A Republican Rebuke Of The President

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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No, your eyes aren't deceiving you. A dozen Senate Republican broke with Donald Trump to reject his National Emergency for border wall funding.
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15 Mär 2019



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Pieter Niemandt
Yes Trump 2020! The more you make fools of yourselves the more we love Trump. He just nail you globalists around every corner. The quicker you realize he is President the quicker the evil Democrats can move on with their sorry lives.
David Roberts
David Roberts Vor 4 Tage
Time to dump Trump
David Roberts
David Roberts Vor 4 Tage
Trump is no Christian
David Roberts
David Roberts Vor 4 Tage
Barr and Trump enemy of the people
Stephen Stoner
Stephen Stoner Vor 5 Tage
Whats funny is they should be replaying some of those new york vidios of those fleeing on those boats at sea
arthur taylor
arthur taylor Vor 22 Tage
Just think...in a little over a year we'll be able to watch this clown Colbert and his pals crying because Trump won again.
Scion of Madness
Scion of Madness Vor 26 Tage
Well, that got grim.
jim thomas
jim thomas Vor 26 Tage
Trump 2020
illumi knotted
illumi knotted Vor 26 Tage
I can't wait until Trump is no longer president...just so people have to find something new to talk about.
Kathy Vogel
Kathy Vogel Vor 27 Tage
Love you Colbert.
Steve Sullivan
Steve Sullivan Vor 28 Tage
Well Colbert I know your children are not allowed to watch your lies but it would be great to show them that even dad can be a utter ass that doesn't know when to quit.remember it's just a job.
The Network
The Network Vor 28 Tage
1:14 I don’t like Trump, but that honestly made me laugh.
Rico Baca
Rico Baca Vor Monat
tempgirl00711 Vor Monat
steven Colbert I friggin luv ur azz... ure a friggin riot.... if I ever have a chance to get to nyc. I want to see ur show... ur humor is insane. love it. facts mixed in. between u and snl. hands down... u guys are bosses!!!
Barbara Mcleod
Barbara Mcleod Vor Monat
Sounds like Twitter Boy needs some bricks !! Why don't we all mail him one brick !!
Saby Hussaini poetess
Love To See You As Trump O Boi O Boi 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🙏🏻
Lonny Brickey
Lonny Brickey Vor Monat
And he thinks he's funny
Lonny Brickey
Lonny Brickey Vor Monat
How did this morons ever get on tv
STEVE P Vor Monat
Say no to Colbert.
Tom Jørgensen
Tom Jørgensen Vor Monat
VETO.. misspelled BETO
Arizona Vor Monat
this is just one more step toward absolute power and a dissolution of the already feeble and faulty check/balance system. better "god bless america" now, because it's becoming a dictatorship and god won't be any part of the picture nor will there be anything for him to bless; as if there is right now anyway.
anisa yunus
anisa yunus Vor Monat
During national emergency .........me ...... I sleep well so far
Google User
Google User Vor Monat
That commercial is the definition of "the other."
Bobby Diaz
Bobby Diaz Vor Monat
That video looked like a bunch of paid actors... that video was way to convenient...
megahappy2beme Vor Monat
I have always said that anything can be edited and those whole conspiracy videos are crap from other things taken out of context etc. Those conspiracy nut jobs could take a British soccer game riot and say it is due to terrorists and same thing for the crap terrorists feed their followers too.
Rosemary Williams
RIP....BILL :( White House You Take Take Take! What's next? You going to take Dumbo?
NaYawkr Vor Monat
As a Catholic, why doesn't Stephen Colbert expose true evil ? 900 Black Babies a day are ripped apart and dropped in Planned Parenthood's Dumpsters in the United States, and THAT obvious evil Colbert, like Al Sharpton, and all the so-called Black 'leaders' (small L) never mention. We finally know what it takes to get Al Sharpton to finally " Shut Up " about a black issue.
NaYawkr Vor Monat
It is sad to watch Stephen Colbert sell out to Politics. His Roman Catholicism is taking a backseat these days so he can join with the godless Left media assault on President Trump. Like CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC etc. there is a 24-7 unrelenting blitz attack on the President that Colbert has joined with, and no day is complete without demeaning and sliming The President of The United States. I mistakenly voted for Hillary in 2016, but now its Trump and Republicans just because the forces of evil that love abortion, war, murder, suicide, transgenders, homo's etc. are so obviously evil and foul their unity against Trump informs us that he is clearly an obstruction to the forces of evil to have such enemies. Colbert should know better than 'Pile-On' with the foulness of the pile he joins, sad.
Larry Holcomb
Larry Holcomb Vor Monat
Why don't you be a good Christian and FORGIVE THEM. Anti-Christian hypocrite.
I like your show but you are corporate and the interview with Tulsi I didn’t like
dick welch
dick welch Vor Monat
Once Trump is not president this guy won’t have a real job
back2s0ul Vor Monat
2:34 it sounds he's playing like Simian Segue. Maybe not, but in one clip he was clearly playing the music to the Green Hill Zone. I don't watch this show often enough to know if that's common, but I find it interesting.
Hong Fei Bai
Hong Fei Bai Vor Monat
Well, Trump ... Rand Paul looks a lot cooler than you ...
rg3855 Vor Monat
Bate Yo & hay o c socialism is a CON DO IT 2 CON u nism
Blitznstitch2 Vor Monat
Trump vetoed it. Now let's see if the Senate can override it
sccello Vor Monat
Shit, I was on board until that last bit. Like self-immolation is all light-hearted joke fodder. I can hear the "lighten up" comments already, but that seriously did ruin the clip for me. Seemed more shocking than the rest of it.
Vincent Mileto
Vincent Mileto Vor Monat
Take the red pill #Walk away Grow up Maga
Master Shake
Master Shake Vor Monat
When chump trump it's all about border security, the first thing I think of is that song it's all about the Benjamins
ThunderTruck Vor Monat
Stephen and his WRITERS are the best I have ever seen of all time.
riddle rox
riddle rox Vor Monat
Why waste tax money on wall? Put a hefty fine and 10 yrs jail time on anyone hiring illegal immigrants. Republicans incl Trump love to hire illegal immigrants.
Larry Holcomb
Larry Holcomb Vor Monat
I live near a fairly large strawberry farm in Washington State. Once a year, for about two weeks they hire 150 people to pick and process the berries. They will hire anyone with a valid ID AND SS CARD/#. No matter your color or country of origin. The vast majority of the folks who do this work are of Mexican or South American descent. Maybe a young white local kid or two trying to make a buck, some Asian folks, too. Not a racist statement, a fact. You are absolutely right. Corporations LOVE to hire illegal workers in general. It keeps the price of labor way, way down. Especially when you convince American workers that someone who doesn't look like us or sound like us is coming after our jobs, our wives and our daughters.
Greg Poore
Greg Poore Vor Monat
Can't you see members of the Mexican drug cartels on a smuggling operation walking up to Trumps wall and saying, "Oh crap they built a wall. We will just have to forget the whole thing ".
Larry Holcomb
Larry Holcomb Vor Monat
Meanwhile, a Kenworth just pulled 10,000 pounds of high-grade cocaine and meth through a port of entry to distract the police from the container ship pulling into the docks at any given Maritime Port in the US....
Sarafina Donald
Sarafina Donald Vor Monat
Press 2 for death.
YYC Vor Monat
One thing I'm going to miss about the Trump presidency (cause let's face it, he ain't getting re-elected) is the daily pure comedy gold that comes from his tweets and press conferences.
polite critique
polite critique Vor Monat
Rand Paul more like man who just got a dildo up his arse. Not saw his hair I'm mirror
Truck Taxi
Truck Taxi Vor Monat
Had this been an actual emergency they would have interrupted tv and radio with the weird buzz noise And they would have sent everyone a text ... well except sprint customers.
Stephen Colbert is a Russian
Donald McCarthy
Donald McCarthy Vor Monat
Did he say "oval office" or "oval orifice?"
Mary Brady
Mary Brady Vor Monat
Eduardo Henrique Ciappina
Thank you!!! I just love this show.
Joshua Byfield
Joshua Byfield Vor Monat
@2:33 Donkey Kong Country overworld theme?
The American
The American Vor Monat
You missed this one Stephen. Trump vetoed and the Attorney General stated on Friday that Trump was cleared to declare a national emergency. You lost again.
William H. Baird
The cracks are showing!
Jennifer Coleman
About time many stand up to him. He's only destroying the republican party.
Annalisa Steinnes
I'm getting tired of hearing Trump's sexual assaults played for groans. It's not funny on any level. Simultaneously, I'm glad enough Congress members had the backbone to reject the "emergency".
Daniel Russell
Daniel Russell Vor Monat
the live audience is drunk :)
KesslerMan Vor Monat
Colbert became a one trick pony
Indigio Wolf
Indigio Wolf Vor Monat
George Purdy
George Purdy Vor Monat
Just watched an old Johnny Carson Show. No insults to the president or America. Just comedy. Today, talent is lacking in comedy. Disgusting
Anjalena Vor Monat
OMG you just set my childhood on fire! *rofl* But yeah, true. The U.S. Congress. Where bills go to die.
Buena Enriquez
Buena Enriquez Vor Monat
Trumps always, being pretty, we the tax payers are paying professional make artist for Sanders and Conway. How much do we pay the make up artist to make this two looks good.
Travis Flagg
Travis Flagg Vor Monat
y1521t21b5 Vor Monat
Russell Henderson
all things trump...no courage...no heart...no brains...and a witch...(and Dorthy & Toto)
railspony Vor Monat
Oh no, how could they do that to Bill?!!!!?! Now that is an emergency.
Damien Pol
Damien Pol Vor Monat
Colbert's "jokes" - written by John Podesta.
Emily Eldridge
Emily Eldridge Vor Monat
Press 3 For a New President.
M C Vor Monat
I can't see or read a Trump tweet without hearing Colbert's impression in my head LOL
Mike Sullivan
Mike Sullivan Vor Monat
Nobody asked you, John
Psiberzerker Vor Monat
2:41 Uhm, {Raising hand} so let me get this straight. What we need to stop a flood of immigrants from entering the US is some sort of barrier. So, to demonstrate that, you show a photonegative training video of US Army recruits climbing over a barrier? Oh yeah, and that video that's supposed to be illegal immigrants? It's from a US Army training video, from the 40s. That's why there's Tank Traps. Notice the crewcuts on those scary illegals? Yeah.
Psiberzerker Vor Monat
PotUS: "It's a national emergency!" Congress: "No, it's not." End of conversation.
CD Smith
CD Smith Vor Monat
Rand Paul --- the apple that fell on the opposite side of the universe from the tree.
Richard Navarrette
Ocasio-Cortez brilliantly catches Wilbur Ross in huge lie
Oliver Descullo
Oliver Descullo Vor Monat
Colbert has revealed his mental issues after the American people elected Trump president.
Deth2Uall Asouls
Colbert is an enemy of the people and he should be tried and hanged for his crimes.
Leilani -chan
Leilani -chan Vor Monat
Remember guys, Mueller PROVED there was Russian hacking and interference via social media. Try not to waste your time on empty accounts, accounts with no pictures, no uploads, no playlists, etc. The easiest way to divide a country and weaken it is within. I'm not saying that Americans with extreme views don't exist, but rather it is possible you might not even be talking to an American with their beliefs. The best way to defeat these troll accounts is to simply not entertain their ridiculousness, or remain civil and spend your time at your expense. Just remember the accounts were meant to inflame, not persuade. Do not let foreign agents manipulate your perspective of your fellows, reason will triumph. I am also posting this because of suspicious accounts that don't provide any real sustenance and seem to go from comment to comment posting singular remarks and never responding. Literally a Russian troll farm tactic. Be vigilant people 💕
Larry Holcomb
Larry Holcomb Vor Monat
Good point. I find myself wanting to respond to every idiot that says something rediculous. It's pointless. Half aren't real people the other half won't listen anyway.
da streets part 3
when did late night comedy get so political? this is your american president your joking and laughing at.
Larry Holcomb
Larry Holcomb Vor Monat
Comedy has ALWAYS been political. Where have YOU been?
Chatty Cathy
Chatty Cathy Vor Monat
I wonder how much the GOP knows about tRumps Mental health problems???
Pano 360
Pano 360 Vor Monat
I can’t remember off the top of my head, but I’m guessing Obama vetoed something. And I’m guessing Fox lost their shit.
snow vixen
snow vixen Vor Monat
I forgot what they use to joke about before Trump
ICO ToDay Vor Monat
trump's wall í like hí mushroom
Nancy Higgins
Nancy Higgins Vor Monat
BamBam, just great!
fuldk Vor Monat
Same dumb voice over on the 'bill" Same lousy voice that I am sick of. Can't you hire another actor. Gees he is so tired and sounds the same in all his vocie over. YUCK
Monk Amani
Monk Amani Vor Monat
Humorous, but come on now. Y'all know this 💩 ain't funny. Hindsight 20/20
Slappy Milktoast
I say we give Stephen an orange make over ....with a large size MEGA hat !
SuperBullies1 Vor Monat
I say, no...to Stephen Colbert
Google Isillukinati
Yes orange man bad !
Russ Styles
Russ Styles Vor Monat
Just wait till the next democratic president declares an national emergency on climate change and gun violence... see what the “R’s” say then.
Kevin Bushey
Kevin Bushey Vor Monat
veto= win! Your side lost bigly Stevie Boy. How does it feel to be part of the 4-6%? That is the crowd lost forever. Hope you like heat...
Cap'n Crunch
Cap'n Crunch Vor Monat
Is it me or is our government letting us down worse than usual for the last 2 years.
Scott Carroll
Scott Carroll Vor Monat
Rand Paul is a voice of reason in DC, it's a damn shame about his hairdo.
Lynda Turner
Lynda Turner Vor Monat
Plenty of subject matter... what a narcissistic Drumpf he is...
Dog Man
Dog Man Vor Monat
Funny how some people take this comedian seriously? This is your mind at late night on drugs?
Rob S
Rob S Vor Monat
Impeaching trump so mike pence takes the seat is a lot like firing a rapist and giving a pedaphile a raise.
Claudio Michel
Claudio Michel Vor Monat
Yeah, no checks and balance... Great constitution you have there!
teufeldritch Vor Monat
Orange Man Bad
MrFantocan Vor Monat
Stephen is getting so boring, the screamming and clapping also sucks. But Trump sucks more.
FalloutJack Vor Monat
I feel as though this blockage is irrefutable proof that Trump is the worst person to be referred to as president in the US. And I say 'to be referred to' because...let's just face it...he probably didn't actually win.
next up
next up Vor Monat
Colbert are you taking shots at trump? Very risky
LifeLiberty614 Vor Monat
I Love you buddy, but suicide isn’t a joke. Please don’t do that again.
LoC NineSevenEight
"I would never do the thing that I'm doing right now, with these words." -The Trump presidency in a nutshell.
Jim Brit
Jim Brit Vor Monat
Thank you to every Senator who voted against tRump's attempt to pay off the mobsters behind the "construction companies" to which he plans to give contracts. He owes a lot of organized crime figures - also known as "Mobsters" - a LOT of money, going back to the 1980s if not earlier. Have you noticed how he's trying to distract people from the meaning of the word "Mob" to refer to organized criminals, of late? Anytime tRump starts pulling that sort of crap, it's always because he's trying to blame other people for his own crimes and wrongdoings. He's been doing the same sort of garbage for a very long time - probably his entire life. He did, after all, blame his elder brother for all his own wrongdoings as a child. He's never grown up, and he will continue to act like a petulant child for the rest of his life.
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