Ancient Stark secrets and the end of Game of Thrones Season 8

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What are the ancient secrets of House Stark and Winterfell? What happened at the Nightfort, with the Night’s King? Do the Starks have the blood of white walkers? How will Game of Thrones Season 8 end? Will Jon Snow become a white walker?
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Deep One art by Pahapasi: www.deviantart.com/pahapasi/art/Deep-One-rising-100042477
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22 Feb 2019

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Alt Shift X
Alt Shift X Vor 4 Monate
How do you think Game of Thrones will end? Will Jon Snow become a white walker? Will Daenerys sit the Throne? Will Alt Shift X reach 1M subscribers???
mik jagger
mik jagger Vor 15 Tage
well jon killed daenerys. season 8 destroyed the entire series
Andrew S
Andrew S Vor Monat
All of this was not how it turned out.
TheMiehi Vor Monat
as we now see..... it ended shitty
geoffrobinson Vor Monat
I feel so sorry for you.
Kool-Aid Man
Kool-Aid Man Vor Monat
It's a shit ending
RoyalRavioli Vor 2 Tage
every therory ever is better than what we have got from the tv show :(((( one can only hope grrm finishes his books!
JD21 Vor 3 Tage
Just talking like this about all the backstory behind GOT makes S8 seem like someone told someone who told someone who mentioned it to a couple of retards was told about GoT
Notorious1503 Vor 4 Tage
"To banging his aunt or becoming a popsicle king" best summary ever
Notorious1503 Vor 4 Tage
I seriously need to read the books... Just went on Amazon ordered book 1 & 2 cant wait till tomorrow
Biswaroop Goswami
The admin of Alt Shift X belongs to a community which believes that GoT universe is real😂
Aleksandra Stasevic
This chanel is better than whole s8
Fernado Arturo Guzman Richardson
One word describes the new GoT Seasons: Oversimplyfication
Dave Hodges
Dave Hodges Vor 11 Tage
Well, winter is fucked,
Mr Elite
Mr Elite Vor 12 Tage
“There must always be a stark in winterfell”. Ramsay Bolton:*Removes Starks from winterfell* White Walkers:”Alright boys, break it down”.
Bjorn Canute
Bjorn Canute Vor 12 Tage
Why would the others follow Gilly to old town if her baby was swapped with Dalla's?
Bunny Vor 12 Tage
The Starks being part night walker would explain their powers, which they all have even if they don’t know it, but it isnt really mentioned in the show.
Beau Vor 13 Tage
This would have been a way better ending
Jon Targaryen
Jon Targaryen Vor 19 Tage
Unfortunately all this night king stories wasted away by 'brilliant' D&D in game of thrones.
Ju Z
Ju Z Vor 19 Tage
Thank you!
Tj Jizzle
Tj Jizzle Vor 19 Tage
Night king and nights king...pisses me off...
Rachel Lambert
Rachel Lambert Vor 20 Tage
Honest question: Is this video narrated by a real person? Or are there computer generated narrators from which one can access ahs choose m/f voices and accents?
Morgan Herron
Morgan Herron Vor 20 Tage
If this isn't how the books end...
Rhod Valenciaga
Rhod Valenciaga Vor 21 Tag
Too many speculations.
Tenzin Kunkey
Tenzin Kunkey Vor 21 Tag
Choice between banging his aunt and becoming a popsicle king! ha ha
John Smith
John Smith Vor 24 Tage
Winter is Coming! For one day
shadowbeemx Vor 24 Tage
Seems a bit to farfetch
Eddie Vor 26 Tage
It'll be nice to Find out who is Bael the Bard son is? if the tale can be true.
MUD PIE Vor 28 Tage
If this were to be true then would the early Starks that died would merely grow their proginies armies and that the sections of the crypt that collapsed house an undead army
John Hill
John Hill Vor 28 Tage
Let me correct you last thesis: This *is* the end of Game Of Thrones. or has anyone heared otherwise?
Nathan C
Nathan C Vor 26 Tage
I dont think that word means what you think it does
Klenn Jamahani
Klenn Jamahani Vor 29 Tage
all maybes lol
T C Vor Monat
Samwell: Jon. I've read something from the Citadel about ancient stark heritage. You're not going to believe this but the starks supposedly decend from white-wal... Jon: I DON'T WANT IT! Samwell: What? No im talking about an ancient dark secret in your family's Jon: *SHE IS MY QUEEN!*
John Doe
John Doe Vor Monat
nah there was nothing lol
Terell Chapman
Terell Chapman Vor Monat
I wish this was confirmed
Terell Chapman
Terell Chapman Vor Monat
In fact I was kind of hoping Jon would have sold Sansa off to the whites and their child would be the next lord Stark
Ahmad Al Awadhi
Ahmad Al Awadhi Vor Monat
A great sequel is possible based on this
Tim Costello
Tim Costello Vor Monat
I love how poorly this has aged... D&D killing all S8 vids on DE-vid xD
Matt Vor Monat
"Between banging his aunt and becoming a popsicle king" Lmao
david tomlin
david tomlin Vor Monat
star wars blue dot back at home
David Sage
David Sage Vor Monat
I really enjoyed the insight in this video but tbh I most enjoyed the shoutouts to other channels, patrons, and artists. I love seeing community cohesion like that. Subbed.
Lokipower Vor Monat
Surely the story won't end with a swordfight with the Night King. D&D : "Oh my sweet summer child".
Advancedgod Vor Monat
As far as I'm concerned season 5-8 is bad fan fiction so I literally do not care they fucked it up.
Nadji Ryad
Nadji Ryad Vor Monat
Ha ha.
allenmonroeiii Vor Monat
Are we just not doing a S8E6?
Nathaniel Clark
Nathaniel Clark Vor Monat
I know your feeling sad now that the series is over & subverted our expectations.
Alp Turantan
Alp Turantan Vor Monat
"Poetry that rhymes". I approve of Plinkett reference.
Prue Stark
Prue Stark Vor Monat
“Choose...Between banging his aunt and becoming a popsicle king to save the world” Say that to an outsider.
Edoardo Ferrari
Edoardo Ferrari Vor Monat
That would have been a great ending and instead...
Akira Abesamis
Akira Abesamis Vor Monat
1 thing BS about the spell wall on Winterfell
missy mason
missy mason Vor Monat
Sick...sick story!
farah nurul
farah nurul Vor Monat
"Surely the story won't end with a sword fight" D&D: I'm About to End This Man's Whole Career
Brian Gitari
Brian Gitari Vor Monat
0:16 isn't Rickon dead??
Jack Mosher
Jack Mosher Vor Monat
White Walkers in the show: "nah we're just here to fuck up this kid in a wheel chair"
Matthew Housham
Matthew Housham Vor Monat
Well, this is infinitely more interesting than what the show gave us.
Evanreich Vor Monat
This should have been the end of got
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