8 Things Only Pro Gamers Know About The XBOX ONE

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XBOX ONE SECRETS ONLY PROS KNOW. The XBOX ONE has been out for nearly half a decade and there are still some features of the console that have flown under the radar.
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AWESOME XBOX ONE SECRETS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT. The Xbox One is one of our favorite consoles ever. However, did you know that it can be used for so much more than just playing games?
This is TheGamer's list of 9 Things Only Pro Gamers Know About The Xbox One.
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The Xbox One is yet another awesome gaming machine from Microsoft. Ever since it was released way back in 2013, it's helped change the games we play and the way we play games. Along with the Sony PlayStation 4, it's been at the forefront of home entertainment as part of the eighth generation of consoles. However, if you only use it for playing games, you're missing out. Pro gamers know there's more to the Microsoft Xbox One than that and we'll tell you some of the things only hardcore gamers know.
Professional gamers want to make sure they can play at all times and, with the Xbox One, they can. It turns out there's a way of playing games on your Windows PC. We’ll even let you know about how you can quicken installs and play games on your Xbox One as soon as possible. If you want to use the Xbox One's awesome tech to play games from your other consoles, then watching this video will teach you that, too.
You'll also find out how to get fit for free on your Xbox One, as well as working around the horror of not having enough disk space. We'll also tell you about how to use your system to listen to music, how to turn it into a PC, how to share your games and how to make sure your games are right where you want them. Thanks for watching and remember to subscribe to TheGamer for more awesome videos!
Script by: Peter Henn
Voice Over by: Justin Freitas
Edited by: Valerie M
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12 Jun 2018

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+yaqoob rahma Did u reply too. Me?
yaqoob rahma
yaqoob rahma Vor 11 Tage
TheGamer ?
The kid in the hood 19
TheGamer has always been my favorite DE-vidr
pro 7373
pro 7373 Vor 22 Tage
Pro gamer I got a xbox one too I'm a pro on it
Rhys Vor Tag
Why is the ps4 controller not on
Lord Jesse
Lord Jesse Vor Tag
This video is cancer
Sir_Gugu 76
Sir_Gugu 76 Vor 2 Tage
the girl at 2:07 has a ps4 controller
dragonfire 35535
dragonfire 35535 Vor 2 Tage
#2 play pc games
Supreme King
Supreme King Vor 2 Tage
How you going to have a PlayStation
Ohr Shmuel
Ohr Shmuel Vor 3 Tage
3:51 her controller isn’t even on🤦🏽‍♂️
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Toaster Fat Vor 3 Tage
3:52 her controller is off 🤔
XxDragon SkullxX
XxDragon SkullxX Vor 3 Tage
In he thumbnail it’s saying that only noobs have there controllers on the pros don’t play with their controllers on
thewalkingbanna Vor 3 Tage
3:54 her controller was turned off
OrangeNiNja23 Vor 4 Tage
2:06 I see a PS4 player
Krisitian Harvey
Krisitian Harvey Vor 4 Tage
It just take like 15 minutes or 1 hour a playstation can't even download a game correctly kid
Krisitian Harvey
Krisitian Harvey Vor 4 Tage
It does not matter what the controller looks like my dad got a white xbox1 I got a black xbox1
jared gaming madness
I'm a pro now
Zigod Gaming
Zigod Gaming Vor 4 Tage
I have a Xbox one x and ps4 and I like both also have a original Xbox and ps1 and 2 ps2s and a ps3
GoldenPIXEL 105
GoldenPIXEL 105 Vor 4 Tage
I love how he keeps calling us “gamers”. Such a 2013 to say
MythicalEcho Vor 4 Tage
Im a xbox One s player im a pro at fortnite im a fast Builder and Yeah the speed instalación its just amazing
Frednoxy Omega
Frednoxy Omega Vor 4 Tage
Racist To controllers everywhere
Zenjii The husky\hyena
Why does the "noob" controller on the thumbnail have xbox 360 buttons?
Cody Yearian
Cody Yearian Vor 4 Tage
LOL unless your old school? How is wired "old school" A TRUE GAMER would know a wired connection is far superior to that of a wireless connection
Benji Navarro
Benji Navarro Vor 5 Tage
This video isn't what I was expecting
Rendel Sardea
Rendel Sardea Vor 5 Tage
Xbox vid.... 3:51 *shows (not turned on) dualshock 4 controller* smh😂
Game Star
Game Star Vor 5 Tage
I play PS4 not Xbox oh and the cilp of the girl playing a game ITS NOT XBOX ITS PS4 dum dumbs
Exotic Butters [Five nights at Freddys]
I got a ps4 ad WTF
Tcqx Vor 5 Tage
I have been playing xbox fore 10 years
You do realise that the one on the left is actually the pro side, ya noob
FreshGaming taragos
She was holding a ps4 controller
Alfie Curran
Alfie Curran Vor 5 Tage
2:07 ummm Look at the controller 😂
Ausrastfunktion _
Ps4 ist better lmao
bln Music
bln Music Vor 5 Tage
There the same thing they can do the same thing besides the ch old from xbox otherwise it doesn't matter
Charlee Modestou
Charlee Modestou Vor 6 Tage
If you are in the home page and you press start and menu at the same time you get the 360 menu
maturegotit Vor 6 Tage
Why did you show a video of a girl playing on a PlayStation
nephits234 hiy
nephits234 hiy Vor 6 Tage
2:07 ps4 controller
Icywolfhybrid '
Icywolfhybrid ' Vor 6 Tage
2:06 yo she’s holding a freakin play station controller
Mathew Bsharah
Mathew Bsharah Vor 6 Tage
Ima try playing while my controller is turned off. Maybe I will be a pro
IS0LAT0R Vor 6 Tage
Psh. Damn those pro gamers. I’m an epic gamer.
Epclaymore Vor 6 Tage
Wires are old-school but faster in terms of Ethernet
Domenic Brangiforte
Stop over pronocing the word consoleoololl
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I’m jojo
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I got a tik tok ad
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*game fly ads intensifies*
Do we love it
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2:06 first of all, that's a ps4 controller, and secondly it's not even paired to anything 🤣
SwazY W
SwazY W Vor 8 Tage
Noob doesn’t play claw pro plays claw
Shadzz09 Vor 8 Tage
Now I'm automatically a pro gamer, because of this? XD
Elite Sniper
Elite Sniper Vor 8 Tage
It diosnt take these thing to be a pro player. Not to make Xbox players mad but CWL turnament are only on PlayStation.
ray harman
ray harman Vor 8 Tage
I have an xbox one
PotatoSkill Vor 8 Tage
2:09 that’s not Xbox that’s a ps4 and she haven’t even turned the ps4 on lmao
highlyblest Vor 8 Tage
Does this make me a pro gamer now?
Jose Peña
Jose Peña Vor 9 Tage
Also if you want to play your games and listen to Jay-Z at the same time. You can now do that just download the Xbox background app.
RedArrowYT Vor 9 Tage
Family wars Mum - “get iPhone X” Dad - “i’m fine I got a Samsung galaxy 9 My Sis - “what about consoles.... I mean PS4 OG console “ Me - “ooo don’t be a noob and get a Xbox “ My dog - WOOF !! Next morning.... Hey I’m getting google hub today - Me My dad - No your not m8... you get amazon echo dot My mum - just do what ever Dad - ooo don’t chip in you know now better My dog - WOOF WOOF WOOF 2018 Xbox X release day The most powerful console ever built PS4 pro releases later lol 😂
Pinkie Mahloko
Pinkie Mahloko Vor 9 Tage
Jasmin DeShane
Jasmin DeShane Vor 10 Tage
100% Xbox controller😐 2:07
ZAC GAMING10 1 Vor 8 Tage
ZAC GAMING10 1 Vor 8 Tage
danny Neeld
danny Neeld Vor 10 Tage
At 2:05 the girls playing a PS4 😂
logical memes
logical memes Vor 11 Tage
yay i'm an xbox pro
Elite voyager 21
Elite voyager 21 Vor 12 Tage
I know about play anywhere I just don’t know how lol
Bruno Aleixo
Bruno Aleixo Vor 13 Tage
What I don't understand is why xbox don't have a keyword and mouse support at the very beginning, I mean it's microsoft after all, the giant of the pc's, but I've heard it's coming now, it's about time...and for those who don't like keyword and mouse, simple, don't buy it, but it's good to have a choice...
Jason Miller
Jason Miller Vor 13 Tage
Juan Botes
Juan Botes Vor 13 Tage
hello i love x box 1
ligma Vor 13 Tage
Xbox1 sucks buy a playstation4
SydeHavok Vor 14 Tage
Did it bother anyone else seeing these people playing without the controllers on? SMH
Nándor Fehér
Nándor Fehér Vor 15 Tage
Noob xbox one pro xbox one x
Samuel Bailey
Samuel Bailey Vor 15 Tage
Xbox is waaaaaaaay more better than play station
Abdullah Wasif
Abdullah Wasif Vor 16 Tage
So pro gamers play with white controllers and noobs play with the black ones. Now that's just racist.
Daniel Johnson
Daniel Johnson Vor 16 Tage
This is the most clickbaty channel of all time
cesar v
cesar v Vor 18 Tage
He literally makes the worst thumnbails
LightBlazeMC Vor 18 Tage
why does the kinect look like ET?
Michael Nguyen
Michael Nguyen Vor 19 Tage
Did anyone realized that on 2:06 they are using a Playstation controller btw
Big Dave
Big Dave Vor 19 Tage
My GT is BubblyNuke3d Check me out! Comment yours down below! And I'll check you out as well
Bob DaBuilda
Bob DaBuilda Vor 19 Tage
2:06 that’s a PlayStation controller..
Izz Man
Izz Man Vor 20 Tage
2:07 that's a PlayStation controller duhhhhhhhhhhh even kid could know that!!!!!!!!!!😤😤😤😤😤😤😢😢😢😢😧😧😧😡😡😠😬😬😬😬😬🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓👨🏾‍🔧
Ela Plays
Ela Plays Vor 20 Tage
At 3:52 turn the controller on boi
Lawrence Porter
Lawrence Porter Vor 20 Tage
And now everyone knows. A bit like those ‘secrets your bank doesn’t want you to know’ type videos.
Samuel Bennett
Samuel Bennett Vor 20 Tage
Rip old dashboard and account screen
y00sum Vor 21 Tag
The pc to xbox 1 wireless doesnt work unless ur pc and xbox are on the same wi fi
I eat boogers
I eat boogers Vor 21 Tag
I wanna be tracer
Ivan Cruzsuman
Ivan Cruzsuman Vor 22 Tage
That’s play station
You should see how I hold my controller...
the golden war dide and is back
Oh ya and Nintendo is beter
the golden war dide and is back
Hello I am suing you for dicoreging pepol
Justin Scott
Justin Scott Vor 22 Tage
Do u know how to fix charger
Mr SaltyDudee
Mr SaltyDudee Vor 23 Tage
I like how this is Xbox then I get a ps4 ad 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Greyson Mitchell
Greyson Mitchell Vor 23 Tage
This video should have been done after a minute and a half, max.....
Rayne Holland
Rayne Holland Vor 23 Tage
The console wars don't really matter to me because I have a Xbox one x and a ps4. So exclusive don't matter to me either. Like if you have Xbox and ps4.
Project zorgo
Project zorgo Vor 23 Tage
It’s dum
Eazy G
Eazy G Vor 24 Tage
Anyone else notice the ps4 controller at 2:06
Ninja josh
Ninja josh Vor 24 Tage
The sharing the game one is my fav
Alyssa Cory
Alyssa Cory Vor 25 Tage
you are a noob and a noob can know 8 things to
BMI Boy Vor 26 Tage
jesus christ so much filler
Jagger Barrington
Jagger Barrington Vor 27 Tage
Old school? Wired connections are usually faster
XxgrimxmonkeyxX MonkeyxXx
I’m a pro gamer
Elijah Davis
Elijah Davis Vor 28 Tage
All you have to do to play music on the Xboxes go to DE-vid
B C G Vor 29 Tage
Sells doesn't show that many people play Xbox one. Lol
Jonathan Abarca
Jonathan Abarca Vor 29 Tage
It's A Xbox Video But At 2:06 you can see that the women is using a PS4 controller
moon titan9
moon titan9 Vor 29 Tage
At 2:07 ahe was playing with a ps4 controller XD
100 subs No videos
At 2:07 she has a PS4 controller
MidshipSet 54
MidshipSet 54 Vor Monat
In 2:07 that’s a play station controller..
King Kam
King Kam Vor 25 Tage
Ikr weird
BlazeLord5374 Gaming
Your supposed to use the joystick not the joystick
Emerald Rebels
Emerald Rebels Vor Monat
You missed 1 thing the typing on Xbox 1 is really slow so you have to get a typing pad
Chaos Dynasty Episodion Channel
WTF 2:06 PS4 Controller in video for Xbox :O
Starburst1911 Roblox and Minecraft
There is only one pro.the pro is a youtuber named thegamer
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