All 67 Marcel Hirscher World Cup Wins 🐐

Mattia Garrasi
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All Marcel Hirscher 67 World Cup victories over 10 years, from 2009 to 2019.
Finding all his victories’s vod has been definitely tricky; and indeed I couldn’t find anywhere his 4° and 8° win, the second manche of his 33° and 63° win.
I put only the second manches because with also the first ones the video would have been too long and then the first runs are even more difficult to find than the second ones. To make the video shorter I had to cut some parts of each run but anyway it turned out to be very long, 67 wins are definitely a lot.
In the World Cup, Marcel Hirscher has won 33 slaloms, 30 giant slaloms, 3 parallel races and 1 super G. His year with most victories was the 2018 with 14 wins and his season with most victories was the 2017/2018 with 13 wins.
At the end I also added his 7 world championship gold medal and his 2 olympic gold medal.
Dedicated to the greatest skier of all time, thank you Marcel.
I’m making the same video for Ted Ligety, Svindal, Neureuther ecc. but finding all their victories vod’s it’s turning out to be more difficult than expected, so if some of you has an archive of all the World Cup races or knows where to find them you can kindly write me, thanks.
00:00 Intro
00:05 #1 Val d'Isère 2009
00:45 #2 Kranjska Gora 2010
01:21 #3 Val d'Isère 2010
02:10 #5 Alta Badia 2011
02:55 #6 Zagreb 2012
03:42 #7 Adelboden 2012
04:31 #9 Schladming 2012
05:20 #10 Bansko 2012 (-1.39)
06:18 #11 Bansko 2012
07:01 #12 Schladming 2012
07:58 #13 Val d'Isère 2012 (-1.16)
08:45 #14 Madonna di Campiglio (-1.67)
09:32 #15 Zagreb 2013
10:20 #16 Adelboden 2013
11:04 #17 Kitzbühel 2013
11:49 #18 Moscow 2013
12:14 #19 Levi 2013
12:58 #20 Val d'Isère 2013
13:51 #21 Alta Badia 2013
14:53 #22 Adelboden 2014
15:32 #23 Lenzerheide 2014
16:31 #24 Sölden 2014 (-1.58)
17:35 #25 Åre 2014 (-1.22)
18:38 #26 Åre 2014
19:20 #27 Alta Badia 2014 (-1.45)
20:21 #28 Zagreb 2015
21:15 #29 Adelboden 2015 (-1.13)
22:25 #30 Garmisch 2015 (-3.28)
24:06 #31 Meribel 2015
24:56 #32 Beaver Creek 2015
26:02 #33 Beaver Creek 2015
26:53 #34 Val d'Isère 2015 (-1.29)
27:50 #35 Alta Badia 2015
28:55 #36 Santa Caterina Valfurva 2015
29:42 #37 Stockholm 2016
30:15 #38 Kranjska Gora 2016
31:01 #39 Kranjska Gora 2016
31:50 #40 Levi 2016 (-1.30)
32:30 #41 Alta badia 2016
33:24 #42 Kitzbühel 2017
34:11 #43 Garmisch 2017 (-1.50)
35:21 #44 Kranjska Gor 2017
36:08 #45 Aspen 2017
37:02 #46 Beaver Creek 2017
37:58 #47 Val d'Isère 2017
38:44 #48 Alta Badia 2017 (-1.70)
39:38 #49 Madonna di Campiglio 2017
40:34 #50 Zagreb 2018
41:25 #51 Adelboden 2018
42:29 #52 Adelboden 2018
43:19 #53 Wengen 2018
44:08 #54 Schladming 2018
45:10 #55 Garmisch 2018 (-1.57)
46:17 #56 Kranjska Gora 2018 (-1.66)
47:23 #57 Kranjska Gora 2018 (-1.22)
48:22 #58 Åre 2018
49:14 #59 Levi 2018
49:57 #60 Val d'Isère 2018 (-1.18)
50:42 #61 Alta Badia 2018 (-2.53)
51:51 #62 Alta Badia 2018
52:18 #63 Saalbach 2018
53:07 #64 Zagreb 2019
53:37 #65 Adelboden 2019
54:33 #66 Adelboden 2019
55:23 #67 Schladming 2019 (-1.21)
56:24 WC Schladming 2013 Slalom
57:38 WC Schladming 2013 Team Event
59:17 WC Beaver Creek 2015 Combined
59:59 WC Beaver Creek 2015 Team Event
1:00:40 WC Sankt Moritz 2017 Giant Slalom
1:01:34 WC Sankt Moritz 2017 Slalom
1:02:17 WC Åre 2019 Slalom
1:03:12 OLY Pyeonchang 2018 Combined
1:04:23 OLY Pyeonchang 2018 Giant Slalom
1:05:26 Outro




25 Dez 2020



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Joseph Flickinger
Joseph Flickinger Vor 23 Tage
I’ve rewatched this many times. Love watching marcel ski and I strive to be like him💪💪
Tor Marquis
Tor Marquis Vor Monat
Marcel has unique technique that we could all learn from. Maybe some of you guys can help me. Maybe you haven't noticed but the "surf skate" technology in skateboards has advanced beyond us. The ski manufacturers haven't developed anything even close. "Alpine inline" racing is like skiing on your 10 year old rock skis that you should have thrown away by now.
anka Vor Monat
GOAT! You know, I kinda feel blessed, that I could be a ski racing fan in Hirscher's era and watch all these great runs. He made a history, but what's the most important, he gave us so much great emotions by his phenomenal performances. It was real fun to watch this competition (or should I say, domination? 😄), it was a great time for alpine skiing. Thank you so much for this video!
Roland Cox
Roland Cox Vor Monat
I don't think anyone would complain if you'd put the full runs in
Roland Cox
Roland Cox Vor Monat
@Mattia Garrasi ah yeah the old copyright ruining sports history for future generations to enjoy chestnut
Mattia Garrasi
Mattia Garrasi Vor Monat
I cannot publish them whole due to the copyright
morninboy Vor 2 Monate
Marcell actually only had 66 wins. There was a slalom one time where he straddled a gate not once but twice and he was still granted the victory. Ivica Kostelic noted it publicly in an interview after the race. Don't know which race but someone might pick it out
CodySL Vor 2 Monate
Amazing work, thank you for that!
David Lee
David Lee Vor 2 Monate
Thank you so much for putting this together. A great Christmas present.
TheLVSK Vor 2 Monate
Second one is wrong, it should be the Kranjska Gora GS not the slalom, he finished second on that one.
frizz bese
frizz bese Vor 2 Monate
Tom Tom
Tom Tom Vor 2 Monate
Matthias Cerebri
Matthias Cerebri Vor 3 Monate
Grazie mille per quest opera favolosa! Sarebbe sempre un indovinello come sei stato possibile a trovare tutti I commenti internazionale e perfino le guide meravigliose dei campionati e di Olimpia ci sono qui!
He isn't better than Kostelić
Robert Eder
Robert Eder Vor 2 Monate
Who is Kostelic?
Jakob SCHREINER Vor 3 Monate
Thank you so much- very good work!
Andrea Vor 3 Monate
Kombi Gold in Südkorea ist für mich einer der größten Erfolge😍 Die Abfahrt war WAHNSINN🤩🤩
Andrea Chierici
Andrea Chierici Vor 3 Monate
where is the 4 ?
Big Bang .Official Channel
Ti meriti più iscritti
Boogie Vor 3 Monate
The people who disliked are Kristofferson fans
Yuto Nohdomi
Yuto Nohdomi Vor 13 Stunden
Markus Reithofer
Markus Reithofer Vor 3 Monate
GOAT !! Thank you so much for this Video und so many memories
Barca Love
Barca Love Vor 3 Monate
Als Österreicher muss man des onschauen
Boško Desančić
Boško Desančić Vor 3 Monate
@Mattia Garrasi Thank you very much for this video, i really appreciate the work you put in to find all this races of my favorite male ski racer Marcel Hirscher. I really hope that someday you will do this kind of video for my favorite female ski racer Mikaela Shiffrin. Thank you once again, Mattia
jože semprimožnik
jože semprimožnik Vor 3 Monate
i am from Slovenia. My son is Marcel. We always cheered for Marcel Hirscher and of course for our skiers :-)
namenlos40 Vor 3 Monate
As a bonus Mattia could have showed Hirscher's race against the drone. :-)
Maxi 2905
Maxi 2905 Vor 3 Monate
24:56 can someone please explain to me how he won a Super G? :D I legit didn't know that and I'm from Austria
Margarita Stoyanova
Margarita Stoyanova Vor 3 Monate
I was looking a long time to find his Super G victory! Thanks, Mattia, great video! 👍🔝👏
Sensi No
Sensi No Vor 3 Monate
As a swiss i hate to say it...but no doubt. Best skier ever.
Hoppala Vor 3 Monate
When he said:Now its Beastmode. It was BEASTMODE. Sure Steanmark is the best but Hirscher took the whole scene into another level of skiing. There was/is a no more professional driver than him. Till now. Legend
isaak wallner
isaak wallner Vor 3 Monate
41:26 Such a legend
Lukas Maria aus Wien
Lenzerheide 2014 gets overlooked for that matter. Same as the epic Adelboden win where he makes huge mistakes towards the end but that time it was for the S-WC trophy and when everybody thought he must be at least half a second behind he ends up 0,75 ahead out of nowhere. That was so nerve-wrecking.
Franz Kranz
Franz Kranz Vor 3 Monate
Lange Zeit war Hermann Mair für mich der beste Skifahrer überhaupt, mittlerweile ist Marcel Hirscher für mich der Beste. Achtmal in Folge den Gesamtweltcup zu gewinnen, ist die größte Leistung, die es im alpinen Skisport bisher gab und solange ich lebe wird das auch nicht übertroffen werden. Da bin ich mir sicher!
Herlinde Horvath
@pedjulino Ja nur zwei Disziplinen und trotzdem ACHTMAL in Serie den Gesamtweltcup gewonnen,ist doch GENIAL
Franz Kranz
Franz Kranz Vor 3 Monate
@pedjulino Nachvollziehbar. In drei Disziplinen dominant zu sein ist schon überragend. Hermann Mair ist/war schon einer genialer Typ!
pedjulino Vor 3 Monate
Das einzige was mir über Marcel nicht gefällt, ist den Fakt, dass er nur im Slalom und Riesenslalom ausgezeichnet war. Herminator war gut in fast alle Disziplinen - Abfahrt, SuperG, Riesenslalom. Deshalb ist Hermann Maier fûr mich der Beste aller Zeiten.
Ja,du hast recht
Ralf Spitaler
Ralf Spitaler Vor 3 Monate
Tick, Trick und Track
Thanks a lot for this great work Mattia! If you could do something similar for Stenmark...
Yannick Henny
Yannick Henny Vor 3 Monate
Miss you, Marcel. You're already the best
Maria Mauvilet
Maria Mauvilet Vor 3 Monate
my favourites are N 49 and N 51. the race isn't over until you cross that damn line. juste pure awesome Hirscher power !!!
Marko Sabotnik
Marko Sabotnik Vor 3 Monate
Thank you this is so cool my respect that is a lot of work thank you
Zundyyy Vor 3 Monate
Greatest of all time, 42:00
BjornWiese Vor 3 Monate
die englischen Kommentatoren sind gleich schlecht, wie die österreichischen Fussball Kommentatoren.
petma656 Vor 3 Monate
Und noch schlimmer sind die Experten
Mauro2221 Vor 3 Monate
meraviglioso documentario !! complimenti Mattia !! bravissimo e grazie !!!
Devin Dymeck
Devin Dymeck Vor 3 Monate
could you do one for Bode please?!?
Alex Trivunovic
Alex Trivunovic Vor 14 Tage
@Mattia Garrasi What a shame. Was going to ask for the Hermann Maier version.
Mattia Garrasi
Mattia Garrasi Vor 3 Monate
Finding the vod of the races before 2010/2011 is almost impossible
Alex Ried
Alex Ried Vor 3 Monate
i waited for such a video for so long, thank you😍
Der Krasse
Der Krasse Vor 3 Monate
I am from Austria. Marcel is a legend😁
leopold kern
leopold kern Vor Monat
Felix Piereder
Felix Piereder Vor 3 Monate
@LeitiHipHop17 guada mon
LeitiHipHop17 Vor 3 Monate
Greiz sacki zement do foad da zug drüba
Felix Piereder
Felix Piereder Vor 3 Monate
Is hoid so ne
Peter U.
Peter U. Vor 3 Monate
Einfach nur klasse :-) Gute Arbeit
Herlinde Horvath
Herlinde Horvath Vor 3 Monate
Marcel👍👍👍👍👍👍DANKE für das Video
3xoticG4m3r Vor 3 Monate
Thanks!!! Finally i don't have to search single races amymore 😍
petma656 Vor 3 Monate
@3xoticG4m3r Well does it matter 2nd or 3 th, Sl or GS,??????????????
Mattia Garrasi
Mattia Garrasi Vor 3 Monate
There's something wrong, because wiki said that his second win is a GS in Kranjska Gora, but instead that race seemed to be a slalom... However his first races are difficult to find and to identify, so I may have made some mistakes
3xoticG4m3r Vor 3 Monate
But unfortunately at the start a lot of it is wrong. Even the commentator says it was his second slalom win and in your video it says third slalom win. Also Wikipedia says something different. But i know that this was very difficult to make so no hate. Love it :)
JohnnyMeinBlock Vor 4 Monate
Thank you Mattia, beautiful work!
Roli Vor 4 Monate
daaamn we all should appreciate the work Mattia has done with this video. great job, thank you !!
Rhythmic Soul
Rhythmic Soul Vor 4 Monate
22:25 even 5 years after I still cannot fully understand what happened on that day.
Eazy Eduardo
Eazy Eduardo Vor Monat
Still the biggest flex I´ve ever seen in alpine skiing.
Margarita Stoyanova
Margarita Stoyanova Vor 3 Monate
@Philipp agree 👍
Philipp Vor 3 Monate
taht was out of this world
Margarita Stoyanova
Margarita Stoyanova Vor 4 Monate
GOAT❤ miss you, Marcel!
Power Peace
Power Peace Vor 4 Monate
Best skier of all time, only prime Hermann Maier could try to match him
Teddy Teddy
Teddy Teddy Vor 26 Tage
@Maximilian Gail fria hod ma nu ned so a konkurrenz ghobt, heid is des gonz wos ondas, da hirscha is und bleibt da beste
Stoi Vor 2 Monate
@Maximilian Gail Jo aber er ist gestürzt aufgestanden und trotzdem noch gewonnen also ist Hirscher besser
M Z Vor 3 Monate
@Steve Richman mhm. Da schreibt einer, der sich auskennt, ich bin eh schon still 😉 (das war ironisch gemeint, für den Fall, dass es manche nicht kapieren)
Steve Richman
Steve Richman Vor 3 Monate
@M Z weniger Wert als Hirscher Siege sehr wohl und ja Hirscher hatte weit mehr starke Konkurrenten, hättest du Ahnung, wüsstest du das
M Z Vor 3 Monate
@Steve Richman und Shiffrins Siege sind „nix wert“. Man merkt, da spricht ein absoluter Fachmann.
Timotej Rešetič
Timotej Rešetič Vor 4 Monate
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