Amazing BREAD Processing - How It's Made Inside Factory

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Many skill cooking
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Kamana Rai
Kamana Rai Vor Tag
Wow amazing 😍👌
Stanford Leeham
Stanford Leeham Vor 2 Tage
Farming like pro
Stanford Leeham
Stanford Leeham Vor 2 Tage
John deree
ahmed ahmed
ahmed ahmed Vor 2 Tage
Stuart Ross
Stuart Ross Vor 4 Tage
Stop stealing other peoples content and repackaging as your own.
نسيتك ونتهه حبنه
يبوو احط هايه الصمونه وخلي بيهه كيمر عرب وجاي اموت اذوب
Jaipal Singh4234
Jaipal Singh4234 Vor 5 Tage
VMM media channel
How much investment for this businesses
md Mohiddun
md Mohiddun Vor 7 Tage
F.A Chef
F.A Chef Vor 7 Tage
Thanks you 😁😁
md Mohiddun
md Mohiddun Vor 7 Tage
ساره علي
ساره علي Vor 8 Tage
شغل ولا اروع طبعا 😍 اكو عرب بالمصنع 😅 اقصد بالمقطع جقنه بلايك
b021310221 4BENC-UTeM
krystina J
krystina J Vor 10 Tage
Amazing! And I love the music. What is it?
Msu Azmeen
Msu Azmeen Vor 10 Tage
Nice processing 👍
Ej Last Name
Ej Last Name Vor 10 Tage
Do they clean it after they've been use?
rahimathulla mohammad
I want this video background music
Julie Tinong
Julie Tinong Vor 12 Tage
I wonder how they clean those massive machines
Stephen Lee
Stephen Lee Vor 9 Tage
Julie Tinong that’s funny u say that , that was my exact thoughts , before I read the comments lol great minds
Hasen loukriz
Hasen loukriz Vor 12 Tage
Kaniz Nader
Kaniz Nader Vor 12 Tage
very exciting
neetha Suresh
neetha Suresh Vor 12 Tage
Industriel bad food !!!
Margarita Cortes
Margarita Cortes Vor 13 Tage
Asad Khan
Asad Khan Vor 13 Tage
Divine Parikarangal-மலையாள,சித்த முறை பரிகாரங்கள்
Where is this? Beautiful,efficient machines...love them and the breads they make..can't wait to taste it
Juliana Vor 16 Tage
Thanks but I will stick to my home made bread instead. These robot foods gives me a weird vibe. No single love put into the bread but a lot of engines and tiny red lights etc
Linda Gentle
Linda Gentle Vor 14 Tage
And no gloves...ugh!!
Jenna 29
Jenna 29 Vor 15 Tage
😂 😂
Sarcastic Cat
Sarcastic Cat Vor 16 Tage
They dont wash the grain???!!
sulaikha usman
sulaikha usman Vor 16 Tage
Its really amazing and think about these machineries.. its unbelievable.. great👌👌👌
eternally164 Vor 16 Tage
do you think its still a healthy bread?
Chinonye Ihuoma
Chinonye Ihuoma Vor 17 Tage
Great job the workers.... also need to wear glooves
Velle Abregado
Velle Abregado Vor 18 Tage
So so so amazzzing!!! Great machine!👌👌👌
Bill M
Bill M Vor 19 Tage
Remarkable state of the art machines and of course stainless steel
Súper panaderia
تيتة ام يزن
حلوة الحضارة
Prakash Munima
Prakash Munima Vor 20 Tage
Aruna Aruna
Aruna Aruna Vor 20 Tage
I like puffy buns.breads
Kush Loungani
Kush Loungani Vor 20 Tage
Bad choice of background music!!
Charles H Mansfield
It is interesting to watch bread being made on such a large scale, but what I’m really wanting to know is who in the world made those large and complicated bread making machines.
Nur Atiqah Baisuddin
Me too
Prakash Yadav
Prakash Yadav Vor 21 Tag
Nice video
Malouka _91
Malouka _91 Vor 21 Tag
هل يوجد عربي يصل ع الرسول 😊
Batty Rangiwai
Batty Rangiwai Vor 21 Tag
Fast bread big machine maker & I would give alot too the poor and homeless 👍🇳🇿🇮🇹🤗
Yeetis Vor 12 Tage
Eljin Angelin
Eljin Angelin Vor 23 Tage
Suddenly how it became to cuboid shape
GY Chaudhary
GY Chaudhary Vor 23 Tage
What is the price of this mashie
chaudhari naresh
chaudhari naresh Vor 23 Tage
When you harvesting wheat there is how many chance to snack rat like animals in it
Divine Parikarangal-மலையாள,சித்த முறை பரிகாரங்கள்
Valid point. But maybe,rats will run Away on vibrations,sounds
badsha Khan
badsha Khan Vor 23 Tage
Sir bread company me job milega me bakery ka job malum h my con tact numbers 7277063440
Михаил Огарков
Эх санитарному дню я не завидую,🤔
Syed Wajih Ul Hassan Kazmi
🌹 ❤
Guna Sundari
Guna Sundari Vor 25 Tage
Fugcpgcbogz vuhotrbogdobkó
S Touch
S Touch Vor 25 Tage
Diabetes epidemic
Hilson Hayat
Hilson Hayat Vor 25 Tage
3:25 it's so satisfying
Arjun Kumar
Arjun Kumar Vor 26 Tage
Grinding wheat before cleaning or removal of insects very sad for jains and others wonder weather they use eggs in bread manufacturing
ani ana
ani ana Vor 26 Tage
Not wearing hand glove
Nandini S
Nandini S Vor 26 Tage
Firman Mandiri
Firman Mandiri Vor 26 Tage
Humza Saeed
Humza Saeed Vor 27 Tage
Who had this in their reccemonded
preethika Ravi chandran
Vijay tv shows puvaiyar
preethika Ravi chandran
Юсупова Барно
Супер супер супер классно
Kalpana Vishwakarma
Its really a processing work now I knew about that how bread is making
Jaspreet Kaur
Jaspreet Kaur Vor 28 Tage
So amazing
Srinivas Chawan
Srinivas Chawan Vor Monat
Nice making
Destroyed campaign
Amazing sound on 2x
Naidu Dadi
Naidu Dadi Vor Monat
Sir can I join
RV Channel
RV Channel Vor Monat
Brilliant making of bread 👏👏
anu priya
anu priya Vor Monat
Hlo....... Where is this processing unit.....?
Executive Engineer
Are vah
Godsaysdepartfromme I never knew you!
Sontttu78 transformation(3daysdarkness), Marriage supper(rapture, God will, ) Susan Davis on DE-vid. Tell ppl. Keep God's ten commandments and love thy neighbor as yourself keep Sabbath day Saturday keep it holy nor do any works. Read kjv Bible daily n Daily bread prayer
HD Status Songs
HD Status Songs Vor Monat
Saif Udin
Saif Udin Vor Monat
7:23 ....😍
Kulwinder Singh
Kulwinder Singh Vor Monat
It's so amazing. Where is this
Tanveer Fatima
Tanveer Fatima Vor Monat
Isaxan Kazimov
Isaxan Kazimov Vor Monat
Lien Faour
Lien Faour Vor Monat
شي مرتب ونظيف وشكلو بشهي الله يديم نعمه علينا
أللهم ارزق امي بل جنه جوني
أمين أن شاء الله الله 👆👆👆يزيدها علينا👆👆👆👆
Di Lynn Vee
Di Lynn Vee Vor Monat
Why the holes in the croissants? Was something added?
Anandraj Anand
Anandraj Anand Vor Monat
At the starting stage , looked like a White Venom 😈
Yanne Aragon
Yanne Aragon Vor Monat
Why are they not using gloves?
احمد ااا
احمد ااا Vor Monat
سبحان الله
Abdullah Afridi
Abdullah Afridi Vor Monat
Wow grt
Sirtaj Arzoo
Sirtaj Arzoo Vor Monat
Amazing 👌
s. h musie ahmed
Sirtaj Arzoo
mr daiwa spatulla
The flour made it bread fresh from farm malt... 👍
Sis. Dennise.
Sis. Dennise. Vor 22 Tage
Madeeha Masud
Madeeha Masud Vor Monat
Interesting video..
Sanjay Shah
Sanjay Shah Vor Monat
Were I will get this machine ..plz reply me
Bhaskar 1.25x
Bhaskar 1.25x Vor Monat
You must give order to a company ..so that you'll get a machine according to ur ideas
Google User
Google User Vor Monat
3.40' - Hello, women! No gloves?
Gear Potot
Gear Potot Vor Monat
Human are useless in the future. Machine will be their substitute.
Sheila Lunaria
Sheila Lunaria Vor Monat
Yah! I think But who made the machine? It's human...
Patel Maka.r
Patel Maka.r Vor Monat
Vechat Patel chati,
For a baker who actually makes bread with care, craft and love, this video is a glimse of evil awfulness where everything once good and wholesome and human has been corrupted utterly for global finance profits. The end section with the injection into baked pseudo croissants, it could be baby body parts being pumped in there as long as it was cheap and profitable.
srirag srirag nani
In future no more humans in factories😭😢...
Michael S. Lidot
Nice work...
ROFL Videos
ROFL Videos Vor Monat
I have Gluten Intolerance so this video made me Sad and crave soo much
Narayana Kurva
Narayana Kurva Vor 22 Tage
Wilmose Piris
Wilmose Piris Vor Monat
Both hands should have gloves on
Arzoo Ali
Arzoo Ali Vor Monat
can you give me job.
Amir Husain
Amir Husain Vor Monat
Amir hussain
Carol Sutton
Carol Sutton Vor Monat
oh those croissants are making me hungry.
Carol Sutton
Carol Sutton Vor Monat
where is this?
Sukhwinder Singh
Very nice
احمد خالد
الي عربي 👍وينهم العرب😁😁😁😄😄😄
Rabiya Khatoon
Rabiya Khatoon Vor Monat
Very good👍
Rahul Rahulprajapati
App sheyar
Siman Keynaan
Siman Keynaan Vor Monat
কবিতা M
ابو ماريا
نعم انا عربي
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