2020 Toyota Supra - BMW or Toyota? The UNTOLD TRUE STORY

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The internet is on fire with opinions about the new Toyota Supra and BMW Z4, but it seems that there isn't much in the way of facts. We decided to dig into some research and find out what the truth actually was behind the Toyota and BMW partnership.
Spoiler alert: Most of the internet is wrong. (Surprise, I know!)
This took hundreds of hours of research and translation from German and Japanese as well as a number of in-person interviews with the actual designers and engineers from both the BMW and Toyota teams. Below I'll drop the online references we used in order to get the information presented in this video, feel free to check them out! If you liked the info here and want to see more fantastic automotive content, feel free to hit the like button, subscribe, and turn on notifications so you never miss a video!
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31 Jan 2019

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Gabe Weideman
Gabe Weideman Vor 6 Monate
I'm sitting here reading through the comments with a little bit of disbelief in the disrespect going on. How can people make a full judgment on a vehicle when they've not driven it yet? They made a saying for that situation in particular. I thought your video gave everyone more than enough reason to WANT to drive this car, but it seems like most the people who commented hardly watched at all, and had their mind made up before they had even started. It's people like this that are ruining the car culture and car scene. Forcing good, well made, torch carrying cars into the ground because they couldn't get off their high horse of nostalgia. Fantastic video and keep doing what your doing. It is, as you said, the UNTOLD TRUE STORY, that people need to hear.
Anthony Rodriguez
Move on with your life, people are so desperate they’re swapping in 2Js in this load of disappointment, the hype was dead as soon as the C8 Corvette and new Shelby GT500 Mustang came in the scene, this is the biggest car company in the world yet they somehow lack so much originality they have to knock on BMW’s door for help with their own (was) legendary car, I don’t care if they don’t share these or those parts, this is just another cash grab breaking among millions of hearts across the globe...
UnionPacific1337 Vor 13 Tage
You don't need to fully experience the car to make an opinion about it. For example. Say I was not a harry potter fan. Saying "Oh hurr durr you have not read the series yet so you cant make an opinion yet hurr durr" Well. What if that person likes realistic things, like hardy boys or may amelia? Not to be rude. This is just a thing that new car guys should know, sorry if i sound like an a-hole.
pininfarina575 Vor 26 Tage
Original Man
Original Man Vor 28 Tage
You the idiiot here who doesnt seem tp get the fact the true fans wants it built with japanese hands from the ground up . Fpr japanese by Japanese . Fuck bmw .
Jerome Brown
Jerome Brown Vor Monat
All BMW. You can sugar-coat it all you want. It wasn't a partnership, it was a piggyback on BMW by Toyota.
Oscar Ramirez
Oscar Ramirez Vor 8 Stunden
It looks like shit. Terrible.
CPA marketingacademy
CPA marketingacademy Vor 14 Stunden
BMW out of the brands in the world 🤣🤣🤣🤣wtf is wrong with you Toyota?? Don't worry sells will make you understand your mistake.
Travis Atwood
Travis Atwood Vor 16 Stunden
Why is there only two exhaust ports tho?
59vaughn Vor 17 Stunden
Brz missed it's opportunity....it was the successor...Shuda used a flat six turbo...as the next level...oh well....
Luis Muros
Luis Muros Vor Tag
Well done good sir
Alexis Jordan Schreiner
Haha whats next a mustang with a 4 banger!? Oh wait.
Garry Reyom
Garry Reyom Vor Tag
Two of my three favorite car companies
fricc you
fricc you Vor Tag
There is Subaru BRZ and toyota 86 and y’all out here complaining about the Supra?
Chi wai Sung
Chi wai Sung Vor Tag
Your the first and only person that's western has called the TOYOTA GT 86 = eight six correctly and all the other so call car review expert's that i watched in the past calls it eighty six... Just for that it already show how carefully you do your research and acknowledgement on the topics you talk about in your videos.
nanev1976 Vor 3 Tage
So, it is BMW after all. Big disappointment.
TimmyDoesGFX Vor 2 Tage
bmw with the perks of japanese engineering, did you not watch the video?
Tyler Walter
Tyler Walter Vor 3 Tage
Maybe this will help make BMW increase reliability this really could be a major thing for the luxury car industry but I do agree BMW has always has amazing handling no matter what you’re in.
Coda Kanjo
Coda Kanjo Vor 4 Tage
I couldn’t think of a more annoying voice then yours mate
TimmyDoesGFX Vor 2 Tage
out of all the insults to make because you are mad for no reason, this is definitely the worst. please try harder next time.
Jack Robertson
Jack Robertson Vor 5 Tage
How can they gauge the demand for a manual transmission Supra with sales figures if they don't offer a manual to begin with.. that makes absolutely no sense.
Caribbean GTR
Caribbean GTR Vor 6 Tage
Toyota does not listen to it's customers. This car could have been pure Toyota with a 2JZGTE VVTi from the Aristo. Same 6 speed Getrag, and they have a dual clutch in other models could have been used. BMW does not have a 6 cylinder as good as the 2J. Let me tell you something about the FT86, it's not as good as the AE86 which was a great handling 5 seater compared to this new 2 seater nonsense. Toyota were to put the AE86 back into production with a 3SGTE engine, neither the FT86 or this Bupra would sell to a true Toyota enthusiasts; these new models would be sold to the normmal Joe Blow just looking for a m OK car. Very disappointing.
Branon Fontaine
Branon Fontaine Vor 6 Tage
Jap built junk....
Brad Cuneo
Brad Cuneo Vor 6 Tage
I can see Toyota working with BMW or other manufacturers on their everyday driver cars but I'm sorry, you don't do that with an iconic model like the Supra! That model should be a completely in-house car, designed and engineered by Toyota period.
Chris ZX14R
Chris ZX14R Vor 7 Tage
BMW should be buying cars from Toyota not the other way around.
alarmman08 Vor 8 Tage
I believe 100% that if theyve dropped a Lexus LFA motor in it, it wouldve been the best supra ever built.
Caribbean GTR
Caribbean GTR Vor 6 Tage
Couldn't pay for it though, but yea that would have been great
jayson team
jayson team Vor 9 Tage
this car is a lot better then the corvette i love the new supra
mattd19902010 Vor 6 Tage
The new corvette is going to hurt alot of haters feelings
burningknuckle26 Vor 9 Tage
looks amazing in person
kevin couture
kevin couture Vor 9 Tage
toyota could have done rebadge with anyother car but shouldnt have with supra
NoMore9to5Work Vor 9 Tage
GTR > Supra
Panzerkampfwagen Vor 10 Tage
Japan and German : Supra A90 USA : Corvette C8
Fix It
Fix It Vor 11 Tage
They managed to fuck up the concept supra.
tnt Vor 12 Tage
This car will never be a legend as the Mark lV Supra because maybe we see this new Supra making 800 hp but at a way higher price than a Toyota Supra and would not be surprised if you had to repair the engine after 3 runs
UnionPacific1337 Vor 13 Tage
UH UH, NO. The new supras rear end looks like a lexus lc500 2019. SO MUCH. I have even seen pictures of them with Toyota Racing Development license plates
Mohsen Mohsen
Mohsen Mohsen Vor 13 Tage
Fucking retards. Your worth billions and billions of dollars why would you need to partner up on something you already own. Look what the new corvette did. Fuck you Toyota stick to Corolla. Fucking retards
ASRoces Vor 13 Tage
Made in Japan by Toyota. That is more important than being as good to drive as a BMW.
elvacano231 Vor 13 Tage
In other words BMW garbage
Albon excellent work.
Albon Vor 3 Tage
Thank you, kind sir
David Martin
David Martin Vor 14 Tage
If this car proves to be a winner, there could be a manual in the future for the right price I would imagine.
David Martin
David Martin Vor 14 Tage
What got my attention, was the fact that Toyota stress tested the components before allowing them to be used. That is why 90% of my cars have been Japanese produced.
David Martin
David Martin Vor 14 Tage
Very objective review IMO. I plan to take a test drive soon.
bloodymirgoku Vor 16 Tage
Ugly azz BMW that shouldn't be called Supra ugly z4
Alex Agykum
Alex Agykum Vor 17 Tage
I’m having a feeling Toyota is behind this video, is too detailed, well explained. Very good.
deoriginaldon1 Vor 18 Tage
Same chassis,same engine, same transmission,just different body styling,they're a twin.
Ranger75rgt Vor 19 Tage
I'm sorry, it's a great looking,and probably performing car it just needs to be named anything other than Supra. But they took the fucking heart of what made a Supra a freaking Supra!! Toyota could very easily modernized the 2jz engine.parts are readily available already for it and wasn't that the whole point of bringing supra back to life. The drag racing, track racing autocross racing enthusiast and you remove its heart.really!!! I tried to be open minded and receptive to the car but when i heard putting a freaking z4 Motor in it.in my opinion was just disrespectful af to the supra Heritage. I could've been satisfied with losing the 2jz if they would've atleast put the E46 M3 inline 6 engine in it. Hi revs,crazy power capabilities.and we're not being disrespectful, we're upset about the disrespect done to an amazing car.
Gustavo Rios - Morales
What you have here is a BMW cuz the RealToyota Supra comes with a 2jz engine!!
Ranger75rgt Vor 18 Tage
@pm ayo even the 1jz was an awesome Motor. I just can't see why Toyota would shelf a severely field tested and passed with flying colors engine. Once you've perfected something and know it works you don't go backwards and put an unproven Motor into a car that has the following the supra has especially if it's been retired for almost 20yrs and you're bringing it back. I could understand if that engine was known for having issues or failures yeah sure let's try something new so we can improve such a loved car engine combo but nobody, not even die freaking hard mopar humping, imports suck, nothing is good unless it comes from america can say that 1 engine isn't a masterpiece and to not put it where it belongs in a Supra doesn't make sense.I'm sorry, really not trying to hate on the car.personally i think it's beautiful and that makes this even worse knowing what that car could've been from the jump. Another perfect combo.
pm ayo
pm ayo Vor 18 Tage
So the 1st to 3rd generation Supras aren't really "Supras" because they don't have a 2JZ?
Ranger75rgt Vor 19 Tage
Thank you
overbuilt automotive
front suspension look to more modern cheap non wish bone stuff .mk3 mk4 had better stuff in them lasting oh a long time but oh well .i ant buying a damn automatic ill just buy a wreck n swap it to a manual tranny
jackie moua
jackie moua Vor 20 Tage
pretty much everything with the power is bmw.. not a toyota sorry.. other than suspension and chassis it sounds like toyota just did the q/c work..
Ron Mexico
Ron Mexico Vor 20 Tage
What a piece of shit. A C8 with a mid engined V8 for 60K. Wow, tough decision.
Jerry Cecco
Jerry Cecco Vor 21 Tag
I went tot local dealer today,, they waned $29K over MSRP, I left. I wont be back...335hp!!! I value it @ $34k MAX
Jerry Cecco
Jerry Cecco Vor 16 Tage
@chris pinkston OK, I'm going to wait til it's cheaper AND faster than a C8.
chris pinkston
chris pinkston Vor 16 Tage
really around 390hp but still. dont pay over MSRP, just wait
Herman A
Herman A Vor 21 Tag
No manual transmission option for the new Supra was a tragic mistake. How does something like that even happen?
Andy T
Andy T Vor 21 Tag
Much better then japan and American mergers
Andy T
Andy T Vor 21 Tag
Who cares
Swat Vor 22 Tage
I haven’t seen any New Supras in California yet. Kind of strange
Ghost Gameing
Ghost Gameing Vor 23 Tage
Toyota should of went with ford motor ! not bmw !!! like the Ford 4.0 inline 6 Barra motor
Theotherone HzD
Theotherone HzD Vor 23 Tage
They should of just named the GT86 A supra
John D
John D Vor 23 Tage
It’s a disgrace to be called a Supra... fk toyota.... all for profit ... bmw reincarnated their dad Z4.... what a pos !!! If they made it the size of LC500 then it could be called a Supra.... this should be a Celica GT
Brah Vor 24 Tage
Having driven the 2020 Supra it’s fast but at the end of the day it’s a re-badged Z4 which will ether turn potential owners off or to others it won’t matter. It’s the same re-badging we’ve seen with Toyota / Lexus, Nissan / Infiniti, Honda / Acura which is buyers preference
Jesus Fer
Jesus Fer Vor 25 Tage
You forgot to mention that the collaboration between the largest automotive in the world that is TOYOTA and the second one that is BMW. During that collaboration Toyota shared hybrid technology to BMW.
equilibrium !
equilibrium ! Vor 26 Tage
2013 335i...
pininfarina575 Vor 26 Tage
i don't care who developed what i just wanted a F/R I6 sports car that's refined and attainable. TADA~~~
Fix It
Fix It Vor 26 Tage
Not gonna buy a car that's gonna be unreliable and expensive to fix. That's not Toyota's identity sorry. They should have just used a a Lexus engine
Nick Vor 28 Tage
The new corvette has killed this expensive toyota 86.
Clifford Kun
Clifford Kun Vor 26 Tage
Not really, but both the Mid-engine Corvette and the new Supra are amazing.
pm ayo
pm ayo Vor 26 Tage
Not just yet...
Belmont Kraft
Belmont Kraft Vor 29 Tage
Supra made by Polacks. Hahaha... oh, wow! 😂 Lived there for many years, Poland is a dump full of crusty, miserable and self-hating, inferiority complexed third world Slavs! Thanks, but no thanks🖕🏻
Garnet heron
Garnet heron Vor 29 Tage
Good job Toyota. I want a Supra.
Neil Gibbons
Neil Gibbons Vor Monat
Well heck they look alike. !
Scott Young
Scott Young Vor Monat
God that music is annoying
SunRoad Vor Monat
The loud background music has killed the great substance in the work. One cannot understand why a producer decides to traumatize his audience with such a non-stop loud noise, thought a music, in the background?
J Ko
J Ko Vor Monat
So, where's the manual trans? Can't buy one without it.
JRowe 636
JRowe 636 Vor Monat
Eventually both cars will be out and eventually there will be a compatibility list. We'll see how similar they really are.
anthony truong
anthony truong Vor Monat
The clone of a Z4.
Jerome Brown
Jerome Brown Vor Monat
BMW engine, drivetrain, interior. BMW!!!
Markus Patients
Markus Patients Vor Monat
I like the concept idea of the bolt on car unbolt from chassis body.. Just take out the steering column, unplug a few wires and pop a new body on and away you go...
Amer Mohamad Ali
Yup just like proton. Rebadged all of their car. None of the cars is development under their name. What a shamed
Amer Mohamad Ali
FYI i do watch it till end. Just wanna inform that Proton company do only rebadged car. LOL
mitch lowe
mitch lowe Vor Monat
Amer Mohamad Ali did you even watch the video? Lmao
Supercyber Cow
Supercyber Cow Vor Monat
First things first, Supra was never a roadster - it was a full fledged sport car, wtf with the roadster !?
Brian Simpson
Brian Simpson Vor Monat
C'mon... The Japanese do what they always do. Take existing ideas and innovate. So they took the inline 6 from BMW, along w/ a few other upgrades. So TF what... Toyota inspected/revised every aspect of the engine & design of the Z4 and made it better. It may have started out as the same engine, but it clearly is not. I've already seen multiple head to heads with these 2 cars and the Supra smokes it in the quarter mile. Same engine & similar in weight. The difference? The displacement of power is COMPLETELY different. The crank is putting out WAY more power than the Z engine. Can't wait for the Supra to hit the market.
Elliott Marshall
Why does the damn music always drown out the verbiage? The makers of these videos ought to try to listen before posting!
Gary Pedro Crock l BieH
Last time I saw German and Japanese people working together was in the 1940s.
Marco Marco
Marco Marco Vor Monat
soukighan Vor Monat
BMW+Toyota development = 50.000$ Toyota own development from scratch = 100.000$+ Use your brain and you'll know why they chose to do a partnership, not to mention 99.99% of the fanbois can't even afford a bicycle..
soukighan Vor Monat
People should learn more about history, the old Supra is a big overrated car that doesn't even come near compared to the other rivals in the time
Nguyen TT
Nguyen TT Vor Monat
Wow great vid! Too bad the design is ugly and too compact
Marwah Latif
Marwah Latif Vor Monat
Pay double the price to have the right for opinion sounds more like I need a lot of money to release the Manuel transmission.
Teddy Leonor
Teddy Leonor Vor Monat
Z4 Jap. version😁
Ken H
Ken H Vor Monat
The truth is, Toyota could have made better Supra without any BMW intervention.
soukighan Vor Monat
Yeah and sell it for 100.000$+ for you to buy it right ? you're going to spend that much for a Supra ?
SairousClaou Vor Monat
Worse outcome ever for a new automotive upcoming model , on all departments! They messed up big time this time... So sad. This outcome will decimate all previous Supra generations GOING UP IN PRICES !
UK Melodies
UK Melodies Vor Monat
Woww nice
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wtf i love albon now
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