6 BIG Things That WON'T Be In FIFA 21

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Today we talk about 6 things that Won't be in FIFA 21. We will not have things like Juventus, The Nou Camp stadium, allianz arena, certain legends, and more in FIFA 21!
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31 Jul 2020



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justjxni Vor 2 Tage
tbh pes is trying too hard to get players in their game, the gameplay features are good but fifa is always going to be on the top, also to be honest faces don’t matter we really don’t see them in any of the both games that much only when you score goals or just replays i mean i want fifa to become more realistic but i dont blame them its pretty hard to up the graphics in a game with so many things in it, but hopefully in around 2025-2030 the graphics will be much better
Gumowy Vor 6 Tage
PES BETTER LMAO PES HAVE LICENSE Btw how i can get original license?
Jafni Azmi
Jafni Azmi Vor 7 Tage
my created player cannot play national team on fifa 21. i don't know why? my fifa 20 can.
alone Vor 8 Tage
You spelled license wrong. That is all.
areeb gamer
areeb gamer Vor 8 Tage
The stadium in FIFA are more attractive then pes Sorry but it's true because In Pes the people in stadium don't look good compare to FIFA I think Pes should work on graphics and gameplay then I will surely buy and play it ❤️❤️
Ithan Matos
Ithan Matos Vor 9 Tage
Fifa 21 sucks
afiq dnial
afiq dnial Vor 10 Tage
Need juventus logo
Surfy Vor 11 Tage
Why does pes have to spoil all lot of things in fifa
Big Daddy
Big Daddy Vor 13 Tage
I DONT CARE HOW MANY LICENCES PES BUYS, ITS NOT FIFA! ... this is coming from someone who started off playing PES...
BlasterBlaze4 Vor 14 Tage
Konami and EA should team up or one of them should take either company
V3K1 0850TG
V3K1 0850TG Vor 14 Tage
how about EA buys Konami and just gets all the licenses
to pay respect
to pay respect Vor 14 Tage
pes did everything yet people still buy fifa haha
narutofanboy211 Vor 15 Tage
Who even play PES
Bryn McKair
Bryn McKair Vor 15 Tage
This video have 2 contains, for what Pes will have, and for what Fifa won't.
Mando Vor 15 Tage
Why is pes even still relevant?
Fabian Animates
Fabian Animates Vor 17 Tage
Pes is taking everything
Die Dauerquarantäne
What a FIFA is showing the Allianz Arena Here?! Im a TSV 1860 Munich Fan and they got kicked out... By the way, FC Bayern IS NOT the original builder/owner. They more or less stole it...
E C Vor 18 Tage
FIFA sucks
Mike J Official
Mike J Official Vor 19 Tage
I guess I'll still stick to FIFA 19
I like ya cut g
I like ya cut g Vor 21 Tag
This title should just be called things pes stole from fifa
Mad at Idk
Mad at Idk Vor 21 Tag
Looks like it’s way different from FIFA 30
xluk_ 21x
xluk_ 21x Vor 22 Tage
Who even plays fucking PES
Joshua Nshale
Joshua Nshale Vor 23 Tage
I wonder why PES is striving so hard for these licenses when they only have a very limited amount of them compared to the one's FIFA has. They playing an already lost battle.
London Boy
London Boy Vor 12 Tage
@Joshua Nshale Mate like actually play PES, you might like it. Most people that trash talk it have never played it.
London Boy
London Boy Vor 12 Tage
@Joshua Nshale Right now people prefer Fifa because of UT. If it wasn't for UT Fifa is completely trash sorry to say. The gameplay is so robotic and trashy, they never change anything each year and career mode is always the same. People only buy it for licences and UT. PES was a lot popular back on PS2, I'm from England and literally everyone loves football here. Majority of people back then owned and played PES over Fifa. Literally nobody even talked much about Fifa back then. I loved Fifa 15, was the last Fifa game that was actually decent, all the rest have been bad. On PS5 if Fifa changes nothing, PES will dominate because of the new engine they are coming out with for the game.
Joshua Nshale
Joshua Nshale Vor 12 Tage
@London Boy pes never dominated FIFA maybe from your country but 3 quarters of the world actually prefer FIFA than pes agree to disagree
London Boy
London Boy Vor 21 Tag
They ain't lost tbh, since PES 2018 they slowly been coming back. They skipped PES 2021 this year to work on PES 2022 and hopefully the new engine they have for it will be pretty amazing on PS5. PES used to dominate Fifa on PS2 days and beginning of PS3 days and I think it will again once they fix a few things. Only thing keeping Fifa going right now is licences and UT. The gameplay has been trash since Fifa 16.
K3NnEtH Vor 23 Tage
Casual players dont play PES. But PES is the better game on gameplay. Of course the casual players will disagree on this. Biggest fact is they dont like that PES needs mods to appear "official" and to be fair off the pitch FIFA is far better than PES. Konami is catching up tho. Change the AWFUL commentaries,bring up a better training system and transfer system,freshen the layout and much is done. Patches with official teams,players,stadiums,kits etc can be downloaded "verywhere" and even the most potato headed casual player can manage to install it. Football games should be FUN to play. PES is much more fun on the pitch. FIFA is best off the pitch. Facts.
50,000 subscribers
50,000 subscribers Vor 24 Tage
And I also would love if they allowed you to take the manager role as the real manager irl, so if I choose to manage man city I get to use Guardia
50,000 subscribers
50,000 subscribers Vor 24 Tage
I want morinhos face scaned
Europe Trains!: Trains and soccer
PES are flexing that Allianz bruh
Ajman Maloku
Ajman Maloku Vor 24 Tage
cemeray187 Vor 25 Tage
Also a big shame that uefa EC will not be in the game anymore. They let Konami buy everything. EA FIFA you are really on your money savings these days, really disgusting! And yes also missing Beckham is a shock.
cemeray187 Vor 25 Tage
It’s really a big shame that such a great name can’t hold their licenses for the big clubs. And they are telling us that they have a partnership with the hole competition as example La Liga. But why are we missing Camp Nou then? And why we missing Allianz Arena, really a shame! Also Juventus and the stadium was a big disaster. They had a deal with Serie A Tim but the biggest club and their stadium was missing! EA is a stingy company! The FIFA games doesn’t make big development anymore with new licenses. I am deeply disappointed!
arie sanchezz
arie sanchezz Vor 26 Tage
For the missing stadium due to licensing, why don’t they just create a stadium with lookalike a original stadium & name it with closes to the original one. For example Allianz Arena to Alien Arena or something.
Pes is spoiling FIFA Pes is even terrible
RockTheBottom Vor 27 Tage
Its funny how konami are trying to be something .. the only thing they're doing is fuckin up Fifa so they can have some stadiums and teams in their shitty game that none plays
RL9 Bayern_Legend
RL9 Bayern_Legend Vor 27 Tage
It's right with the Van Basten thing but why does FIFA or at least in the past allowed Ukrainians to bring their Nazi like flags as well as offensive UPA flags into the stadium? Why does EA not censor Lazio? SS Lazio? It's no coincidence that they're SS and have this eagle which looks Nazi like
RL9 Bayern_Legend
RL9 Bayern_Legend Vor 27 Tage
Beckham is one of the most overrated players ever !!!
Nobert Smith
Nobert Smith Vor 27 Tage
It doesn’t matter what pes do no one is playing pes
Snowman92 Vor 28 Tage
Next episode: Missing AS Roma
CR7 Vor 28 Tage
How does PES get a license from all clubs?
HarveyWalsh17 Y
HarveyWalsh17 Y Vor 28 Tage
Van basten was added back
Scientist Tim
Scientist Tim Vor 28 Tage
pes is so annoying lmao
정한슬 Vor 28 Tage
Pes EA has to be combined in both licenses they get exclusively for all users
Vikas Vor 29 Tage
It's camp nou ffs
babar naseer
babar naseer Vor Monat
no competition of fifa with pes . pes like a mobile game
babar naseer
babar naseer Vor Monat
fifa always better then pes
gravE GAMING Vor Monat
Thank god Pjanic is in barca now I only used Juve for him
bring all i mean all fifa 21 news and contets
Aaron 10 tiger
Aaron 10 tiger Vor Monat
Fifa is for beginner. Pes is realistic
Chuck E Cheese
Chuck E Cheese Vor Monat
Who tf plays PES?
Charlie Alder
Charlie Alder Vor Monat
Lol I still play 17. I just don't see the point in buying the same product every year when the one I have still has all the licences and is basically the same as fifa 20.
Rahul Lavanya
Rahul Lavanya Vor Monat
Man I play both but excited how if both worked together it's not possible but still I like pes gameplay and many licensed teams and stuff but FIFA I like features
john wilkinson
john wilkinson Vor Monat
Woah we play in stadiums never seen em myself it's a piece of grass that I want murder people on I do love FIFA 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Gg Notre
Gg Notre Vor Monat
Instead of making a better game, PES just deciding to steal content from FIFA in order to try to ruin it for others
Adrian Jackson
Adrian Jackson Vor Monat
Rubbish EA has been doing this for years over multiple console generations but that is ok nobody should complain but Konami do it in return after all these years it is unacceptable typical hypocrisy from fanboys!!
Chris Vor Monat
I’m still playing FIFA 19 but idk if I should buy FIFA 21 maybe I’ll get on ps5
Trevor Cox
Trevor Cox Vor Monat
pes is a worser version of fifa
Trevor Cox
Trevor Cox Vor Monat
they should put a tony adams icon in fifa 21
vivek antoni
vivek antoni Vor Monat
So basically it is FIFA 20 with new no.21
Son of God
Son of God Vor Monat
I won’t be buying another fifa until I see a change in story mode give us a story line more options
Jesse Zavala
Jesse Zavala Vor Monat
PES should be gone forever, 20% of Football fans play that game
ッBigman Vor Monat
Fifa for the last couple years hasn’t been great but pes isn’t really adding anything good to their game to make them the number 1 football game😂
Coceka Mahlangu
Coceka Mahlangu Vor Monat
The Camp Nou is in Fifa 19 and so is the Bayern Muchen
nepsdaz 23
nepsdaz 23 Vor Monat
This konami is getting into our nerves now
Jason Chundusu
Jason Chundusu Vor Monat
PES are so desperate to have a game that is close to good
Jordao Nb
Jordao Nb Vor Monat
EA should give fifa up now let Konami have a go it would be brilliant so much more realistic sim.
Rigga 1
Rigga 1 Vor Monat
Guys that hates KONAMI like this comment
Gruphius N
Gruphius N Vor Monat
You forgot AS Roma, which also has a exclusive contract with KONAMI, like Juventus has
Gruphius N
Gruphius N Vor Monat
@Forca Barca yes, like adidash
Forca Barca
Forca Barca Vor Monat
Konani lol
Eduard Andrei
Eduard Andrei Vor Monat
Pes should be cancelled
TimmyTheSnail Vor Monat
Love how I click on this video and the ad is for durex 😂
J 23
J 23 Vor Monat
LOL I don't care about stadiums tbh
Naoise Wheeler
Naoise Wheeler Vor Monat
Fifa made a billion dollars last year alone from fut points yet can't buy a license PES is and will continue to be the better game.
London Boy
London Boy Vor 21 Tag
EA only cares about money, I mean look at Fifa 21 and how over priced it is for a copy and paste. PES 2021 could have been the same but they gave us a season update and a discount for purchasing it for those who already owned PES 2020. PES cares about the overall football experience for a gamer and Fifa cares about making it's money off UT.
That Random Frog
Frick PES bro
Texas FC
Texas FC Vor Monat
I feel that we should have special event kits. Like poppy day or the NHS kits or BLM that would be very cool
I Am DeAdsHoT
I Am DeAdsHoT Vor Monat
Is exclusivity of licensing is hurting Fifa more than Pes?
Gold Gamer
Gold Gamer Vor Monat
I would love to see beckenbuer back in fifa 21
Rory Mclaughlin
Rory Mclaughlin Vor Monat
Arsenal have a deal with Pes also. But the Emirates stadium is still in the game which is great. But it just goes by the arsenal stadium. 😂 Thankfully. Hopefully it’s in fifa 21 🤞🏼
Mister Miyagi
Mister Miyagi Vor Monat
Allianz Arena i miss you. ❤️😁
electronic bloody mary
I always wondered why Juventus is called Pimonte whatever. I though Juventus changed their name in disgrace from the match fixing scandal.
thatrocksong Vor Monat
"Capitalism is the best way to make sure that the consumer gets the best possible product." Also Capitalism: eXcLuSiVe LiCeNsInG
Steve Magnusson
Steve Magnusson Vor Monat
I swear to god. During the pre-season FUT thingy, they put Allianz Arena's coordinate once back in the UCL round of 16, even though there're no FC Bayern content until the Semi. Also Lahm and Schweinsteiger WILL be icons on FIFA 21, since they both considered as legends at FC Bayern. So I hope Allianz Arena is back for FIFA 21
mike Vor Monat
Van Basten just made a joke. But people are very whiny lately.
Marco Spinelli
Marco Spinelli Vor Monat
in most cases having a deal with a club for the stadium licence has no connection with players license, even if the club image is licensed it doesnt mean players are too and faces cannot be updated, those are wrong facts you are reporting. it depends from who owns image licensing, for example juventus has a contract with konami, but CR7 owns his own image rights so he can do what he wants and get payed as much as he likes for updating his face on fifa
Jesse Ordonez
Jesse Ordonez Vor Monat
Ever since Barça signed with PES they haven’t been able to win the champions league.
Fabio Suave
Fabio Suave Vor Monat
i think PES is being petty with all these partnerships and licensing contracts. They're without a doubt the inferior football game. There should be no "rights" as to who gets to use player names or teams or stadiums in a game. I want my juventus to be called "juventus" and I want my goddamn david beckham to play along side my michael owen and steven gerrard.
Ariton Vor Monat
tell that to Fifa
Ljpro04 Vor 2 Monate
Who else hates PES
Forca Barca
Forca Barca Vor Monat
I hate fifa
blue guy
blue guy Vor 2 Monate
You didn't talk about roma
Hassandrumup Vor 2 Monate
Konami and Fifa make one big game and they’ll split 50-50
Makka Pakka
Makka Pakka Vor 2 Monate
PES is trash
Adrian Jackson
Adrian Jackson Vor Monat
Shame FIFA has rubbish arcade gameplay on the pitch they need to fix but fans don't care as all they care about is the Licenses which is why EA will keep making crappy gameplay on FIFA.
Adrian Jackson
Adrian Jackson Vor 2 Monate
A petition to the FIFA Federation should be sent to hopefully put in regulations make EA and Konami share all licenses.
xcesspass Vor Monat
The clubs are also benefiting so i doubt it will come anytime soon.
jim Bob
jim Bob Vor 2 Monate
I hope that Barnsley fc stadium is in fifa 21
innit Vor 2 Monate
PES should rather concentrate on the gameplay. It's like playing a zombie roboter game.
Rishabh Roy
Rishabh Roy Vor 14 Tage
Fifa fanboi go cry in the bathroom noob
Osama أسامة
Osama أسامة Vor 15 Tage
Man I think you're talking about FIFA
Forca Barca
Forca Barca Vor Monat
We love zombie than cartoon game 😂😭
Pinkoroponko Pinko
They don't have money left for gameplay because of licences.
OpenTheVoid Vor Monat
FIFA fan boy
RaoulShades Vor 2 Monate
Cant they add a kit import feature like pes has
Bored Caribou
Bored Caribou Vor 2 Monate
I played fifa 21 early acess. They changed Ronaldo’s hair
Bored Caribou
Bored Caribou Vor 2 Monate
S7 Galaxy 853 they’re not much. Mostly pro clubs bots missing every pass
Free Fighter
Free Fighter Vor 2 Monate
What are the new bugs
MANU RCC Vor 2 Monate
『Subbing To Everyone That Subs To Me』
i'm sure 99% won't see this, but if you do GOD bless you, stay safe and have a wonderfull day❤️
Francisco Saldivar
Francisco Saldivar Vor 2 Monate
I swear why does PES exist
Forca Barca
Forca Barca Vor Monat
Why does fifa even exit
김삥뽕 Vor 2 Monate
Did you play FIFA21?
MANGENA Vor 2 Monate
Honestly I don't pay attention to stadium in fifa.. I can't tell the difference and it don't matter
Phillip Vor 2 Monate
Fk jeventus
Phillip Vor 2 Monate
Fk nou
Phillip Vor 2 Monate
Nathan Longworth
Nathan Longworth Vor 2 Monate
Korg doing FIFA videos now
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