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» A 13 Year Old Does My Makeup Better Than Me! WTF!
Today, Reuben De Maid beats my face to the Gods! If you don’t know him, he’s been on Ellen TWICE AND Met Kim Kardashian. He’s an amazing singer and makeup artist. We met a few months ago and decided to film together next time he was in Los Angeles!
Huge thanks to Morphe Studios for letting us film there!
Hope you enjoy! xx
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6 Aug 2018

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sophia schuller
sophia schuller Vor 2 Stunden
He is so sweet and so honest! I love him!! LOL
basra hugur
basra hugur Vor 3 Stunden
why does he hates london ?
Stephany Christensen
Stephany Christensen Vor 3 Stunden
I love his voice
Chailey S.
Chailey S. Vor 5 Stunden
Rob Ayres
Rob Ayres Vor 14 Stunden
He/and she are lovely and beautiful
F- 777
F- 777 Vor 17 Stunden
Om u look like twins
Leah03 Darby
Leah03 Darby Vor Tag
Leah03 Darby
Leah03 Darby Vor Tag
OMG Yes yas
yong 03
yong 03 Vor Tag
He voice XD
Rachel K
Rachel K Vor 2 Tage
BigBoyMemes Vor 2 Tage
Why is this in my recommended? I watch Fortnite and Overwatch...
buster567 ps4
buster567 ps4 Vor 2 Tage
Is he male im scared
Nyan Land
Nyan Land Vor 3 Tage
Woah your voice 😱😱😱😱😲💚💚💚
DQ1D Vor 4 Tage
this is a boy or a girl
Rosario Castillo
Rosario Castillo Vor 5 Tage
Hey cant u do my makeup pls at love how u makeup u look great
Bob Newtron
Bob Newtron Vor 5 Tage
wait what this kid is trans gender, no offense but that is a young age to become trans gender
NRGwave Vor 5 Tage
This is not what a guy should be like
MrFirstdance2000 Vor 6 Tage
Poor little boy...where were your parents to teach & give you instruction instead of this facade of pretense?
Space_Dog2467 Vor 7 Tage
Home o
Vivid Rose
Vivid Rose Vor 10 Tage
He's soooo cute!!!!
l3thal Vor 3 Tage
Vivid Rose no he’s not. It’s a fucking boy under a wig
Zoe Drake
Zoe Drake Vor 10 Tage
Such a child... He looks like a fucking toddler. If he can do makeup like that then he is mature enough to know right from wrong and should be treated as he acts. not how he looks.
tom dahl
tom dahl Vor 9 Tage
I agree. He's mature enough to make his own decisions about his own life choices.
CigalASMR Vor 11 Tage
Im all in for an ASMR video!!!!
Stephanie Antonio
Stephanie Antonio Vor 12 Tage
Mini James!!
Blog Posts
Blog Posts Vor 12 Tage
I kinda offended by the way she says “a 13 year old did my makeup better than I did” it kinda shows that she expects less talent of people younger than her.
Summer Lewis
Summer Lewis Vor 12 Tage
He’s voice is so calming I could listen to him all day. I can’t believe he has got that big of a makeup talent
Allie Cornelison
Allie Cornelison Vor 12 Tage
the new creation of James Charles
Cisman Maxamed
Cisman Maxamed Vor 12 Tage
You are so pithy
Dorthe Gundersen
Dorthe Gundersen Vor 13 Tage
He is the cutest!! And I love his makeup😊
Anthony Vasquez
Anthony Vasquez Vor 13 Tage
Is that a girl or a boy im really confused
Good You
Good You Vor 13 Tage
Californians are shook
Roblox Horror
Roblox Horror Vor 13 Tage
imarathernotsay Vor 13 Tage
why the hell is he wearing makeup hes a boy lol
sanjay shaheen
sanjay shaheen Vor 14 Tage
I don't trust pretty girls on the street anymore!
savannah rose
savannah rose Vor 15 Tage
Blake Morton
Blake Morton Vor 15 Tage
I’m sorry but I can’t stand this kid
Music List
Music List Vor 15 Tage
Ruth Saber
Ruth Saber Vor 17 Tage
JAMES CHARLES has entered the chat
IamElly YT
IamElly YT Vor 17 Tage
Please be my sibling Reuben Edit:My first try of spepling his name was a success
That_ No_Skillz
That_ No_Skillz Vor 19 Tage
That kid is the next James charles
Lily Roodenrys
Lily Roodenrys Vor 19 Tage
His voice is literally ASMR
Danniya Woods
Danniya Woods Vor 19 Tage
Is you doy
Elyazia Sonki
Elyazia Sonki Vor 19 Tage
What he's not from la he's British i know him😂
Dušan Jurić
Dušan Jurić Vor 20 Tage
Peder ne viđeni
stephanie Vasquez
stephanie Vasquez Vor 20 Tage
I love video❤
peachyanna Vor 20 Tage
he's so CUTE
Delia Drobota
Delia Drobota Vor 20 Tage
Is Ruben a boy?
Bailey Mckay
Bailey Mckay Vor 21 Tag
Australian is NOT LIKE BRITISH
Emyllia Terrell
Emyllia Terrell Vor 21 Tag
Amanda you are so rude to honey boo boo
Riley Bauman
Riley Bauman Vor 21 Tag
This creeps me out.
tom dahl
tom dahl Vor 20 Tage
then why did you watch it then?
Chardée Boudreau
I’ve never wanted to be friends with a 13 year old so bad
Jasmyn S A
Jasmyn S A Vor 21 Tag
i’ve never heard of you and this is a general question buttttttt is she like transgender orr
Simply baking
Simply baking Vor 22 Tage
I’m 13 and I can’t even match my foundation....is that bad...xD
Yami Castaneda
Yami Castaneda Vor 22 Tage
Goodie goodie 2 shoes
Zach Lindo
Zach Lindo Vor 22 Tage
Roseann Oreilly
Roseann Oreilly Vor 22 Tage
How bid ye get to know each other ❤
Bobby Allardyce
Bobby Allardyce Vor 22 Tage
I'm British
Slay_Queen _Vannah
Slay_Queen _Vannah Vor 22 Tage
That wig is bad but make up is cute
rosiem66 Vor 23 Tage
Love you RuRu🌼
Tatiana Harris
Tatiana Harris Vor 23 Tage
Jordan C'Hair
Jordan C'Hair Vor 23 Tage
You a boy
Cardi Bardi
Cardi Bardi Vor 24 Tage
Mini James Charles
Hussbjj hubdnhhfein Abdibnjjkgtduf4cjm
Am your fan but ar you a girl?????? Roben
Spoiled Boy
Spoiled Boy Vor 25 Tage
How did he change his voice to a girl voice
Spoiled Boy
Spoiled Boy Vor 25 Tage
Never mind
Spoiled Boy
Spoiled Boy Vor 25 Tage
Is that a boy
Силвия Стоянова
Тъй става кат не си бийте децата 😂
CharmingChelsea Vor 26 Tage
His voice is so cute
That Terraria guy
That Terraria guy Vor 26 Tage
Oh naaaaaaaaaawwww☠️☠️
ilovetovlog22 Vor 26 Tage
Wow only 13 that 13 year old did an amazing job with your makeup😱🤩
NickiMinajFan Vor 27 Tage
His voice sounds more feminine than mine and I'm a valley girl
CoolGamer Marcus
CoolGamer Marcus Vor 28 Tage
Yoooo why is he good at make up???
Binta Dutchburn
Binta Dutchburn Vor 29 Tage
His voice!!😍😍😍 I could literally listen
Jessica Caballero
Jessica Caballero Vor 29 Tage
Super natural me encantó😍
genypop Vor 29 Tage
He James Charles
Taylor Green
Taylor Green Vor 29 Tage
Real men don't wear makeup
Taylor Green
Taylor Green Vor 24 Tage
+tom dahl real men act like men you retard
tom dahl
tom dahl Vor 24 Tage
Real men do what the hell they like and don't listen to what fools say.
Lisa Balmforth
Lisa Balmforth Vor 29 Tage
How old is he?????
Lisa Balmforth
Lisa Balmforth Vor 29 Tage
Reuben should transgender !!!
Maryum Umair
Maryum Umair Vor Monat
Who skipped all way to the end for the result Like if u did
Eva Cruise
Eva Cruise Vor Monat
James Charles has left the chat
Breeze Vor Monat
Mini James Charlessssss
Aviu viu
Aviu viu Vor Monat
The age is kid but attitude adult mesmerising 😍😍😍 what a boy better agree
kitty snowballface
I'm pretty sure he is secretly James littlest brother
Noemi Martinez
Noemi Martinez Vor Monat
He's soooooo good!!!!
Bahrija Pjetrovic
What concealer are you using
Tenzu Tamang
Tenzu Tamang Vor Monat
2019?? ♡
ali alsharif
ali alsharif Vor Monat
James Charles needs to be stopped
BMB 12
BMB 12 Vor Monat
Anaya Tabasam
Anaya Tabasam Vor Monat
IS THIS REALLY LIFE! like an 13 year old does an EXTREME AWESOME MAKEUP Like He is really good at conturing and the eye shadow AND EVERYTHING Im shook JUST SHOOK!!
Yandry Lizeth
Yandry Lizeth Vor Monat
Pinche marica das asco 😒😒
fejemar mantilla
Wow so good
Alexa joy
Alexa joy Vor Monat
His the next James Charles
Lexi Norton
Lexi Norton Vor Monat
He is so good at makeup
j e n n a m a r k u s
they are both boys. you can tell the girl is a tranny
Andrew Andrey
Andrew Andrey Vor Monat
Yeh x10000 and I know x10000
ian threlfall
ian threlfall Vor Monat
My brother is called Reuben
Andre Andreea.
Andre Andreea. Vor Monat
Love ❤️
Andre Andreea.
Andre Andreea. Vor Monat
Andre_Andreea_1 follow
xXJakeyyBoiiXx Vor Monat
New James Charles in the making
Holly Olson
Holly Olson Vor Monat
He should start a asmr channel
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