88-Keys feat. Mac Miller & Sia - That's Life (Audio)

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"That's Life" lyrics:
They told me don’t make a promise you can’t keep
All the drugs in your system you can't sleep
How many times you had to buy Plan B
For a girl you’ll never bring back home to meet your family? Man
Man I swear this what I dream about
Ever since my mom told me that she need me out
Always smoking weed, causing trouble never clean the house
But I paid her back for everything, I guess we even now
Nothing better than some head after a long day
That’s the only thing that ever keep mine on straight
And she asked “why the long face?”
How I spend 350 dollars on this entree
I drown my sorrow in that bottle
Today is full of regret
Find forever in tomorrow
Man up What’s the problem?
Everything is Jazz and I’m Stockton
I know it seem a little bit strange sometimes
Yea Yea
Everybody live a little everybody die
Yea Yea
But that’s life
What ya gonna do?
That’s Life
Baby I would spend it all with you
And I’m headed to the
Other side where the grass is always greener
And yo bitch is down to ride
But the ass is always meaner
See my cash got deeper and my morals disappeared
Never thought i’d be a asshole
This my last show
Can I please get a standing ovation?
100 naked bitches in my dressing room waiting
We lost a lot of blood for this fucked up nation
But me, I’m gettin high making love in that spaceship
So what are the basics?
Tell me yo problems
You losing yo job or even worse you don’t got one
So hard to stay sober when you feeling fucked over so much
Always coming up short
You're like the roach to a blunt, Yea
And I can never sleep at night
Fuck paying bills I need a brand new lease on life
Why does doing wrong always feel so right?
Well I guess fuck it that’s life
I know it seem a little bit strange sometimes
Yea Yea
Everybody live a little everybody die
Yea Yea
But that’s life
What ya gonna do?
That’s Life
Baby I would spend it all with you
[Bridge lyrics (Sia)]
Wish I could take all your pain
But when the toxin is fame
The drugs they don't fill the hole
nah, connections the game
I wish you'd picked up the phone
Knew that I'd be your home
Knew that you weren't alone
Knew that you weren't alone
[Chorus (Sia)]
I saw you act a little bit strange sometimes, you'd say
Everybody lives and everybody dies, one day
Well that's right, watcha gonna do
I wish, you coulda spent it on the truth yeah
Some days we gonna live some days we gonna die
Some days we gonna live some days we gonna die
I would have carried you




20 Jun 2019



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Charles Njapa
Charles Njapa Vor 5 Monate
Hey all. Thanks for checking out this song I recorded with my friends Mac Miller & SiA. It means a lot to me that you‘re part of this experience & feel the sentiment behind Mac & SiA’s words & my production. Peace to you & your loved ones. Keep ‘em close. ☮️ & 💟 88-Keys
Emma Spangler
Emma Spangler Vor 2 Tage
Keep em close
I find myself here alot lately, I feel you Charles and all I gotta say is man thanks for the song .
Cobblers ariderforall
Feeling the love I'd love it if you could link up with me and makeveli records brother
Matt Schneider
Matt Schneider Vor 2 Monate
thank you man this is beautiful
Nyathi Tumelo
Nyathi Tumelo Vor 2 Monate
Thank you for putting out this song. #ForMac
Don Lawson
Don Lawson Vor 22 Stunden
Great song, one of my favorite rappers Mac Miller RIP to him. What's cool is when i skateboard outside with my hat backwards alot of people tell me I look like Mac Miller. Plus Mac Miller, eminem, and yelawolf are thu rappers that inspired me to write music and so I did still do.
Sia is my angel ❤
:( miss you mac
abstrekt Vor 5 Tage
fuck addiction man
tyler viadana
tyler viadana Vor 14 Tage
True love
Skyler Holmes
Skyler Holmes Vor 15 Tage
Man, Mac is legendary... that's life...
kingAmongkings17 Vor 15 Tage
Just stumbled across this song now for the first time - and wow, just wow. What a perfect ending to an incredible career for Mac. He sounds so happy, so full of hope and life. I'll be bumping this one for years to come. Rest in Paradise Mac!
Michael Huang
Michael Huang Vor 20 Tage
Anyone from the Japanese show Double Bedダブルベッド?
Anthony Scioscia
Anthony Scioscia Vor 20 Tage
Jape_ph Vor 21 Tag
Joshua Martin
Joshua Martin Vor 27 Tage
I love Mac, and I'm going through some rough shit right now.. this really messed me up.. idk why.. but I appreciate it! Love you Mac!
Brooke Gillum
Brooke Gillum Vor 27 Tage
We’ll always be K.I.D.S
Jake Schneider
Jake Schneider Vor 27 Tage
This song has got me through some shit
Wild NotMild
Wild NotMild Vor 29 Tage
This was posted on my birthday this year. I was broke, broken hearted and alone, but this song gave me some company. Thank you
aaron noble
aaron noble Vor 29 Tage
miss you buddy ❤️
Owen Duke
Owen Duke Vor 29 Tage
the visuals for this would've been crazy 😭
Philip Lawrence
Philip Lawrence Vor Monat
damn i felt like i lost a really close friend
Good Vibes Radio
Lyric video on our page ... Rest easy Mac!
Tabitha Goldbaum
Just beautiful
Shotgun Gaming
Shotgun Gaming Vor Monat
I’m over here tryna listen to some frank sinatra and I come across this crap
Fernando Gonzáles
Este canción merecen una nominación ríp Mac Miller..
Fish Daily Anglers
RIP youre are missed by so many..
Erick Valentic
Erick Valentic Vor Monat
Mac the goat. Rest in peace.
Lainie Kivel
Lainie Kivel Vor Monat
Holly Samon
Holly Samon Vor Monat
this song is too deep for radio.
Dem 1
Dem 1 Vor Monat
I’ve heard this song plenty of times and I still can’t listen to it without being on the verge of tears
KingsNation Baby
Miss Mac.
Devont'e Martin
Devont'e Martin Vor Monat
Shed tears 😢😔 rest easy mac lifes not fair
TrEnT TiBbIts
TrEnT TiBbIts Vor Monat
Anybody else notice the flowers stand for mac
Beantown Vor Monat
this sux
Lim Zj
Lim Zj Vor Monat
Anyone from Joker and came too far like me? (no disrespect but Frank Sinatra was way better)
Andrew Gerety
Andrew Gerety Vor Monat
Ray Bailey
Ray Bailey Vor Monat
Tru story
zapp1996 Vor Monat
Today is full of regret, find forever in tomorrow. Can someone explain me this?
Carson Wilson
Carson Wilson Vor Monat
Sometimes you think life couldn't get worse, and things might be shitty at the moment, but theres always a brighter day(tomorrow). Never let a bad day bring you down. Today could be your last day, so always look forward to better days(tomorrow)
TheJermWill Vor Monat
rip my boy
Thomas Crowley
Thomas Crowley Vor Monat
Mac Miller, Nobody chiller, No filler, All the skill bird Raps iller, On the riller Every thrill, Every spill, All for love of art, Make the most of it never be apart Never listen, Diamonds glisten, Childish fiend Love being awake till you sleep, God bless you Malcom, You brought it and then some, You weren't here for the long run, But your music will do the talkin, God bless and rest, the best from the East, Smile sweet, put a thumb in the air and peace!
Kelsey Smith
Kelsey Smith Vor Monat
🔥 fire
Dezin & Dedex
Dezin & Dedex Vor 2 Monate
I can hear him singing this in the heavens and God's singing every lyric with him. They're just chilling.
rootin tootin uwu shootin
*v i b i n*
Your Mom hahaha
Your Mom hahaha Vor 2 Monate
This isn’t Sinatra 😡
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