20 Crazy Things Billie Eilish Spends Her Millions On

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What Is Billie Eilish Spending All Her Money On Besides Designer Clothes and Burritos? An Inside Look At Billie Eilish's Spending Habits.
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Billie Eilish has already captured our attention and won us over with her music. But it’s her personal sense of style and swagger that really has us all curious. We love that Billie sticks to her own vibe and doesn't let anyone else tell her how to dress. But we are kind of curious how much she spends on her outfits and everything else in her life! She’s got a net worth of around $6 million, so we wanna know how she spends all that cash. Designer duds, custom head-to-toe outfits, tons of chains, her clothing alone makes us want to know the price tag. But what about those mysterious cars she poses with? And where does she find the time to maintain her icy white, deep blue, or lime green hair? We’re taking an inside look at 20 Lavish things Billie Eilish Spends her millions on. Be sure to watch until the end because the price tag for one of Billie’s jackets may surprise you.
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31 Jul 2019



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positivitea Vor 5 Monate
Our girl Billie be spending all her money on gold chains and avocados 🥑 💁🏽‍♀️ 💵
Dodo Dodo
Dodo Dodo Vor 20 Tage
positivitea it's a avocado......thanks
linzlou22 Vor 23 Tage
Kylie loves rainbows Food
positivitea the avocado thing is like the ocean eyes phase she likes burritos and tali’s and she calls her fans eyelashes
Rai J
Rai J Vor Monat
Ruby Sharma #fakefan
Rai J
Rai J Vor Monat
breathingisoverrated nocap 😂
Grace Walter
Grace Walter Vor 22 Stunden
Well I guess I’m broke
brian kramer
brian kramer Vor Tag
billie isnt spending it people give it to her or design and give
Chef Riku
Chef Riku Vor Tag
Am i only person who dosent like her?
Team Jesus with Trigger Holaday
People being foolish . There is something wrong with that child
Kim K.
Kim K. Vor 4 Tage
Whoever did those claw nails needs to be fired. They look like chunks of plastic glued on top of her nails. NOBODIES nails protrude straight up from their nail beds a quarter of an inch. Jesus.
Lexie Barron
Lexie Barron Vor 4 Tage
I would buy her for a million dollars
Lexie Barron
Lexie Barron Vor 4 Tage
I would literally buy her
يوسف الملكي
This ugly clothes cost more than my life 💔🤷‍♀️
TamA Raahh
TamA Raahh Vor 5 Tage
She sold herself to Satan all the money in the world won't get out of that it suck for a little piece of heaven on Earth to sacrifice heaven.
Pop Star
Pop Star Vor 5 Tage
My little sister love S Billie SOOOO much !!!!
Behram Buttar
Behram Buttar Vor 5 Tage
She has 25 million dollars net worth now
Jo J
Jo J Vor 5 Tage
a 55 dollar lv hat is pre cheap. I spent 20 bucks on a bucket hat from target soo
OmgItsEline Vor 6 Tage
Am i the only one who thinks all of this isint that expensive compared to jeffree star or ariana grande
Jess Torok
Jess Torok Vor 6 Tage
I'm sorry but these are some hideous designs. I'm open minded but even her music is messed up. Not into it at all.
Mae Mae
Mae Mae Vor 6 Tage
what weird and embarrassing fashion outlets 😅
Evelyne Robinson
Evelyne Robinson Vor 7 Tage
I am so glad for her... I hope she lives her life at her fullest, and enjoy every second of it ....I can't have enough her..
Kathleen Harper
Kathleen Harper Vor 8 Tage
Ok now I feel like I am broke
Destiny Candycane
She’s said it herself! She doesn’t buy 98% of her stuff, she gets given it. And she takes it. So N O she doesn’t spend her money on this shit, but not like you would know.
sara_unicorn 2004
sara_unicorn 2004 Vor 10 Tage
She said in one of her interviews that most of her chains are gifts, but yeah, she bought some expensive ones by herself
Summertime Vor 10 Tage
Poor girl , she really has sausage fingers. I love her tho, that's no problem to me.
Viva Kaniva
Viva Kaniva Vor 12 Tage
If I had millions of dollars i would be buying funko pops
SimplyBecca Vor 15 Tage
*cough* *cough* she can drive
SimplyBecca Vor 15 Tage
Well most of the things Billie wears is gifted to her. She said in an interview that she wouldn’t spend that much money on clothes even if she wasn’t gifted it
NIKZ DH. Vor 15 Tage
de-vid.com/video/video-JDjqkh-W6mM.html Billie eilish DIGITAL PORTRAIT
Slimy Violin
Slimy Violin Vor 16 Tage
Omg i hope she uses her stuff again cause if she keeps using her money i think shes gonna be broke!
Kay Babies
Kay Babies Vor 17 Tage
Haha that funny cause she doesn’t buy anything she wears 😭🥱
Yogi Aim
Yogi Aim Vor 18 Tage
Billie does not pay for any of her clothing or bling
kam Vor 18 Tage
her clothes cost more than my rent-
Mueed Qureshi
Mueed Qureshi Vor 18 Tage
She spends them on Avocados
Rina Pal
Rina Pal Vor 19 Tage
aynoor Elhagagi
aynoor Elhagagi Vor 19 Tage
Well I can buy all of these things but only in my dreams!
Catherine Vor 19 Tage
I mean she has money and is a star so....
MavandClide Vor 19 Tage
Hold up, $50 LV hat...? Those exist???
LittleOwl_ Games
LittleOwl_ Games Vor 19 Tage
Them: Her natural color is darker Me getting triggered: BEACH WTF DO YOU MEAN "DRAKER"?! SHE IS A NATURAL BLONDE AND SHE EVEN SAID IT TOO! AHHHHHHHhhhhHHHH REEE!
Ani Mukuchyan
Ani Mukuchyan Vor 18 Tage
Bruh, I had exactly the same reaction!
Ani Mukuchyan
Ani Mukuchyan Vor 18 Tage
Like... I had the same freaking reaction!
kaitychu2 Vor 20 Tage
She looks like a golddiger
Louise Margaret Concepcion
If billie has many flashy cars then whats the point she doesnt event drive no offense and i love u billie
jessicuh anel
jessicuh anel Vor 20 Tage
a lot of her of her clothing are giving to her for free so she doesn’t spend that much on that.
Donald Jones
Donald Jones Vor 20 Tage
I’m most likely the oldest person to watch and react to this video. I think this young lady is an old soul after listening to her lyrics and seeing the way she carries herself. However, I am somewhat surprised that someone who seems so down to earth would wear things her fans can’t relate to or afford given that she tries so hard to cover her body up and not be objectified. She deserves these things if that’s what she wants, but she’s being used as a billboard by designers in order to sell their clothes. I have seen the home she grew up in on DE-vid and I don’t fault her for treating herself. I just hope her music stays brilliant and true. She is, along with her brother, unique and gifted. Duh.
M.Lee Cthulhu
M.Lee Cthulhu Vor 21 Tag
Why are her legs and knees ALWAYS banged and bruised up?! Looks terrible
M.Lee Cthulhu
M.Lee Cthulhu Vor 21 Tag
Not even 1 song of hers is on MY PLAYLIST. She suuuucks!
Ellen Louise McEvoy
Billie eilish is a millionaire like omg
Ellen Louise McEvoy
Billie eilish is so beautiful
Emm. TV
Emm. TV Vor 21 Tag
Αν θες μακρύ μαλλί πάρε την Φουρέιρα 😂😂😂
Annalese Marshall
Yall so wronggg!! **please read thiss** Billie spend 0$, no money, NOTHING on clothing. It all hets sent to her but big Designer brands. She says that if they never got sent to her she never would’ve been wearing what she wears todayy! Yall are so wrong. Do your homework before you sayyyyy!!! Lol I like the video though
christy fisher
christy fisher Vor 21 Tag
Like she is a non commercial Chanel advertisement! Hello ~ do you not think they aren't paying her to wear that clothes and jewelry!
bunny thanks
bunny thanks Vor 21 Tag
My dad is is Richard in her
lexi sot
lexi sot Vor 21 Tag
this channel is just people being so bored they make up shit about celebs billie has said multiple times she gets all this shit for free
Simstar 4
Simstar 4 Vor 22 Tage
Can i have few millions? 😂
Bloxy Fam
Bloxy Fam Vor 22 Tage
*I would buy me some roux*
Robert Moray
Robert Moray Vor 22 Tage
Hellyweird Slaves spending their fronted millions.
Celeste Buske
Celeste Buske Vor 22 Tage
Billie got it....
Fireball KC
Fireball KC Vor 22 Tage
Bro I freaking love Billie she is my girl I look up too
Lucy Chen
Lucy Chen Vor 22 Tage
Okay if you go broke after spending $500 that's kind of bad
Anthony Chacon
Anthony Chacon Vor 23 Tage
Who cares? It’s her music that matters not what she wears.
XxGacha_GalaxyxX Vor 23 Tage
I have those clothes too and???? My nails are just like hers also I love jewelers and I see hers and I buy them it doesn't mean anything if their expensive or cheap maybe she's rich and someone's not and some people would feel bad of this I'm not trying to hate but this is true
Unicorn Evans
Unicorn Evans Vor 23 Tage
How many times did she say “a pretty penny”
mohammed habadi
mohammed habadi Vor 24 Tage
Everyone is jealous because she gets free clothes and etc. but have you ever considered that she probably gets friken *FREE CANDY*
Laurie Stevenson
Laurie Stevenson Vor 24 Tage
She can spend her money on whatever she wants. It’s hers.
Serena H
Serena H Vor 24 Tage
But... why?
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