2018 Retro Gaming Collection & Giveaway!

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19 Feb 2018



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Leigh Dappa
Leigh Dappa Vor year
My Glass Cabinet is FILLED with 'Legacy' Power Rangers stuff.
Taylor Dennett
Taylor Dennett Vor 2 years
Really appreciate you refurbing wonderful gameboys that probably would’ve been thrown out.
The Retro Future
The Retro Future Vor 2 years
Marco Vor 2 years
love the gameboy light's, you have 5/6 of them? where have you bought them from? I just bought my first light (gold) from ebay. :)
Rezigunn Vor 2 years
The future is near the game shall be mine!
Caleb D
Caleb D Vor 2 years
Hello Elliot! I love all your videos and I hope I win, but if I don’t, then congrats to the person that will. You have inspired me to collect old game boys and I’m starting a collection! Thanks for indirectly helping me out by publishing your DE-vid videos!
Paprika Vor 2 years
Bird up.
Mateus Lopes
Mateus Lopes Vor 2 years
Finding retro games complete in box is pretty awesome.
John Le' Mon
John Le' Mon Vor 2 years
Do you own a Gizmondo?
Merrick larrivee
Merrick larrivee Vor 2 years
I sub
José Ramón Bellido
Time is come to buy some shelves for my games... Congrats, man!!
madmax01992 Vor 2 years
i reckon you should get a "Mega Duck" tattoo when you a certain of subs ;)
The Retro Future
The Retro Future Vor 2 years
I would be up for that!
Sam Moore
Sam Moore Vor 2 years
Great video keep up the good word I have been a long time subscriber and love the content
Christian Santo
Christian Santo Vor 2 years
All I've got to do is comment on a great video this game is mine.
I’m Samee BTW
I’m Samee BTW Vor 2 years
arnold alas
arnold alas Vor 2 years
Hope I win
Minus Moon
Minus Moon Vor 2 years
Cheers, keep up the good content!
nrdiii Vor 2 years
I Subbed Btw
nrdiii Vor 2 years
How much is a game boy color I can buy from you
Jonathan Holmes
Jonathan Holmes Vor 2 years
Woot! I hope I win! :)
Getzopurple Vor 2 years
Yo Elliot congratulations for 20 thousand subscribers from your sub from New Zealand whose name is also Elliot haha keep up the good work
The Retro Future
The Retro Future Vor 2 years
Hello Elliot! Thanks buddy!
KID,TURBO Vor 2 years
Retro Crunch
Retro Crunch Vor 2 years
Awesome Job man.. Seeing you grow like you have all this time. Congrats Bro!
DC Celly
DC Celly Vor 2 years
Can’t wait to see how the Retr0brite goes on that DMG style pocket.
Mrbananies Vor 2 years
Nice to see someone care so much about the preservation of retro game stuff.
vintdoo Vor 2 years
Nice :3
Luke Veintisiete
Luke Veintisiete Vor 2 years
Congratulations man! You earned every one of those subscribers! Can't wait for those nes mods!
The Retro Future
The Retro Future Vor 2 years
Thanks Luke! You have stuck by me the whole way!
Abraham Vor 2 years
david morse
david morse Vor 2 years
good vid mate
Slime_Head Vor 2 years
Congrats on 20k subs! I love your let's refurbs :)
clearcardinal Vor 2 years
haha i was in that memorabilia shop the other day, totes overpriced
RedBeiron Vor 2 years
keep up the videos, i have start to collect again so would not mine adding that too my retro collection!!!keep up the good work
iGuruRevolution Vor 2 years
Good luck with the drone! Congrats on the 20k
Ugo Possenti
Ugo Possenti Vor 2 years
Hope to win
connor garwood
connor garwood Vor 2 years
Markus Hedetoft
Markus Hedetoft Vor 2 years
Hmm Derby Stallion heard about it but never looked in to it. Maybe a will get some of them to my Super Famicom and Famicom.
Beebaleen Vor 2 years
I'm gonna go ahead and say it, what happened to your hands matey :D
Genetics Tk
Genetics Tk Vor 2 years
Dude... Massive congrats on 20k bro. Not long ago it was 10k. Keep the grind up :)
The Retro Future
The Retro Future Vor 2 years
Thanks Joey! Should have a game some time!
Almostbella Vor 2 years
Nice collection also I adore your vlogs!! Very nice playlist btw 😍
tom casio
tom casio Vor 2 years
Your an awesome dude. I love my game boys. Keep up the good work.
J S Vor 2 years
Bear ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Bear ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Vor 2 years
You should start collecting accessories to gameboys
Echang Wang
Echang Wang Vor 2 years
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Still waitin' on that retrobrite hehehehehee ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Ian Loi De Yan
Ian Loi De Yan Vor 2 years
Was hoping for another sick scooter montage but this works too :D. Congrats on 20K dude.
TRAPS ;-; Vor 2 years
You make cleaning shelfs look fun 😮 incredibile
Amy's Universe
Amy's Universe Vor 2 years
well done on the 20k. plus love the videos helps me get the courage to solder and refurbish my vintage consoles too.
Bodybody Vor 2 years
Oh my your collection i'm in Love😍😍😍
Bodybody Vor 2 years
Is the giveaway shipping will internationally?
sonictonic Vor 2 years
Looking good! :)
Neon Nightmare
Neon Nightmare Vor 2 years
Another giveaway? Hook me up boi! 🐒
Censorshift Vor 2 years
It would be awesome to win :)
Wojtek S
Wojtek S Vor 2 years
I really enjoy your refurb vids. I love game-boys too❤️
Heavy Metal Nerd
Heavy Metal Nerd Vor 2 years
What is that gameboy game? Lookes nice. I mean every gameboy game looks nice.But this.😆
matt Vor 2 years
The sound was good in the video
litegren Vor 2 years
hey hey giveway come this way VG cart -ey
Ryan Yablow
Ryan Yablow Vor 2 years
I go to the thrifts too and sometimes i find nothing
Aaiwimmie Vor 2 years
I really love your video's man! Keep up the good work
HungryDinoSaw 64
HungryDinoSaw 64 Vor 2 years
I'm surprised he hasn't got more subscribers.
Josephalapod Vor 2 years
Congrats on reaching 20k subs! Say, do you know Sips? He lives out there in Jersey.
Mistah MegaManFan
Mistah MegaManFan Vor 2 years
I’m subbed and yes I’d love another Famicom game for my collection. I’ll be watching whether I win or not!
John Wake Up
John Wake Up Vor 2 years
Best channel! You are up there with Ashens.
scyther1 Vor 2 years
congrats on the new landmark for subs.
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