Ancient Stark secrets and the end of Game of Thrones Season 8

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What are the ancient secrets of House Stark and Winterfell? What happened at the Nightfort, with the Night’s King? Do the Starks have the blood of white walkers? How will Game of Thrones Season 8 end? Will Jon Snow become a white walker?
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22 Feb 2019



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Alt Shift X
Alt Shift X Vor Monat
How do you think Game of Thrones will end? Will Jon Snow become a white walker? Will Daenerys sit the Throne? Will Alt Shift X reach 1M subscribers???
88messy88 Vor Tag
I think John snow dies but has a baby with storm born giving the prince that was promised maybe
Paras Sharma
Paras Sharma Vor Tag
Alt Shift X is it me or did anyone else catch the “it’s like poetry it rhymes” line from George Lucas?
Tracy Laryea
Tracy Laryea Vor 3 Tage
I think everyone might die
Sally Karp
Sally Karp Vor 6 Tage
Jamie Aryia or Tryran will be king
prashanna rana
prashanna rana Vor 9 Tage
Brandon Stark will find the cure for White walker with the help of Sam (which is a green dragon glass) they will cure white walker Knight King. Child of Jhon and Daenerys will sit in the Thron.
Hichem Mettiti
Hichem Mettiti Vor 5 Stunden
Love the animations
Adam Riley
Adam Riley Vor 6 Stunden
What about Benjen Stark. I feel like he makes it plausible that ancient starks were half white walkers
slimborama Vor 6 Stunden
Obviously, Snow raised because he is a zombie. And Melisandra was still a sham all along.
Bob Bob
Bob Bob Vor 7 Stunden
Somebody count how many times he says maybe
Satish Shendre
Satish Shendre Vor 8 Stunden
I liked this vid. Keep posting such
Marky Michaels
Marky Michaels Vor 8 Stunden
Season 8, 8 starks, 8 arms in a circle
artemis Vor 9 Stunden
I like how this guy talks about the story as if it’s actually historically factual. 😂😂😂
SnssQX Vor 9 Stunden
Good video!
Akashdeep Chauhan
Akashdeep Chauhan Vor 10 Stunden
So jon is half stark and half Targaryen so practically he is half ice and half fire thus song of ice and fire...
mitchcraft Vor 11 Stunden
Hmm i wonder if Cat becoming Lady Stoneheart is because. well Ned having children with her has gave her part of his white walker blood in his sperm thus allowing her to return to life?
Socally Vor 11 Stunden
Retitle video to “Random thoughts about game of thrones that pop into my head”
Venissa Stewart
Venissa Stewart Vor 11 Stunden
Between banging his aunt and becoming popsicle king 😂😂😂
TheGloryous Fencenail
TheGloryous Fencenail Vor 11 Stunden
The walkers hate iron but steel is just nearly pure iron....
BimBimBim Vor 11 Stunden
I wonder if Varys heard the name that was stricken from memory?
Jeff McMahon
Jeff McMahon Vor 12 Stunden
So after the first episode of the last season I think the leader of the white walkers may have a connection to house Martell. The symbol they left behind resembles to some extent the Sun in the House Martell. Second is the Spear in the symbol and was the weapon of Mors Martell. The Night King is obviously and expert with a spear considering how he nailed the dragon. Finally The fact he is now "dead" and the "Night" king would be the polar opposite as to when he was Alive and his seal was the sun.
Danny Swartz
Danny Swartz Vor 12 Stunden
I love all of this.
Jennifer Crumley
Jennifer Crumley Vor 13 Stunden
SEASON 8 EPI 2 NEW STILLS Re: the pic of Bran staring at the weirwood tree. I was imagining what the tree would look like if all the leaves fell off and thought that it would be similar to the spiral pattern we’ve seen throughout the series. And wasn’t the first man tied to a weirwood tree when the children of the forest stabbed him?
Patricia E
Patricia E Vor 13 Stunden
Euron Greyjoy also promises a prince: “I’m going to put a prince in your belly."
Kuchan hops
Kuchan hops Vor 14 Stunden
my theory is that john will promise to lead the white walkers, becoming their new king and ruling the north, while denearys will rule the south being th queen, they would merry each other and rule in diffrent places... or dany dies and john sacrifice himself and sansa rules them since she s the oldest stark and most intrested in this... xD jk
Patricia E
Patricia E Vor 14 Stunden
The prince who is promised means... Jon Snow was a promised Stark baby. And the Night King wants either JSnow or the Jonaerys baby. It's a fight over the future.... the children's future.
Luis Castro
Luis Castro Vor 16 Stunden
This theory is so stupid 🤣😂🤣leaving so many things behind and adding so many others just to make the whole thing some sense
CH CH Vor 17 Stunden
Gilly was a wife? I thought she was Craster's daughter that he was raping?
Hunter Brass
Hunter Brass Vor 21 Stunde
“From banging his aunt or becoming a popsicle king” 😂
manga rock
manga rock Vor 22 Stunden
"Banging his aunt " or become ice
Muantea Mt
Muantea Mt Vor 23 Stunden
Bang his aunt who look the same age as him!!!! but his step brother and sister look more like they were his grandparents >>????
vinios1 Vor Tag
this is the most plausible theory i've heard yet
No I don't
No I don't Vor Tag
Not sure how I only notice this now. But Richard Madden is one handsome dude. 0:07
Your videos never fail to blow my mind
cel tegerero
cel tegerero Vor Tag
Im still hoping to witness a satisfactory ending May it be a tragic or happy ending... I just hope that no dragons death this time...😭😭😭
Sam Wise
Sam Wise Vor Tag
Reina Blaise
Reina Blaise Vor Tag
The Night King has the blood of the Starks. The Knight King never had children, therefore the Starks are not his descendants.
spartan god
spartan god Vor Tag
The reason the whites awoke was they knew all hell was breaking loose and a stark being in winterfell was questionable?
Mei Mei
Mei Mei Vor Tag
This theory is really interesting. I really like it.
RheaJane Work
You guys think too much.. Night's king and night king is the same. He night king(human) offered his body and soul (became a white walker) for his love lady white walker.
RheaJane Work
+Alt Shift X you are right. not an expert here, just sharing my thoughts. is it also possible that he was forcibly created first then fall in loved later to the queen, which then made the night king white walker leave town for awhile/agree to some sort of agreement with Kramer's? Children of men created white walkers to protect them from some humans. There must be a reason going against white Walker's king' mandate from killing humans to just accepting sacrifices?
Alt Shift X
Alt Shift X Vor Tag
We saw the Night King's creation in S6E05 - looked like he was forcibly changed by the children of the forest - with no Night's Queen in evidence
Charles Watts
You didnt mention how the Stark line is broken as Bran is the only male to carry on the name.
Alt Shift X
Alt Shift X Vor Tag
Rickon is still alive in the books!
crzy1gs Vor Tag
'Between banging his aunt and becoming a Popsicle king' :D :D :D
warface gamer
so mutch stuff i didn't know, (the old stuff) love the show :)))))
Brandon Tramel
if they're blood really kept them from fire or ice then why did Danny's brother die off of something boiling hot? I remember Danny got in that hot bath and the girl told her no it's too hot, but she didn't feel it. Of course we know she can't be burned. Even when her brother died, she mentioned something about him not being a true dragon because he died from that boiling gold.
Tammy Isbell
Tammy Isbell Vor Tag
John banging his aunt is no big deal, that what the Targaryens were into. The Targaryen line is an incestuous line.
OmnipotentO Vor Tag
Is like poetry. It rhymes. Wasn't expecting that reference in a GOT video 😆
Elzelis Vor Tag
This Channel is so great I'm actually glad I found this!
John Phillips
Jon Snow dies😢😢😭
Ana Wilson
Ana Wilson Vor Tag
Star with k means fixed star and a universal constant (k). It's hidden since the dawn of time.
miraflor lasanas
My question is Who’s the man who become a white walker?is he a stark?
Ishan Chatterjee
There must always be a Lich/Night's King
upperganger Vor Tag
It would be heartbreaking if Jon will have to sacrifice himself to stop the war and embrace his whitewalker legacy, when he is the true heir of the Iron Throne. Not that Westeros actually deserves him, but still.
Sam: Your father was not your father. Jon: ... Sam: Your father was a Targaryen Jon: ... Sam: Your mother was your aunt. Jon: ... Sam: Your love is your aunt too. Jon: ... Sam: Oh! And you will have to choose : being King of the Seven Kingdoms or being the new Night's King... King in the (far) North, if you prefer. Jon: Give me a break bro !
Portubed Vor 15 Stunden
King in the Far North xD
Emily Autumn
Emily Autumn Vor Tag
Thank you for taking the time for this video! I’ve watched up to S7 and still to this day have the “A-ha!!” Moments when rewatching little things I noticed.
Netizen Probe
The Perfect Ending: In an epic battle, the White Walkers attack with ferocity! Jon, Daenerys, the Dragons, and the rest of the gang return the onslaught with their Valyrian steel blades, and crappy clunky looking Dragon Glass weapons made by that poor bastard Gendry. Both sides brawl it out; White Walkers and Wights exploding into fragments nearly everywhere you look, poor old Tormund ends up getting a huge freaking icicle right through his crotch yet, as he lies, bleeding out, he continues to defend himself from the swarm of White Walkers continuing to attack from every direction and we see him slowly disappearing (while the camera is zooming out) into the pile of dead White Walker fragments. Tyrion gets blasted with an ice blast from the Night King which encases the midget in a large ice cube which slowly causes him to turn pale, then blue, and then we see no movement from him all together as it goes to the next scene. With the Epic Battle raging on, Jon tries to save Daenerys but fails miserably as she falls off her dying Dragon to her death and then to top it off, is crushed by a massive stone that ricocheted off of a nearby building in a failed attempt to destroy the building. After we see nearly all of our beloved characters get slaughtered on both sides, it comes down to Jon and the Night King. But the episode ends quickly when you least expect it and John takes a stake to the heart yet, before he dies, he plunges his large Dragon Glass staff into the Night King, killing him, and as the camera zooms out showing all the carnage, Jon lies, bleeding out in a pool of his own blood. No one survives and Game of Thrones is over :-(
•Mushi •
•Mushi • Vor Tag
Imagine being in love with you’re aunt... 🤔
Sarah Robinson
Ok, I'm going to add my comment here too. I just watched the video on Doom and the Valyrians and had this thought: I need to understand the time lines a little better, but if the Starks may have White Walker blood, what if the pale, blue-eyed woman with cold skin that the Night's King (not Night King) found was a banished Targaryen. Maybe she had something to do with Doom. She was punished with Valyrian magic to live without dragons and fire in the snow and ice. Jon and Dany would in a way be repeating what happened long ago. A child from their union could be The Prince That Was Promised? Targaryens were incestuous, so it could have taken all of this time for a union between fire and ice to happen again. I know that Jon's father was a Targaryen and his mother was a Stark, but maybe the prophesy had to specifically be a Stark Male and pure Targaryen female (Dany's parent's were brother and sister). Just a thought.
Rob Welsh
Rob Welsh Vor Tag
Knock knock... Who's there? The night king. The night king who? Exactly!! Just bloody tell us!
chitra guha
chitra guha Vor 2 Tage
Or Jon and danaerys's child
Thomas Blaine
Thomas Blaine Vor 2 Tage
How about the knights king marches on winterfell, stops and turns north waitting.....for the night king
4ern ic8it
4ern ic8it Vor 2 Tage
after learning who he really is i don't think John will be playing up the auntie any more
james calderon
james calderon Vor 19 Stunden
jon snow will not tell her, he will bang the shit out of it all day.
Busi L
Busi L Vor 2 Tage
Popsicle king😂😂😂
Osvaldo Torres
Osvaldo Torres Vor 2 Tage
Question: isn't Rhaegal technically Jon's now? When you ride a dragon doesn't that mean you bond with them? Won't he listen only to jon now? I know that dragons can only have one rider and will kill anyone else who try to ride it. I think that the other 2 dragons just follow Daenerys because they grow up with her. And Drogon her actual dragon. Like with what happend in blood and fire that the 3 dragons in the pit we there but didn't have riders but would listen the targaryens to an extent
Gunter Vandenberghe
This aint avatar
McKenzie Zauderer
This was amazingly insightful!
9. A.K.
9. A.K. Vor 2 Tage
Lol: "he has to choose between banging his aunt or becoming the Popsicle king!" Classic Martin.
Supernovasia Vor Tag
LOL pure genius !
chicken dinner
chicken dinner Vor 2 Tage
you sound different?
that multifandom hoe
I've always thought the Stark's were related to the white walkers but this video has really given me so much insight and makes me feel solid in my theory
turki harbi
turki harbi Vor 2 Tage
This is how GOT will end, I saw a proof to your story that job became the night king and hugs Danny while he looks like the night king
Felipe Doege
Felipe Doege Vor 2 Tage
The only reason the WW are invading the south is because gilly stole "their" baby. Notice how Caster follows the old gods, and leaves the babies there as an "offering of peace". The world is ending because they stole the baby. bingo
David Caulfield
David Caulfield Vor 2 Tage
Very interesting 🤔
olamide obajimi
olamide obajimi Vor 2 Tage
Nice one
hezekiaB Vor 2 Tage
Notice that the show writers made a point in the dialogue between Sam and Jon to remind us that Craster’s son is in Winterfell.
Siting Chen
Siting Chen Vor 2 Tage
Jon is the song of ice and fire himself in his blood .
CholericCrescent Vor 2 Tage
So John Snow is setting everything in motion. The baby of crasters was not given and all of a sudden the dead are marching south, coincidence? If you're right and there was a peace between walkers and humans, maybe offering babies to replenish the night kings kingdom is a part of it, otherwise how would craster have picked up on the offerings being the key to survival? If Brandon the Builder built the wall to keep the whitewalkers out, why did they leave a weir wood gate accessible from the night fort. Now what if there's a chance the wall was built to keep humans from venturing north? Castles Facing south with tunnels that lead north. It sounds more like they were designed to keep humans out of the north, probably part of the treaty to ensure the Night King goes undisturbed. IF he is a Stark that was turned ages ago it could be he has traveled south to reclaim the north or at least winterfell. It's just strange how the Night's Watch originally had strong southern facing castles that were repurposed to be weaker after the fall of the Night's King BUT, there is nothing indicating defensive structures against the north where the most looming threat is. Why not build a ramparts along the ice wall at a lower level, or at least have some north facing walls and gates surrounding the tunnels on the other side for defense. My theory is the wall wasn't built to keep the night king out, but rather to signify the border between realms. The night's kingdom and the northern kingdom. With the tunnels being built for trade/offerings but not initially included in the walls design. OR Brandon The Builder with a White Walker used the wights to build the ice wall. Giants are notorious loners so it makes sense getting them to work among humans would be difficult. If they're undead servants? And so the wall was manned by a border guard(The Watch) but communication was left available (tunnels) for some reason? It's hard to understand the tunnels with strong southward castles and the venturing north if the wall was built to protect. With the possibility of a peace treaty/defeat it makes it unlikely that the wall, tunnels, and forts were all constructed with the same plan in mind.
IeCe Siladan
IeCe Siladan Vor 2 Tage
I enjoyed this video...
IeCe Siladan
IeCe Siladan Vor 2 Tage
Hahaha banging his aunt!🤣
Panthera leo
Panthera leo Vor 2 Tage
😂🤦🏽‍♂️ we are the only species to theorize fictional works of art. You actually sound like you believe what your saying
Graz MirVill
Graz MirVill Vor 2 Tage
I don't know with you but when I learned the history of the Wall and the Winterfell,there's a strong AoT vibe that shot me.🙈🤣
Mother Phoenix
Mother Phoenix Vor 2 Tage
I dunno, but I do believe that in Season 8, we will all see that Bran is the Night King and either Bran will kill the Night King somehow or the Night King will kill Bran to "end the cycle" Of the White walkers and the dead. I also believe Arya will kill Jamie Lannister (possibly). Also at the very end of the Season, Jon and Daenerys will rule the Seven Kingdoms together, bringing peace once again.
Clean Rip
Clean Rip Vor 2 Tage
Yo I’ll show you how to clean your bongs 🧼 watch my video
Bee Bee
Bee Bee Vor 2 Tage
I like this theory, makes a lot of sense for the future of Westeros. I also don't believe shit will end with an epic sword fight and cool yeh, we done here, evil defeated. Winter first truly needs to arrive and roll over everything for mankind to learn its lesson. So Jon becoming Popsicle King doesn't sound so unlikely. Dany could still survive including epic bloodline mashup incest baby. Maybe that's Azor Ahai and who'll bring 'A Dream of Spring', not anyone we've already met. WHO KNOWS
Kristen Acosta
Kristen Acosta Vor 2 Tage
So, we're talking about the show, not the books. When Melisandre visits Daenerys, she meantioned "the promised prince" at which Daenerys quips "but I'm not a prince". Messande corrects them both in saying "in high vylarian, the term is genderless." So, it can be either of them. However, there seems to be a heavy thought that the night king is promised an offering. So, maybe, it IS a prince....aka, Jon. Because, it was always a male baby that was being given to night walkers. But, we'll see.
Kristen Acosta
Kristen Acosta Vor 21 Stunde
Jon & Daenerys, definitely will no stay together. There's also his loyalty to the Stark family. So, we'll see. Jon may very well double cross Daenerys. Acting as the chosen one & allowing Sansa to have whatever power over Daenerys that'll make her feel better. Once Jon finds out that she killed his bff's dad & brother, he might start to think of Daenerys as being no different then her dad. She may either return to dragon stone, leaving him to fight without her, which would almost certainly guarantee her place on the throne, should he no survive. Or Jon will stand by her side, ensuring that she fights along side him. After, which he may take the throne from her. How stupid would she look, having done all that she has, for her to still lose the iron throne to someone raised as a bastard. Kind've a kick in the face to women, I think.
Tammy Isbell
Tammy Isbell Vor 21 Stunde
You know I think Jon will have to give up his relationship with Danny. He will sacrifice himself somehow in defeating the night King, but can Jon really die? He already was raised from the dead by the Lord of light. And WHY? Your theory about Melissandre could be right. He might be the promised one. It's just so open ended. LoL.
Kristen Acosta
Kristen Acosta Vor 21 Stunde
I agree. The books, in this case, seem to after the shows airing. Like a reversal. It's interesting to see happen. Here's to next Sunday. 🤩🤩🤩🤩
Tammy Isbell
Tammy Isbell Vor 22 Stunden
+Kristen Acosta I will look up the Dr. Phil interview . Thanks. As far as books verses the show, it would not surprise me if GRRM has an ending that is different from the show. The shows going for shock and awe. We're as this is GRRMs baby. He's got too much invested in the lore.
Kristen Acosta
I'm wondering if there's multiple deaths. Emilia Clarke claimed that she walked the streets of Lindon for hours. But also, in another interview, she claimed that this season she really gets to play the "real badass". I think they all cried, because they're going to miss everyone. On another note, look up the podcast "Phil in the blanks" from Dr Phil. With Sophie Turner. That was a surprise.
Joseph Mark Switzer
At 6:40, "it's like poetry; it rhymes". I see what you did there.
Samuel L. Jackson _
Y’all mothafuckas actually think Littlefinger is dead? The most calculated, “dangerous” character in the series? That was a faceless man for sure, Littlefinger either has a trick up his sleeve or is relaxing on a beach in Dorn
Jam Magpantay
Jam Magpantay Vor 2 Tage
little finger in cuba with tupac.
Hillshire Vor 2 Tage
Well that would explain why Benjen could resist the night king after clearly being brought back from the dead. He was a wight but was still himself.
Sreerag BK
Sreerag BK Vor 2 Tage
His videos are better than waching the show
Erin James
Erin James Vor 2 Tage
"According to some stories, the reason the sky is blue because the entire world is a tiny object floating in the eye of a cosmically immense, blue-eyed giant called "Macumber"." This better not be how it ends.
Has Jav
Has Jav Vor 2 Tage
So this means Jon is that 'Song' of Lyanna Stark 'Ice' & Rhaegar Targaryn 'Fire', right?
S A Vor 3 Tage
8k years, magic, and all that other crazy stuff and they still run around with swords and shit..
User Name
User Name Vor 3 Tage
Shelly Perez
Shelly Perez Vor 3 Tage
You just blew my mind😅 "Becoming a popsicle king"lmao. All these theories..... I cannot wait for this Sunday.❤
Go_Rilla26 Vor 3 Tage
[Eye Roll]
sarah m
sarah m Vor 3 Tage
What about Arya and her "special" weapon?
Clev 💬
Clev 💬 Vor 2 Tage
What is it ? I can't give it a name
Joey Collins
Joey Collins Vor 3 Tage
A real game of fuck or die.
kimbab gig
kimbab gig Vor 3 Tage
why this garbage is so famous?
Chris Wicker
Chris Wicker Vor 3 Tage
harsh chanchal
harsh chanchal Vor 3 Tage
I am going to excel in my history exams now
Alexander Webber
Alexander Webber Vor 3 Tage
So if John Snow has Targerian blood, which made Daenerys immune to fire, and Walker blood, would he be immune to fire and ice? If so is he the only once who can defeat the Walker's dragon? It breathes blue fire.
BH Vor 3 Tage
Aha! Grandaddy Ice is coming for Gilly's baby!
J Pratt
J Pratt Vor 3 Tage
I love it when you emphasizes Jon banging his aunt...awesome
Cucumber ferris
Cucumber ferris Vor 3 Tage
How about tony?
Emma Vor 3 Tage
Will the Stark line be finished after the ending? There’s no Stark male to continue the name (as Jon is Targaryen, Bran is a.. tree) perhaps this means that whatever the resolution of ASOIAF is, the Starks are no longer necessary for any deal to be upheld in the future?
Fenja Heinz
Fenja Heinz Vor 6 Stunden
+Celoria which character?
Celoria Vor 12 Stunden
Have you read the books? The red wedding didn't go down the same way as the show. A certain character wasn't present.
james calderon
james calderon Vor 19 Stunden
+Emma Rob Stark's sperm is frozen in wintefell for preservation. They can inject that to Lyanna mormont to continue the bloodline.
Emma Vor 20 Stunden
Ali McIntyre I just don’t see Arya settling down like that.. but it would be awesome!!
Emma Vor 20 Stunden
Ali McIntyre but bran is the third eye Raven now. Really doubt he’s going to be getting married and continuing the name. In a generation the stark name will be lost
Parent Approved
Parent Approved Vor 3 Tage
Do the books ever mention the history of dragons and dragon blood? Maybe walkers were disrupted by the birth of Jon Snow? Maaaaaaaan
Kartik Rana
Kartik Rana Vor 3 Tage
Uncle bengen died but still alive. Jon snow died but still alive, Ron Fall and lost his legs but still alive. Sansa lost virginity to someone she hated the most but still alive, Arya's soul is taken away by face god but still alive because star are non killeable
Paltug #PROG
Paltug #PROG Vor 3 Tage
so the night king is an avenger? because he is a stark? fuck me! im done with this shit!!!
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