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Germany Vlog: Conner Sullivan wears traditional German Lederhosen to German Spring Festival in Stuttgart, Deutschland!
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Conner Sullivan
Stephan Niederehe Strasse 8
Marburg, Germany 35037



15 Mai 2018



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Conner Sullivan
Conner Sullivan Vor 2 years
Great Experience!! Had a blast! What festival should I attend next?? Follow on IG to see where I go next!! (@itsConnerSully)
kinmeru Vor year
OMG I love those Lederhosen ;-)
Pia Nolte
Pia Nolte Vor 2 years
Freimarkt in Bremen! It's from 19.10.2018 to 04.11.2018. You should visit Bremen, it is a nice little town in northern Germany
diesusi88 Vor 2 years
Erlangen Bergkirchweih an Pfingsten
Volker Vor 2 years
Conner Sullivan in Bingen am Rhein Wonzerfastival please
Volker Vor 2 years
Winzerfest please Did you Like it?
Sandhya Singh
Sandhya Singh Vor 6 Tage
1:34 Post Malone in the car
Sven Henning
Sven Henning Vor 9 Tage
ich feier diese viedeos so
Insa Moe
Insa Moe Vor Monat
#dathoodie though :D
Windows Helps
Windows Helps Vor Monat
Dorffest ist besser!
Гномик Пажылой
Кайф! Возьми меня с собой однажды!)))
AUSKOTZEN Vor 5 Monate
yeah was geht ab digga alter bro
Leo Nardo
Leo Nardo Vor 6 Monate
The good old time without Corona but Conner Sullivan in our country 😎 Greetings from Hannover ✌
Marc Ziegler
Marc Ziegler Vor 6 Monate
Maientag in Vaihingen Enz 😂
hebneh Vor 7 Monate
No, no, no - you don’t eat and drink and THEN go on the horrible, violent rides!
Yamaha2go Vor 8 Monate
Conner on "Bundeskanzler" and Germany has fun. You have my voice. 😅😅
JaniBBa Vor 8 Monate
how to be a real german 10:04 mission passed
SanJay Vor 9 Monate
come to cologne, i invite u
Robin Appelt
Robin Appelt Vor 10 Monate
Komm nach Hamburg zum Hafen Geburtstag würde mich riesig freuen 😊
Anna Med
Anna Med Vor 11 Monate
Who are tho hot chicks at 6:52
Ihh Kgg
Ihh Kgg Vor 11 Monate
jo physiks
jo physiks Vor 11 Monate
You have to go to Nabada in Ulm
its Godrix
its Godrix Vor year
Come in Oktober to the Oktoberfest its the biggest fest
ETIC Cloud
ETIC Cloud Vor year
Welche Stadt ist das?
Mira Ga
Mira Ga Vor year
Ey Connor, So Viele Deutsche wie deine Videos schauen, bist du schon eine echte Berühmtheit hier!😂😂😂
Ferdi Dck
Ferdi Dck Vor year
Come to the Kieler woche
Jonathan Vor year
fabi_98 Vor year
Kirmes in Köln XD But without Lederhose 😂
Daian Brandt
Daian Brandt Vor year
La chica que le dice "no sé quién eres" JAJAJAJAJAJJAJA
Erison Silva
Erison Silva Vor year
I'm from Brazil man and your channel is sounds good 👏👏👏👏
Youssef Mahrous
there's something called baumblütenfest .. i think it's the same ...
Zoe Post
Zoe Post Vor year
Another festival would be Schützenfest 😊
Jasmin Kriz
Jasmin Kriz Vor 2 years
you have to go to the Schützenfest hannover, is the biggest in europe 😎
Esel Ohr
Esel Ohr Vor 2 years
please come to eastfriesland. wiesmoor has a bluetenfest ( flowerfestival ) like a carveval of flowers and you could perhaps become part of the jury voting for the flowerqueen. (bluetenkoenigin)
Rob F
Rob F Vor 2 years
In Germany we call "bumper cars" with the very, very German words "Auto Scooter", for it is unwanted to bump the vehicles.
Rob F
Rob F Vor 2 years
"Ich ube mein Deutsch" and meet Australian people....
vave3 Vor 2 years
You have to come to munich to oktoberfest😍
Marlene Davies
Marlene Davies Vor 2 years
9:13 I was on that thing to, and it was TERRIBLE
Antonia Vor 2 years
Oktoberfest Bayern
Tim Schuller
Tim Schuller Vor 2 years
Frühlings-Volksfest #WasenistnureinmalimJahr
Tho Sch
Tho Sch Vor 2 years
Sandkerwa Bamberg
Anja Vor 2 years
Visit Schützenfest in the beautiful Münsterland, but dont wear your lederhosen and if you can bring a fake gun made of wood.And be thirsty
Nico Korn
Nico Korn Vor 2 years
4:33 wie heißt der Song?
luisa Vor 2 years
Please go to the pretzel Festival 🙃❤️
Leon D
Leon D Vor 2 years
Schützenfest Hannover
Uebermensch Vor 2 years
@Leon D Weil Hannover scheiße ist und du Werbung dafür machst du nuss
Uebermensch Vor 2 years
Halt die Klappe du göre
Lisa krenn
Lisa krenn Vor 2 years
You HAVE TO visit austria‼️😊@connersullivan
bruisback Vor 2 years
Hallo! What is the name of the song at 5:02? Thanks in advance! Tschüss
An ne
An ne Vor 2 years
In Mühlhausen (thuringia) from 24.08 - 01.09.2018 is Germanys biggest city Kirmes with more than 39 Kirmesgemeinden, a must see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dori H.66
Dori H.66 Vor 2 years
Hey Conner, I like all of your Videos, sometimes they are so funny I really have to laugh out loud. You inspire me to have more fun in my life and not to take everything so seriously. Sorry for my bad english 😉 Keep going, let's go...
Korbi Vor 2 years
You mast go to the October festival in Munich
Wulasch Vor 2 years
Schützenfest, but it's only in Bayern.
speedy´s Vor 2 years
I can recommend the "Erlanger Bergkärwa" in Erlangen, which is next to Nuremberg.
Bettina Vor 2 years
Go to Therme Erding it’s so beautiful 😍😍
Arsino Meteor
Arsino Meteor Vor 2 years
I might correct your description: Lederhosen are bavarian (or southern german, depending on who you ask,) tradition, not german tradition :P
Arsino Meteor
Arsino Meteor Vor 2 years
come to the world's biggest "Schützenfest" in Hannover... but please without Lederhosen, Lederhosen is more of a southern germany thing :D We northern germans generally don't like them (except for some ppl who wear them on the Oktoberfest)
Linipflip Gaming
Linipflip Gaming Vor 2 years
Sail in bremerhaven
Regenbogenkacke Vor 2 years
please visit the oktoberfest in munich!!!
zakyum Vor 2 years
i see the "carnies" (ones that run the stands) in germany are as rough as the ones in the US
West Coast Makonnen
Lmaoooo I’m an American livin in stutty as well brah!!
Vitriol Vor 2 years
I hate those ball throwing games they are made impossible.
LP 04
LP 04 Vor 2 years
The Sander Weinfest is a great festival in Germany 🤙🏼🍷
Lisa Müller
Lisa Müller Vor 2 years
Extraschicht in the Ruhrgebiet Zeche Ewald in Herten please come here its awesome
Husky SM
Husky SM Vor 2 years
I was 3-4 times at the frühlingsfest/wasen but I never drove any vehicel there. You have to buy tickets in a good tent. After that you get a half chicken or like we say "halbsgöggele" to your beer. After that dance like a crazy person at your tabel. We do this every year like that.
Moritz Fehle
Moritz Fehle Vor 2 years
Typisch deutsch... ,,Die Dosen müssen unten liegen!!!"😑😒
Rolf Müller
Rolf Müller Vor 2 years
This ist ways better than watching lame TV. :D
Malik Saine
Malik Saine Vor 2 years
Kleinstadtdirndln, oh boy
## Vor 2 years
Schuachplattln muast a nu lerna XD
—— Vor 2 years
You have to visit the Original OKTOBERFEST!!!! In München
Its_Squeezy Vor 2 years
Beerfest ofcourse
Jahry82 Vor 2 years
Go and check out the Karneval in Cologne!
NurDerTSV!!! Vor 2 years
Oktoberfest, da gehts gscheid zua!
Videospotter.de Vor 2 years
Conner, you have to come to Hamburg and explore northern Germany. First the city & harbour with the Speicherstadt, in the evening the nightlife (Reeperbahn), than in the early morning the Fischmarkt and after that a trip to the beach! Northern Germany is completely different to the south! Write me if you're interested 😀😁
domirandy17 Vor 2 years
Jakobimarkt in Schwäbisch Hall... Das ist bei Stuttgart in der Nähe ^^ In English Jakobimarkt in Schwäbisch Hall, Germany near Stuttgart
Адель Ернияз
4:31 song name???
Tassilo Apnazi
Tassilo Apnazi Vor 2 years
Matteo Kühmstedt
Matteo Kühmstedt Vor 2 years
You have to Come to the Oktoberfest in munich
Matteo Kühmstedt
Matteo Kühmstedt Vor 2 years
Its the biggest festival in the world
max 2000
max 2000 Vor 2 years
Erlanger Bergkirchweih
Tom R
Tom R Vor 2 years
Das FEST Karlsruhe
Kaneki Ken
Kaneki Ken Vor 2 years
Wie wäre es nächstes Jahr mal mit dem Wave-Gothik-Treffen in Leipzig ;)
Kaneki Ken
Kaneki Ken Vor 2 years
Kaneki Ken
Kaneki Ken Vor 2 years
@Uebermensch werd ich machen.
Uebermensch Vor 2 years
@Kaneki Ken nur so als Typ
Uebermensch Vor 2 years
@Kaneki Ken glaub mir halte dich lieber fern von so Was dunkle spirituelle Mächte gibt es echt und die sind nicht gut sondern böse
Uebermensch Vor 2 years
@Kaneki Ken Warum sollte er auf ein Gothic Festival gehen? Im Ernst jetzt da gehen nur Freaks hin die sich dunklen Mächten nahe fühlen
MonStros Vor 2 years
so cool
MonStros Vor 2 years
and pls go to a weinachtsmarkt sorry for my english
Kati Mahl
Kati Mahl Vor 2 years
chriscoober Vor 2 years
Du musst unbedingt an Karneval nach Köln gehen! You NEED to go to Cologne carnival!
Mark R.
Mark R. Vor 2 years
Franconian Kirchweih like Annafedt in Forchheim and Sandkerwa in Bamberg are aurhentic traditional - a must experience :)
Joe Cooper
Joe Cooper Vor 2 years
Go to the Bremer Freimarkt 👍
Julius Koch-Erpach
Julius Koch-Erpach Vor 2 years
Next time go to Oktoberfest ;)
Kleine Schwester
Kleine Schwester Vor 2 years
ich sehe immer nur alle Bier trinken, hier auf den Festen trinken alle Wein.😏
Augusta Videos FCA
Augusta Videos FCA Vor 2 years
Lederhosen are not a german Tradition You should not Wear a Lederhosen at Bierzelts which are not in Bavaria
Nathalie H.
Nathalie H. Vor 2 years
You should attend Plärrer in Augsburg ☺️👍🏼 it‘s twice a year
o k
o k Vor 2 years
Morgens mittags abends...
Morph 1385
Morph 1385 Vor 2 years
im living 20 km from Stuttgart ago and the wasen is great. second Volksfest in germany :-) " a german let me try his beer... Respekt " hahaha very good.
ShadowFabi YT
ShadowFabi YT Vor 2 years
Conner i love your Videos
dönergörl24 Vor 2 years
You can wear your lederhosen at the bierfest in Kulmbach (Bavaria) 28.07.-05.08.18🍻🤙🏼
Name Vor 2 years
plärrer augsburg you can sleep at my place :D
Michelle Riese
Michelle Riese Vor 2 years
There's Frühlingsfest in Würzburg too. In about a month
AnnaKlatsche Vor 2 years
I love your Videos! I‘m German and living currently in California and I‘m getting so homesick, when I see that!
KristilleCarnable Vor 2 years
I cant wait to live in Germany!! 😊
nonichs TV
nonichs TV Vor 2 years
Go to the Oktoberfest in bayern
Mrs Vika
Mrs Vika Vor 2 years
It’s called,,Schützenfest“ it’s like Frühlingsfest but it’s in June
Bastian Rögele
Bastian Rögele Vor 2 years
Theres another traditional Festival in Dinkelsbühl (a small town in Bavaria) called „Kinderzeche“. Dinkelsbühl is known for it‘s beautiful medieval city and obviously for the Kinderzeche which has a long tradition and an amazing history. In the Kinderzeche week there are a lot of Events in the city and everyone has a good time. Defininetely worth checking out. I live near Dinkelsbühl and it’s really awesome. Kinderzeche is from july 13th to 22nd this year.
Ole Vor 2 years
Who is not german ?
Lilly Asendorf
Lilly Asendorf Vor 2 years
Check out the “Deichbrand” festival 🎉
Konstantinos Chassanidis
Anna Robitsch
Anna Robitsch Vor 2 years
There is aaaa biiig festival in Austria
saa.ck19 05
saa.ck19 05 Vor 2 years
TheKosha92 Vor 2 years
You are in Stuggi? Wo kann man dich dieses Wochenende treffen? :)
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