8 Signs You're Way Smarter Than People Around

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What being smart means. Intelligence is something rather different from being good at exams or memorizing history books by heart. And if you have just a couple of friends, if you frequently seem lonely, or if you’re a perfectionist, the chances are high that you’re simply smarter than the people who surround you.
You enjoy loneliness 1:10
You feel pressured 4:07
You often daydream 4:53
You're open-minded 5:40
Your self-control is exceptional 6:24
Your indecisiveness stems from overanalyzing 7:13
You often feel dissatisfied or unhappy 7:55
You connect concepts that seem unrelated 8:54
#smartpeople #introvert #self-control
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- If you or other people in your life prefer being alone, this doesn't necessarily mean loneliness. Sometimes it's just a sign of greater intelligence.
- Smart people often see and realize things that the people around them can't comprehend. That's why they know for sure where their life should head.
- Daydreaming might not be a distracting habit but a sign of high intelligence. In their study, psychologists from the Georgia Institute of Technology drew a connection between daydreaming and the efficiency and strength of a person's brain.
- Highly intelligent people never close themselves off if they come across new ideas or unusual opportunities. They tend to look for alternative solutions and consider the views of other people.
- Another thing that makes smart people stand out in a crowd is their ability to overcome impulsiveness. They tend to plan their actions, clarify their goals, explore different strategies, and think about consequences.
- Highly intelligent people need to know all the pros and cons before they make a decision. But at the same time, the more they analyze, the less likely they are to act.
- For some smart people, their intelligence turns out to be a curse. They simply don't fit in and sometimes wonder about the truthfulness of the expression “ignorance is bliss.”
- Smart people can see patterns nobody else pays attention to. This happens due to their ability to draw parallels.
#smartpeople #confident #introvert
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28 Sep 2018



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Hey there! Which of those statements do you agree or disagree with?
sdpro gaming
sdpro gaming Vor 19 Tage
its a bit intresting about me me over analyze in my faw game
M Punia
M Punia Vor 19 Tage
I found all relating me....🤣
jean f
jean f Vor Monat
All. When I studied for the bar exam I was invited to join study groups. I didn't because it wouldn't work for me. I passed.
Padma Ch
Padma Ch Vor Monat
This is not total correct 50% of this is correct ( smart people think for themselves to be successful )
A. G.
A. G. Vor Monat
Guess what i daydream about?
TriclopsGamer593 Vor 18 Stunden
Thanks. My self esteem went up 3.2% I feel much better about myself.
Rosano Rosana
Then I don't want become smart...
brad styles
brad styles Vor Tag
No one: if you want to know if you're samarter than other people watch this video Also no one: but before we start just click the subscribe button.. Yeah THE RED ONE 😉😆
WolfonWhiskey Vor 2 Tage
Ohh shii this is me ty this made my day
AuBurney Tuckerson
Only one ad and at the end!? This is a surprise!
Ahmad Yusuf
Ahmad Yusuf Vor 6 Tage
I agree to all But how can we correct some of these It's painful at times
Poiter Remodeling Company, Inc
Somethings and not somethings!
Luka Kpo1
Luka Kpo1 Vor 7 Tage
y'all aint smart, y'all just weird
ehsan safari
ehsan safari Vor 8 Tage
all of those was exactly right for me
classic man
classic man Vor 9 Tage
Before I see this video i was think I'm different! But now i know why
Rangrao bhongle
Rangrao bhongle Vor 9 Tage
I prefer to be alone most of the time, mostly feel depressed about my decisions
Krish Vyas
Krish Vyas Vor 10 Tage
according to thumbnail, I must be having 999 IQ
Kyle Stoltz
Kyle Stoltz Vor 10 Tage
Icant control myy movements since i have a disorder that makes me unable to control my movements
PAMELA_ O Vor 11 Tage
I’m smart
Alex Hernandez
Alex Hernandez Vor 12 Tage
Funny thing is that the last video’s name I saw was “Why incompetent people think they’re awesome” and it stands everything this video could make you think, you’re smarter than everyone else around you, well, believe whatever makes you feel happy then, but make sure to keep your feet on the ground.
TONVIL Vor 12 Tage
Sober Drink
Sober Drink Vor 13 Tage
Does anybody posses all the given features? 🙋
Hrishikesh Satarkar
Do you mean introverts?
Jamie Walker
Jamie Walker Vor 15 Tage
I agree about the being alone bit.
pro killer 54
pro killer 54 Vor 15 Tage
Wut im all of this 🧐. Nah i forgot abaut ma high iQ soo this is all True but you forgot that we live on mess..
Shin chan
Shin chan Vor 16 Tage
Am I an intelligent ,I connect things that nobody understand
Get me to 1 million subscribers Pleaseee
I’m that comment that you have been looking for.... Yes the laugh at the beginning of the video creeped me out so much as well ...
Miracle Thicklen
Miracle Thicklen Vor 17 Tage
Ah well I guess I'm smarter than the people around me ....Which doesn't really surprise me all that much
The Wealth Way
The Wealth Way Vor 17 Tage
This is me
Victor R
Victor R Vor 17 Tage
I'll tell you this much. If you agree with the opinions of most blue check marks on Twitter, you've chosen to toe the line and take yourself out of the free thinker conversation as your ideas may be "too spicy" to people who only see their way or the highway.
Weelkom Bbbey
Weelkom Bbbey Vor 18 Tage
Wow! Am a teenager and i really love loneliness This sign is wonderful
Yeah...I think u r right ...bcos I'm 28 and I really don't fancy company of friends always around....like to be by myself...
Fycking clyckbayt
David Brother
David Brother Vor 19 Tage
HEY. I'm David, I'm from Haiti. And I love Drawing, and music. I know one thing for sure that I never knew I was smart until now . Thanks 😎
Does it make me smart because I know lots about animals? Cuz animals is my favorite thing in the whole world.
Lana Baldawi
Lana Baldawi Vor 19 Tage
This video tells me I'm smart but my grades tell me otherwise...
Leena Gupta
Leena Gupta Vor 20 Tage
Eqch and every thing matched to me . Really all of them. But the thing is i love learning new things and going after mt hobbies etc, i dont like mugging myself up with bookish knowledge. Thats the reason i aint a ranker :/ and never try to do so 85-90 gives me enough but still i dont bring up quite excellent grades. M more interested in other things which i cant actually approach
Vell Baria Official Channel
I'm an extrovert but I could relate to this...
Thavapalan Arivan
Thavapalan Arivan Vor 20 Tage
change the title to 8 signs you're an introvert.
Kouhai Mashu
Kouhai Mashu Vor 20 Tage
Well I thought iam a psychopath hahahaha
minds Vor 21 Tag
This ain’t me
minds Vor 21 Tag
They probably made this video about things everyone does so they make people shot so they get more likes, subs and views lol
Devapriya Vor 22 Tage
Everyone is smart ..just be yourself.. and don't let anyone judge you 😊😊
Stephanie McKaskle
Stephanie McKaskle Vor 23 Tage
This sounds like me
Meme Stealer
Meme Stealer Vor 23 Tage
Everyone in the comments trying to look smart.
minds Vor 21 Tag
Lol fax
Miljana Stevanovic
Miljana Stevanovic Vor 23 Tage
At the point when he said “Oops, my mind was wandering” - I realised, IT actually DID! Wow!
ssaannaa Vor 24 Tage
This video made me happy, thank u bright side
Moody K.m
Moody K.m Vor 24 Tage
@BRIGHT SIDE telling people my dreams is illegal? I hope you answer cause I want to know
tushar baweja
tushar baweja Vor 26 Tage
I guess everyone is now feeling that they are genius (huh?)
Macz Stopmotion
Macz Stopmotion Vor 26 Tage
I yam smort
Christian Belanger
Christian Belanger Vor 27 Tage
8 signs you are not popular with the ladies
Nelson Vargas
Nelson Vargas Vor 27 Tage
Creativity is related to high intelligence .
Harsh Playz
Harsh Playz Vor 29 Tage
I can’t believe it but that’s how I act
Forever Billie
Forever Billie Vor 29 Tage
Yeah I enjoy being alone
Bollepus Dodgebolle
Oh yeah. So this means im really smart. Heh
CowCow Vor Monat
Intelligent people don’t acknowledge their intelligence
minds Vor 21 Tag
That’s not true lol
Ref ref Ref
Ref ref Ref Vor Monat
I got all of this right. Yet my grade is D
s h i n a l
s h i n a l Vor Monat
And you forgot to add self love Its the best way avoid unnecessary expectations, love,and demand from some1 😊 often people love themselves because they are so intelligent that they know what life actually means
Alpha wolf
Alpha wolf Vor Monat
I'm not smart but still only get one like and sometimes one comment on my comments
Dayne LaFlame
Dayne LaFlame Vor Monat
If you breath Your smart
Dayne LaFlame
Dayne LaFlame Vor 13 Tage
@minds mind's
minds Vor 21 Tag
Anamika Yadav
Anamika Yadav Vor Monat
Okk..... everything told in the video is me......😄😅 So i am smart😅😂 Then why my parents don't accept it???🙄😶🤷🤷
Jon Teldon
Jon Teldon Vor Monat
I was the genius in a past life and it's bleeding into this one
Clooney Mbah
Clooney Mbah Vor Monat
first of all i am a prefectionist and i can always tell a similarity between two people but my friends rarely agree with me.
Najieb Stanly Mokhtar
I always feel like a square peg in a round hole
Lost Vor Monat
Number 1 all the way. The leaps I take when recognizing patterns between one thing and another takes an entire space program for others to follow me on that trip.
Ssoorryya Gayathri
hey i almost have all those characters:)
joe 90
joe 90 Vor Monat
Been to Walmart recently
Ornella Mawniuh
Ornella Mawniuh Vor Monat
So true
Lavish Lily
Lavish Lily Vor Monat
I now understand why in so indecisive. It can be frustrating. Anyways, a creative here☝🏾😊💕
Wogy 2
Wogy 2 Vor Monat
For sure I am,I am hundred dollar billion child
It's really awesome
Sampeeth Krishnan
All of these are common to everyone.just highlighted them
dysn Waizy
dysn Waizy Vor Monat
What does a longer space between the upper thigh mean...? Also wat could a wider angled chin mean...?
Michael Furia
Michael Furia Vor Monat
I like stay-at-home alone and/or social distancing guidelines...
Parth Is Best 2
Parth Is Best 2 Vor Monat
I thought i was alone , but you motivated me towards by goal . Thanks buddy
Fritz garret
Fritz garret Vor Monat
Not for being assuming but all you have discussed was all in me.. it's unbelievable! This vedio makes me comfortable that I'm not the only person who don't like crowds and being intelligent.. please make another vedio that talks about intelligence.
Navdeep Singh
Navdeep Singh Vor Monat
8:39 , I have a crush on this girl 😍
sai bharath
sai bharath Vor Monat
He made the video keeping in mind that every one could relate this at some point. It's a trick.......
D.D Dark Dog
D.D Dark Dog Vor Monat
I love learning new things Everytime I watch the bright side
Bhanu Shankar
Bhanu Shankar Vor Monat
U trying make us fools
Palanisamy Seethapathy
Who else think yourself smarter like here👍👍👇👇
vasilis pitsari
vasilis pitsari Vor Monat
Listen more talk less
Through the Telescope!
These are called Autistic traits. You're welcome. Also, its no longer just those that want to be alone, you can desire to be around people but cannot for some reason and still be very bright.
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