25 GROSS Hygiene Practices You Won't Believe Were Real

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Did you know that not that long ago, gross hygiene practices were normal in everyday life? These hygiene habits affected the way people smelled, looked, and it definitely affected people’s health. After you read this list, you’ll be VERY glad we don’t do this anymore. Check out these incredible 25 gross hygiene practices you won’t believe were real.
In today’s day, people value cleanness. To be fair, people have always valued cleanness but as time has passed the way we value being clean has changed. There was one point in times past were what was considered “clean” would totally gross anyone out today. Check out some of the gross hygiene practices of older times (and our photo credits and sources) and let us know in the comments below which of these practices you found to be the grossest.
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Did you know that in old times people used oyster shells as toilet paper? And you won’t believe what they used to do with their urine and poop. By the way, you know those paintings with guys wearing these huge and elaborate wigs? Those wigs were usually covered with lice and nits. However, if you wanted to sport your own hair and were bald, the next best thing besides wigs was chicken poop. It was supposed to cure baldness. Just wait until you find out what they used as tampons, contraception, and dental hygiene! Check out these 25 gross hygiene practices you won’t believe were real.
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1 Nov 2017



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Alicia Lauren
Alicia Lauren Vor 2 Monate
And here's me naturally pale no matter what. I'm so PALEEEEE People would have either loved me or envied me back then. I feel bad
Stephanie IloveJacindaArdern
Not so fun fact about the Hungarian doctor,he was eventually die in an asylum
Petar Radojevic
Petar Radojevic Vor 4 Monate
Number 3: The surgeons and medical staff didn't have dirty hands cause they weren't washed per se but because it was often so that they used to have some practice or lectures on corpses, and not having gloves they would then go for an example to assist a child labor and touch a birth giving woman, transmitting her those dead body bacteria. Ignaz discovered that putting hands in antiseptic solution before such procedures lowers the death rates of women in puerperium from sepsis and he was also Austrian, not Hungarian, but lived in Austria Hungary. Just wanted to say that, great video.
fred6059 Vor 6 Monate
I would have been a queen. I get so pale I am see through.
Lana Banana
Lana Banana Vor 7 Monate
Another ways to wipe ur butt: In the south esp in the Mts people used corn cobs , newspaper , and Sears an Roebuck catalog. Lol so that's a few ways. Love list 25.😀🍌
The Duder
The Duder Vor 8 Monate
Urine may be sterile as far as living organisms go, but I assure all, urine contains a LOT of what a human body does not need which can do harm. That's why the body is eliminating those toxins through urination. So people, stop peeing on each other already. lmao
just me
just me Vor 9 Monate
I just started my period, hand me some moss.
Darius Ketchup
Darius Ketchup Vor 9 Monate
Urinating on surgical equipment??? No wonder people died so often!🤤😨😲
Mimi Pancakez
Mimi Pancakez Vor 9 Monate
They literally used stones, shells, and sticks wtf? Just use goddamn leaves??
Elizabeth Shaw
Elizabeth Shaw Vor 9 Monate
my mother was born on a farm and they had indoor plumbing course. Is she was born in 1933 and they all had a chamber pot in each bedroom it was kept under the bed. I think of it as the first commode. They didn't dump it out the window though they took it to the bathroom all the Outhouse I think the bathroom and flushed it . also there was a standing rule that if you had to go poo then you didn't use the chamber pot. You could use it for urine and if you got sick. I don't think it's a horrible thing at all. I get sick quite a bit and I have to grab the living room trash can I would much rather have a chamber pot because sometimes I can't get to the bath as I am in a wheelchair.
Elizabeth Shaw
Elizabeth Shaw Vor 9 Monate
My brother had horrible nose bleeds and they cauterized his nose. It doesn't hurt for a long and it's quick and within a couple of minutes the pain is gone. The pain that remains is from the vein as it is closed off and it will swell for a day or so but my brother didn't have any more nosebleeds and they were horrific! He even had them in his sleep. I'd take cauterization.
Elizabeth Shaw
Elizabeth Shaw Vor 9 Monate
Leeches have made a comeback in medicine. They are used quite a bit.
SuperMissblueeyes Vor 9 Monate
Urine is NOT sterile after it leaves the body. It will still contain the bacteria that it aquired while it was in your body. This is why & how doctors can diagnose urine, bladder & kidney infections in urine samples. It's also why you're advised to boil the urine in survival situations before you drink it. It's also part of the reason why some people's toilets will develop a horrible black film when not cleaned regularly! This myth drives me crazy! I don't know where it came from, but I wish it would stop! I have a medical background (from multiple sources) & I'm currently a health science student just for context.
Sophia Cristina
Sophia Cristina Vor 10 Monate
Ha! Nosegay!
Brad Tharpe
Brad Tharpe Vor 10 Monate
How did we survive as a species?
I'm part of every fandom
Hello people from the future! Welcome to the past! This is what your grandparents used to do! Also, if my grandchildren are reading this, then hi kids it's Granny and I'm eleven years old right now! 😊
Cam A.
Cam A. Vor year
Urine is NOT sterile once it leaves the body. This makes no sense.
bebop417 Vor year
4:12 hmmm I wonder if fountains like those were used as public pissing places that later a piss collector would come and swap out the piss for clean water. They used urine for alot of things back in the day including cleaning clothes so they needed a constant supply.
Jennifer Coleman
Mihaela Dumitrache
Ummmmmm, we still use leeches in modern medicine. They're actually highly effective and gentle on the body and raised in sterile laboratory conditions
Morrigan KASA
Morrigan KASA Vor year
Public bathes can still be valid just modernized a bit, cauterization is still valid
SocksInAHat Vor year
China has a ton of them
Kyote 10
Kyote 10 Vor year
How did they attach these fake mouse fur eyebrows?
Vac Aspen
Vac Aspen Vor year
Hand-washing was invented by women midwives
Abel Khan
Abel Khan Vor year
I am eating chocolate pudding right now.
Bunkiebe Vor year
Urine isn’t sterile. That’s a myth.
Proud Cynophile
Proud Cynophile Vor 8 Monate
That's right. If urine was sterile it wouldn't smell so awful once it got old and stale
Skylar uber
Skylar uber Vor year
Bring back public bathhouses, and put them in strip clubs
Gypsy Vor year
Once a year clean laundry?! And washed in urine?! W.T.F?! Haha! Hate to see what people back then would think of laundromats and of Downy, bleach, and oxiclean!
Jade Owen Hamblyn
medicine is not hygiene
Akawaio Girl
Akawaio Girl Vor year
Dude, this is cool
Yasmine Nazarine
Some country still living like old times those poor country more populations country POVERTY God bless USA & rich European ❄ white COUNTRY 👍feeds milions poverty around the 🌎👍😃
Yasmine Nazarine
Disgusting living thank god we live nice modern life .
Joyce Taylor
Joyce Taylor Vor year
I've heard that if you had a bad earache,that the first urination people would put a few drops in the bad ear and it would get rid of a earache
Billy Bob
Billy Bob Vor year
Medieval times: When people tried using their common sense
Jay Carle
Jay Carle Vor year
And the medieval era end just 500 years ago... But it didn't get much better once these people found their way to America & the rest of the civilized world.
Elizabeth Shaw
Elizabeth Shaw Vor 2 years
Oyster shells yes! Scrape that stuff out of your bum! My brother had his nose cauterized regularly because he had giant nose bleeds. Straw ferments and so anything that fell on it for mended and got stinky after a while. Mashed Mouse brains. My mother grew up with a chamber pot because the phone was so cold that nobody would go downstairs in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. It was kept under her bed and cleaned every day by my grandmother who scoured everything. My mother is 85.
Elizabeth Shaw
Elizabeth Shaw Vor 2 years
Hospitals are again now using leeches four treatments of certain medical issues.
]-〉ΣΔ†]-[ Vor 2 years
You think people of those times attempted rimjobs and oral sex, knowing that they never washed properly and have fecal berries protruding out from the men's hairy sphincters?
EdOfTheNorth Vor 2 years
Urine is "NOT" sterile. The kidneys are the organs of the body which cleanse the body of poisons and toxins and flush these very non-sterile substances from the body as urine.
Spiritedcat Kitties
The Roman baths were men first, horses next, lepers, and, finally women. Shocking isn't it?
blue genes
blue genes Vor 2 years
I'm forming a band and i'm naming it Mouse Poultice.
1958debs Vor 2 years
Erasmus commented on the state of the rushes.
1958debs Vor 2 years
Which makes sense, as soap contains lye.
michael perry
michael perry Vor 2 years
spend time in mexico, then talk about hygiene
Eegore Beaver
Eegore Beaver Vor 2 years
Pogs weren't milk bottle lids, they were paper juice bottle lids from papaya, orange or guava juice and there was a game associated with it. Someone from Japan saw native children in Hawaii playing it and commcericalized it. The bottom fell out because so many companies produced them and the prices got to insane levels for "rare" and "limited" editions. Crocs shouldn't be mocked, they should be embraced because if the simplicity of manufacturing, durability and recyclable nature of them. They are shoes that can be manfactured at an affordable price without requiring underpaid workers in the third world essentially being slaves for you to wear them like the shoes in your feet currently.
DonWard AreYouAwake
Everyone should check out urine therapy. I know it's gross but it works if step on a nail and your foot gets infected. Put your foot in a container with your pee in it next day no infection.
GodGunsGutsandNRA Vor 2 years
Crocodile dung as a spermicidal??? You have got to be kidding!! How desperate were the men in those days?? I mean what the hell, was it like “ok dear, my JJ is all lubed with Crock dung, and ready for you. WTF???
MrGunny2009 Vor 2 years
Contrary to the myth supported by this video, urine is NOT sterile before or after it leaves the body. This is logically evident by the existence of bladder and urethra infections. It is relatively clean BEFORE it gets to the bladder. Urine in the kidneys or the ureters is very clean.
Celeste Kittie
Celeste Kittie Vor 2 years
Hey now. There are places that have cows lick your head to cure baldness these days.
Laura Klaassen Minnick
This is a cute video, but there are a number of exaggerations and inaccuracies in it. I'm a medieval historian, and would be happy to provide you with more accurate information if you're interested.
Trajanowski Rifleworks
08 - anyone remember the cartoon Flapjack?
uta senpai
uta senpai Vor year
OMG ! I love that show ! It was on Cartoon Network here in the US .
Ruth Shelton
Ruth Shelton Vor 2 years
During the Civil War you had a 90% chance of living while on a battle field & a 10 % chance of living if brought to a medical tent. The doors were so over worked & they knew little about about grems, & sterilization, plus they didn't have the supplies, people, or clean places to do surgery s. They threw cut off limbs out the windows, or in bags hung out the windows.
Ruth Shelton
Ruth Shelton Vor 2 years
The Romans used to clean their bottoms with sticks with clothes on them. That's where the saying," I hope I don't get the shot end of the stick", comes from. Everyone also "shared sticks". Ah? No thanks! Bill Gates & buds are developing a mic-crow wave type box where poop is put & some how is converted into electric. They're doing it in India.
Ruth Shelton
Ruth Shelton Vor 2 years
At-1:50-- See up on top of the towers where it looks like clothes pins? They would have wooden boxes with holes so you'd relieved yourself there & the stuff would get on the walls, of course in the water. When it filled the most a person (s) job (s) was to shovel the waste out. When they would build the homes with the smaller part of the building being on the bottom, the next story was bigger , the next was bigger after that, made it so they folks there paid less in taxes but also the 'over hang' somewhat helped to keep the bath rm wastes that were thrown out of the upper storys from hitting the folks below. They still walked in the stuff.
MissN Perfection
MissN Perfection Vor 2 years
Urine is NOT sterile when leaving the body! Very poor research!
Connie Wonnie
Connie Wonnie Vor 2 years
25 - Hence the 3 shells from demolition man!
Sora Nekohime
Sora Nekohime Vor 2 years
I almost threw up
Jess l
Jess l Vor 2 years
My uncle totally had a couple of those little boys peeing in his garden in the 90s really weird when I think about now!
Jess l
Jess l Vor 2 years
Damn that tooth! Wow that looks horrible and painful
x.ichuggzpousie.x Vor 2 years
R.I.P to all the mice that got slaughtered due to the ratchet ass medieval females!!!
Gena Froggatt
Gena Froggatt Vor 2 years
Oyster shells would be a great way of wiping crap 💩 off one's arse. A great poo scoop
Must Love Cats
Must Love Cats Vor 2 years
Okay...I'm going to go shower brush my teeth and change my bed sheets now.....
SOTBP Conference
SOTBP Conference Vor 2 years
they still have odorous that carry flowers around as though they blessed.
SOTBP Conference
SOTBP Conference Vor 2 years
worms or parasites are in some ppl teeth. u have to get smoke and other ingredient to tend them.
Mhairi Gibbons
Mhairi Gibbons Vor 2 years
Most of the medieval ones are from the latter Tudor period earlier medieval people were much cleaner than that smelly lot!
Mhairi Gibbons
Mhairi Gibbons Vor 2 years
Also, how can you wipe your arse with a piece of broken pottery!? Loyal!
Kaitlyn Vor 2 years
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uta senpai
uta senpai Vor year
Thanks for the Sermon dear . But this isnt church , this is a history lesson now . Save the preaching for the sheep in the church . By the way dude , Christianity is dead or dying , soon most of the religions will be gone . Then,there will be True Peace on this planet , as there wont be nothing for anyone to kill each other for.
way2easy2love Vor 2 years
Man can take credit but a woman was who discovered clean hands and infection went hand in hand
Snark Finder
Snark Finder Vor 2 years
People used to think that diseases were spread by miasmas or bad smells. The nosegay was used as a disease preventative.
princetachalla Vor 2 years
Wash Your ASS!!!!
unevenspleener Vor 2 years
Leeches (and maggots) are still used in legitimate medical practice today.
uta senpai
uta senpai Vor year
Im glad that some things work & have came back in style .
Max Zou
Max Zou Vor 2 years
nice fucking thumbnail, im blocking this channel.
Eric Taylor
Eric Taylor Vor 2 years
#17 Cauterization is still widely used to control bleeding. However, these days it is used with smaller, more precise tools with the goal of minimizing tissue damage.
Eric Taylor
Eric Taylor Vor 2 years
#20 Also, they were used to cover the lesions caused by STDs
just me
just me Vor 2 years
Did you say mices?
Ash Vor 2 years
AlA Al I believe he meant the possessive form - as in the fur belong to mice, so it is mice's
just me
just me Vor 2 years
Aashirya Chougule correct, good job
Ash Vor 2 years
AlA Al it's just mice (plural). The singular form is mouse
AllThingsHippie #PeaceLoveHappiness
24 sounds like jail.... in there I bathe in front of killers everyday 😁 btw I stopped stealing at 19 and haven't been to jail since
naturalbaby Vor 2 years
Grateful I was born in 1994
Benjamin Dover
Benjamin Dover Vor 2 years
Urine isn't sterile.
Benjamin Dover
Benjamin Dover Vor 2 years
Cauterizing a wound isn't necessarily gross, other than the smell of burning flesh. I've had to cauterize a gash I had, and sure, it hurt, but it kept me from losing too much blood. I've also used super glue to seal up nasty cuts when nothing else was around.
Mandy B
Mandy B Vor year
Cauterisation is used to treat constant (relatively speaking) nose bleeds. As I understand it - I'm open to correction - some people have their blood vessels too close to the surface inside their noses. Cauterising the vessels can stop this problem. I guess I got lucky that I grew out of frequent nose bleeds that I had when I was a kid. Imagine the smell remaining in the nose for ages! But it's definitely better than having nose bleeds daily.
Snark Finder
Snark Finder Vor 2 years
Believe it or not, many modern hospitals use a type of super glue on some wounds rather than stitches.
another youtube commenter
#4 They believed that a deadmau5 would ease a toothache?
Gammareign Vor 2 years
Cauterization is still used in surgery. Watch a cholesystectomy. Urine is not sterlie.
Lia Johnson
Lia Johnson Vor 2 years
I would of just killed myself if I had to live in those times
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