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Pretzels, Pumpernickel, and more...this video is about German bread!!!
So my question for you is: What kinds of breads do they have where you live and do you like these breads that I mentioned here?
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8 Apr 2018



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boahkeinbockmehr Vor 26 Tage
Though Wecken are usually only sold around the festivity of saint martin, at least in the countryside between cologne and the eifel
JohnHazelwood58 Vor Monat
Fun-fact: Actually there are almost 3,200 different types of bread avaible in Germany. We also got an official authority ("Deutsches Brotinstitut") to take care of it and a breadm-museum as well :-)
NeoMicy Vor Monat
Peanutbutter with brötchen are pretty dope in my opinion.
Rolf Lückel
Rolf Lückel Vor Monat
If you like Weck, ask for Semmel
Nina Alexander
Nina Alexander Vor Monat
Weck is a roll...weckmann would be called einback yeastbread
Jo Venn
Jo Venn Vor Monat
The and part of the bread is a Knabbel
Affenkatze77 Vor 2 Monate
As a german I say pumpernickel tastes disgusting...
Christian Wolf
Christian Wolf Vor 2 Monate
Just to clear things out what "Schwarzbrot": In comparision to "Weißbrot" the flour is chosen differently (see en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flour#Type_numbers). Type 405 is the whitest flour that is the only used flour in Weißbrot (literally white bread because the flour is white). In the south west of Germany (at least), there are two old additional types to Weißbrot. Graubrot (grey bread) is when the flour is chosen from higher flours like a mix of 550 and 1050. Schwarzbrot is typically from 1050 and full grain mixed with some amount of rye.
bademeister Vor 2 Monate
In the north the ends of a loaf are called "Knust".- of course spoken with the "k" as was done in English as well in the Middle Ages.
Linda Silver
Linda Silver Vor 2 Monate
We don't care for peanut butter.
barfuss2007 Vor 2 Monate
kauf dir mal schwäbische Brezeln, dann wirfst du die aus Bayern in die Mülltonne
juliettpapa Vor 3 Monate
Das Brot heißt nicht Pampernickel.......
FalLouT BoIi
FalLouT BoIi Vor 3 Monate
Kuku V.2
Kuku V.2 Vor 4 Monate
1:36 *peanutbutter-jelly-time*
mtgreengarden Vor 4 Monate
There really aren't any kinds of decent breads in USA. That's why we put super-sweet frostings on them, or smother them with burgers and ketchup and mayo and stuff. All of that other stuff is simply held by a tasteless and textureless piece of bread.
Jörg Koch
Jörg Koch Vor 4 Monate
Offiziell gibt es in Deutschland ca. 3200 Brotsorten, da ist wohl für jeden was dabei! :-)
Gina Wonderwoman
Gina Wonderwoman Vor 4 Monate
I like all the breads you introduced and also the ones that didn't make it in the video. :D By the way, here in Rhineland-Palatinate, a "Weck" is just the local word for "Brötchen" in our dialect. So it really surprised me that in Cologne it has a completely different meaning. I even lived in Cologne and didn't notice that. :) Great video!
Norah 8303
Norah 8303 Vor 4 Monate
The end of the Bread is Knüssle, and where I live (Baden-Württemberg)Brötchen are Wecken/Weckchen , in my family we say Brötchen, but we say Fleischkäswecken
Norah 8303
Norah 8303 Vor 4 Monate
Or weckle
Norah 8303
Norah 8303 Vor 4 Monate
Schwarzbrot is Marzipan
TR0N4R Vor 5 Monate
Wikipedia has the answer to your first question: Pumpernickel ist ein Vollkornbrot aus Roggenschrot, das ursprünglich aus der westfälischen Küche stammt. Im Bergischen Land sagt man Schwarzbrot dazu. de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pumpernickel
LeeleesMusic Vor 5 Monate
In and around Mannheim the end (or beginning) of the bread is also called "Knerzel"
Tim Leppin
Tim Leppin Vor 5 Monate
Actually its bretze not bretzel
Druide1974 12345
Druide1974 12345 Vor 6 Monate
End-piece of the bread = " Kanten "
hannah antonius
hannah antonius Vor 6 Monate
Schwarzbrot and pumpernickel isnt the same. Schwarzbrot is an sauerteig with an dark and hard crouste
Ann Vor 6 Monate
They have soft pretzels in Philadelphia. Not sure why you think you cant put peanut butter on that kind of bread. Its delicious. I love dark, dense breads. Its real food. I am american.
SHEPHERDmusic Vor 6 Monate
We also call Bread: Knifte or Stulle (Ruhrgebiet)
Jan Huus
Jan Huus Vor 6 Monate
3:26 und die Schlesier/ wirkliches Ostdeutschland, sagen dazu Ränftl.
Satan mit den geilen Barthaaren
"wirkliches Ostdeutschland" Aha....eher wohl ehemaliges Ostdeutschland.
Klausbärbel Fömm
Klausbärbel Fömm Vor 6 Monate
Seems to me that Pumpernickel relates to Schwarzbrot as "trout" relates to "fish". Think subset. Iirc Pumpernickel is baked at unusually low temps for an unusually long time - a bit like BBQ, coming to think of it. Apparently this allows for some of the starch to be split up into glucose, hence the somewhat sweet-ish taste. There are manufacturers sweetening it by adding syrup to the dough but that's not the real deal. Anyway Schwarzbrot is generally darkened artificially - baking it long and hot enough for it to turn that dark by itself would essentially turn it into charcoal. On its own, bread doesn't get much darker than the Graubrot you presented as typical. However, marketing has convinced people that, the darker the bread, the more healthy it is. When in actual fact the question of whether bread (and grain in general) is all that healthy to begin with is quite up for debate. But maybe somebody who actually knows something about professional baking could shed some light onto this. Otherwise there's always Wikipedia... ;o)
Jane Doe
Jane Doe Vor 6 Monate
Another word for the end of a loaf of Schwarzbrot is "Scherzel", but this word is typical for Austria. Although I am more aware of the differences between german and austrian language as other people, I did not know any of the four other words you mentioned. For example: minced meat is "Hackfleisch" in Germany but "faschiertes Fleisch" or just "Faschiertes" in Austria. Maybe the austrian word may be known in Bavaria, but I am sure that most people in the rest of Germany do not understand this.
Philipp Roser
Philipp Roser Vor 6 Monate
im amiland haben die nur fertig tostbrot
PomdePoback Vor 6 Monate
das Brotende kenne ich auch als "Rämpfchen"
Veldrin on Mirror’s Edge
In my Area we just say Brötchen as umbrella term. When we say Schrippen we mean a specific kind of Brötchen with fluffy inside and white. Semmel we never say.
Mausi aus K.
Mausi aus K. Vor 7 Monate
Bei uns heißt das Ende bzw. der Anfang vom Brot "Knörzchen" Pumpernickel ist so eckelhaft!
Vince Schröder
Vince Schröder Vor 7 Monate
Dear Dana I live in NRW im Münsterland. Here is the "Wochenendstuten" a special kind of bread for place the sweet things on it, like Marmelade, Rübenkraut, Honig oder Nutella. Or just only Butter. And of sure, it taste very delicious with peanut butter as well. Please ask Mr German men about "Wochenendstuten" und "Rübenkraut". I'm pretty sure, he will smile with a shine in his eyes, because it will remind him of his childhood...;-) Warm regards, Vince
Pascal R.
Pascal R. Vor 7 Monate
Ich persönlich liebe Laugenweckchen (Laugenbrötchen) und Kartoffelbrot. Aber ebenso mag ich Sonnenblumenbrot und dunkles Roggenmischbrot :) Ein Tipp für dein Schwarzbrot/Pumpernickel. Iss es mit Frischkäse oder Quarkaufstrich und Schnittlauch.
Fluffel Wusch
Fluffel Wusch Vor Monat
try kartoffelnussbrot!
Music Lover
Music Lover Vor 7 Monate
Im from germany.... WHATS A PUMPERNICKEL!?
Averill Dalton
Averill Dalton Vor 7 Monate
Michael Robinson
Michael Robinson Vor 7 Monate
Here in the States I have to drive 15 km to buy real bread. I should say ALMOST real bread...the Pumpernikkel isn't dense and the Rye isn't firm inside unless you keep it around a few days before you cut it.
Annika K
Annika K Vor 7 Monate
In the Saarland Weck is just a word for Brötchen :D
Noctem Nox
Noctem Nox Vor 7 Monate
Any Pumpernickel are Schwarzbrot, but not any Schwarzbrote are Pumpernickel.
Catha Horn
Catha Horn Vor 7 Monate
Ich komme aus Unterfranken hier gibt es den Frankenlaib ein Schwarzbrot mit Kümmel. Kein Pumpernickel sondern eher ein Brot, das von der Konsistenz an das "Standard" Brot in Deutschland erinnert.
mitachiuchiha1426 Vor 7 Monate
One word: Stuten :)
Cloud Buster
Cloud Buster Vor 7 Monate
My 2 favorites bread are: "Winzerbrötchen" and "Kümmelbrötchen". The second one you must eat with goat cream cheese. :)
Markus V.
Markus V. Vor 7 Monate
@Dana: If you ever happen to be in Baden-Württemberg you have to try a "G'netztes". It's a wheat style bread made of a very wet dough. It has to be put into a net before being baked as it would just melt away without. The result is a light bread (suitable for peanut-butter+jelly) with a fine crispy crust that is really soft and juicy on the inside. I bet, you'll love it.
EFG Vor 7 Monate
Erdnussbutter und Marmelade, da bekomme ich schon vom zusehen einen Zuckerschock. Marmelade und Schwarzbrot kann man ja m.E. machen aber süße Sachen passen generell besser zu Brötchen, Baguettes oder anderem weißem Brot mit hohem Weizenanteil.
Kati M
Kati M Vor 7 Monate
In some parts of Hessen we call the end of the bread "Knärz'chen" :)
ArminiusvanLand Vor 8 Monate
in the westphalian area the expressions of Pumpernickel and Schwarzbrot are most meant similar. Bread we call in this area "Graubrot" (Grey bread) is called Schwarzbrot in southern Areas. In Hamburg a Brötchen is called "Rundstück". And in Westphalia a "Weck" is a soft Brötchen with raisins.
merkrafter Vor 8 Monate
... and do not open the discussion about Pfannkuchen (the only right word :P)/Berliner/Krapfen/...
Marga Quark
Marga Quark Vor 8 Monate
Pumpernickel is darker anderen harder than Schwarzbrot. In Schwarzbrot you can See the seeds. Good Schwarzbrot you can only get in north Germany.
Berg Vor 8 Monate
My family always called the end piece of bread the knuckle....LOL
Sila Gercek
Sila Gercek Vor 8 Monate
Dana, you can find Weck in the Milbertshofen - Am Hart area :)
viomouse Vor 8 Monate
There's the Sonnenknust for the first piece of bread, which is really crunchy and can be nibbled without spread. Also Kanten would be another word.
Bine St
Bine St Vor 8 Monate
I'm from bavaria and i just love brezn. When i visited higher germany with my grandma for the first time i constantly was like: i want brezn. When are we going home?
TheWuschelMUC Vor 8 Monate
Watch this movie: "Das Brot des Bäckers" (West Germany, 1976): de-vid.com/video/video-z-kZcSlhIGI.html Then you know why the small bakeries are better than the bread factories.
theultimateJJ Vor 8 Monate
For me from the south of Germany Schwarzbrot and Pumpernickel are the same
Void Byte
Void Byte Vor 8 Monate
Bavaria is not Germany. Prezels are just that popular in Bavaria.
lightdark00 Vor 8 Monate
Waving around real bread calling it German bread...
Dennis R
Dennis R Vor 8 Monate
Coming from the south-western part of Germany, where "Weck" is actually our name for Brötchen/Semmel, I was veeery confused when I moved to Cologne and heard about the "Weckmann". We also have that in our local villages and stuff, but we call it "Dambedei", which is a really weird name.
Selmokk Vor 8 Monate
My favourite bread ist Laugenbrötchen / laugenstangen. It's very similar to Brezel, and just perfect for eating pure without anything else!
Rolf Leseratz
Rolf Leseratz Vor 9 Monate
2:25 is Schwarzbrot
GanzcastGermany Vor 9 Monate
Sandwich bread us no real bread, it is an abomination😂
roesi1985 Vor 9 Monate
I'm curious: What do you like better, sour dough bread or yeast bread? I grew up in Germany, and we always ate rye sour dough bread at home ("Roggenmischbrot"). A (white) yeast bread was something very special for me when I was a kid and I loved it whenever I got the chance to get hold of a white yeast bread or a "Semmel" (bun). I think in Germany there are a lot of sourdough breads available at the bakeries, but they don't have a lot of yeast breads (at least in the area I grew up in). Now I live in Switzerland where they have a lot of different bread types, too. But those breads are all yeast breads. I like them, especially the whole-grain and seed types, but sometimes I yearn for the good old sourdough bread I ate (and hated!) as a kid ...
Akame ga kill
Akame ga kill Vor 9 Monate
Schwarzbrot ist eben etwas dunkler und herzhaft. Pumpernickel ist aus Körnern gepresst und „gesund“ (ich esse es nicht gern^^)
Angela Edwards
Angela Edwards Vor 9 Monate
Love the red hair. But that's not your natural color. Mine IS red and it's curly, too. 😊
Michael Bernartz
Michael Bernartz Vor 9 Monate
Pumpernickel ist mit Malz dunkel nachgefärbt. also ne Art "karamellisiertes" Brot.
Djed Vartanes
Djed Vartanes Vor 9 Monate
In Schwaben (around Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg) we have a type of bread called Eingenetztes ("coated bread"). This bread is coated with water in the oven 10 min before it is finished. That gives it a unique and soft Kruste (crust). Also we have a large variety of Weckle (Brötchen) coated with lye (Laugen-Gebäck). The end piece of the loaf is called Riebele in my region.
Hawiftf Vor 9 Monate
I'm also loving the weck so I'm happy that I'm from cologne :)
swyntopia Vor 9 Monate
Die einfachste Sache der Welt: eine klassische Schmalzstulle. Nur Scharzbrot ( Roggenbrot, nicht Pumpernickel ), Schmalz und Salz. Und dazu ein kühle Molle ! Es müssen nicht immer Austern und Kaviar sein !
Rev Snowfox
Rev Snowfox Vor 9 Monate
Fresh "tiger bread" is a gift of god. If made well.
S Stampp
S Stampp Vor 9 Monate
Is denser more dense than dense?
Remi van Dongen AKA Jimmy Walter, CIA
That is actually Dutch bread called "Roggebrood" it is best eaten with "Erwtensoep" and "Ontbijtspek".
Robert Schumann
Robert Schumann Vor 9 Monate
Pumpernickel is a mishearding by the residents of Aachen, a town near the french boarder.This is the story behind it: Aachen was conquered by the french under Napoleon. When he visited the Camp of the french soldiers, he became hungry and asked for some bread. In Aachen, the Black Bread is as common as the Baguette is for the french. Well, so Napoleon got offered this heavy black bread but he didn´t know it. He gave it to his horse what did have the name "Nickel". He said: "C´est BON POUR NICKEL" - what means: THis bread is just good enough for my horse, Nickel. But the farmers who offered him the bread thought that "Pumpernickel" is the french word for bread. So every time they offered bread for the french soldiers, they called it "Pumpernickel". So the heavy dark bread from the region of Aachen got this name.
NilleWicht Melodie
NilleWicht Melodie Vor 9 Monate
Weck ist einfach ein Stuten... sowie der "Weckmann" ja überall anders auch "Stutenkerl" heißt
stephan schloesser
stephan schloesser Vor 9 Monate
German have the most varieties of bread in the world different in states of Germany and you can get also bread from other countries in germany
jcoohs Vor 9 Monate
PUMPERNICKEL is the westfalia kind of SCHWARZBROT
yollopokollo Vor 9 Monate
You have to visit saarbrücken and put a schwenker into a doppelweck Trust me you'll love it
Johannes H
Johannes H Vor 9 Monate
I couldn't survive without Brezen
Ralf Moebius
Ralf Moebius Vor 9 Monate
I always have to laugh, when u say "soft pretzel"... its not the soft variation of pretzel it IS the Pretzel. A pretzel is not a cracker.
Nana Vor 9 Monate
My favourite bread type is "Holzofenbrot", which has a kinda smoky taste
megunded Vor 9 Monate
wie ? nicht gemacht für marmelade oder nutella ? ......ein gutes nutella brot is kaum zu ersetzen !
megunded Vor 9 Monate
wie ? nicht gemacht für marmelade oder nutella ? ......ein gutes nutella brot is kaum zu ersetzen !
Jörg X.
Jörg X. Vor 9 Monate
Laugenweckle! :-D
Jules Core
Jules Core Vor 9 Monate
In Rheinhessen (Rheinland-Pfalz) heißt das Ende vom Brot "knörzje" und Brötchen "Weck" 😂😂
Carsten Rindt
Carsten Rindt Vor 9 Monate
Ich kenne Weck als Stuten.
Mike Romney
Mike Romney Vor 9 Monate
Brot ist der Kern allen Seins.....
Frau Meyenrose
Frau Meyenrose Vor 9 Monate
In lower saxony and westfalen we like to have Gersterbrot (or Korbbrot) with Stippgrütze (or Rinderwurst or Pfannenschlag, depends on where you buy it ;) )
Evrey Vor 9 Monate
Try a Rosinenbrot or Hefestups or Hefezopf with peanut butter and jelly. At least I love it.
I LOVE MEAT Vor 9 Monate
try potato breat thats my loving bread but be carefull it must be fresh and not one day old
Istdoch Egal
Istdoch Egal Vor 9 Monate
In meiner kleinen Dorfbäckerei bei Koblenz waren (oder sind) Pumpernickel immer (sehr) hartgebackene, aber knusprige und glatte,helle Teigstangen (Mürbeteig?), die süss schmeckten. Ca. 20+ cm lang. Ohne irgendwelche besonderen Zutaten noch dabei bzw. oben drauf. Vielleicht waren es Teigreste, die man noch zu etwas verarbeitet hat, um Geld damit zu machen. Haben auch nicht viel gekostet, vielleicht 0,30 Cent pro Stück, oder so, wie ein Brötchen ungefähr. War wohl beliebt bei Kindern. Hat meine Oma mir manchmal gegeben, wenn ich sie sah. Sie war Putzfrau an meiner Schule. Westfälisches Pumpernickel haben wir schlicht Schwarzbrot genannt. Mir persönlich schmeckt es auch nicht besonders, war mir immer zu bröselig, trocken und hat nicht richtig satt gemacht, das Schwarzbrot.
Kürbis Fanta 148
Kürbis Fanta 148 Vor 9 Monate
I ever thought Schwarzbrot and Pumpernickel were the same and I live in germany
BeautyPrincess303 Vor 9 Monate
In Austria we call Brötchen „weckerl“ and the end of the bread „scherzal“
Steffen Reiser
Steffen Reiser Vor 9 Monate
Try "Sammy's Super Sandwich" with Your peanutbutter - It almost matches what I remind from USA. I combine it with "Heidelbeer" Konfitüre- delicious!
Dominik Ffdfgg
Dominik Ffdfgg Vor 9 Monate
Mr German man say Brötchen in München.
777June777 Vor 9 Monate
The Best you can eat in Germany (NRW,Siegen :) ) is "Siejerlänner Riewekooche" (Siegerländer Reibekuchen) it's a Bread made out of Potatoes. We eat it here with butter and salt
Gonzo HxC
Gonzo HxC Vor 9 Monate
Pumpernickel is a kind of Schwarzbrot, but not all kinds of Schwarzbrot are Pumpernickel.
Buledde Vor 9 Monate
What about Schrippe :
FoulMouthedChick Vor 9 Monate
I don't know it it's common in other areas of Germany, too, but where I come from (Lower Saxony) we have Heidebrot, which is made predominantly of rye and has a rather distinctive taste.
medowucha Vor 9 Monate
oh my goddess - PLEASE, Dear Dana, stop talking nonsense. "Weck" is just another local name for "Brötchen", or in Upper / Lower Bavaria: "Semmeln". They call it "Weck" in Baden-Württemberg, "Weckle" or "Weggle" in Franconia, and a lot of other names in the rest of all the different Bundesländer and their smaller regions.
Etzerdlas Gaudistuben
Etzerdlas Gaudistuben Vor 10 Monate
Hallo, i wollt Leute sehen die a weng Brot essne, nit die ganzen Zeit des Gequatsche.
Thomas Okken
Thomas Okken Vor 10 Monate
I posed the Schwarzbrot vs. Pumpernickel question to my mother, who is German, and she replied that Pumpernickel is the kind of bread that is super dense, made of cracked (not ground) rye, baked at low temperature, moist, and has no crust. Schwarzbrot has a fluffier structure, more like the bread Americans are familiar with, but made out of at least 90% rye meal, having a somewhat sour taste, and quite dark. So, the two are quite different, but the confusion arises because Pumpernickel is sometimes also referred to as Schwarzbrot, that is, Schwarzbrot is sometimes used as a generic term referring to rye breads in general.
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