612HP Mercedes AMG GT RR Luethen AUTOBAHN POV by AutoTopNL

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612HP Mercedes AMG GT RR Luethen AUTOBAHN POV by AutoTopNL
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29 Jul 2017



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AutoTopNL Vor 3 years
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Geog M.
Geog M. Vor Monat
That thing flies! It is faster than the Alfa QVA, btw.
Евгений Бочаров
Какие там 360/ он даже до 300 немог нормального разогнаться
InFiNiTy KiLlS
InFiNiTy KiLlS Vor 11 Monate
That is my dream car
ziomeczek! Vor 8 Monate
Mine too
rahul khanna
rahul khanna Vor year
Cant reach even 300 km/h ,,, you are just a crap with no driving skills
Dave Gersl
Dave Gersl Vor year
Yea.. thats why he went 342 kph in Mclaren
Dean Smit
Dean Smit Vor year
This is an amazing channel!! Like the intro music which is playing before every review. This car is insane, would like to own one of these.
Black ninja ph23
Xvideocar 😍😍😍
Alan Teh
Alan Teh Vor year
180,000th viewer right here. Nice!
DJ Jankov
DJ Jankov Vor year
Gay music
Gabriel Regueiro
Love amg gt .... and if it's ..RR ... well...much better
Mihaela Hritcan
Hey! Can you tell me how is the comfort level in one of these cars? Is it driveable everyday?
ManuRodriguez Vor year
Yep, totally.
M. Yilmaz
M. Yilmaz Vor year
Yes it is.
Forze TV
Forze TV Vor year
What a machine! 💪
_썽 Vor year
Domonkos Kiss
Domonkos Kiss Vor year
Shmee’s gtr had 612hp on dyno stock xD
Miguel Orozimbo
Nice car, Nice driver , Nice Road, Nice day, Nice quality.... Nice Nice
Am I the only one to think that it sounded like a Koenigsegg Agera R ?
New Clear
New Clear Vor year
ass first?
Aaron Naidoo
Aaron Naidoo Vor year
Its a amg gts. You can tell because it does not have the panamericana grill like the gtr.
RAFIK Vor year
It's a monster.
umut mimarı
umut mimarı Vor year
AMG ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
J B Vor 2 years
Great car but putting pressure on the front car and take the next exit...
Saputra Saputra23
Saputra Saputra23 Vor 2 years
Beast speed
Β. Χ.
Β. Χ. Vor 2 years
I would love to see a review for this car plz
Mfuwo Nkuna
Mfuwo Nkuna Vor 2 years
did you really want to drive that car or not?
APPLE4YOU Vor 2 years
This video made me smile great video
Giorgia Fartade
Giorgia Fartade Vor 2 years
i love AMG GTR i like 💗
Giorgia Fartade
Giorgia Fartade Vor 2 years
i love AMG GTR i like 💗
Giorgia Fartade
Giorgia Fartade Vor 2 years
i love AMG GTR i like
Giorgia Fartade
Giorgia Fartade Vor 2 years
i love AMG GTR i like
Giorgia Fartade
Giorgia Fartade Vor 2 years
i love AMG GTR
Giorgia Fartade
Giorgia Fartade Vor 2 years
i love AMG GTR
Raptop1000 68000
Raptop1000 68000 Vor 2 years
For me is not a GTR but I don't no what the model
Miguel Deveza Félix
That is a GTS, not GTR. You can see it by the back of the car. The GTR has 4, and the side ones are hidden, in this they are exposed, like in the GTS. In the interior you dont have that yellow drift button. And the back of the isnt like in the GTR, it hasn't much space for a spoiler like in the GTR (that you have space for a spoiler, caus it comes with a spoiler, and in the GTS it doesnt). And its a custom spoiler (why would you put a custom spoiler, when you have an awesome looking carbon fiber spoiler?). It can be a GTC or a GT as well. But i think its the GTS.
Aaron Naidoo
Aaron Naidoo Vor year
Miguel Deveza Félix: it cant be a gtc because the gtc has a panamericana grill. Its the gts
Tobias H
Tobias H Vor 2 years
Where is the yellow traktion control button
InfiniteGrowing HD
InfiniteGrowing HD Vor 2 years
Incredible acceleration
Sarkozy Vor 2 years
Mateusz Kuśmierek
Mateusz Kuśmierek Vor 2 years
we want to see also rpm
Rinor Haziri
Rinor Haziri Vor 2 years
you are the best 😍😍
Rinor Haziri
Rinor Haziri Vor 2 years
best chànel of pov ride
JOKER JOK Vor 2 years
il a peur d'accelerer
Mark Donen
Mark Donen Vor 2 years
That is an engine that demands a manual. I know it would be "slower".
Flushing Stone
Flushing Stone Vor 3 years
I wonder if he ever gets pulled over doing this
Simon Jack
Simon Jack Vor 2 years
Flushing Stone why would he. It's legal
Matteo Sardelli
Matteo Sardelli Vor 3 years
Beginning song title ? Amazing car though
Quinten Romein
Quinten Romein Vor 3 years
Prismo - Smile remix i think
Francesco Villa
Francesco Villa Vor 3 years
Do you do this as a job? If you do, it's the coolest thing on earth
ReinerStoff Vor 3 years
Der Tacho sieht so billig aus... ohne worte
Weedee Speedee
Weedee Speedee Vor 3 years
It is quite awesome to see you guys on the roads which I daily use to drive to university as well :)
lepekhin inc
lepekhin inc Vor 3 years
༼ • ʖ̯ • ༽
Lisjak2142 Vor 3 years
AutoTopNL a friendly piece of advice. Pls tone down the intro music volume. It's always much louder than the actual video. Other than that keep up the great work. :)
Car Tube
Car Tube Vor 3 years
Ist das Zufall mit den 612ps oder wurde der motor genauso gechipt und getunt wie beim E63 und S63?
vapezrr Vor year
Car Tube Alles serie
M A G N U M 1
M A G N U M 1 Vor 3 years
next car test: Bugatti chiron !! :)
Nature Vor 3 years
Is this faster than a SLR?
WE ARE VENOM Vor 3 years
Ismail Vor 3 years
ما شاء الله
Jaqobe Vor 3 years
I love your videos! Keep 'em coming.
Don Pablo
Don Pablo Vor 3 years
That thing hauls ass!
Haja Vor 3 years
feels like even more power to me at first impression
Ma passion
Ma passion Vor 3 years
Sls was way too sicker at the time
WE ARE VENOM Vor 3 years
Ma passion this is high end. Sls is a super car. 0-150 GTS faster but after that SLS cathces it and pass.
Tam Tam
Tam Tam Vor 3 years
Sehr schön auto 👌
weekend Vor 3 years
why i love mercedes...
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