2020 Toyota Supra - BMW or Toyota? The UNTOLD TRUE STORY

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The internet is on fire with opinions about the new Toyota Supra and BMW Z4, but it seems that there isn't much in the way of facts. We decided to dig into some research and find out what the truth actually was behind the Toyota and BMW partnership.
Spoiler alert: Most of the internet is wrong. (Surprise, I know!)
This took hundreds of hours of research and translation from German and Japanese as well as a number of in-person interviews with the actual designers and engineers from both the BMW and Toyota teams. Below I'll drop the online references we used in order to get the information presented in this video, feel free to check them out! If you liked the info here and want to see more fantastic automotive content, feel free to hit the like button, subscribe, and turn on notifications so you never miss a video!
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31 Jan 2019

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Gabe Weideman
Gabe Weideman Vor 9 Tage
I'm sitting here reading through the comments with a little bit of disbelief in the disrespect going on. How can people make a full judgment on a vehicle when they've not driven it yet? They made a saying for that situation in particular. I thought your video gave everyone more than enough reason to WANT to drive this car, but it seems like most the people who commented hardly watched at all, and had their mind made up before they had even started. It's people like this that are ruining the car culture and car scene. Forcing good, well made, torch carrying cars into the ground because they couldn't get off their high horse of nostalgia. Fantastic video and keep doing what your doing. It is, as you said, the UNTOLD TRUE STORY, that people need to hear.
OutLawMula Vor 10 Stunden
+Azzazel wah wah wah cry baby want his bah bah
OutLawMula Vor 10 Stunden
+will japinoy what's wrong with that you dumb fanboy? Better cars for everyone.
OutLawMula Vor 10 Stunden
+Treel09 you need to stfu and stop trying to force your opinions on everyone.
Retro Regulator
Retro Regulator Vor 20 Stunden
As a mechanic I can say you obviously have zero experience with bmw. They gave the worst quality of any car ive ever experienced. So fuck you pussy ass bitch.
Robert Wyland
Robert Wyland Vor 21 Stunde
This the current culture we live in. Facts have no place, we react on opinion based on snippets of truth and mounds imagined realities. We see it politics all the time, so why not cars? Sit pn your ass and espouse is easier than actually finding out on your own.
Emir A.
Emir A. Vor 14 Minuten
we love supra due to 2jz engine , not the inline sixes.
Car Culture
Car Culture Vor 31 Minute
I work for an OEM supplier for Nissan. I have to say that this is really embarrassing for Toyota. They care more about producing a cliche easy mass production car with no effort. They are simply looking for an easy sell with high profit margin. There was no creativity or Toyota touch in the design process. They just took the easy way out partnering with BMW and now they’ve got a mediocre product. Absolute disappointment.
trentc32 Vor 37 Minuten
Looks like the LC 500 is the the only option for a Supra replacement. This is pure garbage.
nissan1580sx Vor 2 Stunden
If Toyota and BMW does finally develop a manual transmission, I should hope that it is at least equal or better than the one found in the current Corvette. In the short term until the price of electricity comes down to a very reasonable level, we will continue to see more refined petrol powered vehicles. Eventually when it does arrive to the point of time, we will be using electric powered vehicles or other type of powered vehicle (hydrogen etc)
azonicrider32 Vor 4 Stunden
Toyota:"Hey BMW, can we buy your z4 and rebrand it as a Toyota?" BMW:"Sure, but you tune it"
atroise Vor 4 Stunden
Don't use Bolts to hold the wheels, as it unsafe e hurt the mechanics, as when the loose the last bolt it fall, and if you are in a rush bad injuries
solngv8 Vor 4 Stunden
What a huge disappointment. The Supra should have been the super sexy FT-1 put into production pushing 450+ hp competing against the Nissan GTR.
atroise Vor 5 Stunden
NOOOOOOO Toyota don't mix with this Garbage brand BMW, your reputation for quality, gonna happen like Nissan, now is garbage
Yo Momma
Yo Momma Vor 5 Stunden
The making the this car has been click bait..... call it something else. The Supra, GTR, and NSX are released only to be the PINNICAL of sports cars in their respective classes. That's what keeps those legends going. Im sure this is a great road car, but let's not kidd our self's= it ain't a Supra
6 City KidTM
6 City KidTM Vor 5 Stunden
premium content.. 👌🏽💯💯
Coco Tava
Coco Tava Vor 8 Stunden
Bmw 318ti
Jon Decker
Jon Decker Vor 10 Stunden
I work as a contractor to ToyotaUSA and this was the best breakdown of the confusion in the story, I've seen anyone do yet. To the naysayers saying this car will suck, you'll have to drive it.
ohmyafy Vor 11 Stunden
Is it just me or the Z4 looks like it could be a Mercedes?
Christopher Diaz
Christopher Diaz Vor 11 Stunden
So essentially the New "Supra" is a more powerful better handling ae86 this time, with a bmw powertrain
VOIP Portland
VOIP Portland Vor 11 Stunden
It is a fail.
Tareq Saleem
Tareq Saleem Vor 12 Stunden
Driving an automatic car is like playing a shooter with aim-assist, what a shame.
Omar M Khalil
Omar M Khalil Vor 14 Stunden
if you wanted your video to be more credible, you should have acknowledged that the interior is actually BMW, especially the infotainment.
erstla Vor 14 Stunden
It sucks that they used a BMW engine. The 86/BRZ, at least Subaru is a Japanese company, that is partly owned by Toyota.
TheOneG36 జ్ఞ‌ా
untold? i know this fact since 2017 or 2018, btw. many car makers do this, there are more then 2000 Cars which where not built by the BATCH on the Front.... :)
Notorious 92240
Notorious 92240 Vor 17 Stunden
I dont kno to much buuut its ugly af
Mr Oversteer
Mr Oversteer Vor 19 Stunden
At least we have ADM, EDM, and KDM
VENOM TECH Vor 19 Stunden
Your video is the most well researched thing I've seen in while but not only that! It was well written the soundboarding was excellent the background music set the pace for absorbing some info and the video clip sourcing was excellent... This deserves all the views it got and more, keep up the good work you sir have earned my sub and like
me nkat
me nkat Vor 19 Stunden
Not so much!
Michael Chandler
Michael Chandler Vor 19 Stunden
Looks like an ND miata. After watching the video, they met an interesting engineering challenge. Lack of a manual gear box is sad but that's just the direction the world is moving. Unfortunately the price tag puts this car in the "I liked Supras when I was young and now I have some disposable income cause I'm 50" range. Should be a fun one to see but I'm predicting RX-8 like sales. Reboots are hard. Trying to capture new peoples hearts while staying true to the old. It's not an easy thing. Because the people judging it don't actually want a new car. They want to feel like they did when they first saw a Supra. Or first sat behind the wheel of one. When they were young. But time goes in one direction and you only live once. Without having driven it I say good job guys. I think they pulled off something special here. I think the combination of upfront engineering from BMW coupled with the durability testing from Toyota could have lead to a race quality engine. I'm sure the turbo set up will have to get scrapped by the after market community but with a little luck the internals will be OK with that and we'll start seeing some 4 digit HP numbers.
black fat ninja
black fat ninja Vor 20 Stunden
Supra should be a street car not a super car
Omar Hajjar
Omar Hajjar Vor 20 Stunden
It's a god damn automatic What the fuck
Domingo De Anda
Domingo De Anda Vor 20 Stunden
Toyonkes always kick ass.
Omar Hajjar
Omar Hajjar Vor 20 Stunden
Can't wait for Ferrari to join this partnership and then pull out of it. If you get what I mean
cashtous Vor 20 Stunden
They should have made the ft 1 a production car that compares to the gtr and made another car
cashtous Vor 20 Stunden
They did not part ways there have you seen the interior of the Supra
Lil Rake
Lil Rake Vor 20 Stunden
90% of the people with opinions and hate towards this vehicle are just like me, they can't fucking afford it anyway.
Chris S
Chris S Vor 21 Stunde
What the hell the supra looks like a prius and a BMW got wasted and had a baby
Brett Cahill
Brett Cahill Vor 21 Stunde
Great information! It'll be interesting to see what people say once the car is released. The new supra was never going to be a second 2jz or anything, regulations just don't allow it. With auto, you look at cars like the GTR and have to think, does it matter? My preference is always manual, but I have to admit automatic transmission has come a long way. Also its strange how after this, I'm excited about the supra, but still not too fussed about the z4..? Great video!
Andrei Gauna Adamson
Andrei Gauna Adamson Vor 21 Stunde
Good that they used so many shared parts; in few year you'll be able to buy a damager URUs and fix it with VW and BMW parts for a fraction of the price. Tavarish style
05EVORS Vor 22 Stunden
The last over-rated bar of soap styled Supra that everyone seems to love and remember was just a rebadged SC300 Lexo touring sedan lol... Deep down EVERYONE knows bmw drivelines and mechanicals are not toyota reliable and I think thats why the negative vibe. People were expecting in house toyota I-6 w 500hp to play with mustang/camaro kid cars and keep up w vettes and stuff...instead they are served a Paris Accord 'climate freindly' 335hp powerband formula from 2005
Sean Gauthier
Sean Gauthier Vor 22 Stunden
First of all I will say that this Documentary Video was well done by "Albon"; it was not biased and presented the evolution and the collaboration aspects that took place between Toyota and BMW!! Now, this is my perspective: my 1st (New) Car was a '99 Toyota Corolla Sport-touring (No A/C...dooo)..:-(, then I traded up in 2002 to a 2nd (New) Car, Toyota Camry (Two young Kids & Wife who wants A/C), led to the Camry...plus Size for two kids Car Seats..:-) Fast forward to 2006, Camry due for Lease-End, but No New Camry, so I went to GM (Pontiac G6 V6)...Don't ask...I'll never do that again!! POS!!! Summer 2006=Divorce..:-(, add in two Crashes with Pontiac in 2007 & '08...got rid of Car. Now here is where things get interesting...I always wanted a BMW 3-Series or 5-Series; so I found a 2000 BMW 540i"A" Sport Pkg E39 near-by, so I took the "Leap of Faith"...Bad decision, Car had lots of KM's 253,000 and lotttsss of issues; Bought Car for $5,000.00 CDN and have spent close to another $5,000 on parts, labor, taxes, duties...I know long story..ehh!! I have always admired "Japanese" Cars & Motorcycles; I've Owned 6 Bikes: '80 Yamaha GT80, '80 Yamaha Enduro 100, '85 (New) Yamaha Seca 400s, '91 ('87 Yamaha FZR1000RR), 2005 (New) Suzuki GSXR1000R, '14 (Used) 2002 Honda CBR1100xx Super Blackbird!! Thoughts>>Pros: New 2020 Supra, very nice Car, Cons: Two much influence, design and manufacturing processes taken place outside of "Japan"...IMO, Toyota did not need to collaborate with BMW, they've been building High Performance Cars long enough, to make the NEW SUPRA, the BEST EVER!!!!
305 DOC
305 DOC Vor 22 Stunden
Pure crap, last generation much better. Corvette superior sports car.
Queen Shay
Queen Shay Vor 22 Stunden
Time to buy a 370z nismo
David Vor 22 Stunden
It's a Toyota tested BMW. An automatic BMW. Pass.
ParadoxPerspective Vor 23 Stunden
Hey remember that one OTHER time the Japanese and the Germans teamed up??
Victor Pungprakearti
Victor Pungprakearti Vor 23 Stunden
Awesome Video! well done.
Katyusha Vor 23 Stunden
we need elon musk to make a hypercar
rafaymago1 Vor 23 Stunden
The benefits were for bmw, I don't know Bmw are a high maintenance car and toyota is a very reliable car (dealers service department are the reason toyota gets a little hate) I had both and still drivin a toyota, the beamer is long gone with a one time engine rebuilt in my possession.
TeensierPython -
TeensierPython - Vor 23 Stunden
I haven’t seen the Z4 before this. Looks really nice.
halim dawdi
halim dawdi Vor Tag
I Am very disappointed at toyota . Cant believe that they cant make their own sport car ( supra). How can Nissan (GTR )and Honda (ASX )do it ,but toyota which is the most respected brand in the world fail.
Clay Baird
Clay Baird Vor Tag
Blahhhhhh my Yaris will Skool your asssessss
ZYBA Vor Tag
Things change
Tom Raymond
Tom Raymond Vor Tag
If Alfa had also co-designed I'd be getting worried. At that point they'd produce something that kicked ass until Ford, Jaguar and Peugeot eventually fought back and got the upper hand... (I'd say Renault but they're basically Nissan's / Mercedes these days so wouldn't work!)
Jason Ash
Jason Ash Vor Tag
I'm sad It's just a Toyota Z4 I guess mellenials want this shit but the Supra stops at the Mk4 end of story
Tom Raymond
Tom Raymond Vor Tag
Thanks for the top norch clarification! So a Toyota sports coupe with the best European auto box and latest BMW engine, which they improved so that now you also get a BMW roadster with Toyota reliability!? Would prefer a manual but still, better get one of each to compare!
Eddie Booker
Eddie Booker Vor Tag
Sounds like you're getting the best of both worlds to me. I guess that's not good enough...smh
Heath Gentry
Heath Gentry Vor Tag
Good view of the collaboration. It changed my initial opinion.
It looks ok except for the front end.
boston records
Joe Milo
Joe Milo Vor Tag
Its powered by BMW so there for it's a BMW
Opposite Lock
Shed a few tears at the last line.
jishimoari Vor Tag
Everitging is better than working with Franches or Italians!
Danny B
Danny B Vor Tag
Great video , turn the music volume down a bit bro .
Roxicodone 30MG
Bring back the SOLARA drop top please. This Supra is no bueno.
Meshiv American
Music used??
Kilamaw Vor Tag
I don't really like the new supra For the ones who loves the old supra do #oldsupra
Ege Sevindi
Ege Sevindi Vor Tag
It's like your son is at home, but you're trying to find him at the far end of the world, germany.
Kamikaze Eightytwo
MAN........... TO THE DESIGNER OF THIS CAR I GIVE YOU ONE BIG ASS AID INFESTED MIDDLE FINGER TO YOU...... This ain't no where near a Supra and never will be. Don't try... please. Leave the damn car at the 2002 mark. The Supra is dead from here on out as we all true motorheads know. GTFO here with this FT-1 clone..... Lay the Supra to rest.
Exposer333 Vor Tag
Toyota finding the BMW's 6cyl. engine not reliable enough, that tells alot about the quality standards of Toyota.
This doesnt live up to the supra . fuk outa here with that shit . call it anything but a supra.
Nunya Bizness
So, Toyota built a 'so-so' version of the BMW Z4. That's not 'impressive' in any way. Pass.
Orange OwL
Orange OwL Vor Tag
its not a supra. BMW Z4 outspecs' it. just trying to get the $. sad
netmagi Vor Tag
great vid, thx!
Alexander Cruz
Nice zupra
Chris Van Middelkoop
This makes me sad. I don't like modern german cars. They are too uptight about everything. I am sure the new supra is going to be a better driver than the z4 but It isn't going to have the japanese feel and ease of maintenance. only available in auto is proof of that. Japan would not make a drivers car that is auto...
Pradyumna Dongare
The only thing that really looks unappealing to me is its interior. It doesn't look Toyota and driver oriented at all. Even Honda civic sedan has much much better driver oriented interior than this new Supra. It looks like a Bmw interior but a lower end version of Z4. If this is about co-development then you should also look at GT86 and what Toyota has achieved with its interior. A fully driver oriented Japanese Oni.
I loved my MKIV. Everything but the auto transmision. I didn't think it would affect my love of the car when I bought it, but after a while I came to realization that it ruined it. So much so, I felt compelled to buy a new car. Also, I just noticed the new Supra has a park-brake button, not lever? Why not just be done with it and make it FWD, no LSD, remove the tacho, put a prius engine in it, make it 4-door, remove any lumbar support, have a really high seating position, reduce the track, numb the power stearing and paint it beige. Sigh, it just goes to show Toyota aren't in touch with what enthusiasts want. Maybe the car isn't targeted at enthusiasts though, maybe it's targeted at yuppies who don't know any better. This should have been labelled the new Soarer.
Tang Li
Tang Li Vor Tag
If no manual transmission, I don't want one... A sports car with out a clutch, is not my thing :'( Fingers crossed for the manual trans
andy perez
andy perez Vor Tag
Why call it a supra tho??
Daniel Tapia
Daniel Tapia Vor Tag
As someone who has built and raced many inline-6 based race-cars (From L28 to RB26 to 1/2JZGTE engines AND N54 twin turbo based cars). I can tell you that BMW's involvement can only help Toyota's new Supra. They are one of the best inline-6 engine manufacturers in the world and EASILY better than Toyota at building performance engines, period. Toyota only makes cookie cutter engines that work, but all of their performance engines where made in partnership with outside, third party companies like Yamaha. This includes their most famous engines.You have to be a Toyota fanboy to think otherwise. Trust me, you don't know what you're talking about.
Skylah Vor Tag
I give zero shits, its still a true Supra, go ahead and get mad at me, it will still be a true Supra.
It's Arthur
It's Arthur Vor Tag
why is toyota so fucking lazy? they have subaru making the 86 now they have BMW making the supra? I get it, saves money for the company but what the fuck they are just ruining the Supra name
Big Stick
Big Stick Vor Tag
Why do they need to based off a z4 when they couldve offer their ft-1 and let bmw develope an engine for it if they really want bmw to co-develope the supra. Atleast eventhough it has an bmw engine it looks good not like this midget looking car
RIP Supra.
Ramon Delarosa
this video was all facts. but it was only facts that show that these cars most likely the same thing this Supra is basically the FRS BRZ and Z4 in design alone and the internal specs will probably match the Bmw with only minor tuning . I'm glad they tried to revive the supra but I don't like where it's headed. but all in all good video
bachtelturm Vor Tag
Even if I could afford one. I wouldnt buy it. If this would be a complete new car, its maybe something fancy. But this is not a supra. I am not a mk4 fanboy or anything like that. I just find its a disapointment to any supra fan. Of course its nice they even build one. But nearly all the spirit of the supra is gone. At least its am straight 6 engine. But wrong manufactor. Anyway good for the mk4 owners. Your supra is not gonna loose any value. 😅 For this price you can get a really nice Lexus instead. Probably the better choice 🙈
Mr Miguel
Mr Miguel Vor Tag
That's a Scion!!!!
Brandon Tech
Brandon Tech Vor Tag
Great informative video. Loved the OG Supra even though it was before my time... what. A. Car. Not impressed that my Model S will blow the doors off this thing up to 100+ mph. Maybe it's time for Toyota to build the next new thing instead of rehashing vintage tags . The next new thing isn't going to be a reimagined Supra... there are going to be dozens of much more affordable cars embarrassing future Supra owners.
Toyota 86 - Subaru or Toyota? ... see a trend here?
Troy Davis
Troy Davis Vor Tag
The early 90"s Supra was and is an amazing car. A car that is very sought after to this very day. For its time it was the poor man's sports car, that turned into the beast it is today. The new 2020 Supra had big shoes to fill. In my opinion, the new 2020 Supra did not fill those shoes, not at all. The 90's Twin turbo Supra with full package suspension and all Could beet the BMW Z4 in 90% of road test is only looses in luxury items. No manual WTF is that all about. 90% of men under the of 60 that purchases any car in the sports class look for a manual trans.
Its sucks cause its not toyota built its a bmw z4 trd probably wouldnt put their hands on it.
Peter Mokry
Peter Mokry Vor Tag
What's really telling, and quite pathetic really, is how Toyota had to return parts to BMW to redesign them as they were not up to Toyota specifications. Shame on you BMW, I expected better than overpriced junk.
Powerslide Inc.
Okay but where is the overengineered semi-indestructible cast iron block? That is 99% of the reason why the Supra is a tuners top choice and the reason why it is iconic in the first place. Mkay?
Powerslide Inc.
jchong416 Vor Tag
When the original axis of evil work together nothing is impossible
koslim Vor Tag
it took them 20 years to come up with a shitty look z4...disgrace for the supra legacy
ElectroSalvo Vor Tag
That supra looks like a monster
ElectroSalvo Vor Tag
New z4 sucks, the supra looks cooler though
Tony Cha
Tony Cha Vor Tag
You forgot to mention the BMW interior. Yes, technically not badged Z4 but nobody is complaining about badges they are complaining that it is a Z4 with a Toyota “shell and badge” which after watching your video is still the case. Tuning don’t mean shit! Toyota buys a Z4 and tunes it...so you can call it Toyota now? No! The design of the Supra was significantly limited because sharing the frame with a Z4. Check out Carbuzz an artist designed what the Supra should look like. More based off of the MK4. It is real nice and everyone I showed it to agreed. You can’t blame the disappointment with this car! It ain’t a Supra! Stop trying to use words to cover up the bs and screw ups. Don’t matter if it “drives great!” It ain’t a Supra. Stop being in denial. Check out the inspection review under the car and under the hood where everything from underbody covers, small supporting parts all stamped with BMW and bmw serial numbers. So did Toyota or BMW pay or sponsor you to make this video? The only review in favor of all this ridiculousness so far.
JAX Vor Tag
This is a great video, guys. I really enjoyed it. Keep up the great work. Totally subbed.
tato zelaya
tato zelaya Vor Tag
Great video! This is the video i was waiting for. Someone going into the facts and not quick to dismiss such an iconic car just because the supra didn't get another JZ engine. Thanks!
Bonzo Bonzai
Bonzo Bonzai Vor Tag
This makes me want to get an old Z4 and put Supra stickers on it ;D
Bonzo Bonzai
Bonzo Bonzai Vor Tag
If I buy the BMW Supra, would they be willing to trade back for an LS3 Miata?
Bonzo Bonzai
Bonzo Bonzai Vor Tag
They just wanted to make all the older MKIV Supras go up in value. ;D
Bruce Borneman
I'm not saying that it won't have lots of performance. I'm sure it will. I just think the older one had such a wonderful look. Maybe it will grow on me
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