Adam Sandler on Growing Up in Brooklyn

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Adam brings out his daughter Sunny to say hello to the audience, do an impression of him, and he talks about growing up in Brooklyn, lessons from his father, the major mishap on the way to his grandmother's funeral and all the ways that Brooklyn has changed. #KimmelinBrooklyn
Lynzy Lab Performs Viral Song “A Scary Time” (for Boys) de-vid.com/video/video-nN-3F8T4t5w.html

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Adam Sandler on Growing Up in Brooklyn




16 Okt 2018

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Adonis M.
Adonis M. Vor 2 Tage
1:45 what a nice person
WOKE AF Vor 2 Tage
NH Love! Thank you for donating 1 million dollars to the boys and girls club in Manchester. God bless you! Peace and love Adam.
Sam Mas
Sam Mas Vor 3 Tage
Great parental advice there 🤣
I’m born and raised in Bensonhurst too
Benji Frizzell
Benji Frizzell Vor 3 Tage
The guy is worth like a half billion dollars...anf uoi wiould never know it
Clint Miller
Clint Miller Vor 4 Tage
He is not funny anymore👎
soundcloud Cdog CLT
Hilarious one of my fav actors and comedian💯💯💯
kalan yost
kalan yost Vor 6 Tage
lakecityransom Vor 10 Tage
lol how you use that hidden knife if you can't keep your pants up
I’m Mr. P you trifling bitch
Ummm he didn’t grow up in Brooklyn, he grew up in New Hampshire
Javo Chavez
Javo Chavez Vor 17 Tage
It’s sad seeing Adam Sandler get old.
Lemmy K. Is God
Lemmy K. Is God Vor 17 Tage
The Waterboy The Ragin' Cajun Bobby Boucher 🏈😤
Cayo Toledo
Cayo Toledo Vor 20 Tage
I will never understand humanity. Everywhere I look, online and off, people hate Sandler for either ridiculous or valid reasons regarding his movies, career, portrayals, or whatever. And yet here you are saying nice things about him. Are you really being sincere or are you just copying them off scripts you just made in the previous second? Because if you are the latter, then you really are hypocrites who are completely unsure about what you really think of him, and hypocrisy is something I absolutely despise. I'm mad as I type this, not because I like or dislike Sandler. I'm mad because people cannot make up their own minds and permanently settle on something when you hear about him.
jason lincoln
jason lincoln Vor 26 Tage
see people the goal is to be rich not look rich
I'm actually the Stig
Adam Sandler....the forgotten beastie boy lol.....i always wondered why he wasn't apart of that group.
brocoli pera
brocoli pera Vor 27 Tage
Still watching his old movies
Jonathan Diaz
Jonathan Diaz Vor Monat
Adam Sandler’s looks like the type of Guy that you see in a weird gas stations while your traveling in a car or he just looks like a truck driver
kenny onedeep
kenny onedeep Vor Monat
Always been my favorite actor period much love
Titus McCarthy
Titus McCarthy Vor Monat
I really hate that man (Sandler).
Mitchell Asido
Mitchell Asido Vor Monat
adam sandler has so much street cred that he looks like they just pulled him off the street
A lot Awkward moments but that's ok because its Adam sendler
Mossimo Tiberi
Mossimo Tiberi Vor Monat
Adam Sandler is awesome
Bleached Hopgrasser
New yorkers casually talking about where they grew up without any context
Tricky T
Tricky T Vor Monat
He's such a Virgo down to earth human being and seems so humble and funny to be around my goal in life is be in one of his movies one day!!!! 💜
c. l.
c. l. Vor Monat
Adam Sandler's daughter is sooooooo cute!
Rëlïc OG Beats
52 😭 omg noo
LittleGreenBag7 Vor Monat
gotta say i respect him really, he's down to earth and really coool, i come from his movies generation.
Guido Vor Monat
A lot of solid jokes in this little set. I've heard his recent standup special is very good as well.
Thunderchole Vor Monat
His new stand up is pretty good. I was surprised.
x0234dsx Vor Monat
Laureen Connor
Laureen Connor Vor Monat
His Netflix special, 💯 % Fresh, is ANAZIMG’
Son Of Thunder
Son Of Thunder Vor Monat
😂😂😂😂 this guy is still funny....A living legend 💯
Anish roblox
Anish roblox Vor Monat
I was searching for his star on the hollywood walk of fame in LA
Bobby C
Bobby C Vor Monat
Mr deeds!!
Riper Snorta
Riper Snorta Vor Monat
Just a great guy without the bullshit. True class
Murl khalifa
Murl khalifa Vor Monat
Dawg adam Sandler is a lendgend in acting bruh
Keith Brass
Keith Brass Vor Monat
Born and raised watching this guy. Much love no hate!👊🤘🤘👍🖕
Yeezy westy
Yeezy westy Vor Monat
he left brooklyn at 5 years old. how is that growing up in brooklyn?
Yeezy westy
Yeezy westy Vor Monat
ahhh to be born into something like this....fuckin' unbelievable.
Justin Vilkoski2
Adam is the best
Nicole Tanaka
Nicole Tanaka Vor Monat
The Sandman
Keith Wayne Jones
he seems so happy lately. there was a period there where he seemed depressed.
Mike Smith
Mike Smith Vor Monat
People are obsessed with celebrities
Biyonzo Vor Monat
great great person.
creative media
creative media Vor Monat
"You don t mess with the Zohan !". To detect which of your friends is a narcisistic, egocentric that thinks he is superior spiritually to anyone, just give him the dvd with Zohan. The moron will tell you: "I couldn t watch it after the first 3 minutes.". ...well, great ! His mask fell off
creative media
creative media Vor Monat
His daughter ? He didn t say...Confusing.
Peoples Champ
Peoples Champ Vor Monat
Billy madison grew up
Brian Turner
Brian Turner Vor Monat
Worth 340 million. he did something right
Joey Tribiani
Joey Tribiani Vor Monat
Adam is a legend 🙌🙌🙌
Candace Weatherlow
adam sandler is a story teller! brilliant
SuperheroCaesar Vor Monat
One of the funniest comedic actors ever. It don’t get any better than him & Martin Lawrence for me
chinouyamale Vor Monat
how come i never hear about the times he comes to my neighborhood! I want to go~!
Michael Jensen
Michael Jensen Vor Monat
When you leave Brooklyn at 5 years old, well... you didn't grow up in Brooklyn. You were born there. Big difference.
mubarek yimer
mubarek yimer Vor Monat
Who love sandler
My favourite actor....
Carlos Cortes
Carlos Cortes Vor Monat
This man is ridiculously humble, I applaud you good sir.
raghu rajaram
raghu rajaram Vor Monat
Is Adam okay? This entire interview was about how everyone passed away in his family. Must be tough man hang in there champ u an OG
THIZzSCO415 Vor Monat
Been watching Adam Sandler’s films since I was a kid grew up in the 90s Adam Sandler doesn’t get the credit he deserves honestly one of our Decades Legends ! He was and still is hilarious
SpekksHOA Vor Monat
Brooklyn. Keep it real son
Stuart Little
Stuart Little Vor Monat
Cocaine is a hell of a drug
Venice Bitchh
Venice Bitchh Vor Monat
Who else wants another movie with Drew And Adam? But like a sad, funny one.. like Click
User Name
User Name Vor Monat
"I was at a cemetery with a big hollywood film crew stomping around disrespecting those who are trying to rest.. and hey theres grandma! *punchline*"
MYREAPER23 Vor Monat
ive got to be the only person in the world who doesnt like adam sandler. none of his movies are funny lol its all stupid crude comedy.
Jonathon Combs
Jonathon Combs Vor Monat
I met him in Austin a few years ago and he was eating(outside casual place). And place was dead and was with my sister and cousin and we grew up on his movies, together. We walked by and just said sorry to bug you and thank you so much for making us laugh and were just gonna keep walking to not big him. He said "hey hey come here. Wan't to get a picture?" We did...and i'll never forget how cool he was to us, he was no different than in this interview. I really really wanted to do the billy madison "SORRRYYYY TO INTERRUPT" thing but figure he got that all the time. His special was so good this week on Netflix. Was so nice to see. I'm going to watch it again soon.
Dre Cristo
Dre Cristo Vor Monat
Christopher Sideris
I grew up watching Adam Sandler movies so im a big fan but man... Its like someone sucked the funniness out of this mans soul. Every attempt at being funny was cringe, he couldn't even land that goatee joke properly. Almost as cringe to watch as Puff Daddy doing, well... anything.
Nelson Geada
Nelson Geada Vor Monat
André Maldonado
Your new movies these days are straight up garbage Mr.Sandler.
Manchester Is Blue
Such an icon!
MasterAquatics Vor Monat
The first time I watched a Adam Sandler movie was when little nicky came out.
Yvng King 大きな子供
Are y’all sure this is him ?? He looks like a completely different man
Caleb Benefield
Caleb Benefield Vor Monat
3:52 so that's why Theo kept him around lol. Adam was raised by gangsters
Chris Carmona
Chris Carmona Vor Monat
he's gonna own UNCUT GEMS
Siptimus Severus
When the rich and famous try and cling to there working class roots so cringe 😖
kurokoro 28
kurokoro 28 Vor Monat
I love adams sandler he is great.
Karl Jordan
Karl Jordan Vor Monat
A list celebrities over there are very weird pretending to be happy when their clearly not!! Hollywood is crumbling down so sad to see the super power loose its power quick pulling us into a inevitable war!!
Kevin S.
Kevin S. Vor Monat
I know people love to hate on Sandler but man he is like my favorite actor/comedian. Such an awesome funny dude. Would love to just sit down and talk, seems like he’d have a crap ton of funny stories.
Silviu Iulian
Silviu Iulian Vor Monat
he looks fantastic for 52 yrs old
Nina Rose
Nina Rose Vor Monat
Love you , Adam 😄
yesiah suprees
yesiah suprees Vor Monat
holy crap, im getting one of the those belt buckles
Bs plastering Ben
Dam I need a belt like that
Bernadette Moulds
looking Great for 52 Adam . love all your movies x
Ahmad Albaw
Ahmad Albaw Vor Monat
ill watch Mr. Deeds now
K&B 090117
K&B 090117 Vor Monat
Crooklyn.... Sit down!
Yuuka Fujimaki
Yuuka Fujimaki Vor Monat
I always and forever love Adam Sandler. He's my kind of comedian
brennan huff
brennan huff Vor Monat
i’m proud of this nigga bruh was always funny and a legend foreel.
S Wonder
S Wonder Vor Monat
That goaty reminds me of him in zohan movie was hilarious. Should do a second because you don't mess with the zohan.
Thorne K
Thorne K Vor Monat
yeaaaaahhhh passed the third grade!!!! the billy madison wayyyyyyyyyyayyyyyy
Thorne K
Thorne K Vor Monat
billy madison is one of the greatest movies ever made.
Jordan RepGames
Jordan RepGames Vor Monat
This guy is without a doubt one of the best actors / film producers in history hands down
CMCR Vor Monat
where can i buy that belt??????
KENTHAGOD 30 Vor Monat
Adam is one of the goats but my guy we need more movies
Jay Seth
Jay Seth Vor Monat
Bobby Boucher!
Yusuf Quraishi
Yusuf Quraishi Vor Monat
This fuckin guy. Look at this fuckin guys right here. Look at him. This guy.
Shaun R
Shaun R Vor Monat
He’s an accomplished actor and screen writer and comedian and has his own film And production companies what else can he do 👏🏻
michael majewski
Adam sandler is just sad to look at these days
Chris Quiles
Chris Quiles Vor Monat
They are not really from Brooklyn smh
Cuba00127 Vor Monat
Top 5 Adam Sandler movies of all time 1. The Longest Yard 2. Waterboy 3. I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry 4. Grown Ups 5. Bulletproof
Chvse Grixxy
Chvse Grixxy Vor Monat
I like adam sandler, but he didnt grow up in brooklyn if he left wen he was 5
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