Alex Morgan & Megan Rapinoe on Winning the World Cup & Equal Pay

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Alex Morgan and Megan Rapinoe from the USA Women's Soccer Team talk about winning the World Cup, why the team is so good, fighting for equal pay, their victory coming at the perfect time, and since they won't be visiting the White House, Jimmy surprises them with the Donald Trump fast food treatment.
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Alex Morgan & Megan Rapinoe on Winning the World Cup & Equal Pay




12 Jul 2019



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Zakaria Rochdi
Zakaria Rochdi Vor 11 Stunden
Rapinoe is not likeable in the slightest.
Faith Cruz
Faith Cruz Vor Tag
The real question is what did they do with all those chicken nuggets??
Wally Banter
Wally Banter Vor 2 Tage
Utterly classless individual.
ابوعايض saudi arabia
Who remembers the match against poor thailand hhhhhhhhh
Chris Mascarenhas
This equal pay thing in sport is pointless until they make the same revenue women’s netballers get paid to play while men’s netballers have to pay to play no one outraged then why is everyone outraged now
Matthys Grobler
Matthys Grobler Vor 6 Tage
Equal pay??????? Your over payed for what your worth as it is!!!!!!! STUPID!!!!!
Reu Efcie
Reu Efcie Vor 12 Tage
I love ALEX MORGAN ❤️ you....from MIZORAM,,,INDIA
Generic Human
Generic Human Vor 12 Tage
That captain wishes she could eat up her vice captain...hahahaha
Ruski Bocian
Ruski Bocian Vor 15 Tage
the rumor says: estimate pay off date for fan seats at final game will be right after next ice age.
Willo Vor 16 Tage
"Oh Dallas boys Dallas boys" who gives a damn about Dallas boys?? where were those boys when the men's team got eliminated by a 3rd world country like Mexico?? do you know how embarrassing is to see Perú in a World Cup and not the United States?? Most people here didn't even know Perú was a country. The greatest team ever assembled, The 1992 Barcelona Dream team, got whooped by college kids and everyone just says: "Chuck Daily threw that game". What makes you think Jill Ellis didn't throw away that scrim? Do you really think she's gonna be a tryhard against 15 year old boys?? how retarded must you be? Those girls have 4 stars on their god damn crest and the men get eliminated by mexico and don't even QUALIFY to the tournament and the USA has the easiest qualifier (CONCACAF). Sad af!
Robin Holbrook
Robin Holbrook Vor 18 Tage
Love them but I love Meghan pink hair and all
James Andrew
James Andrew Vor 19 Tage
Cristiano Ronaldo earns more in a week than the entire USA womens team earn in a lifetime and thats totally amazing
HookersAreGood Vor 16 Tage
Agree, hahaha
James Hackney
James Hackney Vor 21 Tag
Pay isn’t about how good you are it’s about how many viewers you get
Silvia Vor 24 Tage
I cant stop staring at Megan's legs.
ابوعايض saudi arabia
very sexy legs
HolyCheese007 Vor 24 Tage
Jimmy is such a weanie
stoatythesecond888 Vor 25 Tage
What Meghan Rapinoe doesnt seem to be able to grasp is that salaries in football are based on revenue from advertising and womens football is no where near as popular as mens football. This means less sponsorship which translates to less funds, less prize money and lower salaries. I think womens football has come on leaps and bounds, and salaries will progress accordingly but I cant see womens football ever gaining the popularity of mens and the salaries therefore will always be unbalanced. Its just a basic money, money out equation, its not rocket science. Just play for the game you supposedly love and you'll be rewarded accordingly, in my opinion it doesnt matter what sex you are, football players get paid disproportionately large amounts anyway.
hadex paolo
hadex paolo Vor Monat
Two bitches
strove stones
strove stones Vor Monat
"How many world cup has the men team won" Because the men world cup is much much harder
andrew garabedian
Mate us womans team got pumped by dallas under 15s Australianns team got pumped by Newcastle jets under 15 if i was the 15 year olds i would be pissed not getting equal pay
james hollis
james hollis Vor Monat
Women get paid 20% of the World Cup revenue where's as men only get 7% of the total
ThePackMan Vor Monat
Equal Pay, if not more, in proportion to total earnings of the competition.
Ed Dean
Ed Dean Vor Monat
3:37 ah well played jimmy but they don’t deserve equal pay as if you look at the revenue they receive (20%) compared to the men (7%) and how the women’s World Cup made 130 mil compared to the BILLIONS the men’s made so the men are gaining less revenue but earning more as they are more popular
Việt Cương
Việt Cương Vor Monat
Girl : Alex Morgan 🤗😊❤ Boy : Lionel Messi ❤😎👌
Ayo Dele
Ayo Dele Vor Monat
The Male USA team should just face the Female USA team let's just see how that works out
Lukas Korhonen
Lukas Korhonen Vor Monat
Ayo Dele would be like 10-0 males win
Rob Jey
Rob Jey Vor Monat
How about video game ratings, this team can definitely beat some men soccer teams Probably in fifa 2020🤷‍♂️
Tom Fethney
Tom Fethney Vor Monat
It’s bullshit The males earn more money because they generate more revenue the women earn 20% of the overall earnings the males only get 7% of the total revenue so if anything the males are the underpaid ones not the women
three frogs
three frogs Vor Monat
i always remember when the dove landed on the pitch just before argentinas winning goal in 1986, but the 1978 final was much better
three frogs
three frogs Vor Monat
i generally give them what they want, i even listen to their bullshit if i have to
Grace Bear
Grace Bear Vor Monat
Does she look preganant??
CosmicG Vor Monat
GM 007
GM 007 Vor Monat
Alex Morgan is sensational wow..
DoYouNoDaWae Vor Monat
That's why I watch Jimmy fallon
DoYouNoDaWae Vor Monat
Nikolay Bashev
Nikolay Bashev Vor Monat
Pure cancer , stop it please
C rizzo
C rizzo Vor Monat
Why is this guy so concerned about woman's soccer pay? Why the hell does he care?
Duky 98
Duky 98 Vor Monat
For someone who works on national tv you aint that smart,how could they be paid even more then men when viewership for the womens sport are by far more smaller then for mens? NOT SEXISM,BASIC ECONOMICS ,GET IT IN YOUR HEAD PEOPLE , everyone loves NBA, NEVER HEARD ANYONE TALK ABOUT WNBA
terah101 Vor Monat
Alex Morgan, Becky Sauerbrunn, Carli Lloyd and Megan Rapinoe have all been paid more than the highest earning US male player in the last 5 years.
Eric Kostandini Ziu
Jimmy ur a sellout bruv
ibrahim mohamed
ibrahim mohamed Vor Monat
If women were paid as much as men then fifa will have to shut down the women side result of bankruptcy. If men were paid as much percentage as women they will get more then double of what they get now.
Jameel Abdirahman
Every woman on the US women’s national team deserves equal pay
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