A Video So Good I Had To Watch Twice

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31 Aug 2021



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Leo Ru
Leo Ru Vor 2 Tage
It even say you are getting it for free when u buy a USED PS4 Controller in Germany LMFAO
holamoco17 Vor 4 Tage
Deonex Vor 6 Tage
All they had to do for the dev room is give every item uuid. Why didn't anyone thing of that genius move?
Jacob Vor 6 Tage
*It just works.*
Marcus Vor 7 Tage
Vor 8 Tage
Holy I never played fallout but this is not how you should handle a game
Lonely Wolf
Lonely Wolf Vor 8 Tage
Capitalism! Get scammed or get bullied! :D
EntropyOnline Vor 10 Tage
Funny cuz I've watched this twice too
RageLane Vor 12 Tage
Fallout 76 is actually good now, compared to launch its an entirely different game.
Doin Rocks
Doin Rocks Vor 13 Tage
Elder Scrolls Online was the exact same fiasco. Game launch was ridiculously buggy (to unplayability) and exploitable, the market was ruined on release day, it still hasnt come back from that ruin. They gave players that paid 120-140 AUD for the pre-purchase and first monthly subscription installment enough in game paid currency to purchase a skin for their armor. That's it. Needless to say by the end of the week the game's community had already died and the only people left were bots. The game is starting to pull players that are more into the life skill side of MMOs but the majority of the game is empty, getting any noticeable currency to progress is borderline impossible as a lot of later grindable gear is available on the market for an arm and a leg, which have been constantly re-posted to the market since they were duped on the first week of the game's release. It will never touch the amount of players ESO and Runescape have and will at the very least never be as deeply thought out as ESO. I will never ever pre-purchase any game ever after ESO. I am much happier letting people buy overhyped games like Cyberprank and No Man's Lie, and until developers start regaining the trust of the players, everyone will very likely do the same.
Doin Rocks
Doin Rocks Vor 13 Tage
just got a youtube ad while xqc played the youtube ad on the youtube video on his twitch pretending its a twitch ad.
Rica Vor 14 Tage
16x details and bugs.
Lucas Vor 14 Tage
its crazy cuz ive never had one of those issues
TwT♡ Vor 17 Tage
You can literally make that rum bottle with a 3d printer
Bob Miller
Bob Miller Vor 17 Tage
Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn
0:50 Careful how you say that name 4:08 Careful how you say that name
Mr Shadox
Mr Shadox Vor 18 Tage
this video is so good i had to watch it for the 3d time
badpillow Vor 20 Tage
Fallout 76 will be playable in 2076, just one year before Cyberpunk becomes playable!
Derrick Vor 22 Tage
Get your snackies and get cozy
Aviven Vor 23 Tage
why is bethesda still in business? bethesda should've gone bankrupt and todd should've become unemployable
GamingOdyssey Vor 24 Tage
this would be my 6th time watching this video
Ursa Prima
Ursa Prima Vor 25 Tage
The chat: predictably "All Eyes" xD
Nioc Vor 25 Tage
Sadge i like fallout 76
Joe ?
Joe ? Vor 25 Tage
If your computer bricks while playing 76 you should stop using Intel.
Pave papi
Pave papi Vor 25 Tage
respect for putting the ad in again
Dan Costello
Dan Costello Vor 26 Tage
2:01 to the guys spamming PeepoGlad Buugs I want you to know that I love you with all my heart
Stylore Vor 26 Tage
It's funny how he mentioned that the AWS servers were so bad that no one could download on the first day due to the crashing of the download and making you start over from scratch.
larry Vor 27 Tage
fallout 4 was amazing though cant deny it
larry Vor 27 Tage
i will always love fallout its part of my childhood just like call of duty or mac and cheese and sliced hot dogs
Snopple Wopple
Snopple Wopple Vor 27 Tage
Ivewatched that video 10 times
Abner Ochoa
Abner Ochoa Vor 27 Tage
i haven’t watched this video in a couple weeks, how could i have forgotten
sam Morgan
sam Morgan Vor 29 Tage
This really opened my eyes to how bad this really was.
Perplexed Wolf
Perplexed Wolf Vor 29 Tage
Still blows my mind that anyone company would want to buy Bethesda.
MilesCantRun Vor Monat
the placement of the emote on todd howard's face at 15:05 is controversial but slightly true.
GoingMetal 799
GoingMetal 799 Vor 23 Tage
I was looking to see if anyone else noticed
Zeal Zo
Zeal Zo Vor Monat
It's honestly a good ass game these days in my opinion I've played 900 hours or maybe 1000 it's been awhile since older consoles run like shit but if you have an Xbox series or ps5 you good or PC
Zeal Zo
Zeal Zo Vor 29 Tage
@zLordKillerz it's a absolute bop with friends alone it's pretty shit
zLordKillerz Vor 29 Tage
yeah, I'm playing on series x and the game is pretty good
Gormezzz Vor Monat
I'm taking your word for it and going over to their channel to watch it to support them.
Mo Vor Monat
ah yes, big streamers making money of other yt'ers hard work, fantastic.
I may be late to the party, but holy fuck Bethesda is acting like a nigerian prince scammer. What happened to these companys?
Jacob Baartz
Jacob Baartz Vor Monat
"Not many people know this, but I'm a good rap artist; rap-ist if you will."
YTHoboGaming6 Vor Monat
I'm so happy I didn't have any of these problems on the console great game
egg Vor Monat
#todd #bethesdabeta ...Just admit it! On the other hand public feedback is way easier than glitch/testing. Maybe that was the plan... Maybe the idea was to calmy deal with things as you go and the sky will clear. 🤞🤞 or maybe broken games is a massive niche as I always suspected. Good on you either way Todd.. 👍😎👍.. also game cash should have matched the amount that the angry ones wanted back. Without sending the bag back.. I mean it's just in-game currency! Plus launched more purchasable items (like a lot) would have/could have been like w.o.w./fortnite overnight...
VaultTecPipBoy Vor Monat
Can I just say the state of 76 when it first release is NO where close to where it’s at now. It’s is an actual playable game. I do get why people are mad and have all rig to be, games shouldn’t be ( make it half ass and then fix it with updates ) but if you’re able to get it on sale for $15 ( like they do every month ) it’s definitely worth it. However fallout 1st is a terrible system
Jordan Clarke
Jordan Clarke Vor Monat
Internet Historian does Ad reads so well that he can get xQc to watch it not once but twice.
meatbag? Vor Monat
BatChest is the fucking worst man
Lucas Vor Monat
15:04 Adolf "Scatler" Howard
Rachan _HD
Rachan _HD Vor Monat
it's like the third time he sees it x d
Rusty Bucket
Rusty Bucket Vor Monat
What kind of nerds play that trash game?
Entropy Law
Entropy Law Vor Monat
This is what happens when you let marketing jackasses handle the gaming industry
Littletweeter Vor Monat
Really impressive they haven’t made even a somewhat okay game in the last decade
Littletweeter Vor Monat
Why I’m not hyped for elder scrolls 6 or even skyrim anniversary edition at this point: .. Bethesda is a fucking shitt show nowadays it’s really sad.
Teyrone Bigdick.
Extremely transformative content
Lukson Vor Monat
that ending creeped me out
BU𐍂AGØ Vor Monat
When you are a top streamer it seems you can watch anything and make money lol, i don't think there has ever been an easier money making even on the internet lol
Kaonashi Vor Monat
the worst thing to happen (imo) was the 76 platinum pre-order!!(Game, Helmet, and bag) The bag was supposed to be out of thiCC canvas and everybody got a thin polyester bag(which even was in super bad quality). When you ask Bethesda what exactly happened they simply answered :"It was too expensive to produce". (The PO packet was I think 140 USD at the time.)
Lord • [YT]
Lord • [YT] Vor Monat
The game did what is was supposed to. Didn’t you fallout players reat its title? It’s literally in the name. *„Fallout 76“*
YeetYaga Toenail
Recycling content
Ben Dover
Ben Dover Vor Monat
As a West Virginian this makes me sad for 76 to be apart of WV history
Code-Eris Gaming
Dalton D
Dalton D Vor Monat
All they had to do was make a fallout game and slap on multiplayer
Nani Nani
Nani Nani Vor Monat
Yeah this game was terrible but I jumped back in this year and it's actually pretty solid now but just like normal they fix games after launch when the game is dead. No Mans Sky is a good example Fallout did the same thing. Just delay the games and make them good on launch so the games do better in the long run, how is this so hard to understand for game companies
Smarty Vor Monat
his ad reaction was pog
Karnell Vor Monat
what is worse? 76 or cyberpunk
FrenkHenk Vor Monat
If you are a Fallout fan, it is now pretty fun to play. They fixed a lot of shit thank god. Just get yourself a cheap cdkey hehe
BigButter778 Vor Monat
I live in Germany and one of my friends hade broke Controllers guess what he got. 3× PS4 Controllers 3× Fallout 76
Bruce U
Bruce U Vor Monat
People forget that the A team (who made Fallout 4) was also a big pile of shit of a game with full of bugs. Team A or B They both fucking suck and perhaps they should make a new engine since they are using the same fucking one they used for Morrowind
jarlor Vor Monat
Man this guy has no reaction
Max Inator
Max Inator Vor Monat
i've watched this video over 4 times but fuck it we go again
GHOST 987 Vor Monat
this game could have been awsome :/
Robin Lundqvist
Robin Lundqvist Vor Monat
guesswho 2778
guesswho 2778 Vor Monat
a video so good i had to watch it many times when various youtubers reacting to it showed up in my recommended
daniel pena
daniel pena Vor Monat
Madd respect for letting the ad play FOR A SECOND TIME! xQcL
blitz blix
blitz blix Vor Monat
50 GIGS i guess he wasnt kidding about 4 times the size of fallout 4
joseph salazar
joseph salazar Vor Monat
5:15 BOOBA
Muse Vor Monat
It’s tradition to come back and watch this once and awhile
thatguyukno41 Vor Monat
This hypes me up for the eventual Activision Blizzard fiasco video
thatguyukno41 Vor Monat
Its sad that the scene with the will smith pointing at the car is gonna come true. The game is way better now and by 2023 itl actually be what it should've been on release
Jamps W
Jamps W Vor Monat
thanks for including the Ads, his are actually a nice funny edition to the videos and not taken serious at all.
coke Vor Monat
this chat man........ i cannot stop laughing
TripleMeatCombo Vor Monat
patrick starfish
jesus they fucked up at least a million times.
PrimeBandet Vor Monat
very cool of you to play the complete video out for your fans then upload it on your youtube channel. its bullshit content stealing like this that makes twitch streamers look like grubs.
Fresh Walker
Fresh Walker Vor Monat
holy shit i thought i was the only person whos rewatched this vid, i've watched it like 5 times now
BadJokeArtist Vor Monat
Why were there so many antivaxxers in chat OMEGALUL The KKonas have invaded
Rufus Hoy
Rufus Hoy Vor Monat
Xqc has gone full cycle, he can now literally re-watch videos and re-upload them and make profit
FBAGameplay Vor Monat
People exploiting and duplicating got no friends #changemymind
elite lighting
elite lighting Vor Monat
I paid 40 bucks played it for 30 min never played it again and I forgot about it
kierain kitchin
kierain kitchin Vor Monat
The game isnt that bad anymore it certainly isnt good but its enjoyable now atleast
MercyGiver 13
MercyGiver 13 Vor Monat
Kevduit in the background like Yall never saw me hereeeeee
Slaughterrific Vor Monat
only twice? I've seen this video more than I've seen my parents
HH5 Vor Monat
Pepecredit take my money
redakdal Vor Monat
say what you will about Todd, but the man knows how to sell some good snake oil
Torpedophile Vor Monat
These videos r so good
Justin Woods
Justin Woods Vor Monat
I had no idea how bad the release was. holy fuck what a dumpster fire
PaulDaPig Vor Monat
Not up to the usual FALLOUT STANDARDS!
Crito Vor Monat
xqc literally brings nothing new to Internet Historians video, this is literally plagiarism
This is officialy A dead channel
Internet historians videos are amazing. Same vibes as pyrocynical.
Nyarlathotep Vor Monat
Modders always shit on Bethesda.
Novulex Vor Monat
Ive watched this video now the 4th time and after this reaction I watched it again. Whats wrong with me
Marcus Vor Monat
his content is so good
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