2019 Brazilian Grand Prix: Race Highlights

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An incredible race with an epic finish!
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17 Nov 2019



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Guilherme Rosemberg
Have you guys heard? 4:37 Through Descida do Lago,i wonder if they know all the corners name
Gunther Vor 2 Tage
whos here after ALBON got his first PODIUM at the Tuscan GP!!!
Ryan Thunderhammer
I miss the old Toro Rossi liveries, but the new Alpha Tauri liveries are pretty cool as well
Orxan Adigozalov
Orxan Adigozalov Vor 2 Tage
6:26 didn't know Gasly is brazilian
he isnt
arthur g
arthur g Vor 2 Tage
How does Hamilton always end up first? Verstappen overtake him like 3 times when he so much lead early on. Also how does Hamilton come out of the accident unharmed and continue whereas other cars get destroyed.
Christopher Robin Garrish
5:16 Lap 66 Brazil 2019 Vettel/Scuderia Part Company
Esther Mekile
Esther Mekile Vor 5 Tage
M8 Lewis is such a wanker
Deepak T
Deepak T Vor 5 Tage
Max, the best in wheel to wheel racing !
Rafael Pfütze
Rafael Pfütze Vor 6 Tage
GP do Brasil nunca deve sair do calendário!
Nrx Alimnia
Nrx Alimnia Vor 7 Tage
Who is here after Gasly win in Monza?
Cmilner_22 Vor 8 Tage
Who’s here now that albon got his first ever podium
Rafi Putra
Rafi Putra Vor 9 Tage
Gasly is levels above Albon. That is common knowledge.
Reynard Christian
Reynard Christian Vor 10 Tage
0:23 Fernando Norris 😅
Zen Cookie
Zen Cookie Vor 10 Tage
YESSSS is max
Michel Santiago
Michel Santiago Vor 13 Tage
Very sad that GP Brazil is still out of the 2020 calendar, without a doubt the best GP, but I understand the situation of the pandemic. 😭😭
Bharat Ram J
Bharat Ram J Vor 13 Tage
Who's here after piere gasly's podium Italy 2020
Maj م م م
Maj م م م Vor 14 Tage
I feel bad for Albon.
Neil O Connor
Neil O Connor Vor 13 Tage
Fuck him
Luca Zakmiov
Luca Zakmiov Vor 14 Tage
btw: Gasly just won Monza 2020. Yes. He won. I feel this man has a great potential to unlock.
xd Phobos
xd Phobos Vor 14 Tage
Who's here after pierre's first win?
hrithik jho
hrithik jho Vor 14 Tage
Fast forward 9 months...he gets his first f1 win at monza and gives red bull a massive middle finger
Lucas Rocha
Lucas Rocha Vor 15 Tage
Gasly P1
안성준 Vor 15 Tage
Gasly's first podium? now winner
Danny Ross
Danny Ross Vor 15 Tage
Here after monza ‘20 to check Gasly ☝️
Jsnsx Vor 15 Tage
Whos here after Monza 2020
Andrew Samarasekara
Who's watching after Gasly took the win at Monza
Bear Josh
Bear Josh Vor 15 Tage
Whose here after Gasly won in Monza
Donson Lee
Donson Lee Vor 15 Tage
Who's watching this again after Gasly's Monza win 👇
Stratowind Vor 14 Tage
If you're wondering why this comment hasn't blown up, those fingers are pointing to the dislike button.
Niek v Disseldorp
Niek v Disseldorp Vor 15 Tage
Who's here after Gasly's win??!
Harman Singh Walia
Harman Singh Walia Vor 15 Tage
Anyone here after gasly’s first win ?
Lucas Glendon
Lucas Glendon Vor 15 Tage
GASLY brought me here
Arthémis Vor 15 Tage
Bravo Pierre Gasly pour ce poduim.
Tudor Olteanu
Tudor Olteanu Vor 15 Tage
Who s there after P1 Monza for Pierre and P2 for Carlos? ❤️
L Vor 15 Tage
xd UnhPen
xd UnhPen Vor 15 Tage
Who's here after Gasly win? LETSSS GOO!!!
Bảo Long Trần
Bảo Long Trần Vor 15 Tage
Who is here after Gasly's first winner 😍
Korn Vor 15 Tage
Who's here after Gasly's first win at Monza?
T Rex
T Rex Vor 6 Tage
HAHAHAHAHA! first place with errors another racers
Makesh Sankaran
Makesh Sankaran Vor 10 Tage
RanchoFundo Vor 14 Tage
Yeah, happy for the guy. I'm tired of Hamilton and mercedes
Flavio Rosa
Flavio Rosa Vor 15 Tage
Qual é a próxima PALHAÇADA da Itália em 2021 por Hamilton? What is Italy's next CLOWN in 2021 by Hamilton? Qual è il prossimo CLOWN italiano nel 2021 di Hamilton?
Christopher Robin Garrish
5:45 British Rationalization my Hamilton Sycophant. Albon had the corner. Brundle says " She asked for it, did you see the miniskirt? "
Christopher Robin Garrish
LeClerc fails to yield to faster senior driver knowing Vettel had DRS and advantage...LeClercs fault %100 5:15
jockejocke1 Vor 16 Tage
On this Sunday, Honda won the world championship race both on two wheels and four. They won the Formula 1 race at Interlagos and the MotoGP race at Valencia, with only hours apart from each other. That is impressive stuff.
MrMondeller Vor 17 Tage
this guy may commentate on a henhouse, and we'ld be like: 8O
Artem Karlenko
Artem Karlenko Vor 17 Tage
Martin Brundle is a ham asslicker , always trying to cover up Hamilton's fault.
kawaii situation !
kawaii situation ! Vor 17 Tage
good job gasly
Syauqi Muhammad Nur Fikri Islami
one of the best race of the year
deagleoneone Vor 20 Tage
Locky Rush
Locky Rush Vor 22 Tage
elongatedstarlight Vor 22 Tage
ً Vor 22 Tage
Man I wish al races were just like this.
Nael Jan
Nael Jan Vor 22 Tage
So is no one gonna talk about sainz's p20 to p3?
Kori Kori
Kori Kori Vor 23 Tage
"Obrigadou interlagous"
Gui Oficial_2
Gui Oficial_2 Vor 24 Tage
*Hamilton corre bem mas é um mal perdedor...*
Frank0221 Vor 25 Tage
Almost a year later and didnt realise the first corner after the restart at 4:20 both redbulls pull off the exact same move on the same turn
Paurav Gulati
Paurav Gulati Vor 26 Tage
Wasnt too hard to wait for the decision on a penalty before the ceremony, stolen from Sainz, no praise for sainz, he came from 20th to get the podium but no highlight of him here 🤣🤣. Its just sad
David Panken
David Panken Vor 26 Tage
The youngest podium ever! With Sainz also there, at P3
TheXSoldier93 Vor 27 Tage
This video never gets old.
Daniel ;
Daniel ; Vor 28 Tage
Lmao Lewis literally isn’t good at wheel to wheel racing.
Dumisani Malusi
Dumisani Malusi Vor 28 Tage
Future Verstapen vs Leclerc battles are going to be epic
Hoshigake Kisame
Hoshigake Kisame Vor 28 Tage
Noé Bctx
Noé Bctx Vor 28 Tage
Alfa Romeo and Haas in the points... 😰😱That was... Hummm... Differente...
Apophis STR
Apophis STR Vor 29 Tage
Ferrari: "Extreme Damage Mod activated."
KingCod246 Vor Monat
4:20 When he loses his voice 😭
Kwok Tai Lam
Kwok Tai Lam Vor Monat
Damn...hear that crowd 3:05 when VER overtakes HAM......gives me the goosebumps...
F1 Player 300
F1 Player 300 Vor Monat
1:14 wait for the voice crack bois
Yolkie Vor Monat
Verstappen: what a pit stop! Kubiza: yeah, ummm... No
Rizky Akbar Pratama
4:15 best 2 redbull
joaquin paez
joaquin paez Vor Monat
fuking hamilton !! he stolen the second place to Albon ! ..
Mick Plomp
Mick Plomp Vor Monat
Lewis should have had a 5 sec penalty
Mundo Bugatto
Mundo Bugatto Vor Monat
Back to f1# up to stand.
Max Verstappen is a more gifted driver than Lewis Hamilton. Prove me wrong
GG F Vor Monat
Btw people think that gasly is better than albon and gasly deserves his seat back but albon has a way better journey and gasly is more experienced thats why hes already got a podium i swear albon is sleapt on.
Rasmus Poulsen
Rasmus Poulsen Vor Monat
Janelle Boyd
Janelle Boyd Vor Monat
I love that how right after Redbull dropped Gasly, he won his first podium behind Max. I’ve watched these highlights like a million times
Home of gaming
Home of gaming Vor Monat
Shut hamilton
A R Vor Monat
Vtec kicked in yo
Luiz Antonio Pereira
Interlagos is fantastic!
Niko Moin
Niko Moin Vor Monat
Gp2 Engine huh?
Tomas Alejandro
Tomas Alejandro Vor Monat
fortnite item shop
//PROJECT JT314 Vor Monat
I just noticed Albon and Max made similar overtakes at the same time on the race restart in lap 59
pingpongpung Vor Monat
Stop fucking shouting.
Scott Gamer
Scott Gamer Vor Monat
Albon and verstappen:supreiest motherf**ker Hamilton and Vettel:tyres are f**king dead
IvanMrtc Vor Monat
Mein Gott muss das sein, so ein **** hahahahaha
Renatus Vor Monat
Christian Horner: Mom can we have Red Bull 1-2 Mom: We have Red Bull 1-2 at home *Red bull 1-2 at home:*
jarno van Lipzig
jarno van Lipzig
Brialant race
Arsh X
Arsh X Vor Monat
6:36 I missed this grid intro theme and the old opening theme of f1 It’s just better pleases switch it back to this for next year
Scott Gamer
Scott Gamer Vor Monat
Albon and verstappen gets the restart good
Apocalypse57 Vor Monat
Back when Mercedes didn't dominate... :(
Darius Edwin
Darius Edwin Vor Monat
Paul Flood
Paul Flood Vor Monat
Gasly's reaction crossing the line needs to be in this highlight, pure emotion
Hd605 Vor Monat
Yes Antonio!
ahmed washington
Roberto Mariani
Roberto Mariani Vor Monat
Such a great race, lots of stuff happened but at 2:38 and following seconds there's the part I liked the most, from back when I watched it live: leclerc had old tyres, hamilton took a few corners to pass him, verstappen did it immediately as soon as hamilton got past him, and then surprised me by overtaking hamilton the next turn too, since he had new tyres too!
Pilot Adam 22
Pilot Adam 22 Vor Monat
If Lewis goes for Alex’s podium again and it ends the same way for a third time we might see a 2018 Verstappen come out and bite back at him 😅
Dominic Viner
Dominic Viner Vor Monat
Looking back why did vettel pull left
The White Recluse
Toro Rosso gets a podium and they're not mentioned once the entire race.
Max Verstappen literally channeling Senna
Mr Nuggets
Mr Nuggets Vor Monat
From this video I have lost all my respect for Hamilton
Piotr Kobielus
Piotr Kobielus Vor Monat
Dawaj Kubica
hamidou ikhlef
hamidou ikhlef Vor Monat
plz subscribe to my Chanel
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