2016 Mercedes-AMG GTS (510hp) - pure SOUND (60FPS)

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Video description:
The pure exhaust SOUND and garage Cold-Start of the all-new 2015 / 2016 Mercedes-AMG GTS delivering 510 hp and 650 Nm of torque. First of al I can't thank the guys from www.torpedo-garage.de enough that made this 2 day testing possible. They are a great support for my channel so you might wanna check out their Facebook Page for daily updates on interesting car offers, also affordable ones;) Back to the AMG GTS, its and awesome vehicle and I never had the chance to drive one on the road before. I don't even know if I ever had so many positive reactions to a car that I tested, as many people are coming and asking about the power or specs, and you don't feel offended. It's a worthy "successor" of the SLS and the sound, by any means, is comparable or even better than the SLS. The deep grunt might not totally come across on these videos, but I can tell you is is mind-blowing:) So if you LIKE this don't hesitate to COMMENT / SUBSCRIBE and don't miss the full DRIVE & SOUND coming out soon.
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16 Aug 2015



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POB108 Vor 6 Tage
It will eat gas too much
AK Brahma
AK Brahma Vor Monat
1:50 AMG starts singing
Christian Rabe
Christian Rabe Vor Monat
Finaly someone sharing engine sound without revving in void!!!
POB108 Vor Monat
Sad thing is this has no catalytic converter Which filters the dirty exhaust gasses from the exhaust manifold. As its burns too much gas it needs a bigger tunnel for many exhaust gas to release. Cops would even see the under chassis of the vehicle to look if there is catalytic converter and if they found out you dont have one. You will get ticket for you will bring this only for events. Once you use this daily they will impound your car or ban you from driving in streets unless you pay for tickets
wiawaysb Vor Monat
dude you have opportunity to drive this car rev it a bit what the fuck are you afraid of giving a bit of gas? what is this shit yes i know its a five year old video
Mr_ Gebyk
Mr_ Gebyk Vor 2 Monate
Kai Weitze
Kai Weitze Vor 2 Monate
That sound is dope!
Victor Vor Monat
far from it. Barely any sound at all.
青い星rigel Vor 2 Monate
Sexiest car ever
Rachid SAADI
Rachid SAADI Vor 3 Monate
gg :)
Depornomadre Vor 4 Monate
Torpedo gruppe … das einzigste was Torpedo is sind seine Schuhe... Kein plan Optik nice aber der Sound is sowas von scheiße von dem wannabe bonzen auto
Shahul Shaik
Shahul Shaik Vor 4 Monate
It Sounds like Tiger Roar 🐯
NIKETHECOOL 20 Vor 5 Monate
Vehicle simulator sound :D
Lijah Vor 6 Monate
One day I will own you
NIKETHECOOL 20 Vor 6 Monate
Vehicle simulator startup! :)
Scout Gaming
Scout Gaming Vor 6 Monate
Thats a beautifull sound (0:23)
x XSweetCupaX x
x XSweetCupaX x Vor 7 Monate
Jonn Baysa
Jonn Baysa Vor 8 Monate
robox anyone? viehcle simulator gamers
Alexander G
Alexander G Vor 8 Monate
Eray Cimen
Eray Cimen Vor 8 Monate
Javitxu Ko10
Javitxu Ko10 Vor 9 Monate
I’ll buy one like this if I win Euromillions today 😂✌🏻 Fantastic car. Enjoy 👍🏻😉
Gaby Dawra
Gaby Dawra Vor 10 Monate
Awesome sound
MK1 Turbo
MK1 Turbo Vor 10 Monate
Reiß die Tür doch ab 😉
SLembas Vor 10 Monate
I thought I'd never hear an mean sounding not heavily muffled modern V8, but I was wrong.
Mister G
Mister G Vor 11 Monate
Nice quick shifts
Scott Sterling
Scott Sterling Vor 11 Monate
Lautern! :D
William gonçalves
William gonçalves Vor 11 Monate
jenny garcia
jenny garcia Vor year
My husband bought a 2016 AMG GTS and it is the biggest piece of junk ever!!!!!! Mercedes cannot get the parts still in the dealer 4 months so far - Steering locking up while driving - very safe LOL
Heisenberg 46
Heisenberg 46 Vor 10 Monate
jenny garcia Sure 😂
wilwa6546 Vor year
The mirror light is Great
powersliding Vor year
is it me of does that gt look better without all those wings and aerodynamic aid
for some reason the startup sound is used in vehicle simulator in roblox
Al Nasser
Al Nasser Vor year
Paolo Barrameda
hit the freakin red line damn it. :((((((
pete Vor year
I saw one today and now i want one
crunch punch
crunch punch Vor year
Hört sich wie ein LKW an. Bei 6000 Umdrehungen könnte man meinen er ist bei 2000 Umdrehungen. Der Sound hat rein gar nichts mit Motorsport zu tun. Das macht BMW und Porsche besser.
Pernection Vor year
The car Porsche should have made
huei Vor year
Dream car❤️
Salahudin Stojakovic
Porn sound
Daniel Erhard
Daniel Erhard Vor year
Sounds like a lion...or better ;)
mobit76 Vor year
Sounds awful when compared to a Maserati GT de-vid.com/video/video-anwc-PTBFSA.html
Sounds so freaking ridiculous!
Vincenzo V
Vincenzo V Vor year
scania o iveco?
Alpiii 474747
Alpiii 474747 Vor 2 years
Hör auf Videos zu drehen du Vollidiot. Lern auto zu fahren oder kauf dir einen Dacia wenn du so herumschleichen willst
方老三 Vor 2 years
I got this car at my game called roblox in the game in roblox called Vehicle
方老三 Vor 2 years
geverons Vor 2 years
Tryndamere Noob Champ
CLS sound is much better
As Aventuras de Lucas Stüpp
TOP demais... 👏👏👏
MastroMattia Vor 2 years
ma stirala
forestchurch Vor 2 years
im Standgas hört sich der Mercedes an wie ein Königstiger
OmniUltima Vor 2 years
Am I the only one here who prefers the look and sound of GT over SLS? Other than the gullwings of course.
Bitemehard Hard
Bitemehard Hard Vor 2 years
Lol....what a waste of money...Fucken Mustang with a SC has more power than thst piece of shit. And it sounds like shit!!!!
Lio Mendonça
Lio Mendonça Vor 2 years
omg the bass is just fucking sick
Manuel R. A.
Manuel R. A. Vor 2 years
Sound more badass the CLS 63 AMG
Per Arve Vatnehol
Per Arve Vatnehol Vor 2 years
I tought you had to buy an old american musclecar to have awsome car v8 sound.... I was wrong😄
baby animals
baby animals Vor 2 years
hi i want to ask ,may i use some of your videos to create compilations and i will be tnakful :) ?
brandon holden
brandon holden Vor 2 years
Im getting this car soon!! First super car. Debating whether or not to take it to next level with some custom mods.
Majd Alabaddi
Majd Alabaddi Vor 2 years
William Gregory
William Gregory Vor 2 years
best startup ever
Batuhan Sarraf
Batuhan Sarraf Vor 2 years
35barafranca Vor 2 years
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