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While we were talking we found out there's lowkey a lot of anime people say they would be in but really wouldn't be 😂🤣😂 some people will probably be the first to say they'd be in Naruto but when stuff goes down it's a whole nother story!
What anime do you think you could survive in? 🤔
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14 Sep 2020



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Capra Coy
Capra Coy Vor 2 years
This definitely has “part 5” potential at the minimum like so they can see this
gooberguttle Vor 2 years
VENOMARI24 Vor 2 years
I agree with you, but because you told me to like I’m not going to anymore
megairon1 Vor 2 years
That would be awesome
Capra Coy
Capra Coy Vor 2 years
VENOMARI24 congratulations
NYC Vellz
NYC Vellz Vor 2 years
I saw 0.3 to 0.4 seconds in the future and part 2 is on the way
Cilvanis Vor 2 years
“Can’t do no wildlife activities bro” Dr. Stone might be the worse one for this reason alone lmao
Luxon Vor 2 years
Dude how are they gonna watch anime
Jimmy Johnson
Jimmy Johnson Vor 2 years
Wassup cilvanis
Cheick Vor 2 years
Do a collab with rdc1
It’s Sullay Man
It’s Sullay Man Vor 2 years
Cilvanis Za Strap
Liam White
Liam White Vor 2 years
I need a crossover between u and rdc
grassbackyard Vor year
Imagine laying there dying protecting your students, and hearing their final words about you being “I thought he was the top 3 jonien of the village?!”
Uz. Criiminal A. UziAustin
😂 I’d have to feel conceited by then
✝️Havi Lavi✝️
@Uz. Criiminal A. UziAustin same here,🤣
HYDE Vor 8 Monate
"Well so did I, NOW RUN!"
Dylan Gerber
Dylan Gerber Vor 6 Monate
If he got clapped before he could get off a single jutsu it’s deserved 😂
Nino Vor 6 Monate
Dennis Balogun
Dennis Balogun Vor 2 Monate
Love that they didn't even ATTEMPT to recreate a Attack on Titan real life situation because we all damn well know that shit would be the most horrific existence imaginable - everytime, for everyone
Alif Najmi
Alif Najmi Vor Monat
nah imagine being a side character in Berserk. Good luck not getting executed in the most horrific way possible 🤣
Nara K
Nara K Vor 24 Tage
This is not anime but imagine being in Project Moon universe.... everyone suffers, even the main characters.
Ali Albalushi
Ali Albalushi Vor 19 Tage
@Nara K is that a movie?
Nara K
Nara K Vor 19 Tage
@Ali Albalushi Game developer. Lobotomy Corporation, Library of Ruina, Limbus Company, etc. are their works.
Cartman4wesome Vor 8 Tage
Only if they got to live in the inner cities. Apart from the Eren vs Annie fight and the start of The Rumbling they lived a relatively peaceful and luxurious life.
ROY Vor 7 Monate
The fact that they did it in such perfect artistic and cinematic way without giving any spoilers while keeping it mad funny that was simply astounding.
Minecraft Clips
Minecraft Clips Vor 7 Monate
Bro wrote a whole college essay on how it was good bro just say the editing is good 😭
Minecraft Clips
Minecraft Clips Vor 7 Monate
"Simply astounding" bro what
Tanirbergen Mustafa
Tanirbergen Mustafa Vor 6 Monate
@Minecraft Clips it's literally one sentence
Yamika Givens
Yamika Givens Vor 6 Monate
You could have type your own comment saying great editing vs responding to his. @fr 🙃
Anarchy And Empires
Anarchy And Empires Vor 5 Monate
Actually charge is unironically overpowered as hell, If he can charge any battery at will he could literally power an entire city Maybe even an entire nation with little effort, And in terms of combat he could literally keep force fields or entire arsenal's of lasers and railguns firing endlessly.
rawfer mews
rawfer mews Vor 5 Monate
Im sorry but... keep a force field?? entire arsenals of lasers?? Wouldn't he have to CONSTANTLY recharge it?
rawfer mews
rawfer mews Vor 5 Monate
@Shem Well Yeah but that’s not the case.. he can’t control ELECTRICITY he CHARGES Batteries
Ryan Hatton
Ryan Hatton Vor 5 Monate
@rawfer mews I mean, in order for the power to work it is either a) just magically filling capacitors or b) there is an induction of energy into a targeted item. There is a transference of energy there if B, and therefore could almost certainly by rules of anime be at least taught to be directed at any target. Electricity hurts. A lot.
Ordinary Fellow
Ordinary Fellow Vor 5 Monate
The most probably achievable thing by today standard is that he could ask someone to build him power suit with him being the battery, basically becoming the power source
VulLord666 Vor 6 Monate
Seeing .5 seconds in the future would be such a good power in a fighting series. A reasonable advantage that the character wouldn’t overly rely on.
Heavenly Steel
Heavenly Steel Vor 6 Monate
Every one of those quirks is still useful in the right circumstances: Just like you said, seeing a fraction of a second into the future is pretty damn OP if you're even a slightly decent fighter - now imagine putting it on a character like Ippo or Guts. Charge would be overpowered in Sci-Fi settings where gear relies on power. Bullseye could work well against enemies that use stealth, invisibility or camoflage.
Lucas Borja
Lucas Borja Vor 25 Tage
You’d also be an elite baseball hitter lol
MrSanman Vor 6 Tage
yeah, it's called Spidersense. And it is the power which literally helped Spiderman defeat the whole X-Men team by himself in Secret Wars.
Niero Vor 5 Tage
@MrSanman It's also damn near the base power of the Sharingan.
Only if yo extremely fast for it to make a difference which is probably like 1% of all fighters irl
LordSpankyMcPoo 420
who tf in their right state of mind would think being in the Attack on Titan world would be fun lmao
Ice Vor 2 years
I'd definitely choose the food wars anime world
Karoo Vor 2 years
I mean, they have the military police that just stay in a cozy building all day, but I wanna chop up some Titans so I prefer survey corps.
Adriel Ihama
Adriel Ihama Vor 2 years
@Ice now that’s a good life
Yuno's ProduQtion
Yuno's ProduQtion Vor 2 years
Just pick an isekai anime. You always will be good cuz cheat powers 😂
FiFi Vor 2 years
@Karoo you not gonna be levi bruh
Mc bad robot voice
Mc bad robot voice Vor 6 Monate
Not gonna lie that charge ability would actually be pretty good.
Hachi Vor 5 Monate
Yeah, putting a little thought into their powers would help them a lot. For example, if he can charge up any battery in a second, he should have weaponry that uses lots of energy for powerful shots and keep recharging the battery. Same with the future sight, train in martial arts and train your reaction time so that you can 1. see what your opponent will do next and 2. be fast enough to react and use that information. Even without using it in combat, I could see many ways to use that in life like seeing your loss or victory in gambling, saving yourself if you got caught in an accident, or even just avoiding minor inconveniences by seeing it beforehand. MHA is definitely the way to go. The best scenario you have insane god-like abilities, or the worst is you have no abilities or just bad ones. Better than having nothing imo.
CheekClappa Vor 4 Monate
@Hachi Agreed. I mean doesn't Hit for DB super able to time skip a small amount of seconds? So, yeah like you said train in martial arts and the reaction speed and you can be kickass.
A Normal Dude
A Normal Dude Vor 14 Tage
ye agrea if someone managed to get a electric weapon and gave it to charge man, and began traing on how to use it then he is set to go.
JackofClubs Vor 10 Monate
Future vision dude is still pretty cool. He has Combat Precognition, meaning if he ever gets into a fist fight, he can react to and dodge most attacks as long as his body can move fast enough. Not to mention that each Quirk is like a muscle and can be trained, meaning his 0.3-0.5 second limit could be increased to, say, 3-5 seconds, or maybe even 30-60 seconds. Charge could be used on a Stun Gun or some Electromagnetic Railgun to keep charging it to let him have infinite ammo. It could also provide infinite gas to an electric car or even Unlimited Clean Energy. Using that Unlimited Clean Energy, he could earn enough money to actually buy/develop the Weapons or Car. Bullseye could get a job either helping train heroes’ accuracy in schools or work in shooting ranges, as well as practice shooting his Bullseyes to train his accuracy the old fashioned way. And how would he stay ahead of the prices of rebuying ammo? Use the Stun Gun or Railgun that Charge has.
Disguised Centennial
Rail guns launch metal spikes or disks bro. Idk how charging will give him infinite ammo lol
JackofClubs Vor 9 Monate
@Disguised Centennial Railguns CAN launch those. It’s not limited to spikes or discs, actually. What a railgun does is use electromagnetism to boost a metal object inside of it to insane speeds. This means often they use metal spikes or discs, but you can also get metal shavings or iron pellets too. The ammo in a railgun is always easy to make, it’s just the charging of the gun that makes it a problem, and Charge fixes that problem.
mahmut tuncer
mahmut tuncer Vor 9 Monate
this is super cool comment but still my comment is cooler B))
JackofClubs Vor 9 Monate
@Disguised Centennial Not to mention, if you go small enough, you’ll notice that Magnetism is just electrons spinning in a spiral. It actually has nothing to do with Iron, it’s just that Iron often has it’s electrons in that spiral. That means that a high enough tech railgun could launch things that aren’t even magnetic, like soda cans.
Thus Spoke Spooky
Thus Spoke Spooky Vor 9 Monate
This is some certain scientific accelerator type shit lol
MidMoonStar Vor 10 Monate
“Attack on Titan is the most horrible universe you could have ever picked” The promise neverland: hold my beer
This calls For bold action
I mean, Promise Neverland is probably wayyyy better. Just pray to god you aren’t born in the world of demons
Mateo Vor 9 Monate
Have u read berserk before?
John Joestar
John Joestar Vor 9 Monate
@Mateo same
John Joestar
John Joestar Vor 9 Monate
@This calls For bold action yeah i mean the kids live a happy life if they don't discover the truth lol
Darkwaifu Vor 9 Monate
As Long As You're Not A Kid You're Good .💀
PixelTobi PG3D
PixelTobi PG3D Vor 4 Monate
I bet the random people sent to fight Madara were told it was a C rank mission
gefadsfr rewdgfbt5
gefadsfr rewdgfbt5 Vor 3 Monate
"Bruh with this many? Gotta be a B at least" -Dude about to die
Chris Williams
Chris Williams Vor 3 Monate
Oof. Rip those dudes.
Stephvon Dames
Stephvon Dames Vor Monat
B*tch please that's an Alpha Rank.
dave auddric
dave auddric Vor 12 Tage
Nah, gotta be a Z-
Stephvon Dames
Stephvon Dames Vor 12 Tage
Well whatever rank I'd die.
I like how for parasyte they didn't even say anything to him. They just gave him a "Are you serious?" Look
Joel Diaz
Joel Diaz Vor 6 Monate
Even the main character wasn’t having a good time 🤣🤣🤣 that killed me, so true
Carey Yang
Carey Yang Vor 23 Tage
Bro they just waited for him to realize it was bad.
Anime Balls Deep
Anime Balls Deep Vor 2 years
This was way too funny LMAO 😂😂🤣
Gucheline Castin
Gucheline Castin Vor 2 years
Why does it matter
TheNightcoreReaper Vor 2 years
YO my fav channel ever nice to see you guys
MrKebab Vor 2 years
「Joseph Joestar」
「Joseph Joestar」 Vor 11 Monate
In the MHA one I'd imagine the charge dude could just use some kind of high powered weapon and just charge it. Since a lot of cool things just require a lot of power he'd be the only one able to use it since he could charge them.
Uz. Criiminal A. UziAustin
Well it is MHA & they in the future but wow
Saahel Ashrafi
Saahel Ashrafi Vor 7 Monate
dude could build a whole iron man suit
Zen Vor 6 Monate
@Saahel Ashrafi that’s what I was thinking. He could also have like weapons to hat deal with batteries maybe a lightsaber or guns since they in the future. Or man can also be a savior to people like he can charge homes or power plants or anything if they make it Battery based.
Twinodoom Vor 4 Monate
The Support Group in Hero Academia don't get enough credit
Nina Haas
Nina Haas Vor 7 Monate
The effort y’all put into this is killinggg me. Anime fans are the best
Mr Mergoon
Mr Mergoon Vor 9 Monate
When Mark said “I can’t do no wildlife activities bro” I lost it 💀
Jay Nicole
Jay Nicole Vor 8 Monate
The faces they made when John suggested AOT and Dylan suggested parasyte😂😂😂😂😂😂
JayPeaDiEL611 Vor Monat
Bullseye can literally be used as a scout in the case that the mark cant be removed by the target. Charge well pretty useful as supply unit, a lot of things run on batteries
Drew C.
Drew C. Vor 2 years
Desmond is the only dude that can play both the scared and aggressive characters flawlessly
The Bayne Show
The Bayne Show Vor 2 years
Word lmao he be mad scared
TheProfessorPlays Vor 2 years
That’s a fact
BKYLAR Vor 2 years
Noooo CAPPP fam
AyoJoe Vor 2 years
NODonta Vor 2 years
Mark can too
2 Pac
2 Pac Vor 11 Monate
The 0.5 second into the future thing would be cool if you had like a super strong fighter who can dodge easily and predict all your moves. It would be like one of them guys who got all their power from training.
psiΨ Vor 11 Monate
and since they can be trained like a muscle he could train the duration by using it
2 Pac
2 Pac Vor 10 Monate
@psiΨ mmh
ShadowDragon Vor 7 Monate
Plus it’s anime time so .5 seconds is like 5 minutes in real life
2 Pac
2 Pac Vor 7 Monate
@ShadowDragon big fax
Mumen Rider
Mumen Rider Vor 7 Tage
@2 Pac actually even just 0.5 seconds is op if your decently good at fighting like that one guy from sakamoto days
Lucifina Laurel
Lucifina Laurel Vor 5 Monate
future vision is actually pretty good in a fight. It was Hit's power in DBS.
Michael Vor 5 Monate
yea 0.5 sek for hit is like a year since he is fast as hell
dbzsticknodes13 Vor 4 Monate
@Michaeli wish they did dragon ball z
Nick Elakon
Nick Elakon Vor 4 Monate
@dbzsticknodes13 just play dragon ball the breakerz That game is literally "survive a DragonBall villain as a normal person."
nater tater
nater tater Vor 7 Monate
Dr. Stone had me dead 💀 "I can't do...no wild life activities"
Sho Anderson
Sho Anderson Vor 10 Monate
I'm surprised no one said Toriko after they talked about being hungry. There's like no downsides to Toriko. Everything you eat makes you stronger and tastes delicious.
Claudius Nero
Claudius Nero Vor 8 Monate
I thought that this was a hint to Shokugeki no Soma (Food Wars), as that would probably be one of the best animes to live in.
Darnell Coleman
Darnell Coleman Vor 9 Monate
Desmond was 10/10 throughout this entire video.
Stephen Houston
Stephen Houston Vor 2 years
Someone told me 2020 was a "C" rank mission.
mochixsaito Vor 2 years
Underrated comment 😂💀
Epicxx7 Vor 2 years
Bruh it’s a S mission now, we encountered COVID-19
Mystic Vor 2 years
Mf, 2020 the great ninja war 😭
Asa Asahina
Asa Asahina Vor 5 Monate
Honestly seeing half a second into the future would give a big advantage in fights.
Hachi Vor 5 Monate
Yeah in a universe like JJK seeing that fraction of a second would be insanely over powered
yee haw
yee haw Vor 10 Monate
Depending on how charge worked, u could possibly over load any battery operated device, if future vision was well developed, you could dodge heavy hits and fight well, bullseye is kind of harder to find a use for, but it could be used to track criminals by marking them, they'd have to either hide the bullseye or not go out in public, which would hinder their ability to operate and it could be used to make one hell of an on-brand target employee
Mike Danger
Mike Danger Vor 8 Monate
I come back to his video every few months. Still laugh at almost every joke. This is absolute solid gold shit.
IAMSEHOON Vor 10 Monate
Having the bullseye quirk might be good. You can blind your opponents or put the bullseye on air and walk on air
ThornThornThorne Vor 9 Monate
Use it to mark a position too
Neoshenlong Vor 6 Monate
Seeing like .5 seconds into the future actually sounds like a good quirk, in that world quirks can be improved through training so he could eventually see a couple of seconds to the point where he could use it like a better version of Epitaph in JoJos.
Nino Iro
Nino Iro Vor 2 years
“C” rank missions always be turning into “S” rank real fast
Sukabashi Vor 2 years
Zabuza and haku be like
Jt Vor 2 years
@Sukabashi yeah
Capalot Kj
Capalot Kj Vor 2 years
Kale Vor 2 years
You right you right
xXjuztgetzworseXx Vor 2 years
Masky Vor 9 Monate
the future sight quirk is actually kinda good, 0.5 seconds is still a good timeframe to see in the future; basically giving you the ability to dodge most attacks.
Mayeline Santana
Mayeline Santana Vor 6 Monate
My favorite part is how people took the MHA quirks and ran with them. Making them usable! 😆😆😆😆😆 Y’all’s imagination is the best!
dasakla Vor 9 Monate
8:01 I was fkn dying “we’re not gonna help you in .5 seconds” 🤣🤣🤣
Mandy C
Mandy C Vor 11 Monate
I love how the two guys are sprinting away and saying we cannot outrun them when they’re just walking
Shadow Panda
Shadow Panda Vor 7 Monate
I mean, Charge could be a pretty good quirk if he combined it with some sort of energy-dependent tool or weapon.
I like how everyone was like “you’re stupid if you think living in the AOT universe is a good idea”
Amari ;:
Amari ;: Vor 2 years
Bruh Aot has protected the mc and the mc ONLY Akame ga Kill don’t give a flying duck about who you are shhhh you my not even get a backstory
Naruto Is Stronger Than Sasuke
They didnt even have to show a skit😹
MiklotovMcMahon Vor 5 Monate
With the charge quirk he could turn batteries into bombs. With the future vision quirk he could realize how much time 0.5 seconds are in a fight. With the bullseye quirk he could generate targets in the air for shields and structures.
Jayesh Vor 5 Tage
that half a second future vision is actually nuts. He can never get surprise attacked and it would be op for sports and stuff.
Anacondra Vor 2 Monate
Honestly I would live in the Pokémon world. Not too dangerous but still gives a sense of magic and adventure
Ricky Discord
Ricky Discord Vor Monat
than an angry legendary pokemon stomps on you.
Anacondra Vor Monat
@Ricky Discord masterball
Ricky Discord
Ricky Discord Vor Monat
@Anacondra only if you weaken it than yes.
Raf Y.H.
Raf Y.H. Vor 25 Tage
@Anacondra a whiscash ate a fuckin pokeball What makes u think a legendary wont just fold u
Rabbles the Binx Productions
Wait, seeing 0.3-0.5 seconds into the future is basically spider-sense, though, but better because it's enough time to react without needing enhanced reflexes. You could literally see every attack before it comes with plenty of time to dodge or block and counterattack. That's a _badass_ power, in a fight situation.
Michael Wood
Michael Wood Vor 17 Tage
"we're not gonna help you in .5 seconds" had me dying
HK Boba
HK Boba Vor 11 Monate
The charging power would actually be insane. Can be your own arc reactor to an iron man suit
Grim_Blazer Vor Monat
Being able to see half a second in the future is kinda sick for a fighter, that shit just makes everything easier to react to
Wednesday Quansah
Wednesday Quansah Vor 9 Monate
The charge quirk is actually super useful. I would never carry a charger for my phone or laptop ever again!
Jeffrey Moir
Jeffrey Moir Vor 7 Monate
But the whole point of Lemillion is that he had a trash power and practiced so much and learned to read people that he was able to be top hero level; anyone else with Permeation would get dropped by any other hero or villain.
Nothingness Vor 3 Monate
All of those quirks can be used in some way Future sight can help you dodge a bullet and punches Charge can help you with perhaps connecting cables to yourself and batteries on the other end and then overcharging them till they explode Bullseye can help other heros see who they have to attack (like if the villian puts a disguise on they would still know who he is depending on how Target works)
bapé Vor 2 years
When they killed Ben I couldn’t stop laughing talking bout a c rank mission 🤣😭🤣🤣
tyler hunt
tyler hunt Vor 2 years
Official Chicken
Official Chicken Vor 2 years
Flyt Vor 2 years
I'm dead wit dis shit yo!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Yusuf Zaman
Yusuf Zaman Vor 2 years
Spoiled the whole joke😑
William Huntoon
William Huntoon Vor 6 Monate
the MHA one had me dying laughing "my keys stuck in my car how can any of yall help me"... "i can charge it"
Malik Jones
Malik Jones Vor 27 Tage
Yoo, the fact that they ran away from the enemy WITHOUT their hands behind their back proves they were scared as hell 😂
Arsen Here
Arsen Here Vor 10 Monate
The future vision one is OP. especially in fights. 0.5 seconds doesn't seem like a lot but it would still make you OP in combat.
LilithsNecropolis Vor 10 Monate
Okay but the ability to charge any battery could be developed into an insanely OP quirk xD create some super hyped up weaponry that requires rediculous amounts of energy to power, and is attached to batteries you keep siphoning power into
AWanderingSwordsman Vor 8 Monate
To be fair to the my hero universe, a gun is stronger than like 99.9% of quirks so it's probably better to have something like charge or brief future sight and carry a gun than rely on fighting people with all the power of a tail or a stomach laser (and those were the best of the best).
Over Steam
Over Steam Vor year
To be fair, 0.5 seconds into the future is hella useful in the anime world. It's equivalent to like 10 minutes in real life.
Luis Rivera
Luis Rivera Vor year
Give me that shit for Poker Use, 🗣swear you'll neva eva get your money back. .
@Luis Rivera plot twist: you didn’t get your money back
John McAuliffe
Half a second is enough time to react to most physical blows, just looking ahead and moving according would be baller.
Even irl it would be impossible to catch you off guard as long as youre a trained fighter and have the reflexes to dodge
Over Steam
Over Steam Vor year
@John McAuliffe good point
BUg Man
BUg Man Vor Monat
The acting in this one is top tier!!!
Matheus G.
Matheus G. Vor 6 Tage
Eu acho que ele levantaria absurdamente mais grana vendendo por conta... Principalmente pq o N64 e os jogos originais na caixa vendem MUITO RÁPIDO !! O NES realmente é mais complicado msm (que foi o único exemplo que o Velberan usou) O Zion, que ele mencionou no vídeo, é o rapaz do Nintendo Life (canal super renomado já gringa), ele é colecionador tbm, e nem ele defende a loja kkkkkk Mesmo explicando que estavam exagerando nos prints do eBay XD p.s. As lojas da Sta Ifigênia/, são famosas por comprar coisas a 30% do valor real hahaha (nunca valeu a pena vender pra lojas de lá XD Mas eu já vendi/troquei coisas em outras lojas mais justas... Tipo trocar uma fita de Banho Kazooie por uma de Smash Bros. 64)
Christopher Gambrell
I died when he said, "I mean we aren't gonna help you in .5 seconds so ..."
Mik E
Mik E Vor 10 Monate
Charge could be a really useful quirk you could be stuck in space and just recharge the ship
Da BadGuy
Da BadGuy Vor 5 Monate
The future vision really isn’t a bad power to have as long you got fighting capabilities
Hømïcïdë Æ
Hømïcïdë Æ Vor 2 years
Who else thinks Desmond could use his future vision like ultra instinct
Rxkk3li Vor 2 years
He gotta master it first
Toaster Vor 2 years
That power would actually be useful in any anime where humans can fight at insane speeds.
Donald Duck
Donald Duck Vor 2 years
@Toaster ye if he was in dbz he'll actually be OP i wanna see him vs hit
Jarhon Hill
Jarhon Hill Vor 2 years
Bro I was thinking the exact same like it wouldn't be effective at 0.05 but half a second is actually alot in close combat
PMR ODOGG Vor 9 Monate
The village hidden in the dreams got me weak😂😂😂
Dr.Dolzur Vor 11 Monate
The fact that they actually ran like naruto keeping up the HIGH SPEED is so dope
Weazyl Vor 8 Monate
To be fair for the MHA one, as many people in the comments have pointed out, it's not about what quirk you have; it's how you use it.
S P Vor year
7:45 that half a seccond future vision sounds pretty useful in a hand to hand combat if you train your reflexes enough
filiberto2014 Vor 10 Monate
The 0.5 seconds power was really good in a fight, way more usefull than the guy who just have a tail
UrAvgConsumer Vor 2 years
Yo that quality upgrade is legit fellas. 🔥
RokuDB Vor 2 years
Wassup 😁
Steven Alvarez
Steven Alvarez Vor 2 years
Oh it’s the real one whatsup 🙋‍♂️
Nezuko Vor 2 years
Yo didn't expect u here
Nana Amoako
Nana Amoako Vor 2 years
I had no idea
whitebeardsolos Vor 2 years
I would live in bleach
HitmanJonesy Vor 6 Monate
I love all your guyses content 🤙 also them merch shirts be looking cool! I really like the manga panel one
Daniel Indala
Daniel Indala Vor 6 Monate
BRO😂😂Y'all always make my day. all your shit funny asf
DrK Vor Tag
In MHA part guy with Charge quirk could actually put his powers to great use. For example a gun/tazer which works from very weak battery so it would need constant charge that this guy can do or a pole that has battaries in it so if he charges it he now has electro pole. So his quirk ain't that bad
SoraZ Vor 10 Monate
Their banter is so good. 🤣
SMK Vor 2 years
This man Desmond mad talented he can be Scared and Angry
maye Vor 2 years
fangiscool1 Vor 2 years
I'm dead lmao
Marxz Amv's
Marxz Amv's Vor 2 years
U are right man I agree with u totally 😂😂😂
j'ohn staples
j'ohn staples Vor 2 years
He always the Mad ass character in every vid
Rofee305 Vor 2 years
Was literally just thinking this
Kallen Amos
Kallen Amos Vor year
I'd still take my chances in My Hero Academia universe. Fair point you might get stuck with a trash power, but if hero training has shown us anything, it's that powers can be used in lots of different ways, and especially on teams, combined to better effect. It's also clear that you needn't become a hero at all in that universe, and instead could just chill in whatever job field your quirk is most affiliated towards. Even without powers, we got stuff like One for All and hero gadgets to basically bring everyone up to par too. The major disadvantages of MHA would be power discrimination and the seemingly infinite stream of rampaging villains, some with a clear goal, many without, so you'd always be living in fear.
JoJoker Vor 7 Monate
Still love this channel and y’all’s comedy style
SupremeAMVs Vor 4 Monate
I wonder if you’ll do a part 2 to this video.
SMILER_Xj Vor Monat
lmao i love how they instantly rejected the idea of Living in AOT like they knew they were fucked
mohammed tahmid
mohammed tahmid Vor 2 years
The correct answer is slice of life. Cuz everything is just a little bit better than real life. And more sparkly
ikGebruik dit
ikGebruik dit Vor 2 years
Best choice
Adrian Mejia
Adrian Mejia Vor 2 years
Max Anderson
Max Anderson Vor 2 years
Or a Sports Anime Slice Of life
Tati K
Tati K Vor 2 years
Nana would be lit asl
Sounak Sharma
Sounak Sharma Vor 2 years
Nope the correct answer is hentai or ecchi harem.
Ralph X
Ralph X Vor 10 Monate
Y’all need to do a part 2 of this!
themanicman Vor 11 Monate
I mean you really underestimate how useful being able to see half a second into the future is That can actually low-key help in a fight plus you can also train your quirk to become more powerful as seen in the anime
Soul Artemis
Soul Artemis Vor 4 Monate
Being in Naruto without plot armor is like being one of the fodder ninjas who charged Madara
FutureLustMedia Vor 5 Monate
The battery charging would actually be dope if you had a powered exoskeleton. 0.5 seconds would also be useful with martial arts training.
ZestyFox Vor 6 Monate
he really snitched on the village 😂
Emmanuel Mensah
Emmanuel Mensah Vor 2 years
Charles Chiemeka Ekeogu
Funny enough, that's how every mission starts. They give you a simple drop-off mission and all of a sudden S-rank ninjas are chasing you as if you have Hashirama cells or tailed beast nukes.
Random Guy
Random Guy Vor 4 Monate
Charge just needs some good tech to go with it. Charge would be great with some sort of battery powered suit/weapons cause then those weapons are essentially your quirk. As for Bullseye, it would work with some sort of aim assist system that targets those bullseyes so they would be able to hit any target at a specific spot. Future sight into 0.5 seconds is good for reaction time I guess but there isn't much specifically you could do to make it better. Maybe just give him a gun.
Jarod 1999
Jarod 1999 Vor 4 Monate
I got a question, if you could live in any western Animated world what would it be?
llllSoloDHllll Vor 2 Monate
We need a part two to this
nepzski Vor 9 Tage
i had the same reaction to parasyte 😂😂 even the animals can kill you in that anime
Iain Ballas
Iain Ballas Vor 24 Tage
I loved the OMP part. "He literally takes no L's, bruh!"
Aatreus Vor 2 years
''bro trust me its a C rank mission" Also them going to fight Madara
Jade Winterson
Jade Winterson Vor 2 years
Nikola Gazdic
Nikola Gazdic Vor 2 years
SAUCE Vor 2 years
My imagination is at the lowest I would end up choosing no anime (and apparently I’m “too realistic”)
HeatedPirate Vor 12 Tage
Sage of the six paths Madara, too.
Yonoel De Jesus
They should so definitely do a part two
felix Vor 11 Monate
The grunt after he tries to charge the battery gets me everytime lol
Czardonyx Vor 6 Monate
Seeing a half second into the future would be awesome for dodging stuff though, that kind of thing could make an unreal fighter
Chester Castillo
Chester Castillo Vor 11 Monate
These guys running like ninja made me laugh so hard.
Keemy Vor 2 Monate
Y’all need to make a part 2 of this fr 😭
Le Royal Reaper
Le Royal Reaper Vor 2 years
If you ever say "It's just a C rank mission." in the Naruto-verse as a genin you're 100% getting used as a tragic backstory for your sensei's troubling past in his character development.
Scott Becker
Scott Becker Vor 2 years
Yep. You better bet it's turning into an A rank mission real quick.
Jeannah Tey
Jeannah Tey Vor 2 years
And come back as a villain with a grudge
Charles Vor 2 years
yo that Naruto skit was hella fuckin good holy shit that was sad
Harry G
Harry G Vor 2 years
Scott Becker nah s rank
ˢˡᵉᵉᵖʸ Vor 9 Monate
I think the charge quirk is useful cause infinite power and technology could reach new highs of power
Mshiri wa SFS
Mshiri wa SFS Vor 6 Monate
The way they immediately dismissed aot was ironic
rubberbandman3rd Vor 5 Monate
How's it ironic...it is one of the worst worlds for regular folks
Mayor of PainVille
Mayor of PainVille Vor 4 Monate
@rubberbandman3rd shit that is an understatement
nuts Vor 4 Monate
@rubberbandman3rd worst for everyone, even if you aren’t on paradis, you still gotta deal with constant war and the HOLOCAUST
LeImmortalRaven Vor 8 Monate
Time sight dude could be really good in a fight. That is an actual forsight into the fight, meaning you can increase your reflexes
A very possible Memelord
In all fairness black clover is probably the best pick here; Worst case scenario: You still have magic, your own grimoire and unique magic and the possibility to grow and get more powerful with demons and mana variations
Tysur Vor 23 Tage
7:03 Charge Unlimited “charge” power. Can be used in emergencies, for instance, frost cold weather where low temps drain battery extremely quickly and you need an SOS. 7:24 Bullseye If used by a tactician/strategist, they can support long ranged quirks with aiming. Putting a target on weak points for them to aim at will help them out. 7:38 Future Vision Potentially be able to see further into the future if trained ? (I can’t really think of anything for this one)