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Our feet get arguably more wear and tear than any part of our body, so it's no wonder that many of us struggle to keep our feet soft and touchable. With the amount of heavy moisturizers available at beauty counters and in nature, it hadn't occurred to me to try aspirin to get rid of dry skin. Finally, I warily began to allow myself to think about using aspirin on my feet. I mean, if I was going to stray from a completely all-natural routine, I may as well start with my feet, right?
I don't own a muddler, so I used several different tools in my kitchen before I decided a mini-hammer was my best bet for gently mashing my aspirin tablets in a ceramic bowl. Yes, this was risky, but true DIY beauty has an edge.
Regardless of what method you use to crush your aspirin, make sure you don't have any big chunks inside to avoid a coarse paste, this is likely to take away from the exfoliating experience. You want instant powder for your feet.
Next, add a citrus to form a paste. I squeezed fresh lime juice into my bowl, about half a lime did the trick.
Gently massage your aspirin foot scrub directly on your feet, making sure they are free from any dander or floor dust. You don't want to massage spilled coffee grinds into your feet! Although that probably would just give your feet some extra stimulation...
One tip I learned during my aspirin investigation was to place bags loosely around your feet to avoid messing up your floors and to let the aspirin do its job. Since I found walking around in plastic bags hilarious, I decided to go about my house chores while making an obnoxious amount of noise.
After I rinsed and wiped my feet off, I was pleased to find that they were super soft and that the dry area in question seemed to soften as well! I would imagine that this foot scrub would have best results being used a few times a week, but I would avoid over-medicating your feet daily. Exfoliating everyday can lead to more dryness and irritation!
Aspirin may not be the best way to relieve dry, cracked feet and it's certainly not going to be the least time-consuming. However, this beauty hack is definitely a cheap fix, since generic aspirin runs you about four dollars at any drugstore. If you're stuck on vacation with a case of the calluses, this would work great in a pinch!

You may have already seen or even used one of these strange-looking things. They look a bit like a spider with soft tips at the ends of its legs. But unlike spiders, people actually enjoy having these things "crawling" over the sensitive skin on their scalp.
Each tip contacts millions of nerve endings and the result is a sensation of complete well-being (some people even describe it as "orgasmic")! These head massagers are available in stores, but if you want to save some money, here's how to make your own in just five minutes...
You’ll need:
a cheap whisk
cutting pliers
strong glue
Here’s how :
Begin by cutting the metal rods of your whisk with the cutting pliers at different levels. The idea is to create "spider legs" with some longer and some shorter to make contact with the entire surface of the head.
Spread the branches of the whisk with your hands.
Use the pliers to bend the metal rods into a smoothly rounded shape.
Now pour a small amount of glue onto a sheet of paper.
Dip the ends of the stems into the glue to form round, thick balls.
Let it dry for several hours.
And now the final step: the big test! You can try it out on yourself, but it's more fun to try it out on your friends and enjoy watching them smile, giggle, and sigh with elation as you caress their heads with your new creation.
Here's my video showing all the steps and some reactions to this titillating little device! ; )
Head massages not only feel good, they're also great for our health. They can stimulate hair growth and trigger the release of hormones needed for proper stress management. So why not create your own head massager!? It only takes a few minutes to make and can be a lot of fun to try out with your friends. You can even make a game of it and see how long people can keep a straight face with this "spider" crawling on their head. How long do you think you can hold out???

5:25 Aspirin for dry heels
10:02 Fogless mirror
15:36 Spider massager
20:10 Aromatic oil

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