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The Daily Show provides a much-needed reprieve from Donald Trump-centric news, with speculation about Bert and Ernie and deer overpopulation in Staten Island.
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25 Okt 2018



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LightningLux Vor Tag
lmao a trump ad comes up as I pull this up
Make a better shotgun sound effect
tymora11 Vor 2 Tage
Wait, aren't Bert and Ernie brothers? I seem to remember they're brothers...
Rohan Dcosta
Rohan Dcosta Vor 3 Tage
Dick slayer Tony 😂😂😂
Ramona Ray
Ramona Ray Vor 4 Tage
Sososo funi
Adam El-Gaaly
Adam El-Gaaly Vor 4 Tage
Old flame tryna get they 30 secs.. fine with me ur just spreading my name and likeness
Frederik Frederik
at least franklin was the only one with a spoon on the party
Man Lil
Man Lil Vor 6 Tage
Timski Play
Timski Play Vor 8 Tage
Video is fake
Joe Zyzyx
Joe Zyzyx Vor 8 Tage
Californians are housing chickens better than they house the homeless. I bet if a homeless guy was found in one some rainy morning, they'd kick him out.
m a r i a f o r t h e a n i m a l s
Ugh, the chicken eggs as gifts part, yeah ... The gift of cholesterol .... 🤦🤦🤦 Clearly they don't care for the animals. If they did, they'd be opening animal sanctuaries. But on that note, chickens do care. They value their lives and comforts just like we do ours.
Hersi娜娜 Vor 9 Tage
13.30 😂😂😂
Aniket Himu
Aniket Himu Vor 10 Tage
সিলিকন ভ্যালির লোকজন মুরগী পুষছে... সহ্য হয়?🤒
Abyssal Nargacuga
Abyssal Nargacuga Vor 11 Tage
It's kind of Ironic that the KKK has to resort to tactic which, FROM OUR UPBRINGING, are even more likely to push us away.
Collection Pink LOVE
Fresh eggs! This is a thing. Not only in SV but in Cali.
Nadya Bykova
Nadya Bykova Vor 12 Tage
Thumbs up for no Trump, thumb down for accent jokes.
william jokic
william jokic Vor 13 Tage
The ad i got was an impeach trump ad
Farrukh Altaf
Farrukh Altaf Vor 13 Tage
What is this woman's problem ? Against which boyfriend ?
mjt11860 Vor 14 Tage
@11:08, bobitizing deer?
กันต์ Vor 14 Tage
14:16. That's assault. But it's fake anyways so doesn't matter i guess.
Venom Supreme
Venom Supreme Vor 14 Tage
Why was every single segment racially charged? This is very strange to me. Is this normal for this show?
Thanatos Death
Thanatos Death Vor 14 Tage
Cause stupid controversy is hilarious
Lots of people apparently do have leeches as pets and feed them their own blood.
Kaja13 Vor 15 Tage
What the fuck was that guy on top balcony doing with baby while this other black guy was climbing...i mean he didnt rust to pull kid up over rail he waited for african spiderman to come and save the world😂😂
rachel white
rachel white Vor 16 Tage
Trevor, lots of Texans are “Woke”
Rose Cruz
Rose Cruz Vor 16 Tage
Yay!!!! Please do more of these! Love Trevor Noah but I don’t watch anything that has Trump in it which excludes a lot of viewing these clips of the Daily Show Online. Wish there was an anti Trump filter on DE-vid and Facebook.
William Cortelyou
William Cortelyou Vor 18 Tage
Anyone else think the white dude who was also climbing was just making sure the kid didn't get impaled. If I was in that situation, I'd be like, I can't scale that, but maybe, just maybe, I can swat that kid like a ball if he falls on these spikes. I gatta give the guy that. He was TRYING lol.
Alexandria Gomez
Alexandria Gomez Vor 20 Tage
That acent said something woke hahaha
molly cruz
molly cruz Vor 20 Tage
Franklin has style. Don't knock it!
HydraLord1221 Vor 22 Tage
God damn, first few stories were great. We got one man heroically climbing a building, and another man heroically taking his car back, hood first.
Intesar Osman
Intesar Osman Vor 23 Tage
I thought you were joking when you said Trump free
Tj H
Tj H Vor 23 Tage
2:08 wait.. "what's the address"? what part of "speeding vehicle" did you not understand?
Aimwork in
Aimwork in Vor 23 Tage
I know racism is bad but I think it's your right to be.
Jada Whelchel
Jada Whelchel Vor 23 Tage
The Texas one had me rolling bruh
Kodi Kash
Kodi Kash Vor 24 Tage
This girl is fucking hilarious
Paige Washington
Paige Washington Vor 24 Tage
Ronnies intensity is Everything!!!kmsl
The Duckling Homestead and Gardens
Dominating power structures not wearing bed sheets around, lmbo!!!
Hamer51 Vor 25 Tage
9:15 ya know ya done fucked up if rednecks are speaking out against racism
Hamer51 Vor 25 Tage
12:00 finally some one with reason no ones gonna go out and capture every last male and neuter them your gonna miss some even 3 of them get away and this entire plan would be useless in a few years cause their children grow up mate and then their children grow up and mate and it keeps escalating till your back to where you started
Hamer51 Vor 25 Tage
10:50 .....you realize kulling is a viable and necessary action against invasive species right ? Better yet with it being a common game animal you could even give the meat to homeless shelters and such unlike when Australia had to kill their grey kangaroo population with that whole urban kangaroo thing that happened
Mouhamed Diakhate
Mouhamed Diakhate Vor 25 Tage
Did she drop the baby at 10:15 ??? I'm so confused
T Mox
T Mox Vor 25 Tage
Trevor - The Liberal Redneck!
Elisa Arus
Elisa Arus Vor 26 Tage
Is the deer man..... Borat's friend Azamat??
Orkapipo Orkalino
Orkapipo Orkalino Vor 26 Tage
They should have payd 2000 dollars por month for that spiderman dude
Ishael Midwinter
Ishael Midwinter Vor 26 Tage
I'm just waitin 4 them 2 make the KKK a domestic terrorist organization with all there Confederate flags, nazi tats, & the bed sheets of a uniform
Funk Yuns
Funk Yuns Vor 27 Tage
anti white show as well.fine by me but should be allowed by every group.max freedom
Funk Yuns
Funk Yuns Vor 27 Tage
more people=less jobs,lower paying jobs,higher housing and open borders = virtue signaling .i cant think of anything good it will do for americans.
Fikret Abdinov
Fikret Abdinov Vor 27 Tage
I am actually sad that he has joked on that white French guy and his ancestors. At least he tried to help. He has not done anything wrong
Cherry Rose
Cherry Rose Vor 28 Tage
Yes!that's something to be proud of! A hero in real life.
Tuan Pham
Tuan Pham Vor 29 Tage
This show is hella funny lol Di*ks slayer. Lol 😂,,, white people in upscale houses farming chickens... lol 😂 wt.. don’t they think of bird flus lol
sugarcayenne seVen
Ahaha! "chicken & chill"
The SPIRITLIGHT Surround yourself with
baby hero got that fire dept offer, nice gesture. #1TNFAN
Wasted Babe
Wasted Babe Vor Monat
You look like an adorable teddy bear in all the thumbnails .. also my phone autocorrects adorable to asshole 😂 I almost didn’t catch it .
Lawren Mayo
Lawren Mayo Vor Monat
There is a group of southern progressives - aka the liberal redneck
FuriousWalnut Vor Monat
Liberal ignorance at its finest.
RAJackson123 Vor Monat
Love that dude!!!! Great story about saving baby
Rosemary Williams
😂I'm sending this to everyone l know!
Leo Vor Monat
Whats the name of the song at the end of the video?
Jacky Louwe
Jacky Louwe Vor Monat
Trevor Noah 2020 President! Update the constitution
Loyal Smith
Loyal Smith Vor Monat
Hmmmmm ... I didn’t find Chieng that funny ... maybe it was the material. I enjoy watching my chickens roam too.
Tracy Smiles
Tracy Smiles Vor Monat
I've been getting impeach trump ads
Kemoshea Vor Monat
I don’t understand the chicken story. It is a wonderful thing to raise your own chickens. He’s the one that sounds like he has never stepped out of the city. Bees are also a wonderful thing to keep.
Kemoshea Vor Monat
Remy LeBeau whether you’re a troll, or a psychopath (which I doubt, because they tend to at least have brain cells), you should probably find something productive to do. It’s sad when trolling DE-vid is obviously the highlight of someone’s day.
Remy LeBeau
Remy LeBeau Vor Monat
No... Literally the only fun part is chasing them and either snapping their neck or chopping their head completely of so you can watch it continue to run around without it while it's dead Lmfao!!😂
Ernest Reichardt
I would think worm farming would be The next big thing in Silicon Valley !
Ernest Reichardt
Damn now that’s a rescue !
The Stammering Dunce
You call tell a person has never heard of Trevor Noah before The Daily Show when he/she says something "I have never heard him NOT talking about Trump". Even though I had yet to be a fan back then, I already knew about him before his first guest appearance on TDS.
The chicken thing isn't all that odd in Germany :'D I live in a farm-y area and every morning when driving to school I had to be particularly careful at a certain part of the road because the family there had free running chickens and sometimes they'd just chill on the street. (No, not walking across it).
Lisa Valadez
Lisa Valadez Vor Monat
Yes. Watch chickens. Eat the eggs. Sad that people laugh at this and say that raising chickens is a bad thing.. .
L Jaw
L Jaw Vor Monat
I ain't gonna lie, I want some chickens. That's some white folk shit. edit: However, I legit grew up on a farm . I had to move to the "city" to find a way to make a living. Millennial from rural SC and a lot of my classmates and friends growing up had to move away too. I miss the chickens, even stepping in their shit barefoot as a kid. Also, most 40 ish and younger southerners are really woke and we find the automatically ignorant, bigot, racist stereotype pretty offensive. Our accents don't make us any dumber than the English accents make them smarter. It's ok though, call me a snowflake. I rarely see snow down here and I think they are rare and beautiful.
Suzette Young
Suzette Young Vor Monat
Love your show!!!
Kristin Dominguez
keeping chickens is literally what hispanics & latinos do in every poor neighborhood lol
k1nj3 Vor Monat
The bee keeping is actually a good thing for the world
Avindra Sookram
Avindra Sookram Vor Monat
Dick Slater Tony
Kingsley Ajebon
Kingsley Ajebon Vor Monat
You had to name it a Trump free show to tell us it’s Trump free.
Roxie D.
Roxie D. Vor Monat
I still can't get enough of trevor noah...
French Manners
French Manners Vor Monat
I love his show! All the way from being a disowned odd child in South Africa (because of being mixed), to being a POWERFUL, positive, black role model for the world! You go bro!!!
toni shark
toni shark Vor Monat
Thanks Trevor! That was a real gift. Much appreciated!
Kenny Craig
Kenny Craig Vor Monat
Why does he always make racial jokes? That shit isn't funny. "Haha, look at that white guy trying to climb the fence." "A white girl calls police freaking out about a black girl selling water, but the black guy is on the hood of a car going 70 and is like...polite etc" Trevor Noah is a Race Baiting Shit head. Fuck the Daily show and Noah's racist attitude.
Jiovanni Najera
Jiovanni Najera Vor Monat
Ronny Chieng is fucking hilarious 🤣 lmfao the leeches!? 🤣☠️
Esri Arc
Esri Arc Vor Monat
I'd be Trevors tea lady
Purple Cat
Purple Cat Vor Monat
Florida, I love you. You're my state, but what the actual fuck
Estevan White
Estevan White Vor Monat
How come he can say offensive things about white people?
Eva Schiller
Eva Schiller Vor Monat
It's funny he brought up southern rural anti-racist movements. There are quite a few. There is one in Louisville KY, where I reside, who stand against the TWP, which is from our area as well.
Patchouli Colt
Patchouli Colt Vor Monat
GLBTQ+ Texan here. They're NOT all racist homophobic, tranphobic bigots here. There's a LOT of people here that may surprise you with how accepting there are.
Jeffry Watson
Jeffry Watson Vor Monat
This whole thing is racist, yet they say we are
BakaBule Vor Monat
Cringe humor isn't funny, please stop
Trisna Wulandari
"I don't think chickens care..."
BSienk Art
BSienk Art Vor Monat
Duh fuck with the chickens? For real though? I was raised on a fucking farm....
Genius by Design
12:33 Just legalized stealing !!! Theses GOVT parasites are just UNIVERSAL CRIMINALs ... thieves !!! My opinion.
Genius by Design
GOD I would love BEEs - all the honey can lick :)
Genius by Design
chicken is pretty smart !!! Fresh healthy eggs !!!
Genius by Design
1:15 THANK GOD whites are still smarter ... at least for now. How is that NOT racist ?
Dragon Boo
Dragon Boo Vor Monat
Man this dude would be funny if he wasn't a severe racist fuck
Tracy Price
Tracy Price Vor Monat
Trae Crowder's thing is being a "liberal redneck." It's more common than people think.
Boringname Vor Monat
This has to be where Smollett got “MAGA country” from. “Tolerance country” ? Lol I guess you’re right Trevor your jokes are just future headlines.
Karen Kairu
Karen Kairu Vor Monat
That priceless laugh of Trevor Noah.....
LuLu Barringer
LuLu Barringer Vor Monat
there are some cool southern progressives! Check out Beau from the fifth column
PrinceChris93 Vor Monat
Millions of dollars for deer vasectomy smh give me a million and I'll handle it like scandal
Franklin busted a move
Imagine if that deer is in Northeast India. There won't be that much population of deer. 😂
Mast3r Race
Mast3r Race Vor Monat
Couldn't go 20 mins without using identity politics could you? I'd like to see you try to speak to us as one people instead of members of a group. Believe it or not over 30% of Hispanics voted for Trump...Trump got more Black and Hispanic votes than any Republican candidate in American History. So obviously the 'He's Racist' thing didn't work. I think 49% of Women even voted for Trump, so the sexist grab em by the junk talking point failed too. How about policy this time around? Tell us ALL about how great the Green New Deal is and how it won't bankrupt the Country =)
Ron Jon
Ron Jon Vor Monat
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