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Join us for the final press conference ahead of Andy Ruiz Jr vs Anthony Joshua 2 in Diriyah on Saturday.
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4 Dez 2019



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Sky Sports Boxing
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Frank Forbes fittobefit
Sky Sports Boxing edited Davison had helped Fury during a crucial period of his career in assisting him in coming back after a long 2 1/2 year layoff. Fury trimmed off a massive amount of weight in going from nearly 400 lbs to the sleep 250 lbs. 💥However, losing all that weight has hurt Fury’s punching power, and his defense looks like it’s deteriorated. 💥Wallin was able to nail Fury with shots all throughout their fight, and he shouldn’t have been able to. SAYING THIS THINGS IS WHAT MAKES ANDY COME IN WEIGHTING 300LB AND AFTER AJ BEATS ANDY THE SAME PEOPLE THAT MAKE THIS COMMENTS START BUILD EXCUSES FOR ANDY LOST 💥I HOPE FURY DONT BE FOOL AN LISTENING TOO THIS PEOPLE COMMENTS LIKE ANDY RUIZ DID A HEAVY WEIGHT DONT NEED TO BE MORE THAN 240 LB💥 WEIGHT MORE THAN 245 LBs IS WHAT MAKES GOOD FIGHTERS LOSE FIGHTS LOOK WHAT HAPPENS TO ANDY RUIZ WEIGHT 300LB TO PLEASE THE TRAINERS PROMOTERS AN FIGHTERS AN KNOW THE SAME PEOPLE IS TALKING GARBAGE ABOUT HIM WHEN ANDY WAS TRYING TOO LOSE WEIGHT ALL THIS PEOPLE STOP HIM FROM LOSING WEIGHT AND LOOK WHAT HAPPENS TOO ANDY THE 300LB DID NOT HELPING LAST SATURDAY
Barry Wilson
Barry Wilson Vor Monat
@Allan Bennett However... I got to give credit where credit is due "unlike" you dart throwing beer drinking UK 🇬🇧 lunatics 😂 but AJ did what he needed to do and stuck to the game plan and got the boring "W". KUDOS...to AJ but he will still always be known in boxing history as a British 🇬🇧 QUITTER 😂 FACT......
Barry Wilson
Barry Wilson Vor Monat
@Allan Bennett Andy Ruiz aka the 283LB Snicker bar King 😂 just ATE himself to DEATH 😅 going into the rematch
Barry Wilson
Barry Wilson Vor Monat
@Allan Bennett Dude....You really don't want to go there with me because all you "butt hurt" 😭 UK people are going to do is DELETE 😂 my comments.
Allan Bennett
Allan Bennett Vor Monat
@Khaldrogo beyonce chicken legs wilder can't sell a ticket 🤐🤡😂😂😂
Richard Woo
Richard Woo Vor Monat
jam jar
Rudicon 4U
Rudicon 4U Vor Monat
Look how happy Eddie looks to be getting his "Blood money" from these scumbags. Make Eddie a Scumbag as well.
Y j.t
Y j.t Vor Monat
I always love to come and watch these press conferences after the fight 😂😂
Phil Wright
Phil Wright Vor Monat
Rigged fight just like the 1st one..It was like a fucking sparring session
M Man
M Man Vor Monat
AJ got the keys to the city: WATFOOOOOOOOOOORD!
IDunno Vor Monat
All the bullsht stuff the 2 people next to Andy are saying are complete opposite to what Andy kept saying after he lost It’s funny now that so many excuses are coming out from their mouth when they said otherwise like in this video
Whatyoudo Vor Monat
jesus the hype....all the meaning watered down by money, so fucking boring!
julius ceasar
julius ceasar Vor Monat
fluffy came prepared to buffet
Abdel Abdel
Abdel Abdel Vor Monat
Tyson,fraser,ali would destroy this boring fighters
Dog Gamer
Dog Gamer Vor Monat
Andy Ruiz: I’ll beat Joshua again, I’ll show you the first fight wasn’t a fluke! Anthony Joshua: Won
Muzik Man Muzik Man
Big up both fighters excellent performance and the prince 👑
Grey Fox Mishima
HEAVY is the head that wears the crown.... A lot of people are criticising Ruiz, questioning his discipline and performance coming into this fight as the champion but I think that's harsh. The title comes with fame, wealth and the desire to stay hungry is difficult once you've 'made it' . Ruiz was champion in name only, a title bestowed upon him solely by virtue of holding the belt. True champions however.....TRUE champions are not made they are BORN. They are champions at heart long before they hold any belt or title to their name. It's the innate set of qualities that one either simply does or does not possess. It cannot be taught, it cannot be learned. The heart of a true champion is only tested through adversity and when you must go and defend your title as KING of your division versus the very best opposition. Many heads may wear the crown, very few can seem to hold onto it, and much less yet, are truly fit to wear it.... Tonight AJ reclaimed his throne. The King is back.
G . A. G.
G . A. G. Vor Monat
I hate this '' fighters'' like floyd may wether and noW this Stupid fuck, literaly RUNNING!!! LIKE A BITCH, for money, i hope you enjoy your 60 million dollars , anthony Joshua, but is not really what we spect from a REAL CHAMPION! Totallly DISSAPOINT!! i WISH SOME DAY , THIS TYPE OF BOXING STRATEGIES WOULD BE BANNED FROM BOXING.
Finsanity XI
Finsanity XI Vor Monat
Dude I challenge Eddie Hearn to a fucking match. I’ll mop the brit on god
Don Marco
Don Marco Vor Monat
trash fight
Don Marco
Don Marco Vor Monat
@ImGiodarex still a trash fight, Wilder delivers everytime
ImGiodarex Vor Monat
Ok so he should do the same thing like last fight and get caught by ruizs fast hand
Zan Da Sportsman TV
well done king AJ.
Assembalead Vor Monat
Do not click read more AJ won
Ballard Frogman
Ballard Frogman Vor Monat
Spicytime Beatzz
yess aj WIN but he was pussy in fight 2
Gerard O'Neill
Gerard O'Neill Vor Monat
Told you dog that AJ would win - I see the eye of the tiger in him - where focus goes, energy flows.
Robert Ward
Robert Ward Vor Monat
It doesn’t matter if your in the gym 12 hours a day, AJ was asking his corner what to do, if he fights like that tonight he will not win, I just hope he has had plenty of burritos and 🌮 tacos 🥊🥊🥊 Come on AJ 🤛💪🥊🇬🇧
hithereitsleaa Vor Monat
Where are the rest of the women ? Saudi is not a place for the western world
NowaysWorld Vor Monat
Is that French Montana?
Christian Da luz
Hel Gar
Hel Gar Vor Monat
Andy ate his way out of his belts. Let this be a lesson to future champions, although it won't. Just ask Buster Douglas and Buster Mathis.
john fasano II
john fasano II Vor Monat
all excuses bruh fuck that a.j fought no dif then any other of his fights he was beat bro plan and simple
pat max
pat max Vor Monat
Cant wait to see the Card RND Ladies 🃏 👻 👙 👠
Harry Lime
Harry Lime Vor Monat
I thought Eddie held that together quite well actually. Could have turned into a right train wreck. AJ''s a slick fella, but he'll get dropped. If not now, later.
Wayne Holmes
Wayne Holmes Vor Monat
Eddie Hearn will make a great journalist!
OT S Vor Monat
The girst pqart is like some sketch so many people turning up into frame
mark Vor Monat
sky sports need to get rid of adam smith now because im so sick tpo death ith the same old build up in his speeches.. frank Bruno this, Floyd Mayweather that, de la hoya this... stop writing the same old speech everytime you boring fuck.. we ll know you don't do fuck all so stop pretending and change you speeches and your pointless screaming during commentary when somebody gets hit.. fuck off
DormantIdeas NIQ
ahhhhhhrrrhhhhhhh BS... he bought you with OIL money...
LucidAnarchy Vor Monat
i fear ruiz has gotten way to over confident since winning the title i just hope he can defend it
M’Baku Vor Monat
LucidAnarchy lol
Ákos Török
Ákos Török Vor Monat
Ha ha! The music blakk man fight with the fat man! The box is ridiculous today! Lol! No more serious guy....
dan 84
dan 84 Vor Monat
Stop making excuses for AJ he got beat by a fat Mexican brawler with fast hands who can take a punch and has better ring IQ all those other fighters there talking about had more in the locker
Craig Tidwell
Craig Tidwell Vor Monat
Saudi Arabia is shady I’ve been shocked that wwe and now boxing are doing business their.
For The Love Of The Truth
I can't tell you how proud we are to be in the kingdom of saudi arabia that practices sharia law and chops off peoples heads .....hmmm no boycotting of his country ike they did with south africa and rhodesia..... nope just lots of blind eye turning and buying of oil cheaply ...hmmmmm
Matthew Young
Matthew Young Vor Monat
That Hearn chap is a sleazy snake and a bullshit sell out greedy fuck.
antimasonic Vor Monat
wahabi arabs this is a joke
Mark Bilby
Mark Bilby Vor Monat
I’ve never heard so much shite over a nothing fight.
Jason Webb
Jason Webb Vor Monat
AJ was a call A + right is alarm. Hope the best
Jason Webb
Jason Webb Vor Monat
I need a dog on translater to these communities.
Verla Hock
Verla Hock Vor Monat
I think ScreenVariety Tv is good place for you if you'd like to watch it in high quality.
Isaac O
Isaac O Vor Monat
what is this arabic nigga saying maaaaan
I-IA/\/\ N
I-IA/\/\ N Vor Monat
Where can I bet on Ruiz winning again?
Tiffany Scott
Tiffany Scott Vor Monat
The ring girl will e wearing a burka. Confirmed on twitter
Beja Mataria
Beja Mataria Vor Monat
Anthony Joshua fan from Kenya its our time to shine
pete smart
pete smart Vor Monat
Enjoy your blood money
gone detecting uk
Will b great fight but asking to much on box office not known a fight b as expensive
Eduardo Cruz
Eduardo Cruz Vor Monat
There's a lot of money riding on Joshua to win to leave it to chance. Is a little bit wear to me, how the make it a point to tell us how hospitable that country is. They probably told Ruiz camp,if you knock Joshua out, there's going to be serious consequences
Jimmy Chin
Jimmy Chin Vor Monat
AJ obviously took Ruiz lightly the first time around.. ..this time it will be all business, but it would be a long night if he can't keep Ruiz off him in the early rounds. Ruiz looks to be on AJ's case right from the start judging from his weight.
Rahul Singh
Rahul Singh Vor Monat
The real mecca of boxing? yet no real pro's or legends from Saudi? this is very confusing im out
primepants Vor Monat
Shite press conference so boring
3DManShadowland Vor Monat
I hope Ruiz cleans his clock. This is likely one of the biggest fixed fights in history, who isn't gaining money on this one, win or lose they all make big money. It should be winner takes everything and loser takes nothing, no questions. I bet they fight harder and it gets as real as it would ever be between the two fighters. What I'm thinking is AJ or his promoters are scared of Wilder, and AJ needed more time to get up to speed to compete against the likes of Deontay Wilder; he put their lights out.
J L Vor Monat
No loss in heart, what’s he talking about? AJ is prang, Ruiz will take him again I think. Inside 6rnds I say, my money will be down.
Eddie Salas
Eddie Salas Vor Monat
be safe reporters. they chop reporters into little pieces. dirty saudi prince
Poli Gonzo
Poli Gonzo Vor Monat
I'm devastated buaahahahahhahahahhaha they always use that word when they lose ,they take it so personal they start drinking and depression etc,instead of learning and they attack each other like he looks devastated buahahahhaah please stop
Alex Kennedy
Alex Kennedy Vor Monat
No money in this WORLD would make me buy tickets and watch the fight in that horrible country or (kingdom) in that fact. Disgusting shame to boxing.
Rootical Vor Monat
Fact of the matter is. It is all about the Big Oil Money. People from that country are Rude & Arrogant. Ive seen it loads of times. If they want something, they throw money at it. Thats all they can do.
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