20 Different Acrylic Pouring Techniques and Variations - Abstract Fluid Art + Music

Life Is Kumquat
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My first hour long compilation video was over-all well received, so I decided to put together another longer video. It includes 20 paint pouring techniques and variations thereupon from pours done in 2019 and 2020. It alternates between newer pours (gray background) and older (black background) and the music pieces are all unique throughout. ***Timestamps for each technique and a list of the musical artists are listed below*** I hope you find some creative and/or color inspiration! Be well and happy pouring~ :)
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Interested in trying acrylic pouring? Check out this beginners pouring kit made with care by a woman-owned small business - it includes her own blend of pre-mixed pouring acrylics - ready to pour straight from the bottles; no mixing required! The theme and colors of the kit were directly inspired by my "Cookie Cutter Twirl" pour~ The kit: www.etsy.com/listing/10103149...
Timestamps if you'd like to skip around:
1) Classic Swipe 0:00
2) Paint Kiss Pour 3:42
3) Ripple Ring Pour (using majority opaque acrylics) 7:10
4) Ripple Ring Pour (using majority transparent acrylics) 9:57
5) Open Cup Pour 12:49
6) Wiggle Kiss Pour 16:05
7) Bottle Bottom Pour 18:53
8) Flip Cup Pour 22:43
9) Open Cup Pour (no fluid base layer) 25:12
10) Alternating Ring Pour (with pearl cells) 29:26
11) Chameleon Cells 32:42
12) Kiss Pour (with negative space) 36:32
13) Straight Pour (with chameleon cell accents) 39:46
14) Figure Eight Pour 43:41
15) Traveling Kiss Pour Feather 46:32
16) Wrecked Ring Pour (with negative space) 49:22
17) Open Cup Pour (with a slitted cup) 53:33
18) Traveling Infinity Pour 56:18
19) Simple Ribbon Pour 59:03
20) Strainer Pour (using an experimental 3D printed piece) 1:01:33

Music by many wonderful artists (in order of appearance):
"Song for Johanna" by Franz Gordon
"To The Moon and Back" by Gavin Luke
"Stranded by You" by Valter Nowak
"Dark Matter" by Valter Nowak
"Life as One" by Yonder Dale
"In This Moment" by Gavin Luke
"Spirit Garden" by Gavin Luke
"Silent Dawn" by Christophe Gorman
"Rain" by Valter Nowak
"The Crossing" by Gavin Luke
"Dreamscapes" by Kasper Schill
"Solace" by Gavin Luke
"Corals" by Sam Eber
"Beauty of Kura" by Vusal Zeinalov
"Fresh Perspective" by Megan Wofford
"Under my Oak Tree" by Johannes Bornlof
"Caspian Sea" by Vusal Zeinalov
"Occurrence" by Martin Gauffin
"Slowly Growing" by Rikard From
"We Carry On" by Yonder Dale
Collection of various acrylic pouring related supplies on Amazon: www.amazon.com/shop/lifeiskum...
Any links provided are affiliate links - this means that I may receive a small commission (at no cost to you) if you purchase something through the links provided. Any commissions received go towards supporting this channel. :)
General acrylic paint pouring supplies I've used/recommend (affiliate links):

Silicone (additive to create cells): amzn.to/2xUVCtz

Pouring Mediums (Mixed with acrylic paint to thin for pouring)
Liquitex Pouring Medium: amzn.to/2JWj2FH
Floetrol: amzn.to/2H8pxDC

Acrylic Paints
Liquitex Basics Acrylics: amzn.to/2XI6HMA
Arteza Pre-Mixed Pouring Paints (Larger set of 2oz bottles, thinned ready-to-pour): amzn.to/32C7iPv
Arteza Pre-Mixed Pouring Paints (Small set of color-themed 4oz bottles, thinned ready-to-pour): amzn.to/3409UJH
Arteza Acrylic Paint Tubes (60 small tubes - not thinned, great for sampling many colors): amzn.to/32V91ju
Deco Art Metallic Variety Acrylic Paints: amzn.to/2YfWOXk
FolkArt Color Shift Acrylics: amzn.to/2HFh0rG
Chroma Molten Metals Metallic Paint Set: amzn.to/2LljcY4

Various Pouring Tools
Chandler Heat Gun (pops air bubbles and brings up cells): amzn.to/2Z9U3TI
Mini Leaf Blower (for air swipes): amzn.to/2CT3fTS
Strainers: amzn.to/2SvU4Qb
Combs for Spreading Paint: amzn.to/2YDXRwr
Squeeze bottles to pre-mix thinned acrylics: (8oz) amzn.to/2JLx5wo
and (16oz) amzn.to/32AaAn3
Popsicle Wooden Stir Sticks: amzn.to/2YKvSA7
Alternative Washable Plastic Stir Sticks: amzn.to/2CBlmxq
Clear Push Pins (put on back corners to lift up canvas from table): amzn.to/39l3oxx

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Betsy Newman
Betsy Newman Vor 5 Monate
I've never been more relaxed ! Such beautiful works of art. May I ask, what is your recipe when creating the ones with cells? Yours pop so trendously. Thanks for a wonderfully inspiring video. 😁❤
Kathy Shortsleeves
Kathy Shortsleeves Vor 7 Monate
Beautiful! So relaxing and fun to watch. Learned some new techniques. Thank you!!
Life Is Kumquat
Life Is Kumquat Vor 7 Monate
Glad to hear! Happy pouring~
Ethel Kapelius
Ethel Kapelius Vor 3 Monate
Part 14 figure eight is superb. And the music for that part is really incredible!! I love all of them. Right now I am trying part 5. Lovely paintings, I´m learning a lot!!
Jana West
Jana West Vor 9 Tage
Loved this! Very relaxing, and interesting . Creative , etc! Love it! Thank you!
Lena C
Lena C Vor 5 Tage
Amazing that someone took the time to do all of these and do them so well. Love it. Thank you for sharing that.
Bella Lune
Bella Lune Vor 16 Tage
These are amazing!! You are the reason I started painting. Thank you. 🙏
Donna LeDuc
Donna LeDuc Vor 7 Monate
How have I not seen you in so long!?!? I feel like I have missed a lot of your videos. I needed to watch this on so many different levels tonight, thank you.
Rock pouring by Lynn
I would love that machine!! The way you manipulate the paint is amazing! Love them all. The blow dryer technique is awesome!! 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
watrgrl2 Vor 2 Monate
Wow! I have goosebumps watching such beautiful creations while hearing such sublime music! Heaven! I don’t use acrylics much except for putting my base coats and any large areas of the canvas to block in colors when I paint with oils but i inherited a lot of acrylic paints when my dad passed and he was an artist and art teacher and a friend gave me some she inherited because she doesn’t paint. I wonder if I can use the tube paints just watered down with the products you use?
Karen I.
Karen I. Vor 6 Monate
Amazing video! Love the various ways to paint as well as the music. This is going to become my new hobby
Gail Wilson
Gail Wilson Vor 3 Monate
I love the beautiful bright colors so beautiful and relaxing my new hobby thank you so much
Riccardo Talarico
Riccardo Talarico Vor 24 Tage
Amazing! In order to obtain these results, do you suggest to use just water+acrylic paints+silicon? Or medium is always necessary? Thank you!
Cheryl Pritchard
Cheryl Pritchard Vor 7 Monate
WOW that was a big project 😃 Thank you for sharing I learned a lot. Keep up the very cool work 💖
Life Is Kumquat
Life Is Kumquat Vor 7 Monate
Thank you~! :)
Wow! Amazing. I love how smooth everything was
Graca Nunes
Graca Nunes Vor 2 Monate
Este de bolas amarelas ficou show de bola muito lindo , como pode causar este efeito
Skay Crain
Skay Crain Vor Monat
I just ordered your 24 pc pouring paints. Can't wait to get them. Thank you for sharing your creativity making it look so easy, beautiful. Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year. From Colorado
Andrew Branch
Andrew Branch Vor 3 Monate
So simple but the results are stunningly complex and beautiful. I love it 😎✌️💜
Grace Coppock
Grace Coppock Vor 7 Monate
Wow. Each one is gorgeous! You know how to rock the colors 👍👌♥️
Trash Vor Monat
First time watching, instantly subbed. Amazing work you do. Keep up the good work 🔥
Heather McD
Heather McD Vor 6 Monate
WOW That was brilliant. There is something beautiful & relaxing about watching this video. Mind blown.
Rosalia caetano
Rosalia caetano Vor 3 Tage
Lindo demais
Desiree Johnson
Desiree Johnson Vor 5 Monate
This is so beautiful!!!! Figure 8 is my favorite. Do you use poring medium with this or just straight paint? 😊
Leslie Riley
Leslie Riley Vor 4 Monate
Yes that's my question too Please tell us ty
Monique H
Monique H Vor 5 Monate
I love your artistry! You make it look so easy. Your work, along with the soothing music, is mesmerizing
Graca Nunes
Graca Nunes Vor 2 Monate
Lindíssima coleção
Lori Houston Art
Lori Houston Art Vor 3 Monate
Loving this. So relaxing
Sylvie C
Sylvie C Vor 2 Monate
Awesome !!! So beautiful !!! Thank you so much for sharing your amazing talent !!! :-)
Ginger Snaps
Ginger Snaps Vor 6 Monate
Hi! Love this video. Sorry if I missed it along the way but do you add anything to the paints to create the cells, besides liquitex or floetrol?
Henryka Trzcińska
Super 👍 brawo 🌹👍
Shade Wonders Art
Shade Wonders Art Vor 7 Monate
Impressive color combinations and techniques.! And love the calm music which gives a classic dramatic feel. ♥♥♥
Life Is Kumquat
Life Is Kumquat Vor 7 Monate
Thank you~
Diego Vor 7 Monate
Funny enough I watched the other one on the 30th and then this one came out! perfect timing to not be stuck at a cliffhanger Great work! I've used some teqniques and this helped so much!
Life Is Kumquat
Life Is Kumquat Vor 7 Monate
Happy pouring~! :)
Jackie Hansen
Jackie Hansen Vor Monat
Very awesome and gives me incentive to try to create some myself! Beautiful work!!!!
Mery Whether
Mery Whether Vor Monat
When watching pouring videos, I'll think, "No! Don't keep tilting the canvas! Stop there! It's perfect!" Sadly, most of the time, they keep tilting instead of stopping when it's just right. You don't do that, and I can't tell you how much I enjoyed watching this whole video because of it. Your instinct on when to stop is superb, in my opinion. Every one of these pieces is gorgeous! 💜💜💜
DaWize Gal
DaWize Gal Vor 23 Tage
I am glad I am not the only one who thinks... no stop.. lol sometimes they are just so gorgeous and then they go to eh...
Genaro Gutierrez
100% agree at all with you.
GrimGhoul Vor Monat
one, i agree with you. two, your name sounds like something off of GTA V and I’m living for it.
hilda rosalia Litvin
He tenido el enorme placer de ver tus trabajos.. y el momento que he pasado... es incomparable por ver tan bellos resultados... Mil gracias !
Shannon O'Connor
Shannon O'Connor Vor 3 Monate
I really liked the final effect of Open Cup Pour (no fluid base layer). Mesmerizing! Like looking into the center of THE UNIVERSE!
Marlynda Taylor
Marlynda Taylor Vor 20 Tage
Yummy colors#1. The ring pours were spectacular! And each and all the others were gorgeous and interesting.
Absolutely Beautiful work. New subscriber here love the. Colors of the purple and yellow one. And the cells were amazing
Felicity Valentyne
Felicity Valentyne Vor 5 Monate
Amazing tutorial thanks so much! I've just sketched & written longhand all the colours & actions lol am now exhausted but grateful to have all this information (Learner Pourer 😁) 💖💖💖💖
Renee Voght
Renee Voght Vor 2 Monate
Wow! I’m so amazed, those are all awesome!!
hardmaxer Vor 6 Monate
Great work! I just discovered pour art on a new channel called the well educated artist. These are mesmerizing to watch.
gandoufa amor
gandoufa amor Vor 5 Monate
Wow, beautiful, so relaxing to watching the video. It’s magic
Life Is Kumquat
Life Is Kumquat Vor 5 Monate
Thank you~
Joe Eastwood
Joe Eastwood Vor Monat
Wow. So many amazing techniques. Do you add the silicone to all colors or just some for cells?
Nathalie D
Nathalie D Vor Monat
All I can say (or write) is : THANK YOU, thank you so much for re-enchanting, delighting our world !
iniguezification Vor 7 Monate
Wow! It's 2 am and watching you pour this pain, along that relaxing music, it's so rewarding.
Roxan R
Roxan R Vor 7 Monate
Just watching this beautiful art being made and listening to the music is so relaxing 😌
Jamie Goodhand
Jamie Goodhand Vor 4 Monate
Geba Kolijn
Geba Kolijn Vor 5 Monate
Loren Soulier
Loren Soulier Vor 5 Monate
Your work is spectacular Gods eye candy comes through your eyes ears & hands Blessed & gifted ! Thanks for sharing ❣️
Mirna DLS
Mirna DLS Vor 7 Monate
Omg , l love all of them. So beautiful but I will appreciate if next time you provide details about the paint , colors mixing etc.. thanks a lot👍
Life Is Kumquat
Life Is Kumquat Vor 7 Monate
Thank you~ These pours are from across 2019 and 2020 so my answer for the mix/products used may be different for each of them - is there a particular pour in the video you are curious about?
Dirk Wyse
Dirk Wyse Vor 5 Monate
Once the paintings are dry, do you apply a clear layer of spray paint, fixative, etc.?
R C Vor 6 Monate
As a fellow artist. I'm stunned! Well done
Daniela Rodriguez
Question: how do you dilute the acryl? It looks like you are using so much paint. It looks so fluid and light
Ellen Hofer
Ellen Hofer Vor 7 Monate
My first time. The music & pouring were mesmerizing. I watched it on my big screen tv. Thank goodness, I could back up after I dozed off a couple times. Not from bordom, the music was so soothing & relaxing.
Life Is Kumquat
Life Is Kumquat Vor 7 Monate
Glad to hear you enjoyed~ :)
Black Fox Flower
Black Fox Flower Vor 7 Monate
This is truly helpful and relaxing, I'm trying it myself and it's fun. And it helps a little after what happened today.
Black Fox Flower
Black Fox Flower Vor 5 Monate
@Hellfire 〜 It's alright, I've somewhat gotten over it. But I'm still not doing to well with that loss.
Hellfire 〜
Hellfire 〜 Vor 5 Monate
@Black Fox Flower Sorry 😞
Black Fox Flower
Black Fox Flower Vor 5 Monate
@Hellfire 〜 I'd rather not talk about it.... but let's just say it involves one of my greatest pets passing away
Hellfire 〜
Hellfire 〜 Vor 5 Monate
What did?
Mawarni Studio
Mawarni Studio Vor 4 Monate
amazing, I learned a lot from your videos - thanks.
Marlene Hollmann
Marlene Hollmann Vor 2 Monate
Absolutely super!! rom start to finish inspiring.
Graca Nunes
Graca Nunes Vor 2 Monate
Nossssa !!! Este de bolhas é um dos mais lindos
Brenda Porter
Brenda Porter Vor 5 Monate
Beautiful, brilliant colores. I love it!
Virginia Tracy
Virginia Tracy Vor 6 Monate
You're fantastic.thank you for sharing your art with us.I wonder I see you pouring paint straight from bottles is it mixed with anyting or is it just straight faint
Rebecca Loudermilk
I cant pick a favorite They are ALL my favorits....great job!!!
iniguezification Vor 7 Monate
Life Is Kumquat
Life Is Kumquat Vor 7 Monate
Thank you~
Brenda S
Brenda S Vor 7 Monate
Beautiful ring pours, striking color combinations! I’m particularly fond of the kiss pour, never thought of using a black & white cup against the colorful. Amazing results! 😍🙌
Life Is Kumquat
Life Is Kumquat Vor 7 Monate
Thank you! Happy pouring~
Barbara Hutton
Barbara Hutton Vor 7 Monate
Beautiful...absolutely love the feather!!!!!!
Life Is Kumquat
Life Is Kumquat Vor 7 Monate
Thank you~
Sinda Putnam
Sinda Putnam Vor 3 Monate
Very nice! Would you please share your mixing ratios?
tealwingz Vor 7 Monate
Beautiful & informative. Thank You. Twenty times, thank you.
Aida Glatter-Gotz
Aida Glatter-Gotz Vor 4 Monate
How long does this paint take to dry? It seems to be very thick and difficult to dry. But WOW, so fabulous.
Lydia de Vries
Lydia de Vries Vor 4 Monate
I am not keen on swipes but that one (talking about the first) is gorgeous
PacoVL46 Vor 7 Monate
Can you do a video of what they look like when they’re dry? I’m wondering whether the paint keeps its glossy wet look when it’s dry?
PacoVL46 Vor 7 Monate
@Life Is Kumquat thanks for the reply! Will the resin also protect it from UV and which resin exactly is it? Could I use the high gloss you’ve mentioned for UV protection and a little gloss and then put the resin on top of that to get the glass finish?
Life Is Kumquat
Life Is Kumquat Vor 7 Monate
These pours are from across multiple years and involve multiple different paint mixes but how the pour looks dry will depend on your acrylic/medium mix. Liquitex Pouring Medium for example, will dry with a glossy sheen. Floetrol will dry with a matte finish. If you are using a mixture that dries more matte, after the paint has fully cured, just add a few thin layers of high gloss varnish. This brings back the glossy look and protects the pigments from UV damage over time. Resin is another popular option as well, and gives a glass-like finish.
Joalla Westervelt
Joalla Westervelt Vor 7 Monate
I really liked most of them. Super job. 😊💕
Diana Devlin
Diana Devlin Vor 2 Monate
I really appreciate your choice of music! 😀♥️
Mikki Campbell
Mikki Campbell Vor 7 Monate
This is just stunning and found myself mesmerised.......bed will have to wait I want to watch it again!!
Patricia Kelly
Patricia Kelly Vor 2 Monate
Totally blown away. Amazingly striking.
Monique B.
Monique B. Vor 5 Monate
Just wonderful...thanks for all the information !!!
Kami Art
Kami Art Vor 4 Monate
Hi, they are really amazing.... Great idea and great art.... 👏👏👏👌👌👌👍👍👍
Travel Around The World. World Wonders
I love all of them
Life Is Kumquat
Life Is Kumquat Vor 7 Monate
Virst it is
Virst it is Vor 4 Tage
amazing work, love it, thanks a lot for sharing. do you thinning your paint with water ? ☺God Bless 🙏
HazelUsherJones Vor 8 Tage
Such beauty. I'm wondering how long something like this will take to dry?
Donald Lanthier
Donald Lanthier Vor Monat
A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. results. Cannot believe it what comes out of it. It's always a calculated surprise. Thank you for sharing your tips. I would like to know if you're adding a solvent or any other solution into your acrylic? If so, what it is and in what proportion/ratio?
Kt Hughes
Kt Hughes Vor 6 Monate
The Well-Educated Artist
You make great pour painting compilations! So relaxing.
I draw scratch art in Japan. This art is very wonderful and educational.
antonio gonzalvez lopez
Katherine Bohemier
Katherine Bohemier Vor 5 Monate
I always find that when I use this much paint on a canvas for an open pour, the paint cracks as it's drying because it seems like too much paint. Is it because there is too much paint or some other reason. This is why I am not a fan of these types of pours even though the results is quite beautiful in the videos.
hemanth jadav
hemanth jadav Vor 6 Monate
this person is doing 10 people's work! awesome creations...oh! the sync at 28:22 peace✌
Joyce Montag
Joyce Montag Vor 5 Monate
Inventive, amazing and therapeutic
Penelope Berg
Penelope Berg Vor Monat
Love these!
Lara Mitchell
Lara Mitchell Vor Monat
Please list in all your listings if you’re in your comments the music that you play in your videos because it’s really good and that’s how I find good music thank you
Jolie Strader
Jolie Strader Vor 6 Monate
Does anyone have any tips to keep the paint from cracking since it's in such thick layers?
Jolie Strader
Jolie Strader Vor 6 Monate
@Life Is Kumquat ahhh I used all apple barrel paints for my pour (I did the wiggle kiss pour and it looks beautiful tbh)
Life Is Kumquat
Life Is Kumquat Vor 6 Monate
I do often leave a thick layer of paint on the canvas but very rarely have cracking. Here are my thoughts: the product(s) used to thin the acrylics for pouring will have an affect on the chances of cracking - pouring medium such as the one by Liquitex allows the paint to be thinned smoothly for pouring without the risk of breaking the pigment bonds as can happen when using too much water. The paint itself can also have an effect - avoid using tempera/poster paint or base craft acrylics if possible - Apple Barrel white is notorious for creating cracking issues for example. Leveling the canvas before pouring so the paint doesn't shift to one side unevenly as it dries and leaving it completely undisturbed while drying in a temperature consistent room will also help prevent cracking. Happy pouring~ :)
Liliana Barrera
Liliana Barrera Vor 22 Tage
What kind of paintings and canvas do you use, I’m totally new in this but watching your videos make me want try it
Paulina Xavier
Paulina Xavier Vor 3 Monate
Maravilhoso parabéns ! 👏👏👏 BR.
Klutzy Mutt
Klutzy Mutt Vor 7 Monate
29:15 Anyone else see the berry lavender dog? I'm addicted to these piano+ acrylic pour videos!
Crystal Winter
Crystal Winter Vor 7 Monate
Do you just use the ready to pour arteza? Awesome pours!
Life Is Kumquat
Life Is Kumquat Vor 7 Monate
Thanks! I used the Arteza in 6 of the pours in this compilation. The rest are either other pre-mix or my own blends - most often acrylic thinned with Liquitex Pouring Medium and/or Floetrol.
Diana Behrend
Diana Behrend Vor 2 Monate
This is one of the best open cup pours. (#1). They seem to fall apart for others. Maybe they over stretch. Enjoyed the video. Great work.
Adriana Jacobs
Adriana Jacobs Vor Monat
Amazing - thank you
Rebecca Hartson
Rebecca Hartson Vor Monat
I really love how the pouring at 5:27 perfectly syncs with the music.
Misty B
Misty B Vor 7 Monate
That kiss pour is beautiful!
Carmen Doyle
Carmen Doyle Vor 6 Monate
A lot painting so beautiful ❤️
Rainbow Sam
Rainbow Sam Vor 6 Monate
So relaxing
muhammad nazir
muhammad nazir Vor 7 Monate
Which paints are you using?? Btw really impressive and unique
Margareth Araújo
Margareth Araújo Vor 2 Monate
No primeiro quadro na vertical eu vi um pássaro se destacando na parte mais escura
Marsha Lecates
Marsha Lecates Vor Monat
Hi How do you make the cells and do you pre coat the canvas?
April blair carlson
April blair carlson Vor 3 Monate
Your music is lovely. Your painting are, as well.
Karin Tolbert
Karin Tolbert Vor 7 Monate
This is just therapeutic balm❤ thank you
Life Is Kumquat
Life Is Kumquat Vor 7 Monate
Heidi Priddy
Heidi Priddy Vor 5 Monate
My grandbaby at age 6 did an entire chair and it came out gorgeous and what kid doesn't like making a mess and not get in trouble lol
gloria jones
gloria jones Vor 3 Monate
There all so pretty 😍 💕
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