’s World
D’s World Vor 16 Stunden
13:13 🤮 why
WolfCha With-a-FlappyTie
Could you do like an bedroom craft?
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