2019 British Grand Prix: Race Highlights

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The 70th British Grand Prix was a classic...
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14 Jul 2019



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Sebastian Heyworth
Sebastian Heyworth Vor 13 Stunden
Vettel: what was he doing? After the race: apologises to Verstappen
rustam590 Vor Tag
Комментаторы ненормальные XD А дома они также орут?
TraMaChi Vor Tag
Vettel: *locks up breaks and rear-ends Verstappen* Also Vettel: *wHaT WaS hE DoInG?*
Stefano Bonora
Stefano Bonora Vor 3 Tage
Best gp of 2019
Point Blank
Point Blank Vor 4 Tage
Max moaning about late moving 😂
Charel Koenig
Charel Koenig Vor 5 Tage
The best race ever
Sazzwan Noor Ekhsan Bin Abd Rahim
Use petronas oil 😊
HyperAva Vor 10 Tage
5:01 is my favorite moment of this season. I love the fact how martin even was so shocked.
Bobby Vor 10 Tage
2019(G) “Respect and dignity.” Furthermore: (“Respect and dignity.”) • (“Respect and dignity, 2019?”)
abhimanyu mhatre
abhimanyu mhatre Vor 12 Tage
I M Vor 13 Tage
Why did Bottas got Hamilton and Hamilton wants the lead already
nishit singh birman
Vettel : "I mean what was he doing?" "BREAKING"
Lyle Clarke
Lyle Clarke Vor 16 Tage
Everyone talking about Brazil and Germany but this race had some proper racing the whole way through.
carwashgaming Vor 19 Tage
3:01. Leclerc should have got a penalty. How in the world could he open drs when he is in front of verstappen.
Yiğithan Demirdik
Yiğithan Demirdik Vor 25 Tage
What an amazing race that was...
Agustín Rodríguez
vettel please fair play
Jennifer marshall
Thank you too
Rodion Raskolnikov
Great highlights.
Michael Dube
Michael Dube Vor Monat
The commentator is lit!
Damien Gare
Damien Gare Vor Monat
Rip Lando Norris, he’s also a Brit so I’m sure people in the crowed also came to se him too and not just Hamilton
Njabulo Mkhonto
Njabulo Mkhonto Vor Monat
Bottas is good in curved and using top speed he know the inches of the distance to come up ^_^ hane
ぅっちょ Vor Monat
レース後すぐに謝罪に来たベッテルと、謝罪を受け入れて彼を許したフェルスタッペン。 関係が出来ている2人だからこそ! ルクレールとはまだ出来ていない。
the gaming trex
the gaming trex Vor Monat
Was I the only one who saw both the world cup and f1 at the same time
- Defianc3
- Defianc3 Vor Monat
*Did Vettel execute a RedBull 33?*
Wade 91
Wade 91 Vor Monat
Is I was Verstappen, I would’ve dragged Vettel out of his car and broken the little weasels hands. I hate how Vettel does it so often, and to the extent of ruining another persons race!
Kos _IRE
Kos _IRE Vor Monat
Croft needs to go commontate on crufts Ffs. get your man off eurosport.
PiotrekYT Vor Monat
5:55 this is Vettel's fault
Xbox Player
Xbox Player Vor Monat
Yes Sherlock
Leo DiCpario
Leo DiCpario Vor Monat
Hamilton leads thanks to safety car and pit stop.. I hate that when a driver leads because safety car enters
Barış Oktay
Barış Oktay Vor Monat
Those drone shots are awesome.
Bartosz Grzesik
Bartosz Grzesik Vor Monat
This highlight looks like a game, not reality
NtsParadize Vor Monat
Thanks to poor F1 graphics
zuheo23 Vor Monat
Vettel the Cheater
Rayer Vor Monat
3:16 between two supreme leade....... supremely talented drivers
Karl Burchill
Karl Burchill Vor Monat
Best race of 2019 so far So much action!
Bungle2010 Vor Monat
Karl Burchill Indeed. And I was fortunate enough to be there. My first GP too, having watched it on TV since the late ‘80s. I really lucked in there. B)
João Soares
João Soares Vor Monat
Where Valtteri Bottas has put some great mov....OH NO!
Yerilich AkC
Yerilich AkC Vor Monat
5:43 welcome to f1 online. where your legit overtake cost you the entire race
ArthurAlcantara Vor Monat
The moment at 1:35 will remain one of the biggest goofs in F1 broadcasting for years to come.
SG 7104C
SG 7104C Vor Monat
2018: “Valtteri, It’s James.” 2019: “James, It’s Valtteri.”
Euromangames Vor Monat
JohnGRamer 47
JohnGRamer 47 Vor Monat
Without Bottas Lewis would be nothing
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