7 Enormous Games You Can Basically Play Forever

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Rob presents our list of 7 games so enormous you can basically just play them forever. Can you think of any we've missed? Tell us in the comments!
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All music featured courtesy of epidemicsound.com (www.epidemicsound.com)
One On Onesie jingle created by Pelle Kuipers / de-vid.com/u-sketchysong
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20 Jul 2018

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Harnold Owiti
Harnold Owiti Vor 13 Tage
yeah I hate fast travel, shouldn't be included in open world games
An Orange A Day Keeps The Scurvy Away
Lance represents the majority of Angry Joe and Worth a Buy fanboys. Except Lance seems sincere in his snobbery.
Ben Smith
Ben Smith Vor 13 Tage
I’ve completed every quest in Skyrim when you have no life sad fave
Dan Larsen
Dan Larsen Vor 14 Tage
Tyger Night
Tyger Night Vor 14 Tage
I'm really disappointed that you never mentioned any Animal Crossing game nor any Harvest Moon game. For shame!
Tacklebox82 Vor 14 Tage
Grand Theft Auto 5/online?
Anon B
Anon B Vor 15 Tage
Im 700hrs into rocket league
kidgoku 81150
kidgoku 81150 Vor 16 Tage
Before this even started I knew skyrim was gonna be in this video
Gabriel Berger
Gabriel Berger Vor 21 Tag
FSD in Elite is not fast travel, it's lore friendly to the game. The NPCs use it too. Also, other star systems aren't loaded in one system, it's all just a very nice looking background image.
GJY 1226
GJY 1226 Vor 23 Tage
Farming Simulator officially an esport !
Beyond the Ages
Beyond the Ages Vor 23 Tage
Hmmm... Forgot No Man's Sky I see.
Salty Seadog
Salty Seadog Vor 23 Tage
Took your own advice and skipped the sport game section. Same games every year, very little or no graphical changes, and non existent gameplay changes (unless you add ever increasing amounts of micro transactions as a gameplay mechanic)
Kasey Garris
Kasey Garris Vor 25 Tage
I can’t believe you called professional farming simulator as an esport! LOL ROB YOU GOD
Justin Fehr
Justin Fehr Vor 26 Tage
Both skyrim and stardew valley I have both done every possible thing in and it it didn't take me that long at all. Maybe 100 some for skyrim and quite a bit less for SV
Xburner 04
Xburner 04 Vor 28 Tage
No mans sky, may not be the best game but it is massive
Evan Hoffman
Evan Hoffman Vor 29 Tage
most games fasttravel is just your chare walking
David Jones
David Jones Vor Monat
Fallout 4, it has random aid quests (basically every settlement can be attacked)...
Dominique Minor
Dominique Minor Vor Monat
Drem Yol Lok comment scroller sky guard you
A Channel About Video Games
I vote the farming Simulator bit as the second best Moment of PS Access. Right behind Rob doing the hand-flick and making the sound teenage boys make when they find something cool. OOAAAARR
Iwo Ropa
Iwo Ropa Vor Monat
What about Witcher 3
Tyler Christensen
Fallout 4. Another settlement needs your help!
Ludwig Cools
Ludwig Cools Vor Monat
Minecraft! Hate me all you wan't but i won't change my mind!
I Quit
I Quit Vor Monat
I'm at 620 hours on no man's sky nearly at the next planet
Niko Saarinen
Niko Saarinen Vor Monat
8:09 no... Just, no
NewLegend 27
NewLegend 27 Vor Monat
Sandbox games of course.
illegal bacon
illegal bacon Vor Monat
Was that my dad in the beginning of the video
boboss top shelf
Lol he walks everywhere
D. R. Nyan-chan
D. R. Nyan-chan Vor Monat
Binding of Isaac: Rebirth with the Afterbirth and Afterbirth+ expansions. Those will keep you busy for a LONG time. :3
Andrew Mbewe
Andrew Mbewe Vor Monat
Nikkstein Gaming
Fallout? Dont starve?
holy gamer
holy gamer Vor Monat
I have more than 6000 hours in mcfor and play it 6 years
Chikeny chicken
Chikeny chicken Vor Monat
You forgot red dead 2
Saevaric Vor Monat
You forgot no mans sky
ali_p_q games
ali_p_q games Vor Monat
That was hilarious!
Gamer bros
Gamer bros Vor Monat
I love minecraft and fortnite and bo3
Basics Vor Monat
Boy how tf is Destiny & Destiny 2 not on this... weekly strikes against the enemies of humanity, public events on 10 planets, dlcs (RIP the best character to ever exist)... it just goes on
the fearstroke
the fearstroke Vor Monat
(8:42) No. No! NO! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
Real Osc
Real Osc Vor Monat
Rdr2 has just came out and is the best game ever and is very big.
evan teeters
evan teeters Vor Monat
62 hours in a game, I have played 20 days time in skyrim
DarkBriar Lucifer
Fisizion Vor Monat
i completely agree in stardew valley, you can't explain why the game is sooo good, its just amazing
Itachi Vor Monat
You missed a game it's called warframe it's for free on the playstore I've been playing it for so long its super hard on default that's why it doesn't have a hard mode it has none it takes a lot of your time just trying to get a 2nd frame
Joe Clifford
Joe Clifford Vor Monat
Zeph4GAMING EGY Vor Monat
Where tf is Rocket League?
Outside The Box Anything
The Binding Of Isaac?
Sharky XP
Sharky XP Vor Monat
Diablo 3 anyone? No? Just me? Alright then...
Ajyooo Vor Monat
How to make an infinity game: Make skyrim in MC
Bruslar Vor Monat
3:26 this is another step of czech take over! Muhahaha
JoNatHan K
JoNatHan K Vor Monat
Any Sim Game by EA.
Branko De Bock
Branko De Bock Vor Monat
OOOYYYFUUUUUMMMMMM. Oops wrong yt channel
Snizzy Vor Monat
Rocket League (I'm on PC) (1200 hrs)
TheOverseer214 Vor Monat
I've finished every Skyrim quest, I'm weird
Jack Jackaboys
Jack Jackaboys Vor Monat
I know he is a ps4 gamer but he didn't pick any pc games like. Csgo dota 2 teamfortres 2 and there is soooooo many more
CheekyKiller Kidd
GTA 5 is limitless, evenn when you beat the game you can play it, commit crime, drive cars, and you have online mode!
Old CraftBlox
Old CraftBlox Vor Monat
5 Years and counting ... i haven't even played survival yet.. minecraft btw
Aleksi Lasanen
Aleksi Lasanen Vor Monat
sara lo
sara lo Vor Monat
Zelda BoTW I had gotten pretty far almost beat Ganon I was about to sell it and I said no I got to keep playing it. I'm still finding stuff to do mostly I'm taking pictures of scenery cuz it's just that beautiful
Pixel Pavel
Pixel Pavel Vor Monat
jose oquendo
jose oquendo Vor Monat
troll face
troll face Vor Monat
My 2 favorites are skyrim and minecraft
Lest2DvS Vor 2 Monate
Henri Nieminen
Henri Nieminen Vor 2 Monate
I can't stop playing borderlands, it's so good
Samriddha Jana
Samriddha Jana Vor 2 Monate
Yah I can play Skyrim forever
The Retro Hotdog
The Retro Hotdog Vor 2 Monate
Im going to say it... yep i did you can play Fortnite forever and not get bored
FluffyFractalshard Vor 2 Monate
paht of exile! with its incredible depth, the insane amount of content added regularly and sheer infinite build options, it is by far the best and most complex arpg ever!! and thats not an exaggeration, it really is!
TheZombieZ MaN
TheZombieZ MaN Vor 2 Monate
I searched up farming simulater championships it's an actual thing
Slackin_242 Vor 2 Monate
Yup im still playing skyrim too
Eskew Roberts
Eskew Roberts Vor 2 Monate
mount and blade
Ariel Ramos
Ariel Ramos Vor 2 Monate
Minecraft puts me to sleep forever
Trav Vor 2 Monate
They need to make a Paper Mario Thousand Year Door ish game online. I don’t know how or why they would do it but I do know this. I love it. It doesn’t even exist but I love it.
Stanmcarthur Ate
Stanmcarthur Ate Vor 2 Monate
stoagy mahalo
stoagy mahalo Vor 2 Monate
4:58 best moment of the whole video. The look is priceless
Cinomod6066 Vor 2 Monate
That's a very good representation of esports lol bravo guys
Sword of the Morning
How didn't Runescape make it to number 1 on this list?
Cortney Caylor
Cortney Caylor Vor 2 Monate
Where did you find the soundtrack
Ace Gamer Goldie
Ace Gamer Goldie Vor 2 Monate
It's not even touching the sides!
JTSick Gaming
JTSick Gaming Vor 3 Monate
7:07 is my favorite.
Richard Savings
Richard Savings Vor 3 Monate
TrackMania. Any of them, all of them.
J.D. Hague
J.D. Hague Vor 3 Monate
Isn't number 2 just Farmville for the PS4?
Spiderfly Vor 3 Monate
I've never played skyrim or final fantasy and never will or any football game and definitely not star poo Valley.
Spiderfly Vor 3 Monate
Spelunky I just love that game and randomly generated levels it's always fresh.
TheBlessedRed Vor 3 Monate
You can fast travel in real life. It's called cars, trains, and planes. So, I'll continue to fast travel.
JamesXD2313 LOL
JamesXD2313 LOL Vor 3 Monate
No gran turismo? :(
camel_ kippen
camel_ kippen Vor 3 Monate
Souls Series, never gets old for me
Rehana Tariq
Rehana Tariq Vor 3 Monate
6:50 Legend
mark hall
mark hall Vor 3 Monate
For me it was es oblivion I went round at one point just climbing mountains lol
murrfeeling Vor 3 Monate
Furrymuck has been online almost continuously since August 1990. I suspect some players have been playing it regularly for 28 years now.
RajunCajun34 Vor 3 Monate
I want to punch robs character in the face lol. "in another star system!" Shut up!
Marci Turáni
Marci Turáni Vor 3 Monate
Still waiting for the Farming Sim Championship.
pew pew
pew pew Vor 3 Monate
The intro tho
Alex Stephenson
Alex Stephenson Vor 3 Monate
I really enjoy watching this chap he always makes me laugh. However, I must disagree on skyrim. I played morrowind for 7 years after release, daily. I still own it amd have just reinstalled in on my laptop. Skyrim on the other hand felt empty and lacked the same soul of morrowind. I accept that some nostalgia may be the reason but i feel that bethesda have (for lack of a more fitting term) dumbed down the rpg elements. The game was good when i first played it but when i go back to it now i feel bored within minutes. I am hoping for better with tes 6. So fingers crossed bethesda!
Bunni Vor 3 Monate
World of warcraft
Matthew Gehring
Matthew Gehring Vor 3 Monate
5:11 MLB! Come on Rob!
daskraut Vor 3 Monate
... sitting here, still playing pong.
Sijtze Roar
Sijtze Roar Vor 3 Monate
you sayd you counter enemies wth your eyes only.. that sounds really terrible for our eyes.. wont your eyes get damaged ? also, how do you wield your weapon of choice ? you pull the eyes from the sockets. and toss them at an enemy ? how can you defeat anybody with only using eyes?? i usualy use weapons to win .
Jody Grantham
Jody Grantham Vor 3 Monate
This video is funny! I like the humorous soundtrack you added when you reviewed Kingdom Come. And, oh the chicken at the end.
Brian Macaranas
Brian Macaranas Vor 3 Monate
Dazzling Sky
Dazzling Sky Vor 3 Monate
James Ludwig
James Ludwig Vor 3 Monate
Off topic anyone else play App escape 2s soccer obsessively as a kid
Noah A. Rosseland
Noah A. Rosseland Vor 3 Monate
I have 13.226 of gameplay on ps4
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