All this work... for what?? - Upgrading the Video Render Server

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We tried to improve our video rendering times significantly with a hardware upgrade, and the results were... interesting.
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10 Jul 2019



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Linus Tech Tips
Linus Tech Tips Vor 6 Monate
Buy an LTT shirt, hoodie, hat, and even our own water bottle at lmg.gg/lttstore
Angel Man
Angel Man Vor Monat
why arent you using dual AMD EPİC cpu and motherboards...better then 5 xeon cpu
Deldarel Vor Monat
Do you sell an LTT funnel for not leaking the coolant everywhere?
Ra awesome
Ra awesome Vor 5 Monate
Though, why didn't you use amd ryzen 3900x?
Chris Kopp
Chris Kopp Vor 6 Monate
go back to funky sunday as intro
The Miraculous Bandini
Linus Tech Tips should’ve used 2990WX
conicEllipse Vor 22 Stunden
Try allowing your rendering software to use only 7 cores. 1 core is needed to handle traffic to the CUDA cores.(I donate processing to render farms.)
Jim Anderson
Jim Anderson Vor Tag
Expert on most cutting-edge technology on the planet. Never heard of a funnel.
CIS Vor 2 Tage
Have you thought about using windows 10 and new drivers
wow epic
wow epic Vor 2 Tage
full minute faster wow very epic
Robert Losey
Robert Losey Vor 4 Tage
If you are using a server rack why don't you add both boards and give them a switchable lockout router and allow assignment of one board to heavy graphics processing. You are running a timeshare system anyway. or is your bottle neck the network cables and system? or use a fan and branching network system?
maybe get LTT cable ties with an actual LTT logo on them
Cash Ash
Cash Ash Vor 5 Tage
LTT - Tries to invest in meaningful hardware upgrades to better produce the videos we all watch for free Audience - *shits on Linus for not knowing everything about everything, shits on the methodology, shits on the explanation, shits on everything that could be nit picked on*
Robert Toms, III
Robert Toms, III Vor 7 Tage
*Linus* Oh hey Google, This is Linus.. Can you upgrade YOUR FN HARDWARE, your systems are bottlenecking my workflow.
Boktorinator Vor 9 Tage
Just yeet a 3950x in there
Wheel333 Vor 10 Tage
Funnel ???
nexxusty Vor 11 Tage
XMP never works eh? You're such a massive n00b Linus....
Kenji Gunawan
Kenji Gunawan Vor 11 Tage
Well Linus spent 2 days to save 1 minute in exports.
Brodino96 Vor 11 Tage
3950x or the best threadripper
Kie Vor 12 Tage
LTT needs the new ThreadRipper.
Roberto Qiu
Roberto Qiu Vor 12 Tage
Soooo... where is the follow up video of this project?
carlos manzano
carlos manzano Vor 13 Tage
Why is the ram not being optimized more in the control panel it is using 7gb out of 32 installed.
EyesWideOpen Vor 13 Tage
Every apparently solid assumption I've ever made turned out to be bs after only slight changes in the workload ... and so this video was rather humorous to me.
Zane DuFour
Zane DuFour Vor 14 Tage
Could you do an update with the ridiculous new threadripper?
weaknespase Vor 17 Tage
I'm interested how that would compare with just using ffmpeg to convert the final cineform video file using x264, crf 16, ultrafast.
Kane Coin
Kane Coin Vor 18 Tage
Linus: pulls out screwdriver puts screwdriver away slides case open
Gebrüder Schwarzwald
This is brilliant. Sherlock Holmes for poor people
vitez simunkovic
vitez simunkovic Vor 23 Tage
LOL LINUS pulswawe ad was on the Start of the vid
Matthew Spriggs
Matthew Spriggs Vor 23 Tage
They skipped the part where Linus noticed that he didn't plug the GPU back in. LOL
snake in a box
snake in a box Vor 26 Tage
Shut up ang get a thredriper
Nick Urek
Nick Urek Vor 27 Tage
i7 9th gen / 16 RAM / 1TB SSD / Nvidia 1650 graphics... good enough for editing 1080p videos? (premiere or after effects)
Richard Asketill Noble THYNE
Wheres your Static strap ? Plus use Distilled WATER !!!
Richard Asketill Noble THYNE
ZED not ZEE for Z...
bilsbobaggins1 Vor 27 Tage
The 9980xe is specified to work with a certain type of RAM .. DDR4 2666. The intel i9 processors seem to be this way. Make sure to review the specifications of the processor when designing a system...
Manuel Vor Monat
All this tech for your cheap looking, badly edited videos...most of your viewers would be fine with 360p video from you
Angel Man
Angel Man Vor Monat
why arent you using dual AMD EPİC cpu and motherboards...better then 5 xeon cpu
Very late question: why H.264 instead of H.265?
jokernokeo Vor Monat
Why did you not use quick disconnect fittings
Seskal Vor Monat
Linus, you're a canadian. It's a ZED399 NOT ZEE
Johannes Dolch
Johannes Dolch Vor Monat
Never touch a running system.
Jake Hillion
Jake Hillion Vor Monat
3950X all the things
Vinci Andrés Belalcázar Yabur
Bueno, aprendimos un par de cosas, pero no vuelvo a ver un vídeo sobre un fracaso...
William D
William D Vor Monat
Could the SATA and the Chipset Drivers not being reinstalled cause an issue? I know that my board on swap caused it to use the Standard ACHI Driver
SigmaPlayzYT Vor Monat
puts the fastest gpu for gaming at this point in time, a really high end motherboard, the fastest gaming cpu there is at this point in time, extra flex rgb dimms and a water cooling loop in a rack server for readjusting the format on his video files...
SigmaPlayzYT Vor Monat
James is better than you.
ThanOs74 Vor Monat
Cody Ardoin
Cody Ardoin Vor Monat
They would greatly improve their efficiency if they used linux and the server tools/automation tools provided to convert their files and handle their workflow. Oh, and if they used the right equipment.
Jeremy Drouin
Jeremy Drouin Vor Monat
I think LTT needs to invest in a funnel
Dustin Rodriguez
It's very odd that adding more cores doesn't just provide a linear increase without real limit. Video processing is almost all (there are some exceptions, but really not many) built from algorithms that us computer science types refer to as "embarrassingly parallel." (That is actually the technical term, I swear.) Just take chunks of the video, as many as core you have, and farm it out to them, then recombine the results. It's like the easiest thing in the world to make parallel. Workloads that are hard to make parallel are ones where every piece affects every other piece requiring communication between the cores. Video doesn't do that. You don't compress or process the upper left quadrant of a video based upon what's going on in the lower right quadrant. So it should be super easy to chop it up.
Kaiden Wells
Kaiden Wells Vor Monat
he literally just replaced a sponsor with his own merch
47Mortuus Vor Monat
LTT - Where overpaid tech amateurs thrive. Like honestly - Windows "servers"? That underlines my statement even more than the fail this video documents.
47Mortuus Vor Monat
"[...] we managed to make this machine faster" - This is the SECOND ... COMPLETELY NEW machine, Mr. Braindead
Fox Populi
Fox Populi Vor Monat
Somebody at LTT, please for the love of god get some FUNNELS for filling these reservoirs!!!
mtabernig Vor Monat
Why doing this in the kitchen//// that is nuts.
man I was screaming "funnel" when he was refilling that reservoir lol
3Adel Gaming
3Adel Gaming Vor 2 Monate
14:43 You guys are still haven't updated to win10 19H1 lol
JoyTheGeek Vor 2 Monate
Wow I didn't conciously notice the premier project was playing a mini video I tripped out and had to do a double take.
Wesley Mercer
Wesley Mercer Vor 2 Monate
What I wonder is how you render a video on a different computer. Do you just move the editor file (not the person, the software) to the new computer?
Stefan Fiechter
Stefan Fiechter Vor 2 Monate
Everytime i see how Linus treats hardware, something is dying in me...
Stefan Fiechter
Stefan Fiechter Vor 2 Monate
Just put some oil in a whirlpool, sink all your hardware and cool the oil. If you want you can add air to it :-D
Alex1911 Vor 2 Monate
The 9 minute render time wasn’t that crazy in the first place, seems like a waste of time to upgrade so soon.
Dan Fournier
Dan Fournier Vor 2 Monate
Is it just me or is taren difficult to work with
Commissar0617 Vor 2 Monate
time to go quad epyc
Wyatt Roncin
Wyatt Roncin Vor 2 Monate
time to rebuild this with a 9900ks and two of those 80mm sever radiators.
Gabi Gharib
Gabi Gharib Vor 3 Monate
in the time 3:39 you can see the activation windows in the corner of the screen hhhhhhhhhhhh
TheRealCritique Vor 3 Monate
I bet there's no food made in that kitchen....I really admired you so totally, Linus, until you didn't use a funnel! I love funnels! I think this video proves Adobe Premiere kind of sucks. You should check out Blackmagic's editing software.
TheScrappingJeahaha Vor 3 Monate
In Windows you can setup your energy settings to not throttle down the cpu if its not uses so it runs at 100% Speed the whole time.
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